The rise of traveling families and world-schooling

640Dear Friends,
by now many of you know that I currently spend my live in a small Guatemalan Countryside town called San Marcos La Laguna, Solola. What is so very special about this place is that it attracts traveler, spiritual seeker and any types of people who challenge the status quo of our momentary society systems, by trying out new ways of living. Many of the people who come to town are young parents, long-term traveler and creator of new schooling types. So I found it very interesting to read that the world has picked up on this movement and the first public discussions about the pro and cons of long-term traveling with children, education outside the official education system and learning by experience – rather than studying the world from inside a classroom, have started. I hope you enjoy the article and maybe you feel inspired and take a little trip yourself!? I am very interested to hear, what you think about this topic and if one or the other of you has dreamed a similar dream already!! Have another wonderful day of learning on planet earth!! Love and Blessings

More families than ever are taking ‘adventures’ – long-term trips where children learn on the road. We talk to nomadic parents about the pros and cons of dropping out to travel the world. World-schooling, adventuring, life-learning, whatever you call it, more parents are doing it – if the proliferation of blogs and books by families on round-the-world trips is anything to go by. Driven by a desire to spend a greater amount of time with their children, escape the pressures of work and discover new cultures and lifestyles, a growing number of parents are jacking it all in, taking the kids out of school and setting off on an adventure.
Take Jo and Jamie Robins, who are two weeks into a four-month South America trip with their daughters, aged 10 and seven. “We want to take some time to step back from life, the treadmill of working hard to pay a mortgage, not having enough time for family or to follow our interests,” says Jo. The Robins have only just begun their adventure and are planning to come back home later this year – maybe. However, many parents find that once they are on the road, they can’t imagine going back to their old life. David and Debs Hurst’s three-month mission to visit their Facebook friends, with their sons, aged six and four, turned into an extended camper van trip across 13 countries, which they dubbed “education by astonishment”, visiting people and places with a “wow factor”. 3264“To our minds, they are learning in a more interesting way. We don’t know if we’re right, but it’s our gut instinct. We don’t have a TV in the van and the boys only have one small box of toys each. We encourage them to spend as much time as possible outside,” says David. They were so inspired by their journey that they are setting off again, this time to Spain where they hope to buy some land and set up a family campsite with a focus on learning through outdoor play.In 2014, Martina and Julian Tyrrell sold their house in Cambridge, their car and 90% of their belongings to sail off into the sunset on a 36ft yacht, with their daughters, aged five and four. Nearly two years on, they are temporarily based by the Guadiana river on the border of Spain and Portugal, while the girls go to a Spanish school, and are wondering where the wind might take them next. “When people asked us how long we would be away for, I jokingly said between six months and 60 years. The kids love the life and I’m not that concerned about school because we always said we would homeschool them. If they get to a point where they want to go to school, I won’t stand in their way,” says Martina.
For many traveling families, homeschooling is not just a consequence of travel, but part of the attraction. Overall, homeschooling is on the rise. Local authority figures released at the end of last year show a 65% increase in children recorded as home educated in the UK over six years., which profiles over 100 nomadic families, has a series of posts on the benefits of “roadschooling”, while Daniel Prince, who has been traveling for nearly two years using, talks about the inspiration for homeschooling, as well as some of the resources he and his wife use to educate their four children.
One thing these families have in common is that their children are very young. Single parent Theodora Sutcliffe traveled the world for four years with her son, but settled in Bali when he turned 13. Sutcliffe has no regrets about their travels and says her son benefited “hugely”, but their journey came to an end when he decided he wanted to go to a conventional school. Whether parents choose to homeschool on the road, like the Hursts, or more radically “unschool” (whereby children are give free rein to learn at their own pace – or not), the Department of Education takes a dim view of any time away from school. “Obviously, we do not condone it. Children must receive a suitable education. Even missing a week of school affects children’s attainment,” said a spokeswoman.4608It’s no surprise that the government disapproves, driven as it is by targets and goals – the precise thing many parents are trying to get away from. But are there other reasons why long-term travel is a bad idea? The people doing it – typically well-off liberals who can afford to fund a long-term trip – justify the experience on the grounds that it will benefit their children immensely. But would those kids be just as happy and learn as much by doing activities each weekend? Are these parents just being selfish? In a recent Observer debate about taking term-time holidays, philosopher Julian Baggini accused parents of being disingenuous about their true motives.
“The value of out-of-school learning is real, but often a convenient alibi for selfishness,” he wrote, adding that he suspects parents who use the “holidays are cheaper in term time argument” are the pushier middle-class parents who are manipulating the system, rather than “genuine cases of hard-pressed families who cannot afford holidays when school’s out”. When it comes to long-term leave, Baggini is more understanding. “I think it is probably true, and not just self-serving, that children gain more from spending an extended time abroad than the equivalent in a school. Partly, it’s because diversity of experience is generally good in itself.” Most round-the-world family blogs hail the experience as life-changing in the best way possible, illustrating gushing blog posts with snaps of beaming children in exotic places. Few admit to finding it tough, or question their decision.
Lara Pennington-Ellis, a British single mum based in Barcelona who set off on a round-the-world trip with her eight-year-old son in 2015, is one exception. Her blog broaches the challenges of travel, as well as the fun bits. “It’s a wonderfully romantic idea but the reality is much harsher,” she says in one post, admitting that being together with her son 24/7 can feel claustrophobic. “I’m loving our intense time together but I’m also missing my personal freedom and adult conversation.” Her take on homeschooling is far from rosy, too. “World schooling sounds easygoing but it’s actually the hardest hour of the day, to knuckle down and do maths/Spanish/English/handwriting homework. We are not your typical hippie family!” These are luxury “problems”, of course. Any talk of round-the-world travel – let alone complaints about it – will rile a large portion of the population. But it’s refreshing to hear a few gripes among the sea of breathless accounts, especially at this time of year, when more parents than ever will be fantasizing about escape. Are you one of them?

