Two Suns and a Super Moon in Taurus

3Dear Friends,
it looks like we are again in an increasing wave of high frequency energy impacts. Starting with the Super Full Moon today, this wave will carry us until November 11th into more collective changes. It will add to the balance and integration act of the divine feminine and the divine masculine energies, the new quality of the divine creative inspiration. A power that naturally seeks expression, as soon as the inner masculine and feminine unite in an internal feeling of ONENESS. Exciting times we are experiencing again!! Hope you have the chance to spend enough time with yourself and a little bath in the new creative energies!! There are much more downloads coming now, from the divine blueprint for the Golden Age of Aquarius!! I feel already excited to see what kind of manifestations this divine creativity will lead us too! Read here a channeled message from Celia Fenn, how this frequency waves will effect us over the coming two weeks!
Love and Open Channels!!

So it has been a powerful time and the power energies just keep coming. Usually this can be explained in relation to the activities of the Sun and Solar Flares. But, in this case, there has been very little actual correlation, and so it seems indeed that there must be another explanation. There is! The powerful waves that we are feeling now are Galactic and Cosmic in origin, and although they include Solar activity, there is so much more going on. I wanted to share with you my understanding of some of these powerful forces that are driving our Transformation and Ascension right now.
I have called this piece “Two Suns and the Taurus/Orion Super Moon” because these are the Primary Galactic forces at work right now. In August I wrote a piece explaining how the helical rising of Sirius at dawn in the sign of Leo created a time when the Earth in fact had two suns, Solaris, as I call our Sun, and Sirius, the powerful Blue Star. This alignment of the two Star systems, Solaris and Sirius, continues in the Heavens as they journey through the Golden Rose Galaxy (Milky Way) and interact with Planet Earth, the newly emerging Blue Star Planet.
This alignment becomes more and more intense until it culminates around the 11th of November on the 11/11, which this year will be an 11/11/8. ascIn holographic terms, this means that Sirius and the Sun/Solaris create a Vesica Pisces, or a Star Gate, which allows powerful Cosmic and Galactic Energies to be transmitted to the Earth which is in a birthing/re-birthing process. In terms of Sacred Geometry and the Sacred Union energies, the two Star Systems merge their energy fields creating a Portal for the exchange of energies and the creation of something new. The Ancients who were taught the wisdom of the Sirian Star Nations knew this, and they encoded this wisdom in a set of “Keys” which are, ironically,  freely available today yet very little understood by those who have access to them. Yet, as we emerge into Higher Consciousness, we are reconnecting with the Ancient wisdom and beginning to understand the power of these keys in our Ascension process.

The Two Suns and the Taurus/Orion Super Moon

In this period of late October and leading into early November, we are still feeling the effects of the Lunar Eclipse and Equinox transitions, but we are moving at speed towards the 11/11/8. Many people are feeling a little flat as they integrate these powerful waves, but we are still heading into another and even more powerful. It is all focused on that part of our Galactic “heaven” that contains Sirius and Orion.
So, in this week, October 21st and 22nd, we have just completed the Orion meteor showers, which are the remnants of Halleys Comet paying a visit. It was spectacular and beautiful, but those of you who go back a bit may remember that Halley’s Comet played a big part in shifting consciousness and raising awareness back in the 1980s, just before Harmonic Convergence on August 16th and 17th in 1987, which was the Earth’s First Major Shift on the journey of Global Ascension. Halleys Comet always drops around when the Earth is ready for a big shift, and these meteorites that are showering down now are a Galactic reminder that we are in the Big Shift and that the original impetus of Harmonic Convergence is still moving us forward.
The Orion Meteor Shower originates in the Constellation of Orion, near the star Betelgeuse. And, in this week two we will be experiencing the last of the Super Moon Full Moons, which will be in the Astrological house of Taurus, which is the closest neighbor of Orion. Another blast of Galactic power from the Orion/Sirius area of the Galaxy. This blast will be amplified by the magnetic impact of the Super Moon. What is the importance of this? Well the Sun and Sirius are already in alignment creating a Star Portal. But, the Orion system is also a powerful Star Gate and Portal. It is well known that the three Pyramids of Giza are aligned with the three stars of Orion’s Belt. This reflects the Ancient Egyptian/ Sirian Star Nation teaching that the Orion system was in fact a Cosmic Star Gate that connected to other Galaxies in our local Universe.cosmico0So, are you starting to get a picture of the kind of powerful Cosmic energies that are lining up right now! Can you feel the openings in the Galactic Grids that are allowing us to connect with deep and powerful energies that we have not felt for a very long time as Humans. We needed to begin our Ascension at Harmonic Convergence in 1987 to reach this point where our Light Body and our Physical Body were crystalline enough to be able to receive these waves of Light and resonate or vibrate with them! This is a Wow moment, even if it feels maybe physically uncomfortable! Homo Luminosa receiving the Diamond Codes from the Great Central Sun or the Divine Cosmic Heart! The Orion Star Gate will be amplified at the Full Moon, as the Two Suns, Solaris and Sirius, continue their journey to the moment of Sacred Union when their Star Gate also opens and allows for incoming energies from the Great Central Sun.
So, as I understand it, the Orion gate allows us to access the Osiris Consciousness, which is the Ascension into Immortality and the ability to move between the veils. I am not suggesting that we all become immortal at the Full Moon, but rather that an understanding of the possibilities and processes of Ascension will become more profound as we receive these Codes and Teachings from beyond our Solar System and connect with those who have guided our Transformation from beyond the stars. This is a powerful moment for the reception and transfer of energy and codes. “They”  are waiting to hear from us too, as we celebrate through Activation and Ceremony. Our Star Nations and our Home Stars are waiting for our progress reports, even as we await the transmission of new Light Codes to assist our process.

