What The Libra New Moon Angels Are Promising Us

by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
I am sure you are already feeling the influence of the Libra New Moon, which is at its peek tomorrow and brings us a new direction for the collective awakening process of humanity into the Golden Age of Aquarius. I hope you are taking full advantage of the “new” in this magical Libra New Moon energy field, and find yourself ascending to higher understanding of justice and balance for all beings on planet earth. As always, we do have the support of the Angelic Realms behind us. Listen closely and follow the guidance you receive.

Here are some numbers I see repeating for lots of people right now!
Angel Number 717:
Allows us the joyful realization, that we have made the right decisions, taken the correct directions from our higher self and now are brought thru the angels guidance, on a brand new path full of possibilities and never known chances. This newly emerging opportunities will finally align us with the higher purpose and profound mission of our life on planet earth. The Angels and Archangels applaud the work we have done in the past, and bless us with the power of new beginnings right now! Keep listening closely to the guidance of the angelic realms and your spirit guides! Do so and all your further steps will simply unfold in front of your eyes, at the right time – in the right place! Ground yourself and stay centered in your being, there is nothing to do!

When you see people only as personalities, rather than souls with life missions to fulfill, you forever limit the growth and possibilities of what God has in store for another person.
Shannon L. Alder

Truth serves a great purpose for all that want to see. It will help uncover your life’s mission in order to reveal what your soul wants you to be.
Molly Friedenfeld

Your Spirit Guides and Angels will never let you down as you build a rapport with them. In the end, they may be the only ones who don’t let you down.
Linda Deir

Pay attention to your life and you will see bits of ‘magic’ that happens precisely when you need it to happen.
Linda WestphalAngel Number 1144
Angel Number 1144 tells us to keep our thoughts positive and optimistic as we step up into an important new role or adventure in our life. The Number carries the vibration and energy of the trinity “The Body – The Mind – The Soul”, as well as our relationship with the Spirit Guides and Angelic Realms. It is a message from the angels that they are sending us the most positive energies and signals, in which direction to go with our work and how to set intentions that will manifest the needed outcome. We also can receive now guidance and clarity, how to align our business behavior and income creation with a spiritual path.

Live simply. Only own that which you need and perhaps a few little things for your personal enjoyment. Fundamentally, own only what you truly need and there will be no confusion, and you will not have to work too hard for money. Give money to support those things that inspire you. They require support, and you need to support them to experience your relationship with them.
Living the Way of Knowledge

Once, my mother told a whole host of angels that she’d rather die than go back to a man she didn’t love.
Brenna Yovanoff

When angels visit us, we do not hear the rustle of wings, nor feel the feathery touch of the breast of a dove; but we know their presence by the love they create in our hearts.
Mary Baker Eddy

Angel Number 1188:
Is a message of uplifting encouragement from the angelic realms. A confirmation that our positive affirmations, concentrated thoughts, helpful beliefs and visualizations, manifest for us in an increased flow of monetary abundance. An invitation to fully enjoy our rewards of prosperity,to be grateful and appreciative of what we got and grateful for what comes. And don’t forget, to receive more, means it is time to give more. Feel blesses, because you will find success in all matters, that you put your heart and soul towards.

If you always attach positive emotions to the things you want, and never attach negative emotions to the things you don’t, then that which you desire most will invariably come your way.
Matt D. Miller

Your self-esteem and emotional strength relies solely on
how you think and how you see things around you.
Derric Yuh Ndim

Prosperity is only an instrument to be used, not a deity to be worshiped.
Calvin CoolidgeDear ones, I hope you are sensing all the wonderful balance and the feeling for justice, that this beautiful Libra New Moon is providing, bubbling up inside of yourself. Make clear and self-loving decisions my friends! Stand for your truth and for justice in this world, and keep your inner balance!
Love and New Moon Blessings!

