Dedicate This Year To Authentic Creative Expressions And New Manifestations

creby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
over the last two years, we have been invited to pick up on a lot of little teachings about collective and personal power, true abundance, profound wisdom and emotionally balanced authentic living. All of this steps have been the perfect preparation for this years master energies of creative expression, creative authenticity and the capacity in human beings to consciously manifest.
In order to turn our life, in a healthy way, into a constant fountain of expression for the divine fire within, we first need to find balance between the divine masculine and the divine feminine side of life. We need to open ourselves to the wisdom of the universe and the impulse of the moment, so we need to be present with the creation self. Here are some quotes from wise people, artists and truth seeker, who collected a bigger understanding about entering and living creative
expression on planet earth.

“The chief enemy of creativity is good sense.”
― Pablo Picasso

“We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.”
― Kurt Vonnegut

“I never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking”
― Albert Einstein

“Everyone has their own ways of expression. I believe we all have a lot to say, but finding ways to say it is more than half the battle.”
― Criss Jami

“It’s not where you take things from – it’s where you take them to.”
― Jean-Luc Godard

“It’s easy to attack and destroy an act of creation. It’s a lot more difficult to perform one.”
― Chuck Palahniukos“To be creative means to be in love with life. You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty, you want to bring a little more music to it, a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it.”
― Osho

“People who do a job that claims to be creative have to be alone to recharge their batteries. You can’t live 24 hours a day in the spotlight and remain creative. For people like me, solitude is a victory.”
― Karl Lagerfeld

“When I am completely myself, entirely alone or during the night when I cannot sleep, it is on such occasions that my ideas flow best and most abundantly. Whence and how these ideas come I know not nor can I force them.”
― Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

“Dance above the surface of the world. Let your thoughts lift you into creativity that is not hampered by opinion.”
― Red Haircrow

“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.”
― Jalaluddin Rumi

“Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.”
― Andy Warhol

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”
― Albert Einstein

“When you become the image of your own imagination, it’s the most powerful thing you could ever do.”
― RuPaul

“I am my own experiment. I am my own work of art.”
― Madonna

“One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art.”
― Oscar WildeoDear Ones, I hope you are bursting from creative ideas right now, and that your imagination is running wild with inspired thoughts. The more people are dreaming of inventions right now, the more manifested changes we can achieve in this year for the Golden Age of Aquarius on planet earth!!
Love and Creative Blessings!

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How Our Body Provides Insides About Our Emotional/Spiritual Process

faceby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
for weeks now I dropped again and again the hint, that it is more than ever important for us as a human collective, to regain a healthy and even spiritually connected relationship with the nature forces. Over the last weeks I mainly spoke about the integration of our higher self and all the
massive waves of higher consciousness, that we needed to translate into divine action. And I shared how even  pacha mama is working on adjusting and extending to this higher vibrations right now. And as we all know, the earth and our physical bodies are on! So when the planet is changing as profoundly as its happening right now, you can be sure our physical bodies are doing the same.
In many articles I talked about the change in our DNA to 12 strands, so we can hold a higher vibration of inner light within our physical bodies as well as in our light bodies. And every time when we make a big step in vibration, our bodies need to detox the impact of the past. While doing so, they provide insides about the emotions they release.

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What are the natural excretion mechanisms?
The lungs: if you find yourself coughing right after an intense collective energetic impact happens, and at the same time you do not feel like you are actually sick, than it is easily possible your body reacts to the energies and detoxes. In case of the lungs we are talking on emotional level about the feelings of grief, sadness and regret. There is a simple formula to help yourself because, when we are exhaling carbon dioxide leaves our physical body and we detoxify, so conscious breathing is key – as simple as that. Most people breathe much too shallow, loose contact to their body feeling, when hanging out in confined air conditioned spaces. So go out into nature and breath deeply,and aware (techniques you find in the article above) if you want to help your body and spirit make a smooth shift!
A helpful Affirmation is: I now have the capacity to fully take in all sides of life. I Am joyful and live life to the fullest. woman-The skin: when ever we are talking skin, we are talking about boundaries, personally as much as collective. About knowing our personal inner measure, about finding out how we can give to our dearest ones and to society, while staying clear and firmly connected to our higher self’s guidance. So when you have more skin problems in a time of big collective shifts, than it can be an expression of calibrating the paradox, between the beauty of our collective oneness and the need for our individual, private “little self, space and time”. And for some of us, who recently made a leap in inner connection with the animal kingdom, it might be time to start using high quality cosmetic products. Products that are animal abuse free produced!!
A helpful Affirmation is: I lovingly protect myself with thoughts of purity, joy and peace.