Source: The Guadian

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The Capricorn New Moon and Mercury goes Retrograde

aDear Friends,
what an amazing direction this year is already showing. The speed in which our development collectively is moving by now, is simply mind blowing. After the Christmas Energies and the light body update from the Solar storms on New Years,we are now under the influence of the upcoming Capricorn New Moon energy field!! The frequencies are already wired towards changing our path profoundly, and while retrograde phases bring one or the other challenge to our door, will the harmonious energy flow of other planets bring the first blessings of the year. I hope you are ready to let your world go upside down and your higher-self to step up!!
Happy Moon Dancing and Divine Light!!


Shared with the kind permission of the wonderful Kelley Rosano:
The Capricorn New Moon on January 9 –10 is your fresh start for the New Year. The New Moon can empower you to be inspired. Be focused and determined to reach your goals. It has you centering on your Personal Path of Development. Where you are going in life. Where you are going in your work. Building a strong relationship to your Inner Being. This keeps you on track and in the flow with life. The mind can be fooled. Trust your instincts. Trust your intuition. If something is not true for you. Then it is not your truth. The Capricorn New Moon, you are going back in your life to move forward. Capricorn rules the tenth house. The tenth house shows your attitude about your career legacy. The tenth house is your destiny in the world. The tenth house is your fame and fortune. The tenth house in your natal chart will reveal what you hope to achieve in society. Personal accomplishments can refer to any endeavors that give you social recognition. How you use your power in the world is revealed through the tenth house. In the tenth house, you are judged not by your personality or appearance, but by your performance.aHowever, worldly success is not everyone’s goal and/or life purpose. In fact, your tenth house has more to do with your spiritual evolution. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn. He teaches you how to work within the boundaries of the physical world. Where you need to work within the limits of your time and energy. You want to be a wise steward of your resources. Often overlooked is how important Saturn is to your spiritual development. He is the great initiator. Wherever Saturn is in your natal birth chart is where you are being tested. This is how you develop Self-mastery. The greater your mastery. The more freedom you can enjoy. You are not moved by the negative news. You are empowered.
Saturn is coupled with Venus at the time of the New Moon. What do you love and value? What is important to you? What does your heart desire? Saturn is saying be wise in your choices. He is in positive energy flow with Uranus. This energy can empower to make changes in your life in a calm creative way. This is good news. It is the way out. Pluto is coupled with both lights (the Sun and the Moon.) How are you using your power? Uranus is challenging the New Moon. What do you need to innovate? What is transforming in your life? Where do you need more freedom? Wherever Capricorn lands in your natal birth chart. This is where you are getting a new start. New beginnings that may require you to change how you are doing things. Changing how you think. Changing how you feel. You are giving birth to the new you. Let go of what no longer serves you. Move to higher ground. Like the mountain Goat.
Pay attention to important insights you are getting on January 5 and January 7. And, at the time of the New Moon. The universe will reveal to you what you need to know. You will need to be listening. Make quiet time for yourself. Go out into nature. Listen. God will be very talkative with you in January. You will be shown where you need to go. You have to be listening to hear the truth. Meditate. This will empower you.cMercury and Jupiter are retrograde at the Capricorn New Moon. Finish your unfinished business. Eliminate what is in the way of your success.
What is working for you?
What needs to change?
Where are you ready to make a fresh start?
What do you want to see happen this year?
What is holding you back?
What would you be doing if you were ten times bolder?
Jupiter is in positive energy flow with the New Moon. This is good news. It is a wonderful uplifting energy. It can empower you to stay on your course and not to get distracted. Jupiter is the way out from the intensity of the New Moon. Wherever Virgo lands in your natal birth chart is where you are being blessed. You are being given abundance. Jupiter is coupled with the North Node in Virgo at the New Moon. There is a message for you. Listen for the signs. There is much happening for you behind the scenes. All will be revealed to you in due time. The Sun will couple with Mercury on January 14. You could get an important insight on this day. Listen.
Mercury will couple with Pluto on Jan 20 and 29. Intense and penetrating communication. Worry is focusing on what you do not want. Wherever your mind goes energy follows. Mental obsession. Focus on what you want, not on what you do not. Be the detective. Find the underlying cause of things.
What is the truth?
What is true for you?
Where does courage dwell in you?
Uranus on Jan 20 and 31 challenges Mercury. There could be flashes of Genius. Watch out for rash and impulsive judgments. Do you need to evolve your beliefs? Where does your thinking need to change? Do you need to be skeptical? Be open to new ideas. Be open to new ways of working and living. You can have dazzling insights. You could find new solutions to old problems. It is breakthrough time.hCapricorn New Moon you are going back in your life to move forward. Something from your past may be very prominent in your life now. Make friends with change. Change is your friend. Release what is not working. Let go of what is not serving you. People from your past may come back. Something you have done in the past may be offered to you. A project or new job related to some past effort could be presented to you. Is there something from your past you need to go back and use now? This is a New Moon with two retrogrades. Do not be surprised if you are going back in your life to move forward. Something from your past may be very prominent in your life now. Someone from your past could play an important role in your life now. Be focused in your intentions. And go with the flow. Be flexible. Be adaptable. Be open to new friendships. Be open to new love. Relationships are important. They can make your life better. It is the good life. This is your Best Life. Be blessed. Be well. Stay safe. You are loved. All Are One. Happy New Year!

