My Collection Of Awakening Experiences Continues No III

2-2by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
nearly one year ago, on February 08th 2016, I shared with you this post called “A Collection of True Awakening Experiences II”, which was a Free E-Book project inspired by the wonderful Barbara Franken – to bring together the stories of many female voices, and their unique experiences on the path to authenticity and truthfulness. I did so, because I love projects that are born from collaborations, I saw a big chance to inspire lots of other women and men, and because I was giving myself a blessing for my birthday – which is the 8th of February.
This year I will make another leap into the unknown, and record an interview that I was invited to by the lovely team of  the awakening platform “The Spiritual Voice”. I will let you know for sure, when the talk goes online!! But in the meantime I did not want us to miss out on a review of the past year, and the steps I was able to make.

In what I posted for 2016, I spoke about the last ten year of my personal path of growth and enlightenment, and the dreams I have for the year that back than was lying ahead of me. Looking now at all the leaps and turns that I have taken in the meantime, I first of all feel like expressing my gratitude to my wonderful spirit guides, my loving dog family, my magnificent friends and all the other wonderful creatures, from the physical as from the non physical realm, for making my life such a magical ride of light and fun.
The Tarot Deck that I was talking about before, is developing beautifully. It is demanding a lot of attention and seams to have a very clear picture of how it want’s to be brought to light. I try to be the best immaculate mother to it, that I possibly can be, just follow all the corners the flow is taking and watch the tables turn. With my personal work load, I am about 1/3 in – my partner is very inspired in her painting process, and so we hope to be ready for publishing by the end of the year.

But not only that this baby is developing just fine, in the meantime I was inspired by international world events, with the idea for a book about creativity in 2017; as this is one of the major energy fields this year is powered with. My partner and I, also started talking about the value of a book about the creative process itself, as it is quite fascinating how deeply we are called to listen to the constant changes the deck is demanding from us. We have to be awake, present and willing to serve, when ever we sit down and concentrate on sharing what we receive.
eI also still adore my income work. Every time I AM spending hour with another being in a one on one training, I feel like another wonderful seed has been brought into blossoming. To have the chance and watch people go from the insecure thought of “am I crazy to think of feel a certain way”, to self-acceptance, self-love and forgiveness – which than leads for them to strength, stability and clarity in their guidance; is always a rise in my own inner degree of divine bliss.

And than, as the end or the ultimate test for every awakening seeker – there is of course the lovely family. I went back home to visit my core family during the summertime of 2016. Oh what a ride it was!! I started of with meeting good friends of mine, who had invited me to come by at their house and do some magnificent energy work with them, which I happily did. I spend several days with this closer circle of very like minded people, than I went to meet my mother. Now you need to know that karmically my mother is the only significant person o my system. She turned 85 last year and is in general in good shape, but what I noticed was a change in mindset.
When I was a child, my mother was a woman who would work and push thru every physical pain you can possibly imagine. She did so to such an extend, that I actually all my life considered her very cruel (a mix of her personal history and as well one of the B-Sides of her numerological vibration of 18/9). Maybe also because one day I had watched her slip with the ax – cut deeply into her meaty knee – take a deep inbreathe, than simply remove the ax – slip a bandage on and continue. As a little child, that was a shocker to me!
And now this same woman is talking about how normal it is to feel physical pain all the time, when you are of her age; how normal it is to not want to engage with life and seriously talk anymore, when you are of her age; and a lot about her loving connection to my beloved brother Martin, who died on Valentines Day 2011. I occasionally talk with my brother too, but I do not share any of her mindsets about aging or the physical body, and even that I did not mention that – my mother was triggered by vibration.

During this Vienna visit, I took many more trips to my mothers house, in order to spend at least 2-3hours the day with her; an amount of time I thought she would be able to handle without exploding on me in one way or the other. I have to confess that I overestimated her much more than I could even ever had imagined in my darkest childhood hatred ;-). The pattern of freak outs ended up with a frequency of 3-4 days, in which i watched her build up her frustration about “not being able to understand my world”, and than unloading this frustration in my presence.
I was fine with that, as I had sensed in my first week of traveling, that I possibly would not come back for a very long time – which also included a big chance that I would not meet her alive again – so I saw it as my last chance for a personal service to our relationship. Now let’s be honest, with today’s technology even long-term physical distance would not make any difference to a family that is close, but in our family the principle of war against everything that is bigger than the single ones imagination was “the word”.nOn my last day of meeting with family members, I came to my mothers house in a state of deep sadness about my brothers absolutely ignorant behavior, and even more the abuse he showed for the brotherhood laws for the Golden Age of Aquarius (a collective human theme, that always sets off my inner alarm system when I see people breaking the hermetic laws). That is something, I can not explain to my mom – and she is not good in holding space for other peoples pain. I tried to avoid a last clash and asked her for some time and space on her balcony, to deal with my own feelings and left for a little conscious breathing session.