The kidneys: are our only equal partner organs in the physical body. So it is just natural, that they are holding the energy for our love life and other human relationship interactions. The kidneys are telling us about how easy or not easy we can let go of things in our life, that clearly have passed their expiration date. They are asking us to find balance in our inner divine masculine and divine feminine powers. And the kidneys are holding one of our most beautiful and powerful paradoxes to release – the opposite of our deepest fears, together with the power, abundance and multi-dimensional expression – of our highest personal potential. So if your kidneys hurt these days, than give them a good rub with both hands, breath deeply and think of reaching your highest divine potential.
A helpful Affirmation is: I dissolve all past problems with ease and gratitude.

Dear Ones, I this insides will help you understand what your body is telling you about your personal release, on the big collective awakening path. I hope it helps you to tolerate the physical discomfort you might experience from time to time, and get into deeper alignment with your physical bodies wisdom and expressions. Take good care of yourself, while we are navigating all this intense waves of high energies and exhilarating frequencies!!
Blessings an Love!


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How Entrepreneurs Combine Their Love Life With Their Personal Awakening Path

kby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
are you on an awakening path for yourself in this moment of time? And have you identified yourself as an entrepreneur my friend? If so,
you might feel already all your life like many of society’s rules, are just not right for you. As if the structures given are not there to help and protect, but to suffocate your life. You probably could not accept peoples usual ways of working simply for money, building relationships without meaning, and boring creations of a monotonous life. Entrepreneurs are usually quite self-driven people, they are comfortable with taking risks, and quite hard-working people.

An entrepreneur does not have a job, we live our work and we get just as much emotional fulfillment out of our personal mission and projects, as we do from our relationships. That results in us rather being free spirits, very independent and strong people, who need a partner only if he/she actually brings an extra on bliss and excitement as well as a higher quality to our life’s. Now over the last few month we have collectively anchored so many high vibrations onto the planet and into our physical bodies, that many of us can not deny the desire for new love relationships anymore. And than there is this silent voice, this inner knowing, that has driven our human souls lifetime after lifetime, in search of the perfect relationship.
So what is it we truly need when we are on one hand on a conscious personal awakening path, and have on the other hand the lifestyle of an entrepreneur to balance with our love life.dA Partner With Drive
Like I sad before, entrepreneurs are self-driven people who always have something interesting to do. Usually we are well aware of what we need, know how to ask for it, and when we commit to something – we are in it for the long run. So if an entrepreneur chooses a partner for an intimate relationship, it is wise to choose somebody who is just as self-driven and hands on practically involved in their own life, as we are in ours.

Somebody With Stability And Flexibility
When our life turns out to be entrepreneurship (and I have not met a person so far who had actually planed on becoming an entrepreneur – it is usually a character trait), we need a person next to us who has developed the virtues of inner stability and outer flexibility. Which basically means we need a partner who can handle sudden changes in our plans, without freaking out every time. Somebody who anyway loves rolling with the punches. A being able to enjoy every moment together, without sitting in irritation about the days we/or they where occupied otherwise.

Passionate People Who Fearlessly Share Their Fire
No doubt that entrepreneurs are passionate people thru and thru. We love as hard as we work hard, we are idealists and love what we do. When we engage in a love relationship, than because we want to shake the borders of the existing paradigms, in order to change the world together. We desire to fully give ourselves away when we love and we need a partner who feels the same kind of passion. When we than combine this treasures with an innocent heart, the golden age can start in our own home.
aCo-Creative Partner
Truth is, most entrepreneurs start of as lonely wolves. Logically as we have to find our own way. But that does not mean we can not co-create with others. In a entrepreneur love relationship it is very helpful when both partners have balanced feminine/masculine within themselves, before they start creating together. That way the forces will flow freely; you will not need ONE leader on the team but allow this role to freely change from day to day between you. The rule is as ever, the more light you hold within your self, the more space you can hold for co-creative expression and harmony in your creations.

