Erin E, Washington DC

I highly recommend Edith. Even if you don’t need a healing, it is worth her insights. Grow and expand by allowing others to reflect what is inside of you. She is incredibly powerful and intuitive. If you’ve made it all the way to San Marcos, don’t miss out on treating yourself to the wisdom Edith has to offer. Peace and love to all. Phenomenal healing! Muchas Gracias Edith! Heaps of love and light!

Dante F, San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala

The first time I went to one of Edith’s Ayahuasca meditations, I was amazed by how simply listening to her sing brought me back to the same state that the vine itself facilitated. Of course that state itself is quite difficult to put into words. I felt my crown chakra open to Divine ecstasy, had visions and flashbacks, almost felt like I was purging a bit, and left feeling refreshed and renewed. When Edith sings it is like a direct transmission of  Divine bliss that lifts the spirit of everyone who listens. It’s almost impossible to leave without going deeper into your heart to experience the joy and peace that we all are. It proved to my rational mind the truth that we can connect with the gifts of plants without actually consuming them; the ayahausca is in our DNA and Edith does an amazing job of helping others see how powerful and easy it is to connect.

Gina G, UK

When I went to Edith for a session I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew I was feeling angst and negativity about my future path. When I left Edith I had reconnected to my light and self-belief, and was flying high. Edith’s work is powerful, intuitive and really focused on your current needs.

Big thanks Edith xx

Caroline B, San Francisco

I loved my sessions with Edith. She is a highly skilled professional in the healing arts. My session began with a long talk about what was troubling me. While we talked, I had the strong feeling Edith was having an even deeper conversation with my body! Once I was on the table, I completely relaxed as Edith worked her way around me, chanting and moving energy. I could feel sensations and vibratory eruptions move throughout my body. The scalp massage at the end was absolutely the best.

The energy session was so intense that it took me a few days to acclimate. I was getting strange new signals from my body. In my particular case, I came to Edith with the intention of removing blockages around my sexual energy. And I was ready. I’ve struggled all my life with shame-based fears around intimacy. Well, I am here to report that since my healing session, I’ve experienced a dramatic shift. My life has gone from black and white to color. I’m face to face with intimacy and loving every minute of it.

Not every healing session is this intense, which is a good thing. I hope to use cyberspace to stay in touch with Edith for “maintenance.” In her capable hands, the body can regain balance and become revitalized. After all, it’s what we live for!

Thank you Edith!

Heather A, UK

I can see how quick and effortless people shift around Edith. It is thanks to my work with her, that for the first time in my life I feel able to bring all this beautiful visions of mine into reality on this planet. And that I feel confident enough to share my passion.

She is a true and authentic voice of the new world rising, the Golden age of  Humanity. She walks her speech with ease and graze and leads by example. Her classes are profound, informative, inspiring, uplifting and funny. She turns your world few around with an ease you would not believe possible. She is an amazingly inspiring, intensive and beautiful women. I feel enriched and happy that our path have crossed. I am sure she will help and  inspire thousands with her lovely existence and uplifting work.

Moa M, Sweden

I met Edith during my stay at the sacred lake of Lago Atitlan in Guatemala. She was holding Ayhuasca singing meditations in her beautiful home and amazingly colorful garden filled with flowers and hummingbirds, overlooking the fantastic view of the big volcanos on the other side of the lake.

In this magical spot we shared many sessions together, not knowing how these sacred circles were gonna affect me I went in with an open mind and heart, and was amazed of what was activated inside me.
With the help of ancient shamanic wisdoms and channeling from higher beings Edith has helped me remember and see more clearly my path, and my calling, and to see more clear the things in need of letting go of.
The Ayahuasca singing meditations were very powerful and awoke something very deeply rooted in me in such a beautiful way, and every session turned out so different from the previous one, always showing me something from a new perspective and making me realize many things.
I experienced some very intense and good healing and clearing in the private sessions she did with me too, where she worked with me very deeply even connecting with past lives.
I also took part in a Tantra workshop with Edith, and was very amazed by the profound realizations that came to me from that circle. A beautiful encounter going deep into the meeting of the masculine and female in me and I felt a much greater understanding of the importance of the balancing and harmonizing of the two powers acting in our existence.
All my sessions with her gave me so much, and I am still learning from that experience through more and more realizations many weeks after. I know that there were some very important and beautiful seeds planted in my time with her.
It was a beautiful gift to meet Edith and to work with her and I can feel her true being of a Light Worker and her good will to help and assist us in finding our calling and our true light. I am deeply grateful for this.


Guey B, Israel

Edith is just amazing!!! I am working professionally as a sound healer and I exchanged a lot with people all over the world so I did not expect too much when coming to the Ayahuasca chanting meditation, but what Edith does when she is calling in the spirit of the Ayahuasca healing is a level on it’s on. I never experienced so intense healing energy coming into my physical body, simply provoked by the human voice.

She is a truly blessed vessel of healing energy, universal wisdom and unconditional love. When she starts singing for the Ayahuasca spirit, you can feel the opening of gateways to heavens as well as to the heart of the earth itself. The vibration and healing connection she is providing is mind blowing. She is clear, funny, kind and full of life. Just meeting her is an experience that changes the way you look at life.


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