But than – like I said – she is not good in handling that other people insist on having feelings ;-). She exploded over the fact that I would allow myself to come to her house, in a state of need for myself – and not perfectly poised and ready to chit-chat with her. In a moment of totally loosing it, she screamed at me “in your presence I cut all my feelings off”; to later tell me in confidence, that she also thinks of me as “the Angel of Death” – because both, my brother and my father died, when I had visited my family. It took me about five month to understand and integrate the details, of how this moment of my life was an incredible blessing.
Time to realize, that the tapestry of this ultimate rejection, that had grown from the moment on I started building my little fetus body in her womb, would unveil the last karmic strings to me that had connected us. By now, a “freedom to naturally BE ME” is the domineering feeling in my life.
Last week I had the pleasure to receive a reading of my personal Maya Calender interpretation from a dear new friend of mine, the amazing artist Gerhild Resch. She has the amazing ability to channel in a shamanic journey, how the different qualities of ones inner powers are feeling and if they are in need of any adaptations. I will happily report about the incredible details she unveiled to me in another post, but lets just say a little right now. Her explanations opened with telling me, that she had ever only shared a world like mine for one time before during her long experience, and that was in a reading she did for a child. The world she discovered in my sacred heart, was in her words that of “Alice in Wonderland” ;-), and that is just how I feel my life to be.

Dear Ones, I recently ended a piece with the following words: “I hope you are filled with a spark of inspiration right now, that you are motivated to remember the wonderfully relaxed ways in which you have been playfully creating as a child, and that you will allow them to guide you to a new mindset. No matter if you are planing to become the most important innovator of the Golden Age of Aquarius, or if you are just looking for new ideas to create your personal life, a playful approach is always helpful”. And believe me when I am saying with all my heart “I acknowledge what an incredibly blessed being I AM, to look at what I just shared with you and realize – I myself have very well followed my sparkling advice ;-)”!

Love and Blessings!

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Self-Compassion in 3 Steps – Tips from The Buddha

by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
by now we nearly passed the first week of the increasing wave of frequency shifts, that will go on until the 11th of November. Like I mentioned the energy impacts can get as intense as in September, which is why The Enlightened Being the Buddha Gautama is supporting us in our process. One thing the Buddha is promoting to us as important ascension tool, is the practice of SELF-COMPASSION.  

This is what he shared:
Just as wisdom covers the intellectual or comprehending side of our nature. Like wisdom, compassion is uniquely human quality. Compassion is made up of two words. ‘co’ meaning together and ‘passion’ meaning a strong feeling. And this is what compassion is. When we see someone is in distress and we feel their pain as if it were our own, and strive to eliminate or lessen their pain, then this is compassion. So all the best in human beings, all the Buddha-like qualities like sharing, readiness to give comfort, sympathy, concern and caring “all are manifestations of compassion”.
You will notice also that in the compassionate person, care and love towards others has its origins in care and love for oneself. We can really understand others when we really understand ourselves. We will know what’s best for others when we know what’s best for ourselves. We can feel for others when we feel for ourselves. So in Buddhism, ones own spiritual development blossoms quite naturally into concern for the welfare of others. The Buddha’s life illustrates this very well. He spent six years struggling for his own welfare, after which, he was able to be of benefit to the whole of mankind. – end of quoteaaOur compassion is what is called our “Buddha seed” or “Buddha nature”, our potential to become a Buddha our self’s. Essentially it is because all living beings carry this Buddha seed inside, that we have the capacity to become Enlightened. It is recommended to develop extend and deepen our compassion, through a regular meditation practice. When we do so – the repetitions transform us over time, into an expression of the universal mind of great compassion. But before we are truly ready to reach that state, we have to be in a place of SELF-COMPASSION.
So let’s take a look at the three most important steps toward authentic and effective self-compassion.

Don’t replay mistakes in your head over and over again!! Don’t call yourself stupid or worthless!! Don’t use negative language against yourself at all!! Harsh self-criticism might be pretty common, but beating yourself up for your mistakes and punishing yourself for your failures does not actually help anybody. It just makes you mentally weaker and less capable of making the right decision for your next step. Try instead to be the observer of your negative emotions, without overly focusing on them or suppressing them. The same for mistakes and hurtful actions you saw on yourself. Which leads us to self-kindness.

Now as you are acting more like an observer than a judge of your situation, you can start exchanging harsh and demanding thoughts or words – for a more supportive and self-loving language. Worldwide studies show that treating yourself with kindness, is the best way to create a more authentic results for the next time. Self-compassion is in essence, the line that follows up from self-recognition to self-acceptance and following acts of self-improvement. So the next time you go a bit of the trail, embrace the confused and insecure person you might turn into!! Hold yourself tight and let yourself know, you got your back!! Promise yourself that you will do better already when the next chance comes along, and than make sure you keep your promise!!

