The Frequency Impact on 09/26 – The Birth of the Spiritual Warrior

09 26by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
things are further heating up as we walk ahead in this six days of strongest energetic impact in 5000 years!! Only one day before the astrological events are peeking, the day energy invites us to unleash our inner Spiritual Warrior. Till September 28th the energies will further continue to build up, so keep breathing deeply and take very good care of yourself!!

The numerology of the day 09/26/2015 comes down to 25/7, the vibrations of co-operation,balance, discipline, freedom, openness and trust. Don’t forget, of you are a Highly Sensitive person, an Indigo Child or Empath you will be stronger effected than others.

09/26/2015 = 25/7
When we look at today’s number “7”, you see it is build in three steps the number 2, the number 5 and as result the number 7. The sum or end number shows the energy we feel most driven to express today. The numbers before the slash are the details, we need to take in consideration to get there. So today’s path are the numbers 2 and 5. The most triggering today, is the voice of the vibration number 7.

The number two represents the energies of: CO-OPERATION & BALANCE
When we experience the impact of a day with the number 2 in relationship to the number seven, than we talk about a day of inner relationship to our higher self and higher powers.
In yesterdays article I mentioned, that the number 2 represents the point in our live, where we discover that we are not alone. The moment we realize that there are others on the planet with us. I further shared, that the number 2 positively expressed, thrives to create win / win for everyone! And EVERYONE is the key in our today’s story.
OHThe inner movement initiated by another crumbling paradigm! The historical karma of the suffering savior, the helpless helper or the wounded healer – are over!!
This collective evolution into the Golden Age of Aquarius requires from us, to be healthy, happy and balanced people, if we go out into the world to serve others with our divine gifts. We are invites to move on to a relationship with our soul’s divine guidance, that allows us a devoted service to the bigger picture – while we are taking excellent care of our selves and make sure to help, share and support others only as much – as we truly have the capacity for.

The number five represents the energies of: DISCIPLINE & FREEDOM
The situations, feelings and insights triggered by a day with the numbers 5 and 7 in relationship, are clearing our understanding of personal freedom. Freedom in our modern society is one of the most misunderstood divine qualities existing. Many people think if they make enough money to pay for every service they need, they are free. Others think, that living alone and creating as minimum social interaction or close emotional relations with others as possible, is a sign of personal freedom. But in both cases it is an illusion created by underlying fears of attachment, vulnerability or neediness.
Authentic inner personal freedom is created, by a commitment to absolute discipline in listening to own inner guidance, or higher self, the divine spirit. Be aware on a day with the energies of 5 in the mix, many people experience inner restlessness, irritation or torn feelings. That is exactly the moment to act in determined commitment to our next evolutionary step – and do what ever we are asked to do!nuThe number seven represents the energies of: OPENNESS & TRUST
It is the number of the “Spiritual Warrior”! The quality of natural born leader, natural healer and healing powers! On a day with this energy frequency, the collective consciousness has stronger excess to develop a feeling of faith, to feel their intuition, to reach inner-knowing, hear inner-wisdom, to open channels for psychic abilities, understand our life purpose, and reach spiritual acceptance.
In combination with the influence of tomorrow’s moon events, this is a high powered day for deep spiritual awakening, to gain higher awareness, to reach spiritual enlightenment, a day for deep contemplation, thoughtfulness in thought – word – action, independent development and inner alchemy. Take time in the morning for a profound meditation, and you will be impressed how connected you will feel all day long!!!

I hope today’s insights support you in being exactly the Divine Warrior you are born to be, and to ride your carriage with clarity and humble pride! Read tomorrow about the impact of the peek day!! The energies of September 27th, the day of the SUPER HARVEST BLOOD MOON!!
Keep breathing deeply! Love and Blessings!

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The Frequency Impact on 09/25 – Numerology Translates

11001907_10152871674528300_1729035065010027071_nby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
day by day now we are moving deeper into feeling the intense impact, the high powered frequencies of several simultaneously appearing astrological events have on us. Till September 28th the energies will build up higher and higher, so it can be of help to have a little heads-up on the things this transforming vibrations can trigger.
The numerology of the day 09/25/2015 comes down to 24/6, the vibrations of co-operation, balance, stability, process, vision and acceptance. As usual Highly Sensitive people, Indigo Children and Empath are feeling the inner movements stronger than others. Especially on a day six when we are dealing with the understanding, what unconditional love truly means.