“Even a chosen change takes time to get used to. Feel the depth of “right” in your heart.
Let it support you through the change until peace follows.”
– Ivo/Lisa Dorr

Magical Blessings,

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How An Introvert Stays Balanced In An Extroverted World

aauby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
being a Introvert in an Extroverted World can be a difficult task. Especially when you are not aware of the traits that Introverts experience differently than the collective of the human race. I’ve only recently discovered that I’m an introvert and it explained a lot of my past to me. In My youth, in an attempt to fit into an extroverted world, I sometimes forced myself to be outgoing, to attend to social events and answer to hollow questions without feeling an inner connection.

You have to know, that being an introvert isn’t the same thing as simple being shy. Introverts’ and extroverts’ brains truly are differently weird (as science confirmed by now) and in essence work differently. The brain activity of introverts is usually higher when they are alone, as alone time gives them a feeling of safety, sanctuary some might even call it. On the other hand, the brain activity of extroverts is lower when they are alone, and they enjoy the stimulation they get from the presence of others. Extroverts seam to need much more social exchange, as it provides them with the spark they need to feel inspired and creative. Introverts tend to find this spark inside themselves and too much sharing with others can rather put their inner fire out. That results to the fact, that Introverts feel easily overwhelmed when exposed to too much external stimulation.

Since I realized how much of the stress in my life was caused by a lack of alone time and adapted to it, a huge relief came over me. Now that I’ve embraced my introverted nature I’m consciously creating time in my life, to make sure I keep my inner balance and harmony.

This is what it takes:

Make time for self-acceptance and self-love:

The first step to create well-being as an introvert, is to accept your true nature. Learn about yourself! Learn what it means to be an introvert! When in relationship – make sure your need are met, by understanding first how an Introvert needs to be loved. Discover which of the feelings and reactions you so far found inside of you, are relate to your natural trait. Know, that being an extrovert is not better than being an introvert just because the proportion within the human collective, is higher .
You’ll realize that life is easier and more enjoyable when you embrace your beautiful, imperfect, introverted self.

But as mentioned before, this is just the first step. In order to find long-lasting harmony and stability as an introvert, we need to make a little time every day to remind ourselves that it is ok to be different. That creates a shied of protection from the collective pressure of a generally rather extroverted world.