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The Power Of Poetry In The Human Awakening Process

by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
in my posts called “What Is An Artists Role In Collectively Troubled Times Part I” I shared my understanding of the importance, for the collective awakening process into the Golden Age of Aquarius as well as for the individual, to express socially critical themes in our artistic work. In “What Is An Artists Role In Collectively Troubled Times Part II” you find a beautiful TED-Talk from Elizabeth Gilbert in which at mark 10:11, she speaks of the wonderful poet Ruth Stone and her experience with catching the genius of the universe.
The magic she is describing in her talk is the foundation of another important part of art in human life. The ability to allow ourselves than we can be guided by our creations. To give allowance to a poem, a song lyric, a melody, a sculpture or a painting to unveil the world or the universe, the path we are about to take or the roads we have traveled, to us and the ones connecting with our authentic expression. Below you find three poems that are all together creating a beautiful harmony, explaining much better what I mean, than I could in my own words ;-)!

The Road Not Taken
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
by Robert FrostHeartwork
Each day is born with a sunrise
and ends in a sunset, the same way we
open our eyes to see the light,
and close them to hear the dark.

You have no control over
how your story begins or ends.
But by now, you should know that
all things have an ending.

Every spark returns to darkness.
Every sound returns to silence.
And every flower returns to sleep
with the earth.

The journey of the sun
and moon is predictable.
But yours,
is your ultimate ART.
by Suzy Kassem

It happens all the time in heaven
It happens all the time in heaven,
And some day
It will begin to happen
Again on earth –

That men and women who are married,
And men and men who are

And women and women
Who give each other

Often will get down on their knees
And while so tenderly
Holding their lover’s hand,

With tears in their eyes,
Will sincerely speak, saying,

My dear,
How can I be more loving to you;
How can I be more kind?
HafizDear Ones, if you feel inspired now to give poetry a chance to be your spiritual guide and open your being to a new experience, remember the words of  Leonardo da Vinci “A painter should begin every canvas with a wash of black, because all things in nature are dark except where exposed by the light.” I hope you enjoyed the read!!
Love and Blessings!

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6 Spirit Guides From The Animal Kingdom That Enjoy Mating For Life

ghby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
yesterday after sharing my article on
How Indigenous Wisdom, Shamanism, Environmentalism & Our Awakening Meet” I ran into this beautiful post from the White Wolf Pack page, about 10 animals who mate for life. Now some of you might remember  that the last Taurus New Moon brought us the energy field and possibility for a love that lasts. So reading about the beloved animal kingdoms representatives who mate for life, it was immediately visible that 6 out of the 10 examples are also animals well known as helper for humanity. Day by day now, we are collectively tapping deeper into the awareness that we share our reality not only with other people, but also with the Animal Kingdom. More and more people receive messages by the other world, transported by animal spirits.