09/25/2015 = 24/6
When you look at today’s number “6”, you see it is build in three steps the number 2, the number 4 and as result the number 6. The sum or end number shows the energy we feel driven to express. The numbers before the slash are the details, we need to take in consideration to get there. So today’s path are the numbers 2 and 4 . Today’s most triggering inner voice – is the voice of the vibration number 6.175The number two represents the energies of: CO-OPERATION & BALANCE
Yesterday I mentioned that a spiritual understanding of co-operation in balance starts with yourself. With the study, contemplation, inner experience and sharing of personal truth. Today let’s look at the chances a day number 2 is bringing us, to improve our behavior.
Numerology is easiest to understand, when we look at it as our path from the moment of our appearance as a seed in the physical body of our mother (the number 0), to our birth moment into physical powers (number 1 – the power to create and the confidence to do it!), to the point of looking up – just to discover that we are not alone – that there is another one (2 co-operation with others and the balance of win / win for everyone)!
That is the reason why two is the most important relationship number.
The old paradigm is crumbling! The relations we created. full of dependency and mutual practicality have failed. Our collective evolution now requires from us to move on to relationships based on equality, our true core values, improved communication skills, more authentic expression and the permission for every member of our clan (partner, family, friends, work colleges,…), to feel self-empowered and valuable for society. The expression number 2 of our divine soul, demands us to shift from a Darwin principle of competition and separation, to a Oneness principle of co-operation, and balance

The number four represents the energies of: STABILITY & PROCESS
When we apply our so far gained understanding to the number four, it is easy to explain how the energy works. Imagine you are building a house for your family. You would not do that without four strong posts to hold the structure together. You build them, so the house may have strength to resist the challenges of everyday life, to stay strong against stormy weather and even survive an earthquake. To build the house you need a construction plan that fits your needs, you individual right’s and wrong’s, good building materials, patience, perseverance, devotion, trust, discipline and maintenance. All qualities of the number 4 vibration.
In combination with the 2 we started of with, it makes a call from the universe to apply the same simple step by step building and maintaining process – to all our relationships. People say “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”.. that is only true for people who have not learned jet to water the garden they live in and keep their focus on the growth of their own sprouts!!AVThe number six represents the energies of: VISION & ACCEPTANCE
The number 6 as the energy field with the strongest impact tomorrow, invites us to develop a deeper understanding of unconditional love. Now unconditional love is not something that just happens to people (or rarely). To the contrary!! It is created from the conscious choice to accept everything that appears in front of our eyes, as one expression – of one single persons vision, how to find back home to the center of their heart.
It is a practical use of dividing wisdom which teaches us, that there are things we are empowered to change – and if we can, we should.. and things that are out of our hands. Realities we have no power over and better learn to deal with instead!
On a day of vibration 6 we have more easily excess to memories of visions received years ago, and had forgotten all about! This visions actually ask us to do the appropriate steps (number 4) and create the space needed, to come into manifestation in our world. Especially when messages are repeatedly appearing, they represent your souls deepest desire – fragments of your personal soul path. So “CARPE DIEM“!! Use this day!!  Take time for a little meditation into your past dreams and visions. Let them feed your passion, courage and determination. Than joyfully move on to fulfill your true calling!