Dear Ones, I hope this words have either
unveiled to you that you are an entrepreneur with special needs in life and love, or if you knew that before, how to meet the right person for your 5th dimensional, awakened love relationship. I hope you are inspired to put all your knowledge and wisdom into action, when you meet the right person to truly bring the Golden Age of Aquarius on the ground of this wonderful world!
Love and Loving Relationships!!!

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The rise of traveling families and world-schooling

640Dear Friends,
by now many of you know that I currently spend my live in a small Guatemalan Countryside town called San Marcos La Laguna, Solola. What is so very special about this place is that it attracts traveler, spiritual seeker and any types of people who challenge the status quo of our momentary society systems, by trying out new ways of living. Many of the people who come to town are young parents, long-term traveler and creator of new schooling types. So I found it very interesting to read that the world has picked up on this movement and the first public discussions about the pro and cons of long-term traveling with children, education outside the official education system and learning by experience – rather than studying the world from inside a classroom, have started. I hope you enjoy the article and maybe you feel inspired and take a little trip yourself!? I am very interested to hear, what you think about this topic and if one or the other of you has dreamed a similar dream already!! Have another wonderful day of learning on planet earth!! Love and Blessings

More families than ever are taking ‘adventures’ – long-term trips where children learn on the road. We talk to nomadic parents about the pros and cons of dropping out to travel the world. World-schooling, adventuring, life-learning, whatever you call it, more parents are doing it – if the proliferation of blogs and books by families on round-the-world trips is anything to go by. Driven by a desire to spend a greater amount of time with their children, escape the pressures of work and discover new cultures and lifestyles, a growing number of parents are jacking it all in, taking the kids out of school and setting off on an adventure.
Take Jo and Jamie Robins, who are two weeks into a four-month South America trip with their daughters, aged 10 and seven. “We want to take some time to step back from life, the treadmill of working hard to pay a mortgage, not having enough time for family or to follow our interests,” says Jo. The Robins have only just begun their adventure and are planning to come back home later this year – maybe. However, many parents find that once they are on the road, they can’t imagine going back to their old life. David and Debs Hurst’s three-month mission to visit their Facebook friends, with their sons, aged six and four, turned into an extended camper van trip across 13 countries, which they dubbed “education by astonishment”, visiting people and places with a “wow factor”. 3264“To our minds, they are learning in a more interesting way. We don’t know if we’re right, but it’s our gut instinct. We don’t have a TV in the van and the boys only have one small box of toys each. We encourage them to spend as much time as possible outside,” says David. They were so inspired by their journey that they are setting off again, this time to Spain where they hope to buy some land and set up a family campsite with a focus on learning through outdoor play.In 2014, Martina and Julian Tyrrell sold their house in Cambridge, their car and 90% of their belongings to sail off into the sunset on a 36ft yacht, with their daughters, aged five and four. Nearly two years on, they are temporarily based by the Guadiana river on the border of Spain and Portugal, while the girls go to a Spanish school, and are wondering where the wind might take them next. “When people asked us how long we would be away for, I jokingly said between six months and 60 years. The kids love the life and I’m not that concerned about school because we always said we would homeschool them. If they get to a point where they want to go to school, I won’t stand in their way,” says Martina.