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Over the last few month the spirit guides and angelic realm have dropped hints, that we collectively need to make a deeper inner connection with mother earth and our own human nature. With this profounder union in our bones and the chances for love that lasts, I am happy to introduce you to the characteristics of six animal spirit guides that enjoy having a mate for life!wol1.) The Wolfs
One of the most outstanding qualities of the Wolf is the ability of community building. Wolf packs are socially smart, deeply structured and highly organized animal communities. Indeed the wolf can energetically transmit to us, the understanding how Brotherhood of Men works, when we take the deeper animal nature of human beings into account. They can teach us how to stand our ground and defend our boundaries in an appropriate, not hurtful and clear way. An expression that still allows us to keep by heart relaying to another, when our opinions and personal needs go apart. Qualities we need if we want to ground a “love that lasts”. Wolfs have an air of inner freedom to them, even that they are deeply loyal and emotional intelligent in their relationships. Skills we need for the Golden Age of Love!1A_12.) The Eagles
Eagles are messenger from the divine blueprint of our spiritual path on planet earth. Well known about this animals usual behavior is, that when trouble come down on us on planet earth, they simply rise and soar above all clouds. With this strength, they are helping us to develop states of higher consciousness, higher powers of communication and the ability to listen carefully to our intuition. Supported by the eagle medicine we are empowered to deeply ground our spiritual awareness, to purify our energy field and cleans old believe pattern. The eagle reminds us to integrate the awareness of the Hermetic Laws in our life, that all things material are build from the mind.beaver3.) The Beavers
Beaver are the ingenious builder and constructor of new realities with stable foundations. They are representing the power how to step by step come from visions, burning desires, soul dream and insights; to an as stable experienced reality, that represents all this guidance in our life. They give us the encouragement and inspiration that we need, in order to reach our deepest desires and soul goals. Beaver are big team player in general, maybe that is why they have happy marriages ;-). They know how to make everyone in the team feel appreciated, respected and used according to their personal skills. Quite important abilities to develop for humanity too, in the collective awakening process.coyote4.) The Coyotes
Personally I love the Coyote energy. I called my first dog Coyote for his cheeky character and childlike playfulness, even in old age. The Coyote is the clown of the nature realms, known for his trickster, shape-shifter, and transformer qualities. The Coyote tells us to be mindful of the impact of the hermetic laws in our actions. To raise our awareness for the inner self-sabotage system, that allows us to play tricks on ourselves and others (the illusion of Maya). Coyote also reminds us that the consequences of our actions effect more than just ourselves, as we are truly one on this planet and beyond. In his playful ways, he brings along endings and new beginnings, and therefor represents the cycle of life and death in nature.ra5.) The Ravens
The Ravens are representatives of the divine magic within the material world. They bring us higher awareness of the divine balance between the light and the dark side of existence. Wise as they are, they are master of the time and space continuum. A bridge between the underworld, the present moment on planet earth and the spirit realms. When in tune with the ravens medicine, we are moving through transitions and changes of consciousness more smoothly and from a place of inner ease. Profound healing created by the renewal of our energy are possible under the influence of the raven power. condor6.) The Condors/New World Vultures
The vulture is all about rising to higher awareness, patience and resourcefulness. Like most of us, vultures like eating well, but they do not hunt! What they know to do best, it to seizes the chances and resources that show themselves as available. From them we can learn how to go from “working hard” for our dreams and soul desires; to allowing them to present themselves to us!! When we have the passion and clarity to plant our seeds well, the vulture medicine will help us develop the patience it takes, to receive. When we are about to develop new abilities or projects, the vulture is also bringing message to make sure we check our core values before we call new beginnings into manifestation! Vultures have well developed physical senses. They can smell fresh meat from miles away and have highly advanced vision. Connecting with the vulture medicine remembers us to trust our body, to also develop our higher physical senses and become one with nature within.

Dear Ones, I hope you enjoy this insides and find maybe also some guidance for your personal path in them. I hope you are motivated and will have fun developing a relationship with the animal spirit guides. Let your body teach you, motivated by the animal kingdoms loving guidance!
Love and Nature Blessings!!

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What’s Wrong with Voluntourism? “Everything” – This Beneficiary Feels

aaDear Friends,
at the beginning of last month I shared an expect from the article “are you a truly spiritual person, or simply full of it”, written & translated by Giulio Pietro Benati, where the author shared his thoughts and concerns about the “fake spiritualism”, that also seams to have made its way into the awakening movement of our society. The question was raised what the student of spiritual practices truly gains, when the exercise is rather consumed as under fashion demands, than driven by the desire to surrender to the teachings in everyday life. Today’s piece is a cry for more attention towards our giving, and if everything given as a present – anyway still has a price in this world.