I hope this explanations of numerology will over time allow all of you, to develop an emotional understanding how the numbers are transmitting!! Tomorrows read – the next step of evolution – the energies of September 26th!!
Keep breathing deeply! Love and Blessings

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09/23/& 09/24 The Frequency Impacts – Numerology Translates

0aby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
I am sure many of you heard by now about the intense impact that we are expecting true a series of astrological events, from today on, till September 28th. Details about this events you can find in today’s astrology report but for now, we want to focus on the impact the daily numerology has on our collective energetic transformation.
Thru numerology we can gain a deeper understanding of the frequencies, that are vibrating as an energy field behind the visible numbers. So numbers in general exist in our world, in order to translate the blueprint of the divine plan for the individual and the collective evolution of humanity. This translation happens in a mix of feelings you experience, situations you attract into your world and energies you suddenly feel triggered to express. This happens, if we are aware of the impact, or not.
So, when we look at the number of the day, we get an impression of a small fragment every human being experiences that day. How this energies play out in your world, depends entirely on your personality traits, current life situation, emotional state, spiritual development and more.
Highly Sensitive people, Indigo Children and Empath are naturally in a higher state of openness and sensitivity for this kind of vibrations. They can even feel the need to help others, by taking on a bigger load than is theirs.
Make sure that you are kind and caring with yourself, when navigating your existence true the energies of the coming days! Take a break as often as you can, lay down if possible and let the strong vibrations sink into your body like baby-lotion. 1709/23/2015 = 22/4
When you look at the day number “4”, you see it is build in three steps the number 2, again 2 and the number 4 as result. The sum or end number shows the energy we feel driven to express, the numbers before the slash are representing the path we are taking to get there. So today’s path is the number 2 – double strong. Today’s most triggering inner voice – is the voice of the vibration number 4.

The number two represents the energies of: CO-OPERATION & BALANCE
From a spiritual point of few co-operation starts in the very center of self, with the inner understanding of the forces alive in every human being. No matter if man or woman.. each one of us is internally… A MAN, A WOMAN, DIVINE & HUMAN – to balance this forces, is our path of self-mastery. Therefor when the vibration 2 hits, we ask ourselves questions like: who we really are, what type of relations we desire, how this internal powers relate to another, how they are intended to serve each other, how we are standing in relationship to our partner, how we see our relation with the world and much more. It is about digging out deeper layers of our internal world, our divine soul, our core family, first partner and school friends…
When expressed in the positive, the energy invites us to open communication, honest exchange, to support each other and celebrate each others success. When expressed in the negative, we are talking about competition, jealousy, deep loneliness, feelings of disconnection and separation.
So watch out not to allow this vibrations into your day! Just enjoy moments of beautiful connection with others, while you keep your boundaries strong and clear!! Make sure not to be effected, if in the presence of people who try the negative expressions on you!! Stay clear to your own truth and desire!!

The number four represents the energies of: STABILITY & PROCESS
For everyday life that means we seek understanding which details of our human needs have to be met, to achieve a feeling of internal stability. Important task is to clear our core values from ideas and concepts from the collective influence of society – and find our own truth. So inner stability is created, when we are well aware of our core values, know what is individually right or wrong for us and, have the clarity courage and strength to act on it. When we do so we experience the constant process of lives events no longer as unsettling or overwhelming, but as one wave after the other – all of them easy to ride.
On a day with the numerology four, we are triggered in themes of: time planing, patience, our perseverance and devotion, trust and trust-worthiness, loyalty, self-mastery, solid foundations, traditional values, honesty, integrity,   realistic values, discipline and maintenance. It is also the number of resonance of the Angelic Realm and an excellent day to make Angel contact. As for the negative – watch out not to get ahead of yourself!! Stability comes from walking one appropriate step after the other!! Don’t loos your focus or direction and, don’t let other peoples emotional instability get to you! Rather take time for meditation and hold space for yourself!

09/24/2015 = 23/5

Tomorrow we start of with the same influence of the vibration two. Again our feelings, thoughts and life situations will accumulate around the themes of relationship, understanding and holding our boundaries, co-creations between all beings and, how to achieve balance in our life. And the number tree brings a brand new frequency into the game.aashyThe number three represents the energies of: SENSITIVITY & EXPRESSION
The ability of human beings to feel at all (only possible in the body) and to express this feelings, in exchange with the world around us. On a day with the number three, people are simple more open to feel. They are more sensitive to their own internal world, but also to the emotions and irritations other people are radiating. We feel inspiration for creativity, our imagination blooms and our passion inflames for authentic self-expression. We feel a deeper need to be heard and to truly reach the other with our communication.
Because of all this big emotional capacity, we need to be even more careful in the choice and use of our words. No other day is that easily an emotional drama on the table, than on a numerology day number three. Sometimes it might be needed to watch our feelings go overboard. If so, be kind and take it with a wink and a smile! Except it happened, forgive yourself and move on!!
Also important to know is that number 3 resonates with the energies of the Ascended Masters.  A day 3 is always an open door for a first contact or another visit in the Master’s Realm!