Introvert_quote_sm_shadowShare your knowledge with your beloved once:

As the bigger proportion of the human race are extroverts, it can be difficult for your relationship partner, family members and co-worker, to understand your introverted nature. When Introverts feel overwhelmed by social pressure from outside, they have to retreat to an internal space. This behavior can easily be misinterpreted as cold, snobby, or uninterested, especially by the extroverts you closely share your life with.

Explain that taking yourself back until you have your alone time, enables you to find clarity for your respond and inner peace with the situation you are in, so others don’t rely on their interpretation and own reasons for your distant behavior.

Enjoy alone time for rejuvenation and self-love every day:

Introverts need daily alone time, downtime, quiet time – time to reconnect to the recreational forces from within. Without this alone time an introvert gets emotionally overwhelmed, mentally irritated and frazzled. So if you are an introvert, make sure to have this time to yourself. Find out what it is that you experience as nourishing, what ever it is that gives strength to your inner guidance.
If it is meditating, reading a book, writing your diary, listen to music, spending time in nature, what fuels up your internal account of good vibrations. For us introverts, this downtime is just as critical to our well as eating, breathing or sleeping.

Adapt your work environment to be compatible with your needs:

By now most people in the first world spend between 8 to 12 hour per day at their work place. So it should be simple common sense for human beings, to look for work that suits their personal traits. But indeed apart from an Introvert, there is only one other personality type who needs an authentic work space as much as an Introvert, and that is an Empath.
For an Introvert working in the wrong environment quickly leads to mental exhaustion, which over time leads to physical exhaustion and illness.
So if you are an introvert, choose a work that allows you to get into a mental zone where you can naturally thrive.
Notice!! Or work can quickly turn into the second strongest force of disharmony and distress in our lives, after the impact our closest family members and friends have on us. So choose wisely!!

Liv-Tyler-dock-solitude-400Know when to attend and when to retreat from social events:

When I was in my 30s I spend about two years working as a troubleshooter at music events and music festivals, while I was studying how to hold space for me and other people. It was my job to listen to the complains and problems of 30.000 – 50.000 concert visitor. Not a particular healthy situation for an Introvert!
Thankfully on all of this jobs, I had excess to the artists backstage area. Without this escape space it would have been absolutely impossible for me to do, what was asked from me.
When ever introverts are involved in intense social exchange, they need to mentally process all that they’ve taken in afterwards. So when you are planning your social calendar, make sure you are building in enough hours to bring your energy field back to its original.

Embracing my true nature! I am sure happier and more at peace with the world, than I’ve ever been before, since I do. So to all you introverts out there, I hope you embrace your authentic identity today! Because being an introverts actually is truly pretty awesome!

Wish all Introverts a wonderful time on your path to self- discovery and self-expression!!
Blessings and Love

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Step up to Personal Power with Angelic support! The September energies help!!!

51by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
last week we talked about the incoming light codes, that have been send to the earth in this and the last month. Today we will see how this highways of light can help you personally, to reach a feeling of self-empowerment. My apologies for being a day late, but the patients will be rewarded!
First let’s make clear, what it is that we define as personal power: When we talk about authentic personal power, we talk about the ability to make important decisions for your life, free from the impact of your past, the momentary circumstances or fear of the outcome for your future. Also we experience  personal power, as the polar opposite of power over others. Basically it is your capacity to live in harmony with the divine plan, to study – understand – integrate and express the presence of the divine in your life.

In this year 2015  we experience as a human collective a numerology year 8. The clearing and cleansing of core values, when it comes to define our personal foundation for power.
There are 12 month of the year. Every person born in the same month, consciously or unconsciously, will experience the same call, the same drive to work collectively, with the same focus, towards a common goal. But often that happens in so profoundly different ways, that the similarity is not recognized. So keep your eyes open, exchange with others of the same star-sign! Ask them, how they experience the energies this year!!
Another collective influence you will feel, comes from the themes most active in your country of birth. If you are physically present there or not, the energy field active in the country of your physical appearance on this planet, has an influence in your energy field of today.
The number 8 related planet is Saturn. The related star sign Scorpio. The Tarot card linked to the number 8 is the Strength Card. The colors related are muted reds, greens and purples. The number 8 is also seen as the highest feminine number.
aaeoBut, the most outstanding of all characters of a collective year with the frequency field 8 is, that we experience a cycle for repayment of personal karma.
Karma is the Universal Law of Cause and Effect! The law explains that, as we are energy beings by origin, every single act, thought and feeling a human being has (cause), has also somewhere – sometime appearing an outcome (effect). It stands for attributes like ‘giving and receiving’ and phrases like ‘as you give so you shall receive’, or ‘you reap what you sow’. Means, that your moment by moment choices of thoughts and emotions will affect your vitality and health.
The balance sheet of your karma is known as your *Akashic Records, which is a recorded history of all of your lives, life experiences and lessons. Karma is carried forward from lifetime to lifetime. We may not experience the consequences of our actions until a subsequent lifetime. Because of this there is often no obvious and visible correlation between an action and its consequence
But that does not mean you can not transform, heal or forgive them!! Indeed we don’t need to know about the details of our Cause, in order to change the Effect.