Since eleven years of my life, I have the incredible blessing of spending time in my wonderful second home; San Marcos La Laguna, Solola, in Guatemala. In this little highland country side town, we are living together in a wild mix of world people. The original San Marcos population are Mayan people, from the tribe of the Kaqckikel, and the rest are a crazy colorful mix of foreigners, from all countries, cultures, character, colors and languages of the world. You could say the divine plan has used its complete crayon color box in San Marcos La Laguna.
Something I watched over all these years is – the coming of the archetype of the “helper and healer”, with or without any kind of religious background, inspired to “safe or local population” from their lot. People who often very quickly, very profoundly get frustrated with the locals respond (or NON RESPOND) to their efforts. So I found it very interesting to read this intense piece from a person who actually received all this “supporters” gives AND takes.

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Dear Ones, I hope you enjoy the read. I hope the authors fiery words will make one or the other of us check in again, if all our givings are truly as unconditionally as we would like them to be.
Love & Peaceful Awakening!


pocc5q6kw06photo: Prisca                               I am the default brown girl in your dorm room pictures. 

written by Prisca Dorcas:
I will preface this by saying that a lot of my doctors and dentists were white Americans, and that I have a soft spot in my heart for those people because they are working hard to change someone else’s life. Access to medical care, good medical care, is nearly impossible for many poor folks in Latin American countries and the Caribbean. These doctors and dentists came into communities that most outsiders will not step foot in.
In fact, my first tooth was pulled by a white American dentist when I was a kid growing up in Nicaragua, and I remember the care and attention I got like it was yesterday. You always remember your first visit to a dentist, it sticks with you. Another time I had a huge fall off my bike, and a white American dentist was staying at our home and he sewed me up, giving me seven very necessary stitches. I will always remember this. I also remember that they never asked me for a picture. They were too busy helping people. I hold these people who come to our countries and do that kind of work in high regard. Voluntourists and missionaries are another story.

Why We Should Listen to Our Inner Brujas:
Gospel Outreach came to Nicaragua when I was a little girl. All of my toys, clothes, and much of our food came from ships that were stocked with their goods. I remember walking into those boats and seeing piles of toys and boxes upon boxes of minute soups. These much-needed supplies were crucial to my childhood. We were that poor. But the people sending this very important stuff decided that they needed to see the faces of the lives they were changing. It was not enough to just help, they wanted to see where their selfless donations were going.
I have many childhood memories in Nicaragua that include voluntourists and missionaries. I remember that they were really kind, almost too kind. When you grow up poor, you have a lot of street smarts and reading people comes second nature. It was like they were trying to make up for something. They really wanted us to like them, because they loved us — indiscriminately. It was the sort of love where they did not get our mailing addresses or phone numbers, because it was not about becoming lifelong friends. They loved being around me, it was something about my poverty, brownness, and how they felt like they were saving me. They loved that feeling.
It was as though in exchange for life-giving goods we had to give them a life-changing experience. We had to welcome them to our lands with our arms wide open, as though they were blameless as to how our country was in such distress. As if they did not inherit their comfort and safety from the presidents and governments that they had elected who had done this to us. They wanted us to say mil gracias to their smiling faces as if reparations were not due, deserved, and rightfully ours.indexAn Open Letter to My Gringo Boyfriend:
We have always been able to see right through this facade. Since I was five years old I saw right through it. I probably did not have the words as a kid, but I knew you were trying to get something out of me. I do not have fond memories of the Beckys and Chads who came to my country and took pictures with me so that they could hang the photos in their dorm rooms and go on with their lives. Those same Beckys did not stand up against Trump’s xenophobic agenda. The Chads stayed silent during that Cinco de Mayo party that their roommates hosted, perpetuating problematic stereotypes about ALL Latinxs. The Beckys know that NAFTA and CAFTA rulings keep kids like me in poverty, but still shop at stores known for using slave labor and sweatshops.
Those Chads and Beckys have never done anything for me. When they’re asked why they went to my country, they probably said that they wanted to help, but after they were done planting the trees that their church donated, they went home and did nothing besides wear our trajes tipicos. You left and told your life-changing story, but you’ve dismantled nothing. You’ve helped no one but yourself. What have you done for those brown children in your dorm-room picture since you left? I personally resent that you have pictures of us brown poor children, because while we probably changed your life, you’ve done nothing for us but used our brown bodies as a reminder of your good deeds.