The number five represents the energies of: DISCIPLINE & FREEDOM
So tomorrow day energy comes down to the impact of the number five. For us as THE ONE within the collective, that means to be absolutely disciplined in acting on our higher believes!! The number five is for a human, the moment of internal recognition of our multi-dimensional existence. The moment we understand what it means to have endless opportunities laying in front of you. Our interests are streaming towards: creative solutions, personal freedom, individualism, non-attachment, life lessons learned through experience, our adaptability, the resourcefulness we show, our reliability and life choices we have to make.
More than any other day – you will need your morning meditation!! Multi-dimensional feeling leads in the negative to loosing it completely!  To actions of irresponsible behavior, to inconsistency, unreliability, fear of change, restlessness, inactivity and stagnation. So be disciplined and keep a good connection with your own heart. Stick close to your true values, and inner freedom to act on this higher truth will come from it!!

Hope this insights allow you to navigate more elegant and graceful thru the energies, and that you feel embraced in the knowledge that we all undergo the same transformation!! Read tomorrow what is to be expected from the frequencies active on September 25th!!
Keep breathing deeply! Love and Blessings

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Nepal Chooses Kindness — ENDING The World’s Largest Animal Sacrifice Event

Dear Friends,
I feel happy, excited and inspired to  share this article with you!! Beautiful things happen on the planet!! What an amazing first step for humanity and our friends from the animal kingdom – the Gadhimai slaughter festival will never be a festival of slaughter again!!!
Remember, just last month I shared two article about the waves of energy we currently receive from heavens, and how they carry the potential for healing with the animal world, And here it is! First chance given – first chance taken – for humanity, a big step on its way into the creation of a world in balance and harmony. And a loud statement that cruelty in the name of tradition is no longer tolerateable!!  We need to be brave and embrace changing our actions on all levels of life!
Go home – hug your dog, watch a bird on your way to work or enjoy the sound of bees in the air!! Remember the peace that comes from understanding, how we are naturally one with nature!!
Blessings Edith
images (2)
Gadhimai Slaughter was blamed for the massive earthquake that hit in April and killed nearly 10,000 lives. People called it the nature’s way of punishment to humanity. Irrespective of the truth, it has influenced this decision in many ways.
In a glorious tribute to the power of compassion, the Gadhimai slaughter festival will now be a ‘momentous celebration of life.’
For centuries the Gadhimai festival in Nepal has seen temple grounds awash with the blood of animals slaughtered in the name of ‘tradition’.
This sacrifice has occurred every five years for the last 300 years.
And it stopped — today.

The Gadhimai Temple Trust hereby declares our formal decision to end animal sacrifice. With your help, we can ensure Gadhimai 2019 is free from bloodshed. Moreover, we can ensure Gadhimai 2019 is a momentous celebration of life … For every life taken, our heart is heavy. The time has come to transform an old tradition.

Hundreds of thousands of water buffalo, goats, chickens and other animals will now be saved from a brutal death by bludgeoning or decapitation.animal sacrifice event in nepal
This achievement is no small feat. We take our hats off to the extraordinary efforts of the Humane Society International/IndiaAnimal Welfare Network Nepal, and countless animal protection groups and individuals around the world who have helped inspire this victory of kindness over cruelty.
And, of course, greatest credit must go to the members of The Gadhimai Temple Trust itself, who recognized that the power to change the trajectory of our common humanity is in our hands.

The Gadhimai Temple Trust has shown that tradition is no excuse for cruelty with its landmark decision.