Sacred Union at the 11/11/8: Sirius, Solaris and Earth
On the 11th of November, Solaris and Sirius will be in perfect alignment for the creation of the Vescica Pisces, also known as the “Eye of Horus”, which is Creation Portal. In Sacred Geometry when the two come together, they create an energetic overlap in which creation processes are originated and it is a very powerful moment. When Solaris and Sirius create this energetic overlap, they birth new Light Codes for Planet Earth that assist in the “re-birthing” or “ascension” process. Sacred Union is one of the Key processes of the Ascension energies, both in the Cosmic/ Galactic frame and also in our personal lives.34 It is a Template that assists us to fully know ourselves and to understand that what is “above” is also “below” down here on Earth where we are receiving these powerful energies in our Bodies and Light Bodies. The 11/11 is traditionally a “portal” where deep understandings of Cosmic Truth are gifted to Humanity. The 11/11/8 includes the number 8 which is associated with the 8 pointed Star of the Twin Flame Sacred Union, which also tells us that what will be coming through this portal of the 11/11/8 will be teachings and understandings of the Cosmic and Galactic nature of Sacred Union, and of our Ascension and Transformation Processes.

Channeling by Celia Fenn:


This new zoo puts people in captivity and lets the animals run free

140731_EYE_5.jpg.CROP.original-originalDear Friends,
in general I don’t like Zoo. I don’t enjoy seing animals locked in and dislocated from their natural environment, but I do like the motto they have. The wish to create space again for animals to join us in the co-creation of an evolved world for everybody! And it fits perfectly to the energies that have arrived since the Solstice, to call back the animals.
Happy oneness with animals!!


This safari park is evoling.

It’s called the Givskud Zoo, or Zootopia, and was first opened in 1969 as a lion-only park.  A year later, elephants were brought in and today “the park has more than 700 animals representing more than 70 species.”  Though, it is still technically a zoo, you can currently drive your own car through, much like a safari.

Engineer, Bjarke Ingels has conceptualized the mega-transformation that will turn this park into the safari park of the future where the “humans are confined and the animals run free.”  It emphasizes a giant “crater,” where the journey begins; you can walk around and look out into the different continents.


Then, it gets really interesting.  You can hop in your pod and ride it like a bicycle through the wilderness (though where you can ride will still be semi-restricted).

Just as we are bringing nature back to our cities with vertical gardens, the goal here is to “make it even better for the animals,” according to Ingels.  He continues, “I think, in a way, we owe our humanity to the fact that we started investigating science and animals … It’s not even a choice to leave nature alone – in a way we do need to take responsibility for it, so we also have to make sure we understand it.”

Below is a video shot from inside the car on safari inside Givskud

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We Are The Alchemists Of Consciousness ✿

Living in an age of rapid transformation at all levels of our mind, body and soul, a new consciousness is emergent now. Taking cue from all the lessons of history and transcending the limiting ways of the ego we are now beginning to let the divinity of our souls surface and take charge of things as we choose to live a life of conscious awareness, creating our life experiences with loving intent with each step we take, with each breath of our lives, always, now and forever.

Each one of us here is an aspect of the divine source of all creation gifted with the sentient magic of consciousness and each one of us here has to evolve through different stages of life’s experiences … we may choose different paths … all paths lead towards an identical goal … the realization of the Oneness of all creation !

There are only lessons to be learnt in life as we progress forward in this infinite odyssey of exploring consciousness in all it’s colorful numerosity in all kinds of shapes, sizes, dimensions and infinite other ways we may not have words to describe yet …Beyond all the syntactical drama that drives our emotional world, there is an unspoken language of unity that speaks to us in simple yet profoundly silent ways … it comes to us as a message of awakening to the true nature of self which in essence is one with the cosmos. We can choose any label we wish to describe the form and the formlessness of divinity we perceive as creation in all it’s multi-manifested forms … there is unity in all …. all is one !   We are no longer restricted by the old paradigm of separation and are now emerging as multi-sensory light beings aware of the inherent oneness which we are ! We realize that we are the ones here who are stepping things up in the evolutionary process by being the change we wish to see in our world. We are the ones we can change and this powerful awakening is dawning on human consciousness here, now !

