The Spiritual Effects Of The Planetary Alignment January 20th

aaby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
we just discussed the other day the many side effects of the high frequencies that are transmitted to us right now by heavens above, and already we are engaging with the next impact created by five visible planets that will appear simultaneously aligned before dawn tomorrow, January 20th 2016. And we are talking about the powerful combination of Venus (our planetary impact for unconditional love and money), Saturn (representative of the law of cause end effect, planet of karma), Mars (planet of passion and war), Jupiter (planet of good fortune) and Mercury ( planet of communication interplanetary and external)!!!

Knowing all that and putting it in perspective to the resent transformation process we collectively have been engaged in, you can imagine that this energetic alignment can turn into an incredible blessing, or a massive burden – totally depending on where the human individual is standing in their personal development. When you remember my post from last month, that our first chakra, the collective root chakra, has been cleansed and transformed, well we will see the first glimpses of the outcome this changes will bring, during the impact of this cosmic event.
The first chakra, base or root chakra, as it is also called, carries the vibrations of our most earth-centered, most physical energies. It stands for our inherited belief systems, our family tree, our passion to be a conscious part of the spiral dance of creation, our personal survival, our beliefs and fears around money, our authentic needs when it comes to possessions, and our capacity to life as spirit beings fully present in our physical appearance – the body. In the Zodiac it belongs to the signs Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus, the earth signs!!! Please also take in contemplation that this five powerful, leading planets are simultaneously visible on that night, for the first time since 2005, why now if not to support us in the next collective mega jump to higher consciousness??aOver all this amazing stellar event gives all the people who are ready to drop what ever happened in their past and come to a place of inner peace and forgiveness, for all they have been part of, to complete their cycle of karma and step into the self-empowered position of a human co-creator in harmony with the divine plan for the Golden Age of Aquarius. A healthy root chakra connects us with our pure life force, with physical vitality, to our core family – in a healthy way , the society we live in and the global community we all are part of. Unfortunately for the ones who are not ready to let go of themes like war, greed, jealousy, territorial behavior and violence, the issues of survival, emotional dysfunction, high levels of internal stress, increased anxiety, inner restlessness and a tendency to violent outbursts can appear.

Helpful questions to ask ourselves today are:
*) What kind of belief system did I inherit or learn from my family? Does that fit my dreams and soul desires??
*) Is there anything unfinished emotionally or energetically, between me and my parents or other people from my family tree, that I feel capable of forgiving NOW?
*) What limiting beliefs did I learn about personal survival, territory and money?
*) How clear are my personal boundaries when it comes to sexuality, my money, emotions,…
*) Could it be easier for me to bond with others and feel connection?
*) Am I about to create sickness for myself, by continuing self-harming behavior?

And as they are corresponding with our root ckakra, you also might encounter health problems like joint pain, lower backache, elimination problems, constipation, and poor immune system function, over the coming few days. Watch your symptoms closely and us the internet to gather information about the spiritual meaning of your issues!!a1Dear Friends, I hope that this information will help you to navigate the ruff patches along the road of our immensely quick developing collective awakening process!! Hope you are still well connected with your conscious breathing techniques and find stability and safety in the guidance of your own soul’s song. Keep burning the past in your inner flame of passion, and celebrate the magic of BEING ALIVE!!
Blessings and Love!  Edith

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12:12:15 – Symbolism and Significance of the Number 12 in Human Life

indexby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
today’s 12/12/2015 Gateway is again a very special day full of shifting energies and new frequencies, that will anchor until the Solstice and the last days of the year. The number twelve is without a doubt one of the major keys to the mysteries of mankind’s existence on Planet Earth. It penetrates all aspects of life, all over the planet in tradition and religion. It is symbolic of the creation of the universe, as it represents the division of our godlike unity nature into twelve individual vibrations. Twelve different tones, that are showering us as sound,- and light pattern, known as the divine highways of sound and light.
The number twelve represents the qualities of personal perfection of governmental ruler and personal authority, it shows up in the Book of Revelation 22 times and is mentioned in 187 places in the Bible. It is an indicator of great understanding and wisdom, as it is considered to be the ancient number of completing our learning cycles. The twelve represents the manifestation of the Holy Trinity stabilized in the four corners of the horizon – 3 X 4.

Here are some of the many expressions we find in our collective worldwide symbolism and traditional understanding:
We have 12 month of the year, 12 hours of the day and 12 of the night, there are twelve sign constellations in the zodiac, the Buddhist tradition recognizes twelve causes of existence or Nidanas, there were 12 tribes in Israel symbolizing the completeness of the nation, Jacob had 12 sons, there are 12 Minor Prophets listed in the Old Testament, the Islamic religion recognizes twelve imams, ancient Egypt had 12 gods, there are twelve imposing rooms in the Scandinavian paradise, there are 12 historical books in the Bible, 12 breads have been broken and shared by Jesus Christ at the Last Supper, there are twelve administrators of Solomon, Jesus chose to travel with 12 apostles, the twelve works of Hercules, the oldest language “Sanskrit’ has twelve names for the Sun, the Chinese horoscope represents twelve animal powers, according to the Japanese cosmology the Creator is seated on twelve sacred cushions, Jesus first appears in public when he was 12years old, the 12 Strand DNA our physical bodies are converting to, the Life Cycle of Human Beings has twelve stages, so does the Light Body Process, and 12 times 12 makes 144 (000) the number sequence of the amount of Lightworker, expected to create a critical mass for the collective shift into the Golden Age of Aquarius.kkThe 12:12:2015 Gateway is a portal to freedom, to joyfully sharing and co-creation. As our Earth moves through the 12:12 frequency codes, her vibration will be altered so much, that some of us – who have been focused on mastery since a while – will have the chance for major leaps of Self-Mastery and Completion. The Violet Flame of Ascension will illuminate for a while the entire atmosphere of planet earth. The Ascended Masters have expressed that of the 144,000 Lightworker on earth, many will feel called to step up and become guardians and a caretaker of this planet. For all of us, there will be another quickening in spiritual growth and personal awakening into deep inner freedom, that humanity has yet to discover. The number 12 is related to the star sign Pisces and the Tarot card The Hanged Man. Which means it is supposed to tun our lives upside down. It is a warning of the necessity to be alert to every situation, to be aware of fake people and false flattery and those who try to gain from a situation, by having a hidden second agenda. Now is the time for spiritual seeker and skeptics worldwide, to realize there is a pattern in nature and the universe and to follow it without doubt or second guessing. Collectively our interest in Mathematics, Sacred Geometry, Numerology and Music will naturally grow, as the connectedness of all things gets more obvious than it has been in history for thousands of years.

The are three levels of self-initiation this amazing Portal is providing for us. Level 1 is called “The Gate” and is the initiation that will show us all of the demons (limitations) that our thoughts and emotions subconsciously create. Level 2 is called the “Red Feather of Courage.” In order to initiate yourself into this level, you must have courage and be willing to stand firm in your service to your inner divine and the collective divine plan. Expect to be dissed, cultured and ignored for your good deeds! As this is the essence of this particular initiation. And Level 3, this is know as the “Floor of Malkuth”, and it will serve us to lift our collective belief’s about death and aging into higher dimensions of understanding.awBeloved ones, I  hope this information brings you hope for the weeks to come. That it makes you brave, even fearless in approaching the changes that are now coming into our life. And make you capable of shifting and transforming your world, in the initiating fire of the violet flame and with your conscious breathing, till only pure divine essence is left. I am so looking forward to see it all unfold in front of our eyes, I am totally excited for all of us!! May you be blessed with faith and strong inner guidance!!
Love and Ascension Blessings!!!

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