The Divine Color Rays Most Active In Our Collective Awakening

oby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
over the last few month you heard me repeatedly talking about the increased support that is in the air, transmitted from the Realms of the  Ascended Masters, and reachable for so many for the first time right now. I shared a post explaining how the Masters send out information, energetic waves and their higher frequencies, thru the highways of sound and light, and how that has an impact on human life on earth. We looked into the power of transformation that the inner fire of alchemy is holding for us, and how our breathing is the key to master this alchemical process. As we change layer by layer, and transform our momentary state of being – into a higher vibrating version of our TRUE SELF, we manifest more and more light into our physical body and become the shining lights we always have been. The Ascended Master Apollonius of Tyanan showed us the way, how to raise our vibration of the physical bodies DNA strands!
Than the last few days there have been so many Angelic Messages, Number Sequences, Synchronicity and repetitions of numbers that appeared, since the intense energies of the Virgo Full Moon, that today it is time to collect information on the divine highways of light; the divine color rays of manifestation; that are the most active for us these days.
For the ones who are not familiar with this term jet, we are talking about the seven colors of the inner wheels of divine creation, the inner rainbow light of the chakra system in the physical body. Each of the seven rays represents the acceptance, perfection and completion of a particular aspect in our personal Christ Consciousness – the I AM awareness. On our individual path of self-mastery, the frequencies transmitted from this rays, combined with the awareness of their meaning, can propeller our growth quickly into exhilaration. We are all great spiritual beings, powerful and deserving of our own awakening and ascension. Use your power to create exactly the life you want on planet earth!!

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Masters of the First Divine Ray: The Blue Ray
Is the Chohan (the Leader) of the first divine ray. He is also chief of the Darjeeling Council and of the Great White Brotherhood. El Morya represents courage, focus, certainty, power, forthrightness, self-reliance, dependability, self-responsibility, faith and divine action. All attributes a human being emotionally identifies with the Father principle, the energy of an authentic leader, a judge or a king – human archetypes, human reality and internal qualities of a true spiritual warrior.

Immaculata is holding the divine blueprint of life, from which constantly the pattern of perfection and creation for the Golden Age of Aquarius on our planet and for all her attendants flows. It is her service to watch over the human race and guard individuals as well as groups of people, to follow the DIVINE HIGHER WILL.kuthumimMasters of the Second Divine Ray: The Golden Ray
is our current World Peace Teacher, a member of the Great White Brotherhood of Masters and representative of the Golden Age of Aquarius, the Earth plane of unconditional love, peace and a brotherhood of men.

is a master of the power of precipitation—the alchemical process of drawing forth cosmic light and substance from the universal substance and bringing it into physical form. The power tool of Master Lanto is the “mighty transcendent golden flame of illumination”, located in the Himalaya mountains.

is known as The Enlightened Being or The Buddha, and was the founder of Buddhism in India. The Buddha can help us to energetically translate, transform and clarify inner energies to higher vibrations. His light has an impact on all levels of our spiral dance of creation (what we call past – present and future).

is  a member of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Shamballa, closely connected with the Mayan Civilization. Kenich Ahan is the patron protector for all Mayan People and students of the spiritual path. He is Mayan sun god, patron of the creations of music and poetry and is the son of “Hunab Ku” –  the “Great Central Spiritual Sun “.

is a loving source of assistants for each of us, who calls him into his awareness. His message: it is easier to learn how to shield our awareness, than to clear our energetic field from disharmonious thoughts and feelings of the world, once they entered our conciseness.mmMasters of the Seventh Divine Ray: The Violet Ray
is the master alchemist of the sacred inner fire, who carries the flame of the violet fire for us. This inner fire provides us with the ability to transform, transmute, elevate and shift every emotional pattern inside of us, into higher vibration and devotion to express divine purity.

is known as the Goddess of Justice and Opportunity, but even more important she is the Ascended Master of Initiation to the next level of higher vibration. She represents the quality of divine justice – the execution of the Divine / Hermetic Laws on planet earth. She is the twin flame of Saint Germain on the Seventh Ray of Transformation, Freedom and Transmutation.

is known as the Goddess of Mercy. Her divine qualities are compassion, kindness, fertility, health and magic. She is patron of the children and of the helpless here on earth. In China she is also known as the great mercy, great pity, salvation from misery, salvation from woe, and the Goddess of thousand arms and thousand eyes.jjDear Ones, I hope you feel encouraged and inspired to make your contact with the divine light within you!! That you are brave this year, when the energies of the universe again decide to turn our world many times upside down!!! I hope you find strength and support with the Masters energy field and always remember “you deserve to walk this life in the ease and blessings of your I AM presence”!! Keep breathing deeply, and taking in all the divine blessings that come now as harvest of our work into manifestation!
Blessings an Courage ;-)! Edith

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The Light Body Process & the Ascended Master Apollonius of Tyana

lightbby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
have you ever heard of the Ascended Master Apollonius of Tyana?? If not than you should change that right now, because he is the leading figure for our light body process on the way of our collective awakening process. His vibational field is representing the quality of divine dancing light. The pure awareness of the inner alchemist in human beings, the knowledge it takes to translate our original essence of sound and light, into physical appearance on planet earth.
Appolonius of Tyana was born on February 16, 2 AD in Tyana, Cappadoccia, Greece, under the revolutionary star sign Aquarius. He was a well known philosopher who tried to reform the practices of traditional cults in modern Greece, Turkey and Syria. He was known to be an idealist and belonged to the intelligence of highest consciousness in his time. Over his lifetime, he had several disciples, traveled extensively, discussed politics with highly ranked officials, was known to perform miracles and shared his knowledge of inner alchemy extensively. His superior knowledge of the alchemical process we call “being alive”, and the conscious creation of this process, allowed him to translate his physical body back to the essence of his being – pure dancing light.
As a side effect of his wisdom, and without ever having learned any foreign language, he was observed to speak with all human beings he met, in their native mother tong. And to complete his personal mastery, he also learned to speak the language of the bird tribes of the world. If you wonder now what his abilities and the collective awakening process of human kind into the Golden Age of Aquarius have to do with another, well it is the same process. When we use the power of focus and concentration (some would say prayer) to remind our physical bodies of their actual origin, we can set ourselves free from the impact of survival fears.Appolonius



If we are aware or not, the human DNA is transforming to 12Strands on this collective awakening path. We are about to develop one strand more than before, in order to hold the connection for the higher vibrations. The elements our physical bodies are build of, are downloading new layers of the divine blueprint for humanity on planet earth. That transforms the DNA structure in us. The chemical components involved in this process begin to change us from inside, until our bodies can hold the full glory of our true spiritual self. Sometimes our physical body changes shape as the energy fields shift and the mater understands its divine origin. Don’t worry if that happens, as soon as balance is achieved again, the body will build itself up again. So give it a try and work with the energy field of the master and of the elements, and your awakening will exhilarate in speed!!

“What i am saying i share with a wink and a smile, never ashamed, i simply dance my existence” ~Apollonius of Tyana

And imagine this, in the not so far future, many of us will be able to create new types of light based technologies by conscious awareness of the manifestation process. Build new paradigms for community living, new systems of governmental order, collectively satisfying and sustainable resource distribution systems and new ways to grow healthy food for everybody on the planet!!!

Dear Ones, I hope you enjoy getting in touch with the Master of dancing light, so his amazing clarity and abilities help you rise to a force of playful creation! May you be guided by the light his field is providing and inspired by the bliss it brings to feel ourselves as energy and sound fields of dancing light! May the games begin!!
Love and Have fun dancing!!!

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