One way to achieve healing and transformation, is by working with the divine rays of light, that have been transmitted so intensively over the last few weeks.
Read below which ray of colored light is serving for the translation of the different divine qualities, that we desire to master in our life’s. When you are aware of the differences and meanings of the colors, simple remind yourself of the divine content, when ever you see a specially radiant or shining one. That will allow your energy field to consciously take in the nurturing powers of the lights. Or you call for the Archangels and Ascended Masters! Here some of the actively most important angelic forces, that are working on the different color rays – to help manifest “The Divine” in the individual human being.a444

Blue Ray of Divine Will, Divine Guidance & Faith
El Morya guidance of the divine will & its protection
God & Goddess Meru the power of trust & patients
Zarathustra divine word in action
Archangel Michael the Angel of death

Golden Ray of Divine Wisdom & Ascended Peace
Kuthumi personal master of peacefulness  (internal)
I AM consciousness the connection to the higher-self
Buddha Gautama the power of enlightenment
Archangel Jophiel the Angel of beautiful thoughts

Green Ray of Healing & Soul Science
Babaji the power of self-mastery
Konfuzius self-development & humanity
Arya Tara the power of internal sanctuary
Archangel Raphael the Angel of healing

Violet Ray of Transformation & Mercy
Sant Germain the power of transformation
Dhyani-Buddhas the divine power within
Portia the power of initiation
Archangel Zadkiel the Angel of mercy

Pink ray of Unconditional Love & Divine Grace
Paolo Veronese inspiration & realization
Lady Rowena freedom & toleranc
Pallas (Solar) Athena the power of self-confidence
Archangel Chamuel the Angel of prayer and peaceful relationships

abnaAnother way to help you self-empower is to clear your core values in a writing meditation. Focus on one important life theme after the other (self-love, love for others, or life-style, relationship to our parents and so on..) and write down all the things you ever did, expressed or saw in your life, that have hurt your true authentic expression of personal power. Contemplate them well, spend time with the pain they caused and than burn your papers in a little ritual of forgiveness for yourself and other. Than go out into your world and make sure, you never act that way again – never cause harm again, in the same destructive ways.
We are all connected and every decision you make, has an effect on the people surrounding you – keep that in mind!!

Allow me to show on a personal example, how the universe is building bridges on our planet, to make us aware of our interconnected state of being. While in Guatemala (the home of my heart and soul) people gathered to stand up for their wish for authentic leadership with honest service to the citizens – in Austria (my birth country), people gathered to show a welcoming and embracing force of unconditional love and humanity to thousands of refugees, refused rejected and battled by so many other countries in Europe.
The two places of my heart and my soul, my roots and crown, both at the same time engaged in extraordinary human acts of self-mastery!!! I bless you both!! How could I ever end that lucky in my life!!! Thank you Guatemala!! Thank you Austria!! Thank you universe!!
Hope you feel inspired to take action and become your own authentic force of an 8 frequency and bring your most beautiful, divinely aligned being onto the planet!!
Bless you all!! Thanks so much for your time, for sharing, discussing and contemplating my words!!! May courage, a loving heart and a clear mind be your companions on this beautiful journey through the September energies!!

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I caught the ‘capitalism-itis’ virus… and it changed my life

photo-1429637119272-20043840c013Dear Friends,
I love this article and how perfectly it fits into these days of changing perspectives for us as a human collective. We are still under the influence of the Venus retrograde 
phase and that means a theme most vibrant in our awareness – is money. Under the pressure of, what numerology defines as an energetic year 8, our believes, pattern and values around power and abundance are coming up. That means also the meaning of money – as in this moment of time – money and power are to often a couple of abuse and manipulation.
Now we are deeply supported to step into our personal power and make reasonable, collectively and personally wise decisions. Maybe to read about the choices this author mad inspires you to find your own way of dealing with money – in your soul aligned way.
Anyway, by now there is a whole generation of Crystal Children on this planet incarnated, holding the vibration for a world without money exchange. So the question is not if this world is gonna come – the question is just how you experience the ride and how you are consciously a part of it’s creation!
Wish you strong clarity and authentic solutions when dealing with your money world!
Blessings Edith!!!