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Clearing The Influences Of Our Sexual Past & The Twin Flame Reunion

jby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
some of you might remember that over the last few month there where a lot of energy waves, triggering us collectively to allow a transformation in our human sexuality. For month now we have been aware, that within the collective human awakening process the sexual paradigm has to change. Over time it will show, what a role ancient teachings like tantra and the tantric principles will play in this transformation, and how the Native American Code of Ethics fits into the picture of our newly developing sexuality. In December last year
the collective cleansing of the first chakra has changed human kind, and now every individual has the chance to catch up for their personal process too.
At the end of February, the Mars retrograde phase has pushed us to face a collective healing of the divine masculine energy within, which was followed by the Twin Flame energy field of God and Goddess Meru and the threefold flame in our hearts. For many of us the time has come to step us and become goddamn warriors for authentic love. And many who feel called to bring this kind of love relationship into the world, can sense that there might be something missing. Many feel that they are ready by heart, but also seam to be held back by some invisible cords. And that might just be what truly happens. But this feeling is not there in order to hold us back forever, it is there to make us aware. Where we feel trapped, there can be old and maybe long outdated sexual connections active; are maybe past entanglements at work; or our ultimate survival pattern can be on.

A personal message to all my facebook friends!! FB is limiting the distribution of my posts daily more. If you resonate with my articles and are used to find my work  shared in a group, rather sign up on my newsletter here to make sure you get the information!!! Just type in your e-mail address in the prepared field!! Over time I might not be able to put in the FB time, if it does not lead to what it is about – SPREADING THE WORD ;-)!jkguOur physical body grows, changes and ages in 7 years cycles, that we can watch having a big impact in every human life. When our physical bodies, emotional bodies and energy bodies merge within a sexual encounter, a bound is created so strong, that it takes the body again 7 years to naturally cleans itself from the impact of this sexual interaction. And this is not only true for connections that we experience as beautiful and magical, but for every single sexual contact we had over our life. So the bill is easy to make, according to our sexual lifestyle of the last 7 years, we need to look at the cords still existing between us and our partner/s.
And some relationships, that far extend in connection beyond the material level, can have an influence on our sexual reality in the hear and now, much longer that the 7 year phase of the physical body. So if we desire to be free and cleansed from the past, and maybe even wanna call our Twin Flame connection home, than it is recommended to do so in some conscious acts of transformation and separation.

Here are some steps that help the alchemy of your heart, to transform your past:
1.) Inform yourself in this article about the alchemy of conscious breathing, how the elements within us are working for our shifts like a kubic’s cube.
2.) Make yourself familiar with the power of the violet flame. This flame is part of the crown chakra, which is the physically opposite point to the root chakra and the perfect place to start our experience (above as below). Memorize the simple prayer!!
3.) If you first up want to steer your passion for the process or increase the strength of you inner fire, repeatedly listen to this sacred song to the fire element, before you continue.
4.) Put yourself some healing music on first. Lay down on your back, seek a deep inner connection and regular breathing rhythm and bring yourself to a meditative state. Allow the parts of your physical body, that still hold memories or entanglements to teach you about the leaks in your energy field. Where ever you feel a loss of strength, energy or clarity, direct the passionate fire of your will to leave free from the past to it, and keep repeating the mantra until you can feel the energy shifting. From there on move on to the next and next spot, until your body feels light, liberated and yours.
TIP: Don’t bother wanting to know which encounter had which impact, or even what person of your life left that fingerprint in you!! Simply know that if you need the information in order to heal, it will come to you.. if not, not!
This process can get quite intense in times, so take good care of yourself by preparing well…. have a placket and some water with you.. and reserve time so the flow is not limited by the clock!!
5.) When you feel that your vessel is empty for that moment, cuddle up and keep resting for as long as it feels right for you. Resist the need to understand what happened and rather allow the energy to work a bit for you.
Dear Ones, I hope this insides and steps will help you on your way to freedom from your sexual past!! I hope you can let go with ease and grace, from the dynamics and pain that still might have a hold on you. I wish you all a wonderful time with the integration of this intense process, and may there be endless blessings for you to come!! And if you desire to meet your soul partner, don’t forget it is your inner clarity that attracts!
Blessings an Love ;-)!