For many traveling families, homeschooling is not just a consequence of travel, but part of the attraction. Overall, homeschooling is on the rise. Local authority figures released at the end of last year show a 65% increase in children recorded as home educated in the UK over six years., which profiles over 100 nomadic families, has a series of posts on the benefits of “roadschooling”, while Daniel Prince, who has been traveling for nearly two years using, talks about the inspiration for homeschooling, as well as some of the resources he and his wife use to educate their four children.
One thing these families have in common is that their children are very young. Single parent Theodora Sutcliffe traveled the world for four years with her son, but settled in Bali when he turned 13. Sutcliffe has no regrets about their travels and says her son benefited “hugely”, but their journey came to an end when he decided he wanted to go to a conventional school. Whether parents choose to homeschool on the road, like the Hursts, or more radically “unschool” (whereby children are give free rein to learn at their own pace – or not), the Department of Education takes a dim view of any time away from school. “Obviously, we do not condone it. Children must receive a suitable education. Even missing a week of school affects children’s attainment,” said a spokeswoman.4608It’s no surprise that the government disapproves, driven as it is by targets and goals – the precise thing many parents are trying to get away from. But are there other reasons why long-term travel is a bad idea? The people doing it – typically well-off liberals who can afford to fund a long-term trip – justify the experience on the grounds that it will benefit their children immensely. But would those kids be just as happy and learn as much by doing activities each weekend? Are these parents just being selfish? In a recent Observer debate about taking term-time holidays, philosopher Julian Baggini accused parents of being disingenuous about their true motives.
“The value of out-of-school learning is real, but often a convenient alibi for selfishness,” he wrote, adding that he suspects parents who use the “holidays are cheaper in term time argument” are the pushier middle-class parents who are manipulating the system, rather than “genuine cases of hard-pressed families who cannot afford holidays when school’s out”. When it comes to long-term leave, Baggini is more understanding. “I think it is probably true, and not just self-serving, that children gain more from spending an extended time abroad than the equivalent in a school. Partly, it’s because diversity of experience is generally good in itself.” Most round-the-world family blogs hail the experience as life-changing in the best way possible, illustrating gushing blog posts with snaps of beaming children in exotic places. Few admit to finding it tough, or question their decision.
Lara Pennington-Ellis, a British single mum based in Barcelona who set off on a round-the-world trip with her eight-year-old son in 2015, is one exception. Her blog broaches the challenges of travel, as well as the fun bits. “It’s a wonderfully romantic idea but the reality is much harsher,” she says in one post, admitting that being together with her son 24/7 can feel claustrophobic. “I’m loving our intense time together but I’m also missing my personal freedom and adult conversation.” Her take on homeschooling is far from rosy, too. “World schooling sounds easygoing but it’s actually the hardest hour of the day, to knuckle down and do maths/Spanish/English/handwriting homework. We are not your typical hippie family!” These are luxury “problems”, of course. Any talk of round-the-world travel – let alone complaints about it – will rile a large portion of the population. But it’s refreshing to hear a few gripes among the sea of breathless accounts, especially at this time of year, when more parents than ever will be fantasizing about escape. Are you one of them?