images (4)by
This blog was inspired by “The end of capitalism has begun”, an excerpt in The Guardian from Paul Mason’s new book “Post-Capitalism”. In this article, Paul Mason brilliantly packages what many of us in the ecovillage /regenerative living community have felt for a long time, that capitalism (at least as we know it today) is on it’s way out, and it’s going to happen sooner than we think.
Mason’s basic thesis is that the rise of information technology over the past 25 years has created three main forces towards what he dubs the “post-capitalist” society. First, it has reduced the need for humans to work; second, abundant and free information is dismantling the bedrock of scarcity that capitalism stands upon; and third, technology has created the means for non-market driven collaborative goods, services, and organizations to emerge.
This idea that we are on the edge of something new is something that many of my generation have felt acutely, especially in the somewhat “hippie” circles in which I travel.
Whereas our parents might think that a proper life path involves a stable job and a mortgage, most of my friends are abandoning high paying careers en masse to pursue travel, find jobs that are more meaningful for far less money, become organic farmers, or start ecovillages. To many of the scarcity mindset, making such decisions is seen as naive and irresponsible, but in this age of incredible overabundance (at least in developed countries) it seems to increasingly more people the much wiser path.

imagesRight out of college, I landed a well-paid job at a top agency in Los Angeles. The job and the lifestyle were quite cushy: a fridge always stocked with beer and wine, flexible hours, swimming pool, gym, raging company parties. Despite the fun environment and all the perks, I still felt like a cog in a machine, helping to sell more crap to people that really don’t need more crap. Because of capitalism’s dependence on exponential growth, and the environmental and social disasters that growth clearly continues to cause, the kind of bleak attitude I felt towards my work was virtually unavoidable when I stopped to think about what I was doing. Not only did my work not have any meaning to me personally, but the planet and humanity would actually be better off if I, and indeed most of us, did something else with our time.
The term Senior-itis is used to describe the decrease in motivation towards school often experienced by students who are about to graduate. What I was suffering from at my job, and what I think many of my generation are suffering from, is something I’ll call ‘Capitalism-itis’. ‘Capitalism-itis’ is a collective sense that the world as we know it is about to change, so it doesn’t make a lot of sense to invest ourselves in the status quo. We don’t know what’s next, but we know that it has to be substantially different from the world today if we are going to survive as a species. This feeling can cause us to be unmotivated and discouraged, even paralyzed.

imagesBut don’t worry, there are many good remedies for ‘Capitalism-itis’! It is possible to turn that melancholy into motivation once we realize that opportunities abound for ushering in what’s next and starting to form the new world. This is being made increasingly possible through the same forces that Mason suggests are undermining capitalism to begin with: the free sharing of information and creation of collaborative co-creative platforms via the internet.

Websites like,,,,, and are creating ways for people to trade skills, learn about regenerative living, and support worthy organizations and ecovillage projects through moneyless transactions.

Six years ago, when I did finally sell all my things and go travel, none of these options existed. Luckily, I serendipitously stumbled upon a developing ecovillage called InanItah in Nicaragua, where I discovered a passion for natural building and community living. I ended up staying for three years, playing a pivotal role in day-to-day operations through marketing, event organizing, administrative management and conflict mediation.
I made next to no money for doing those things, but I was the happiest I’d ever been. At InanItah I met many other people who had done similar things, who had also left seemingly great jobs to travel and live more simply. I started to feel like I wasn’t crazy, like the choices that I had made, though scary and difficult and entirely contrary to society’s definition of success, were perhaps good choices after all.

images (1)That is the same feeling that I got from reading “The end of capitalism has begun”, and how I often feel from reading Charles Eisenstein’s books or learning about things like Integral Theory– that how I feel and what drives me individually is a reflection of many external and collective forces that can makes sense when you take time to zoom out and put the pieces together. That if my plans for retirement don’t involve a comfortable pension, but rather, buying land in a place with clean water and growing my own food, that maybe on the macro level as well as the micro level that makes a lot of sense, and might even be the wisest thing I could do.