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What Differentiates Being Sexually Dominated From Being Abused

17lu7bfxzx0btjpgby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
over the last few month I shared a lot of posts about human sexuality; the changing sexual paradigm within the collective human awakening process; the role of tantra and tantric principles in this collective transformation; what impact it has on men when they watch porn on a regular level; the brave sharing of a brother who decided “no longer procrasturbating his life away“; the passionate call of a beautiful soul to become goddamn warriors for authentic love again, and how the collective cleansing of the first chakra has changed human kind on a sexual level forever; and even what to be aware of to identify a spiritual sexual predator.
And now this article was send to me, unfortunately I don’t know the author, bringing up the important question in differentiation between a chosen, sexually dominating encounter and an abusive situation. It can be hard to know if you’re being abused or if your own behavior is abusive. One may think that a ruff way to approach sexuality is “just natural” and the other might experience it as abusive. For some a little physical pain or sexually threatening words are not abuse, for others it might scare the living daylight out of them.
Also sexual abuse does not always start in the bedroom. For example monitoring the partner in what ever he/she is doing, consciously limiting the partners time or possibilities to talk to members of the other sex and even, overly strong control of how the other spends his/her money, can be part of a sexual abusive, dominant behavior. Sometimes a relationship might not be abusive, but it might have serious problems that in the moment make it unhealthy to sexually interact with another. Who ever you are with, in a health relationship you should be to be yourself, to take care of yourself and feeling like your partner supports you as you are.fightbackRead here what the conscious brother has to share about his personal discoveries:
Much discussion, and with it a lot of disagreement on the matter, is whether women enjoy being “taken”. The fantasy of a man coming into their room and grabbing them, throwing them against a wall, and fucking them senseless is a common fantasy. Other women with past trauma of various kinds react to the above paragraph and call it abuse.
So what is a man to do? On one hand we are told women wants a “bad boy” with confidence bordering on arrogance. In the same breath, we hear we are to be the sensitive man in tune with his feelings, understanding the needs of women. It isn’t that complicated; I am discovering. (I didn’t say women aren’t complicated, the study of this fairer sex is never ending and a life-long pursuit which shall never be fully completed). However, knowing what a woman wants is not something that we should EVER cross over into being abusive. Confident, sexy, strong, and aggressive may, depending on the woman you are with, be a huge part of your relationship, but crossing over to where the woman doesn’t feel safe is never something any man should ever do, and in so doing claim ignorance.
You know. Period. It’s in her eyes.You can read trust in a woman’s eyes like a grade three book. It’s there in black and white, written for you to see. She will project it to you even in the most erotic situations. Look deep in her eyes, and read what she is writing for you. Sometimes, she will want you to man up and grab her; some want it rough and with a sense of you proclaiming your dominance over her at that moment. Other times, she wants you to look into her eyes, and just caress her cheek, nothing more. Kisses, love and tenderness. For some women, other times it’s begging to be slapped on the ass. How do you read the signs? If you are new to this and have never played a more dominant role, have an honest discussion.aAsk her!
And not when you are both wound up like a top sexually and ready to fuck each other, but when you are sitting over a cup of coffee. Ask her what her fantasies are. Ask her specifically if she has ever imagined being taken. Blindfolded or dominated in any way. You may be surprised. It’s not every woman’s fantasy, but it is for more women than you may think. Woman want to be desired, deeply wanted for their body, their mind, their soul. They want a warrior to conquer them. They want a real man to “want” them so bad they see lust and desire in your eyes. And in the midst of all of this, they must feel safe and loved. Why is the rape fantasy still one of the highest ranking fantasies for a woman? I believe it is precisely this. A woman wants to be wanted.
They desire a strong man who owns his masculinity unashamedly, yet with a deep respect for her femininity. She wants to feel that your eyes are staring at her body with lust; that when you are caressing her it means something so much deeper. That if they trust you enough to tie them up and spank their ass, it is not because they love to feel pain necessarily, but because it speaks to the desire you have to dominate them in a way that, in a circular way, has them really in charge of your desire. Focused completely and un-distracted on them and their sexuality. Where the line must never, ever, be crossed is going to a point where she doesn’t feel safe or has crossed into the world that makes her feel you are taking, and she has not given permission. There is no excuse for abuse. Ever.