The incredible news exploded on social media, where a long running campaign has been waged on behalf of the victims of the festival. It is yet another signpost that the pathway our species is paving for itself is slowly but surely bending towards a more compassionate future, championed by caring people in every country of the world.
That is to say, we are getting kinder.
Worldwide, never before has there been such a rate of positive change — in public policy; in commerce; in public awareness and advocacyAnd never before have the animals of this world needed it so much. We have, after all, inherited an age where the majority of animals in human ‘care’ are valued not as living, thinking beings, but as commodities — spending their entire lives confined in factory farms. Nothing short of a profound global shift in thought is needed to awaken our shared responsibility toward our fellow species and break this global cycle of suffering.The Gadhimai Temple Trust has shown that tradition is no excuse for cruelty with its landmark decision.
Could the previously un-thought of Gadhimai ‘celebration of life’ festival be a sign that a kinder world is possible?
Some of the most entrenched cruelty in this world has long been defended in the name of ‘tradition’.
The Festival of Sacrifice is responsible for untold suffering of cattle, sheep and goats — millions of whom have been sold for profit through Australia’s live export trade; closer to home, in the name of Christmas, highly intelligent pigs and turkeys not only experience the terror of slaughter, but entire lifetimes of suffering in factory farms; and sporting events such as bull fights and rodeos still present cruelty as ‘entertainment’…
When kind people seek to transform cruel traditions, they don’t risk losing their identity. They strengthen it by demonstrating that culture cannot be measured by the repetition of practices frozen in time by values of the past. For this, the tradition of the Gadhimai festival will become all the stronger.
In another Nepalese tradition, there is an entire calendar day called ‘Kukur Tihar’ dedicated entirely to thanking dogs for their friendship and loyalty.
It takes compassion and courage to rise above cruelty and recognize that the ways of doing things we inherit from the past do not define us; to recognize that those we share this world with, also share our desire to avoid suffering. Whether in our temples, or in our homes, we can all choose to live without killing.

The roots of cruelty are not so much strong as widespread. But the time must come when inhumanity protected by custom and thoughtlessness will succumb before humanity championed by thought. Let us work that this time may come. Albert SchweitzerIn another Nepalese tradition, there is an entire calendar day called 'Kukur Tihar' dedicated entirely to thanking dogs for their friendship and loyalty.Compassion is fundamental to all human cultures — and when it shines through, traditions steeped in cruelty can be transformed. On scales grand and small, if we want to live in a kinder world, we all have a role to play.

And if the world’s largest animal sacrifice event can be transformed into a ‘celebration of life’, then there is reason to be infinitely hopeful about the future.