Nepal Chooses Kindness — ENDING The World’s Largest Animal Sacrifice Event

Dear Friends,
I feel happy, excited and inspired to  share this article with you!! Beautiful things happen on the planet!! What an amazing first step for humanity and our friends from the animal kingdom – the Gadhimai slaughter festival will never be a festival of slaughter again!!!
Remember, just last month I shared two article about the waves of energy we currently receive from heavens, and how they carry the potential for healing with the animal world, And here it is! First chance given – first chance taken – for humanity, a big step on its way into the creation of a world in balance and harmony. And a loud statement that cruelty in the name of tradition is no longer tolerateable!!  We need to be brave and embrace changing our actions on all levels of life!
Go home – hug your dog, watch a bird on your way to work or enjoy the sound of bees in the air!! Remember the peace that comes from understanding, how we are naturally one with nature!!
Blessings Edith
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Gadhimai Slaughter was blamed for the massive earthquake that hit in April and killed nearly 10,000 lives. People called it the nature’s way of punishment to humanity. Irrespective of the truth, it has influenced this decision in many ways.
In a glorious tribute to the power of compassion, the Gadhimai slaughter festival will now be a ‘momentous celebration of life.’
For centuries the Gadhimai festival in Nepal has seen temple grounds awash with the blood of animals slaughtered in the name of ‘tradition’.
This sacrifice has occurred every five years for the last 300 years.
And it stopped — today.

The Gadhimai Temple Trust hereby declares our formal decision to end animal sacrifice. With your help, we can ensure Gadhimai 2019 is free from bloodshed. Moreover, we can ensure Gadhimai 2019 is a momentous celebration of life … For every life taken, our heart is heavy. The time has come to transform an old tradition.

Hundreds of thousands of water buffalo, goats, chickens and other animals will now be saved from a brutal death by bludgeoning or decapitation.animal sacrifice event in nepal
This achievement is no small feat. We take our hats off to the extraordinary efforts of the Humane Society International/IndiaAnimal Welfare Network Nepal, and countless animal protection groups and individuals around the world who have helped inspire this victory of kindness over cruelty.
And, of course, greatest credit must go to the members of The Gadhimai Temple Trust itself, who recognized that the power to change the trajectory of our common humanity is in our hands.

The Gadhimai Temple Trust has shown that tradition is no excuse for cruelty with its landmark decision.


The incredible news exploded on social media, where a long running campaign has been waged on behalf of the victims of the festival. It is yet another signpost that the pathway our species is paving for itself is slowly but surely bending towards a more compassionate future, championed by caring people in every country of the world.
That is to say, we are getting kinder.
Worldwide, never before has there been such a rate of positive change — in public policy; in commerce; in public awareness and advocacyAnd never before have the animals of this world needed it so much. We have, after all, inherited an age where the majority of animals in human ‘care’ are valued not as living, thinking beings, but as commodities — spending their entire lives confined in factory farms. Nothing short of a profound global shift in thought is needed to awaken our shared responsibility toward our fellow species and break this global cycle of suffering.The Gadhimai Temple Trust has shown that tradition is no excuse for cruelty with its landmark decision.
Could the previously un-thought of Gadhimai ‘celebration of life’ festival be a sign that a kinder world is possible?
Some of the most entrenched cruelty in this world has long been defended in the name of ‘tradition’.
The Festival of Sacrifice is responsible for untold suffering of cattle, sheep and goats — millions of whom have been sold for profit through Australia’s live export trade; closer to home, in the name of Christmas, highly intelligent pigs and turkeys not only experience the terror of slaughter, but entire lifetimes of suffering in factory farms; and sporting events such as bull fights and rodeos still present cruelty as ‘entertainment’…
When kind people seek to transform cruel traditions, they don’t risk losing their identity. They strengthen it by demonstrating that culture cannot be measured by the repetition of practices frozen in time by values of the past. For this, the tradition of the Gadhimai festival will become all the stronger.
In another Nepalese tradition, there is an entire calendar day called ‘Kukur Tihar’ dedicated entirely to thanking dogs for their friendship and loyalty.
It takes compassion and courage to rise above cruelty and recognize that the ways of doing things we inherit from the past do not define us; to recognize that those we share this world with, also share our desire to avoid suffering. Whether in our temples, or in our homes, we can all choose to live without killing.

The roots of cruelty are not so much strong as widespread. But the time must come when inhumanity protected by custom and thoughtlessness will succumb before humanity championed by thought. Let us work that this time may come. Albert SchweitzerIn another Nepalese tradition, there is an entire calendar day called 'Kukur Tihar' dedicated entirely to thanking dogs for their friendship and loyalty.Compassion is fundamental to all human cultures — and when it shines through, traditions steeped in cruelty can be transformed. On scales grand and small, if we want to live in a kinder world, we all have a role to play.