By no longer reacting to life’s repeatable dramas in the old traditional ways we know so well, we respond to life’s experiences with compassion and loving intent allowing the learning process to unfold as we journey … everything starts to make more sense as we align ourselves with our soul’s purpose to incarnate on the Earth plane now !

… ωє αяє σиєиєѕѕ … ωє αяє тнє αℓ¢нємιѕтѕ σf ¢σиѕ¢ισυѕиєѕѕ …

Sex And Intimacy

19_sSex And Intimacy

I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.
Frank Herbert

Let’s Talk About Sex

Sex and Intimacy are perhaps two of the most difficult subjects to talk about. But why is that? Well our collective fear, guilt and shame which have been running through our societies for centuries have a lot to answer for. If we were raised in Christian countries we have been given the message that sex is somehow dirty and wrong, that we can’t have sex before we get married and that once married we can only have sex with that person for the rest of our lives.

So we learn to suppress our desires..better not tell the wife that the new 25 year old beautiful neighbour with pert breasts is in any way attractive…God forbid that we own this desire for fear of shame and a level of retribution that only wives know how to deliver. So we pretend. We pretend that we are satisfied with our once weekly, if we are lucky, or once monthly, sexual interaction with our wife, that lacks everything that we long for. We want to be cradled in Love, in total acceptance, we want to see the desire in their eyes and feel it in their bodies. We want to join, to become one, to move our energies as one being and to connect with something far greater than ourselves in the union that Love Making is. But we convince ourselves that a few minutes of genital pleasure and a spasm of ejaculatory release is somehow more meaningful than the deepest bliss of being that we can experience when we make Love when we learn to drop away from our programming.


So it seems clear to me that we live in a climate of fear. Fear of being judged, fear of getting it wrong, fear of not being enough, fear of rejection, fear of breaking away from our old patterns of being and relating, fear of loss of attachment, and ultimately fear of not being Loved. This octopus of fear has men well and truly caught up in its tentacles, constricted, heart broken and emotionally castrated men limp through life yearning for it to be radically different.

Some men head off into the field of affairs where the hopes that the grass is greener fuels their secret rendezvous. Others turn to the ladies of the night so they can just once in a while feel the touch of a woman’s body, others sit by the dimmed light of their lap tops watching pneumatically breasted women pretend they are enjoying being f*cked by a series of men. And the result of this??? Yet more fear, guilt and shame around our sexuality.

What is the solution?

It seems clear to me that there needs to be a move towards freedom. A freedom to be heard in our desires, a freedom to be seen as sexual, a freedom to be met with acceptance, a freedom to connect intimately with the people that we love, a freedom to be liberated beyond the shackles of conformity and a freedom to live a life infused with Joy, Love, and Ease.

Yes! This is what I want!

So you’ve made the first step. You’ve decided that something needs to be different. You know you want to be free of guilt, fear and shame around your sexuality…so what next? This is a journey that needs to be travelled, and with all journeys when we have a guide it’s much easier to find our way. This is the role of the Dakini or Sacred Sexual Priestess. She will guide you through your feelings, out of your mind and into your body. She will teach you how to Love beyond any Love you have felt before and she will teach you how to let go of All that doesn’t serve you while holding you within a container of total Love and Acceptance. This is the way of the Dakini…this is the Path of Tantra.

A-WpdlGCAAEapwgA note on male ejaculation

I am asked by many men about ejaculation and so here are my thoughts on it. A man’s weakest link sexually is that he tends to need to want to release stress through sex: actualised by an addiction to ejaculation and rituals of comfort, born from teenage years of masturbation. What results is that a man will treat his woman as a receptacle for his tension, his frustration, his burden and his semen. He wants his woman to take on everything and to leave him empty. How do you think this leaves the woman feeling?

Initially in my Tantra session I will teach you how to not to ejaculate, but instead how to hold onto your energy, to move it skilfully through the body. To use it to open up your heart, to heal, to bring in more consciousness and presence and ultimately to open to the Divine and to create a path of complete freedom for yourself.

Once you have mastered this I will teach you that a woman wants to be filled, but filled by Love, energy and passion, not tension and frustration. She wants to support her man in feeling utter release – sheer bounded consciousness, free of fear and stress which is the quality of a man’s true nature. That with practice a man can learn to empty himself of his entire sense of separateness, consciously. In loving embrace with her he learns to confront his fears, his need for comfort and control, and he lets go and surrenders into Love – her Love. Then with time he realises that the Love he feels in her heart is also the true nature of his heart and so he realises that this Love that he so longs for can actually be attained with or without a woman in his arms. As this Love is an expression of his true nature.

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