Loving an Empath

Dear Friends,
I absolutly love this article!!! Born as an Empath and an Indigo child, I have suffert just about everything the article is talking about. I cared to much, I loved to pure (for my surrounding) and I started doubting everything, stopped trusting people and retreated. But now, being in my power – I love life and people, I can give and receive love freely and fearless and can bring all the power of divine love into the world and to my clients!! Healing is recommendable ;-)!! Also I can see the lover that I AM in every word the author says about us empathic people.
So I hope you enjoy the read and bring all your beloved existance into shining manifestation!
Unconditional love and Blessings!!
empathEmpaths are unique personality types, their sensory levels are always on high alert, they are incredibly intuitive and their awareness and sensitivity to the energy levels that vibrate around them are extremely high. If an empath senses something, they are not often wrong. If they think someone’s lying or that something is just “not right” you can bet your last dollar that they are not wrong.
Therefore, a basic understanding of this mystical and quite magical creature is highly beneficial. Empaths have quite a few little quirks, traits and characteristics that are worth knowing about, and gaining a better understanding of, so that any relationship that is formed has a strong survival chance and also so that it thrives. Empaths can be deeply misunderstood. It can take a little time to get to know them before they fully unravel and until their true magnificent spirit receives the opportunity to shine.
Love with an empath will be intense as they are energetically sensitive, therefore they will pick up on everything and anything that is happening around them. Regardless of whether emotions have been outwardly expressed, empaths will experience their partner’s emotions as deeply as they feel their own. It is impossible to try to hide true feelings when romantically involved with an empath as they will likely have figured them out long before the person feeling them has. Empaths are highly intuitive yet sometimes fail to trust their inner voice as too many people have previously tried to wrongly convince them that their gut feelings were wrong.
Being a little naïve and trusting at times, the empath has doubted themselves and pushed aside their intuition, causing them to lose faith in the power they hold within that alerts them to any perceived signs of danger. That being said, the little nagging voice in the empath’s head will not subside until the reality and truth has been fully uncovered. Empaths like truth. However hard it is to handle, they would rather be told things straight than told a lie, even if it is a white one. Although the truth isn’t always pretty, it is much nicer than spending days and nights trying to make sense of all the complicated energies and subliminal messaging systems that are going on.
you-are-an-empath If it’s one thing that empaths are amazing at it is dealing with a brutally raw and honest relationship. Although they can be rather delicate creatures on some levels, their strength in relationships is found where honesty, trust and loyalty come before anything else. Empaths can be perceived as having hearts that are caged in. Although, this is only true when they have been deceived so many times they feel that their only option is protection. The true spirit of an empath wants to give and receive love in abundance, though they are only able to do this when they feel safe and secure that they are in a safe place to open the door and allow the love to flow. One of the most tragic parts about the empaths character is that all too often the love is cast out in all the wrong places. Empaths feel the pain and sorrow of the whole world and feel that they want to heal and fix the world up and make things better for all concerned. This can be an amazingly powerful thing and this energy is exactly what the world needs. However, this can also be a deeply painful way to exist. Not everyone sees the world the way an empath views it and because of this, an empath’s heart will be broken constantly and they will bleed endlessly for cruelty, injustice and inequalities. There will be many who will want to take the love, affection and the empath’s good nature with no care for giving any return. Whilst this can teach an empath a lot about unconditional love and also an immense amount about self-preservation, it is also a deeply painful learning process.
An empath will fail to understand why others do not give out care, consideration and affection freely and why other people can so easily turn a blind eye to heartbreak and suffering when healing is what is required. Others may ridicule and belittle the empaths desire to reach out and make a difference, and this serves to add salt to their wounds. When an empath feels hurt, what they need most is loving support and understanding so that they know they are not alone in wanting to use some of their powerful energy to heal and make changes in the world; if they receive this from a partner, a bond for life will very likely form.
indexEmpaths will fall into the hands of those who want to take advantage of their somewhat naïve and caring nature. Again, this is another sharp lesson and one that can cause an empath to develop a sense of mistrust and what leads to protecting their emotions with barriers and brick walls. It can also lead to an empath to feelings of unworthiness and also low-self esteem, as once they have depleted their energy reserves to such a low level by giving and not understanding how to protect themselves in the process, they can end up with a broken heart and with very little faith in mankind. It is not in an empaths nature to take, they only know how to give, so to ensure the relationship is one of balance and is also harmonious, ensure the empath is shown love in the form of actions, so that the circle of love flows freely.
Words will mean little to an empath, unless they are followed through. Their intuition will quickly pick up on something done with poor intent, or if a person’s words are inauthentic.To love someone who is an empath means to recognise that they thrive when the flames are turned up, not down. An empath gives off a powerful and energetic fuel of love, light and radiance, though the fire only fully rages when an empath exists in a sacred place within which they feel secure enough to glow. Empaths are soft, delicate and immensely vulnerable creatures on the inside, although, once burnt, on the outside they can appear incredibly strong. Once bitten, twice shy where an empath is concerned, they find it very difficult to forget deep wounds and to continue a relationship once foundations are rocked. The best way to fully connect with an empath is by creating a safe and solid platform to build a future upon. If cracks appear through mistrust and deceit, it can become immensely difficult to repair them.