And if the world’s largest animal sacrifice event can be transformed into a ‘celebration of life’, then there is reason to be infinitely hopeful about the future.

Sacred Circle for Calling the Animals into the Diamond Vortex by Celia Fenn

AnimalsandearthBeloved people of the world,
In the last 4 years of living with 4 dogs and sharing there life in the wilderness (we walk before daylight and enjoy the freedom, clarity of energy and purity of the New Day), I have managed to larn more about the part in human nature that is “the animal”, than in 15years of studying before. The part, that allows us crulty on an emotional, mental, spiritual and physical level. The part that activates survival – fight – unclarity in relationships and much more. This allowed me to integrate more awareness,unconditional love and kindness in my everyday actions and relationships with all human beings I met.
So you can imagine that I feel excited, happy and inspired by the moment in time, that tells us to call back the animal spirits of the world to manifest the new world with us!! With love to all the Star-Beings out there working for the bigger picture – and all who wish to join the circle!

Love and monster Bear Hugs ;-)!! Edith

If you wish to actively be part of the activation – here a beautiful ritual from the wonderful Celia Fenn! More information to the incoming energies and the chance to call back the animal powers into co-creation, you find here:
Create a Sacred Circle that will be a conduit for Divine Love and Blessings for the Earth. The Circle is oriented to the North. If you are in the Southern Hemisphere you may wish to orient the circle to the South, that is passing from East to North to West to South. See youself standing at the center of the Circle, whether literally or in vision, and face the EAST, the place of the Air and Sky and the Rising Sun and New Beginnings. Breate deeply and call in the Bird Tribes:
index“Oh beautiful Spirits of the AIR, the Bird tribe of Earth, we call you now to Earth. We call the Great Eagles and the Hawks, and the messengers of Spirit, and we call all the winged creatures of the Air. We love you and we cherish you. We appreciate your Being and your gifts to the Earth. We ask you to stay with us and build the New Earth together with us. We express Diamond Gratitude for your presence and your gifts!”

Now face the SOUTH, the place of the WATERS, the place of flow, abundance and blessings. Breathe deeply and call all the beings who inhabit the Oceans and the Lakes and the Rivers of the Earth:
“Oh Spirits of the Waters, the Dolphins and Whales, the Seals and the Fishes and all the beings who swim in the waters, we call to you with love! We love you and we cherish you. We appreciate your Being and your gifts to the Earth. We ask you to stay here with us and manifest the New Earth together with us. We express Diamond Gratitude for your presence and your gifts.”

dAgain, breathe deeply and face the WEST, the place of FIRE and passion and call to all the land animals that walk and run on our Earth with the passion and fire of life in their hearts and bodies.
“Oh Spirirts of the Animal World, The four legged ones whose presence brings us comfort and support, from the wild wolves and wild cats to those with whom we share the fires of our homes and hearths, we call out to you. Also to all the wild animals of the plains and mountains, we offer you our deep respect and love for what you are and that we can share our Earth with you. We love you and we cherish you. We appreciate your Being and your gifts to the Earth. We ask you to stay here with us and manifest the New Earth together with us. We express Diamond Gratitude for your presence and your gifts.”

ddNow, finally, breathe deeply and turn to the NORTH, the place of EARTH and deep Wisdom and Love. Here we call forth the Spirit Animals and the Animals Guides, the White Lions, the White Whales, the White Buffalo, the Unicorns, the Dragons and all the Magical and Wise Beings who guide us.
“Oh wise ones, we call you to come to us and to be with us and work with us once again. Many have forgotten who you are and that you are gifts from the Stars, but we remember you and we honor you. We honor your wisdom and power and your guidance on the wheel of life. We honor the Earth as our home and we honor Spirit and all the Beings of Light, the Angels and those of the Spirit Animal realms who guide us home to the Light. We love you and we cherish you. We appreciate your Being and your gifts to the Earth. We ask you to stay here with us and manifest the New Earth together with us. We express Diamond Gratitude for your presence and your gifts.”

Return your attention now to your own Heart Space, and extend your Diamond Gratitude upwards to the Heart of God and downwards to the Heart of the Earth. Allow yourself and your circle to be a conduit or a channel for the flow of Divine Diamond Light and Blessings from the Heart of God to the Heart of the Earth. Feel yourself joining together with many other Sacred Circles and Sacred Diamond Hearts in a Circle of Loving Blessing and Diamond Gratitude to the Earth and All That Is!
And so it is Done. We Thank You! Breathe deeply and hold the energy for as long as you wish. Then thank all the Spirit Beings who have worked with you and release the Circle.