7 Signs Your Calling Is To Actively Transform Human Consciousness

34by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
the last two days I shared with you how it feels to find your personal healing way as a Western Shaman, when left without advice and training. Many who found their personal path over the last few years, are by now working as Healer and Therapists, supporting the collective transformation of human consciousness. But there are more contracts out their in this big universe, than becoming a Shaman. Many are called to find their own simple, effective ways in their everyday life, to become an active flame of change and evolution within the human collective.

Here are 7 signs that you are called to consciously transform Human Consciousness:
1.) Do you sense that something is out of balance and alignment in the world right now? Do you feel a burning desire to be a part of the solution? Do you receive visions of the Golden Age of Aquarius, a more beautiful, authentic and collectively happy time for all humanity? Do you feel like it is your sacred purpose or divine calling, to help bring it into being?

2.) Have you ever had an experience of life-altering impact, that completely changed the direction of your life, and transformed you forever? Do you feel like this event maybe even only happened to you, so you can use that experience to help others? Do you sense already how this help possible could look like?

3.) While you feel drawn to support the human collective evolution and feel capable to do so, you can get very easily drained by to much social contact or in general by bigger groups of people. Especially to listen to superficial communication, feels like it takes the life out of you. You need regular periods of solitude to “charge up the batteries” your inner connection with “SELF”.

4.) You might also be born with the gifts of a visionary, and receive advice from your spirit guides for innovative ideas that could make the world collectively a better place. Often this innovative visions are circling around human health, the development of medical tools, social improvement, the preservation of the earth and community building.475.) You are in a mysterious love affair with the abundant colors of life, and the way they make you feel. Especially violet, royal blue, baby pink, gold and green are attractive for you. You might even have an inner picture or an inner feeling for a violet or internal golden light, when ever you use your mind to create transformation for the world.

6.) You feel an intense connection with certain types of natural environments, such as the ocean, mountains, or forest. You have a deep love for plants and love spending time with gardening, to the point that you can feel empty or depressed without the chance to be among nature. You might even feel the urge to prevent plants from suffering and pain.

7.) Over the last years, especially since the end of the Mayan Calendar, you constantly feel that the mission you are sensing, is getting closer and closer to be unveiled. We are a very big collective in this moment of time and the transformation of us, this massive mass, is limited to a certain time-frame. That is the reason why people with such a calling, are feeling time pressuring them to evolve. It is true, the “team change” needs every member that can possible manage to awaken!! So get up!!!

Beloved once, if you find yourself in resonance with the things you heard, than it might be time for you to contemplate your personal ways of healing. Your deepest desires for change within the human collective, into the Golden Age of Humanity. When you found your truth – start walking your path, sharing your passion, and the perfect people to fulfill your dreams with, will show up to support your journey! I hope my words will inspire you to take a chance and make a leap of faith, into the unfolding of your amazing personal abilities!!! Love and Blessings

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From “Calling the Animals” to the Lion’s Gate : A Journey in Raising Consciousness

264467 african animals

Dear Friends,
today is the peek of the  Lion’s Gate 8/8/8… a most important start-gate in this amazing year of change.A chance for re-connection to our authentic personal power and the excess to divine abundance from within.
It’s a good day to  spend some time in solitude resting, contemplating the beauty and abundance already in our life. A day to lay low and allow your physical body to drink from the endless flow of divine light, that is purring in from source especially intense today.

Use the chance to consciously align yourself with the next step of human evolution into the Golden Age of Aquarius!! A world of experienced singularity within the oneness!
Blessings! Edith
In this period of 2015 we are most certainly in a Wave of powerful transformational energy.  Our lives and our Reality is being changed at a very fast pace and in ways that we are often still coming to terms with. I think that the most recent wave of changes has been the most definitive and also maybe the most surprising.
It has to do with our fellow citizens on the Earth.  The Animals.  Quite simply put, the Earth can ascend no further unless we make peace with the Animal Kingdom.  We have to take into OUR consciousness the fact that in a Fifth Dimensional World we are all connected and related, and that means that we can no longer abuse and destroy without acknowledging that it is ourselves that we are abusing and destroying.This awakening, and this recognition, and ultimately this raising of consciousness has been centered on Africa.  Why?  Well, for several reasons.  Probably the most evident is that Africa is the only continent that still has a large wild life population, but which is now under extreme threat.  Secondly, Africa is the continent that is the focus of the Sirius Project, which is the clear guidance and love of the Sirian Master Teachers from the Sirius Star System. That influence extends from Egypt in the North to South Africa in the South.