When ever we are in a profoundly difficult situation, it helps us to acknowledge that our suffering and failure might not be as individual as it seams in the moment. Maybe it is rather an universal experience, that other human beings went trough before. By doing so we on one hand remind ourselves, that we are not alone in our pain – and on the other side – that others have overcome similar difficult situations before, so we can also develop the strength to do the same. Remember Jesus Christ sad that we could all do what he has done, and even more… well, lets go and proof him right on that on ;-)…
comI hope with this steps you feel inspired to add even more kindness and self-love to your everyday life behavior, and that you have lots of fun practicing self-compassion!! Don’t forget to think uplifting thoughts about yourself, when things are already ruff!! Keep breathing, smiling and hugging yourself!! Sending b
lessings and wish you much success increasing your self-compassion ;-)!
Love Edith

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How An Introvert Stays Balanced In An Extroverted World

aauby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
being a Introvert in an Extroverted World can be a difficult task. Especially when you are not aware of the traits that Introverts experience differently than the collective of the human race. I’ve only recently discovered that I’m an introvert and it explained a lot of my past to me. In My youth, in an attempt to fit into an extroverted world, I sometimes forced myself to be outgoing, to attend to social events and answer to hollow questions without feeling an inner connection.

You have to know, that being an introvert isn’t the same thing as simple being shy. Introverts’ and extroverts’ brains truly are differently weird (as science confirmed by now) and in essence work differently. The brain activity of introverts is usually higher when they are alone, as alone time gives them a feeling of safety, sanctuary some might even call it. On the other hand, the brain activity of extroverts is lower when they are alone, and they enjoy the stimulation they get from the presence of others. Extroverts seam to need much more social exchange, as it provides them with the spark they need to feel inspired and creative. Introverts tend to find this spark inside themselves and too much sharing with others can rather put their inner fire out. That results to the fact, that Introverts feel easily overwhelmed when exposed to too much external stimulation.

Since I realized how much of the stress in my life was caused by a lack of alone time and adapted to it, a huge relief came over me. Now that I’ve embraced my introverted nature I’m consciously creating time in my life, to make sure I keep my inner balance and harmony.

This is what it takes:

Make time for self-acceptance and self-love:

The first step to create well-being as an introvert, is to accept your true nature. Learn about yourself! Learn what it means to be an introvert! When in relationship – make sure your need are met, by understanding first how an Introvert needs to be loved. Discover which of the feelings and reactions you so far found inside of you, are relate to your natural trait. Know, that being an extrovert is not better than being an introvert just because the proportion within the human collective, is higher .
You’ll realize that life is easier and more enjoyable when you embrace your beautiful, imperfect, introverted self.

But as mentioned before, this is just the first step. In order to find long-lasting harmony and stability as an introvert, we need to make a little time every day to remind ourselves that it is ok to be different. That creates a shied of protection from the collective pressure of a generally rather extroverted world.

Introvert_quote_sm_shadowShare your knowledge with your beloved once:

As the bigger proportion of the human race are extroverts, it can be difficult for your relationship partner, family members and co-worker, to understand your introverted nature. When Introverts feel overwhelmed by social pressure from outside, they have to retreat to an internal space. This behavior can easily be misinterpreted as cold, snobby, or uninterested, especially by the extroverts you closely share your life with.

Explain that taking yourself back until you have your alone time, enables you to find clarity for your respond and inner peace with the situation you are in, so others don’t rely on their interpretation and own reasons for your distant behavior.

Enjoy alone time for rejuvenation and self-love every day:

Introverts need daily alone time, downtime, quiet time – time to reconnect to the recreational forces from within. Without this alone time an introvert gets emotionally overwhelmed, mentally irritated and frazzled. So if you are an introvert, make sure to have this time to yourself. Find out what it is that you experience as nourishing, what ever it is that gives strength to your inner guidance.
If it is meditating, reading a book, writing your diary, listen to music, spending time in nature, what fuels up your internal account of good vibrations. For us introverts, this downtime is just as critical to our well as eating, breathing or sleeping.

Adapt your work environment to be compatible with your needs:

By now most people in the first world spend between 8 to 12 hour per day at their work place. So it should be simple common sense for human beings, to look for work that suits their personal traits. But indeed apart from an Introvert, there is only one other personality type who needs an authentic work space as much as an Introvert, and that is an Empath.
For an Introvert working in the wrong environment quickly leads to mental exhaustion, which over time leads to physical exhaustion and illness.
So if you are an introvert, choose a work that allows you to get into a mental zone where you can naturally thrive.
Notice!! Or work can quickly turn into the second strongest force of disharmony and distress in our lives, after the impact our closest family members and friends have on us. So choose wisely!!

Liv-Tyler-dock-solitude-400Know when to attend and when to retreat from social events:

When I was in my 30s I spend about two years working as a troubleshooter at music events and music festivals, while I was studying how to hold space for me and other people. It was my job to listen to the complains and problems of 30.000 – 50.000 concert visitor. Not a particular healthy situation for an Introvert!
Thankfully on all of this jobs, I had excess to the artists backstage area. Without this escape space it would have been absolutely impossible for me to do, what was asked from me.
When ever introverts are involved in intense social exchange, they need to mentally process all that they’ve taken in afterwards. So when you are planning your social calendar, make sure you are building in enough hours to bring your energy field back to its original.

Embracing my true nature! I am sure happier and more at peace with the world, than I’ve ever been before, since I do. So to all you introverts out there, I hope you embrace your authentic identity today! Because being an introverts actually is truly pretty awesome!

Wish all Introverts a wonderful time on your path to self- discovery and self-expression!!
Blessings and Love

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