Tricky, yes. A scene in lovemaking might look the same between two people on two different days, and one day it is true loving sex, and the same scene a day later may be abuse. The difference? Permission and trust. And both of these are in her eyes. Look deeply. You will know. So to myself and all men: man up and consume your lady. That might mean chains and leather, or it might mean a hot tub with wine. Ask the hard questions, and be ready to explore a little outside of your comfort zone. You might be surprised to what levels your sexual enjoyment might reach.h

Dear Ones, I have to say I really like this piece. I enjoy the way how honest the author is and also many of his details are close to my personal and professional experience. One thing is for sure, female sexuality can only unfold in its true beauty and depths, when we feel desired, safe and truly seen as who we are… but than, maybe man actually feel that way too?? I would love to hear about your ecperience!!!
Deep Love, Blessings & Safe Sex ;-)!!

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Something Extraordinary Is Happening in the World, Have You Noticed

channelingDear Friends,
during the last week, I shared insides about the flow of cosmic energy, that we are integrating and grounding right now, the impact the 12/12/15 frequency shifts collectively had on us, the amazing heart opening reflection “You’re ready for all of her, than you are a goddamn warrior”, and the realization that our first chakra has collectively changed over the last few days. And as I am a very blessed being in this world, I immediately was guided to this article. Another conscious author who in his observation and sharing, reflects on the collective changes our world has seen over the past few years. I found his piece a perfect addition to the information gathered so far. I hope you feel the same and enjoy his work as much as I did.
Love and Blessings Edith

by Gustavo Tanaka
Most of us haven’t quite realized there is something extraordinary happening. A few months ago I freed myself from standard-procedure society, I broke the chains of fear that kept me locked up into the system. Since then, I see the world from a different perspective: the one that everything is going through change and that most of us are unaware of that. Why is the world changing? In this post, I’ll point out the eight reasons that lead me to believe it.

1. No one can stand the employment model any longer.
We are reaching our limits. People working with big corporations can’t stand their jobs. The lack of purpose knocks on your door as if it came from inside you like a yell of despair. People want out. They want to drop everything. Take a look on how many people are willing to risk entrepreneurship, people leaving on sabbaticals, people with work-related depression, people in burnout.

2. The entrepreneurship model is also changing.
Over the past few years, with the explosion of startups, thousands of entrepreneurs turned their garages in offices to bring their billion dollar ideas to life. The vortex of entrepreneurship was to find an investor and get funded. To be funded was like winning the World Cup, or the Super Bowl. But what happens after you get funded? “Isn’t it absurd that we, 7 billion of us living in the same planet, have grown further apart from each other?” You get back to being an employee. You may have brought in people not sharing your dream, not in agreement with your purpose and soon it’s all about the money. The financial end becomes the main driver of your business. People are suffering with it. Excellent startups began to tumble because the money seeking model is endless. A new way to endeavor is needed. Good people are doing it already.ec0c7d4163513f48bdc04ab6cfac5d2a3. The rise of collaboration.
Many people have figured out that it doesn’t make any sense to go on by yourself. Many people have awakened from the “each man for himself” mad mentality. Stop, take a step back and think. Isn’t it absurd that we, 7 billion of us living in the same planet, have grown further apart from each other? What sense does it make to turn your back on the thousands, maybe millions, of people living around you in the same city? Every time it crosses my mind, I feel blue. Fortunately, things are changing. Sharing, collaborative economy concepts are being implemented, and it points towards a new direction. The direction of collaborating, of sharing, of helping, of togetherness. This is beautiful to watch. It touches me.