Solstice June 21st and “Calling the Animals 

At this year’s Solstice celebrations, I was guided by Archangel Michael to call for a Global Meditation on “Calling the Animals”.  The purpose of this was to call the animals to us and to express to them our desire that they should come with us into the New Earth and be part of our New Earth Reality.
I did not realize at that point how crucial it was to the whole Ascension project that would make this expression of intent to our fellow brothers and sisters on the Earth!
Further, I also was shown how the Animals are not inferior forms of life, but are also “Star Seeds”, gifts from the Creative Beings who are our Galactic and Cosmic Family.  If we could not honor our Animal Family, how could we honor the Galactic and Cosmic Family who had gifted these Life Forms to our Planet.
As it happened, I was also invited to attend a Ceremony in the far North of South Africa at an ancient Stone Circle.  This site was located on the “Nile” meridian and also on the borders of South Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique.  Just to the North was the Kruger National Park, our biggest wildlife sanctuary, and beyond that, Zimbabwe.
And so it was that I was privileged to be with a large group of people as we “Called the Animals” from the Sacred Circle that we had  created around the main standing stones. I remember quite clearly calling the Lion of the North.  In our circle, North was towards Kruger and Zimbabwe, home of Cecil the Lion who was to be a major player in this unfolding wave of energy.
I did specifically call the White Lions as the Spirit Keepers of Africa, to be the guardians of the North.  It was also interesting, that our Ceremony was visited by two large Crows, who as messengers of the Spirit world carried our intentions into the Spirit Realms.

Cecil the Lion and the Royal Lions of Sirius

And so it was that the message was received by the Spirit Keepers of Africa, and the Royal Lions of Sirius.

Now, perhaps I should explain how very important Lions are in the Sirian teachings.
In the creation story, the Prime Creator known as Amun-Ra, gives birth to two beings who are called Shu and Tefnut.  They are the original Masculine and Feminine energies, and Tefnut who is the Feminine, is always depicted as a Lioness Headed Woman.  Lion/ess energy is Sacred to the Sirians, it is a manifestation of the Divine Creative Essence.
And so it is that in Africa, where the Sirius energy is strongest on the Planet, that the Lions came to be the Spirit Keeper of the Continent.  And it was there, in the Spirit Council of the White Lions, that our call was heard.  And so it was decided that a Noble Lion would be needed to bring to Humanity the message of the Lions and the call to “Family” in the New Earth.
And so it was that Cecil, the noble Lion of Hwange, was called to carry the role of the Sacred Path of the Lion King.

Now while this is a beautiful story, it also does not hide the fact that every day Lions are hunted, poached and killed in Africa, and that the death of  Cecil was not a “demanded sacrifice” but an illustration of what is befalling all lions in Africa, and ultimately, all animals on Earth.
The purpose of the very public killing of Cecil the Lion was to bring the energy of the Lion into the Collective Consciousness just at the very moment when the Sun was in Leo and we were approaching a very crucial Ascension Moment in the Lions  Gate of 2015, the 8/8/8.
It was to make Humanity aware of what was happening to the lions and to the animals on the Earth.  To remind Humanity of their mission to love and hold the animals and their purpose of recreating the Garden on the New Earth so that All Life Forms could be present.
And it was to make us aware that our Star Nation brothers and sisters, especially the Sirians, were here present with us in this work.  The powerful energies of the Lion’s Gate are assisting the Planet through the Gateways of Time and into the Higher Dimensions that are guarded by the Royal Sirian Lions of Yesterday and Tomorrow.

leadsiri8/8/8 : The Lion’s Gate and Beyond 

The Lion’s Gate of 2015 on the 8th of August is the culmination of an Ascension Wave that will lift the planet into the highest frequencies of Luminosity that have yet been achieved on Earth!
On the 8th of August, the Royal Sirian Lions will be on hand in the Spirit Realm to be the assistants at this wonderful moment of Ascension and Birthing for the Planet. We can be sure too, that Cecil the Lion will be there in Soul/Spirit form, to watch over the final stages of the story that he had such a part in creating.
From this moment forward, the Animals will step into their sovereignty and will become our fellow citizens of the New Earth.
This will create a radical shift in consciousness that will challenge all that we believe about love and compassion and the way in which we embody these essential energies.
We will be required to shift from a society that believes that Humanity is central and that everything on the Planet is simply “resources” to be consumed, to a society that acknowledges the Unity of a Family of Living Beings sharing a common home and a common destiny.
This is the Great Shift we need to make if the Earth is to continue to ascend into her true Destiny as a Planet of Love and Compassion.
Celia Fenn by Starchildglobal.com

Source: http://www.starchildglobal.com/channels-and-articles/from-calling-the-animals-to-the-lionsgate-a-journey-in-raising-consciousness/