Source: The Guadian

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The Spiritual Side of Environmentalism

abDear Friends,
I absolutely love this beautiful article. Indeed I think it is a masterpiece to understand, that an authentic expression of spirituality – naturally leads to the need for a renewed, deeper and more tuned-in relationship with nature and mother earth. And to me this lines confirm, that Indigo Children, Crystal Children and Empath are our natural leader in the movement towards positive spiritual activism, as they suffer with the environment and earth abuses – just as much as they suffer with the human beings and animals, who get harmed  in this world. My personal experience is just as the divine / hermetic Law of Correspondence states – ABOVE AS BELOW – the more my higher-self is guiding me, the deeper I desire to dig into the blessings Mother Earth is providing and spend time in profound connection with her funny spirits!
Hope your activism is inflamed already! And that you are burning from within, for the preservation and sustainability of the mutual ground we stand on!!!
Love and Blessings to you!!
When we think of spirituality, it is often in terms of a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves or a search for meaning in life. Some people may associate spirituality with going to church or temple, praying, meditating, fasting, attending spiritual retreats, making a spiritual pilgrimage, or spending time in nature. Most would agree that essentially all widely-accepted forms of spirituality are centered around love, compassion and caring for others, developing a connection to the source of life, and living in an ethical and moral manner.

Spirituality and Environmentalism

If we accept that spirituality compels us toward love, compassion, and ethical ways of living, then spirituality necessarily leads us toward a moral imperative to take better care of the Earth than we are now doing as a global society. All living beings are inextricably connected to the Earth. We are made of her elements and minerals. We emerge from her at birth; we eat the food and drink the water that she provides; and at the end of life, we become a part of her once again. As humans, we also intrinsically rely on far deeper aspects of our relationship with nature, such as our need for creative inspiration, peace and tranquility, and a deep inter-connectedness to the energy and vibration of all life on the planet.
The Earth is a complex and intricate web. When we negatively impact our planet, we harm all beings who depend on her for life. Likewise, when we hurt people, plants, or animals, we damage the Earth as well. If we look within, we are sure to find a longing in our hearts to protect the Earth herself from suffering and sadness, to create a world in which we can each pursue our dreams and aspirations without harming the one planet that supports the type of life that we love and treasure.

ahWhat Are We Doing to Ourselves?

When we reflect on the need for meetings such as the COP 21 conference or initiatives such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we automatically enter into a moral and spiritual discussion, due to the gravity of our current situation. Even the UN officials and many world leaders seem to be speaking in spiritual terms at times, as they express their concern over the environmental crisis. This is because global warming is not simply causing unusual weather patterns and hotter summers. The impacts from climate change are much more severe and life-threatening, and much more immediate, than we can tell by looking out of our own windows.
Global warming is cutting off large populations of people from their traditional modes of subsistence, rendering them unable to feed themselves or their children. It is causing the unchecked spread of diseases such as malaria. It is decimating species at the fastest rates the Earth has experienced since before humans emerged on the planet. It is causing untold suffering for people and animals in polar regions, rain-forests, and other delicate ecosystems, where the rapid environmental changes are decimating their way of life. Our modern society based on endless consumption, which is the primary cause of global warming, has other harmful side effects which also bring ethics into the picture:

Our world leaders, particularly those participating in the ongoing United Nations climate discussions leading up to COP 21, are faced with a question that seems nearly impossible to answer:
Now that we are so deeply entrenched in this way of living, what can we do to turn things around?

abaPolitical Initiatives With a Spiritual Basis

World leaders are spurring political action on many fronts that is increasingly aligned with spiritual and ethical goals as a path to environmental sustainability: The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals include objectives inspired by spiritual and ethical tenets such as ending poverty, promoting gender equality, protecting the oceans, ensuring sustainable food production, and protecting forests and biodiversity. To protect indigenous groups that have been harmed by oil drilling and climate change, indigenous pavilions and Rights of Nature tribunals will occur at the COP 21 meetings in Paris in December 2015. The Earth and its vital ecosystems are beginning to receive the respect and legal protection that was previously reserved for humans. For example, in New Zealand earlier this year, a river was legally granted the rights of personhood.

Taking Individual Action Based on Spirituality

An over-dependence on logic, technology, and economics got us into this mess. So it makes heart sense—soul sense—that spirituality, intuition, and reconnecting with nature may be the only way out. Let us consider a new definition of spirituality. Spirituality as our system of deeply-held beliefs that allow us to go beyond politics, beyond economics, beyond societal norms in order to make decisions for the common good of all beings. Beliefs that connect us to the very heart of who we are and what we know is most important. Although it may be difficult, we can rise above materialism and societal norms when we know it is the right thing to do. When we recognize that we are harming each other, that our everyday actions are depleting the resources of Mother Earth who gave us life, that by accepting the modern dream of materialism and consumption we are reducing the possibilities for future generations to thrive and pursue their own dreams …HumanTreeWhen we accept these truths into our hearts and allow our true nature to respond with full emotion and allow ourselves to feel the longing for a better way of living … Then, at that very moment, our spirituality opens up a new space of clarity within us, where we fully internalize the conviction that each one of us has the universal responsibility to make the world a better place. Then, suddenly, we know what it is that we need to do in the world. How our small, precious set of skills and our unique viewpoint can lend a vital force and power to the vast movement that is occurring in the world at this time.
Every one of us has talents that can make a powerful and positive difference in the world. It may be your beautiful singing voice. It may be your talent for public speaking or your ability to bring together diverse groups of people for a shared goal. Or it may be your knowledge of farming, finance, software development, or manufacturing that can lead to a breakthrough in sustainability. We all have a part to play; it is just a matter of finding your inspiration, and that can only come from the deepest reaches of your heart and soul.

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