Empaths thrive on trust, loyalty and dependability. Show them these things and the relationship will be very difficult to break. As empaths are highly passionate people, they will often find a strong connection to a hobby or interest that others will find impossible to penetrate. Due to their creative side, they may find a resonance with music, dance, writing, art, activism, reading, Yoga, meditation, humanitarian causes or other similar interests. Whatever it is that has captured the mind of an empath will be become sacred in their hearts. Empaths will immerse themselves in their hobbies and lose themselves completely and sometimes this can feel as though their interests are the only things that matter to them.
Image1Although they will have a deep attachment to their passions, it is far easier to understand that an empath loves all things at great levels of intensity and they need outside interests to survive and feel alive, this can sometimes be difficult for others to understand. Space, plenty of space, and freedom to explore and submerge in their chosen activity is the easiest way to deal with this. Asking an empath to choose may not give the desired outcome that would be hoped for. The heart quickly gets connected to passionate interests, and once that connection has been made, the heart will be break if it has to be severed. Respect and understanding for another’s alone time can make or break a relationship with an empath. An empath will not want or expect anyone else to dive as deeply into their interests as they do, however, an understanding that their interests are significantly important can really make life a whole lot easier. There is no need to feel ostracised or unwelcome, while there’s a little chance an empath will let you fully in to their special interest, it is far more likely they will gain more pleasure when they are wrapped up in it by themselves.
This is not selfish or inconsiderate, it is just simply how the empath’s heart and spirit operate. If they have a connection to something, it is intense and they will very likely wish to delve as deeply into it as is possible. Passions are a great energy release and empaths will possibly feel as though they zone-out while immersed, and they will very likely lose all track of time. Allow them to take pleasure in it, and with the free time this has created, take up interests separately rather than allowing resentment or frustration to build. It possibly won’t last for too long, as empaths are known to move quickly from one interest to another once the initial burning desire of connection eventually simmers down. As empaths are sensitive to energy, their worst-case scenarios are confrontations and aggressive situations.
Although under normal circumstances they are one of the least violent and aggressive characters, they can very easily lose their self-control if they become absorbed in the negative and toxic energy that surrounds them. Empaths are fight or flight characters who more often than not, will prefer to take flight and remove themselves from the weight that the energy is bearing down on them. If situations like this occur regularly, it can eventually lead empaths to become introverted and homebodies as they prefer the safety of their own environment where they are not subjected to the rise and fall of other people’s energies. After attending any kind of social situation, they will need downtime to recharge and to balance out their own energy fields. Places such as supermarkets, nightclubs, the cinema or anywhere where there is a large crowd of people, will be very draining for an empath. They are very sensitive to light and sound, so these things can also have a detrimental and draining effect on an empath’s psyche.
Spiritual Partnership Loving an EmpathAn empath will likely need to hold on to their partner’s hand or arm during such occasions, finding that their partner’s energy forms a soothing welcome block and temporary release from the energies that surround. After attending any social function an empath may feel completely drained and the effects can be temporarily debilitating, meaning that all an empath will want to do is sleep or rest, possibly alone, until the absorbing effects of the occasion have worn off. All in all, it will take a very secure, confident and balanced person to form a solid mutually beneficial and rewarding relationship with an empath. The empath personality type is a unique and extremely enchanting gift to the world. As long as their wings are not clipped, and they have the freedom and space to fly, it has the opportunity to be a deeply rewarding, incredibly loving and spiritually awakening relationship for both involved. A connection with an empath can be a blessing and one of the greatest gifts from the universe as it offers the opportunity to look at the world through the lens of a kaleidoscope.
Everything that may have once seemed normal for a relationship will be turned upside down as a new understanding and perspective is learned and the unconscious mind is preened open. At times it may feel like being in the company of a magically gifted being who has special powers that we have been led to believe do not exist within humans. This can be both a blessing and a curse. Nothing will get past an empath as they see, feel and connect with everything at all times. The one thing I would strongly recommend is to peel back all the layers that society labels as “norms,” “standards” and “expectations.” We are then free to discover a brand new way of existing; giving and receiving unconditional love, being fully alive in the moment, connecting deep within the core of our primal being and reigniting all the superpowers that are inherent within man.
A relationship with an empath can lead to uncovering special gifts such as intuition, energy awareness, deep connection and a brand new level of understanding the fellow man without the need for speech. All the things the modern world has tried, for far too long, to convince us we should deny. True love can be a very difficult thing for an empath to achieve, although with the right person, with someone understanding, grounded, free spirited and trustworthy, love can be an intimate, deeply bonding, healing, fulfilling, empowering and healthy addiction that neither will want to break.