4. We are finally figuring out what the Internet is.
The Internet is an incredibly spectacular thing and only now, after so many years, we are understanding its power. With the Internet the world is opened, the barriers fall, the separation ends, the togetherness starts, the collaboration explodes, the helping emerges. Some nations saw true revolutions that used the Internet as the primary catalyst, such as the Arab Spring. Here in Brazil we are just starting to make a better use out of this amazing tool. Internet is taking down mass control. The big media groups controlling news by how it suits best what they want the message to be and what they want us to read are no longer the sole owners of information. You go after what you want. You bond to whomever you want. You explore whatever you may want to. With the advent of the Internet, the small are no longer speechless. There is a voice. The anonymous become acknowledged. The world comes together. And then the system may fall.

5. The fall of exaggerated consumerism.
For too long, we’ve been manipulated to consume as much as we possibly can. To buy every new product launched, the newest car, the latest iPhone, the top brands, lots of clothes, shoes, lots and lots and lots of pretty much anything we could our hands on. Going against the crowd, many people have understood that this of way off. Low-sumerism, slow life and slow food are a few excerpts of actions being taken as we speak, pointing out by contradiction how absurdly we have come to organize ourselves. Fewer people are using cars, fewer people are overspending, and more people are swapping clothes, buying used goods, sharing assets, cars, apartments, offices. We don’t need all of that they told us we needed. And this consciousness of new consumerism can take down any company living on the exaggerated end of it.a6. Healthy and organic eating.
We were so crazy we even accepted eating anything! It only needed to taste good, and everything would be alright. We were so disconnected that companies started to practically poison our food, and we didn’t say anything! But then some people started waking up, enabling and strengthening healthy and organic eating. This is only to get stronger. But what has this got to do with economy and work? Just about everything, I’d say. Food production is one of the basic fundamentals of our society. If we change our mindset, our eating habit and our way of consuming, corporations will have to respond and adapt to a new market. The small farmer is getting back to being relevant to the whole chain of production. Even people are growing plants and seeds inside their homes as well. And that reshapes the whole economy.

7. The awakening of spirituality.
How many friends do you have who practice yoga? What about meditation? Now think back, 10 years ago, how many people did you know by then who practiced these activities? Spirituality, for too long, was for esoteric folks — those weird-like and mystic people. But fortunately, this is also changing. We’ve come to the edge of reason and rationality. We were able to realize that, with only our conscious mind, we can’t figure out everything that goes by here. There is something else going on, and I’m sure you want to get hold of that as well. You want to understand how these things work. How life operates, what happens after death, what is this energy thing people talk about so much, what is quantum physics, how thoughts can be materialized and create our sense of reality, what is coincidence and synchronicity, why meditation works, how it’s possible to cure using nothing but bare hands, how those alternative therapies not always approved by regular medicine can actually work. Companies are providing meditation to their employees. Even schools are teaching the young how to meditate. Think about it.

8 . Un-schooling trends.
Who created this teaching model? Who chose the classes you have to take? Who chose the lessons we learn in history classes? Why didn’t they teach us the truth about other ancient civilizations? Why should kids follow a certain set of rules? Why should they watch everything in silence? Why should they wear a uniform? What about taking a test to prove that you actually learned? We developed a model that perpetuates and replicates followers of the system. That breed people into ordinary human beings. Fortunately, a lot of people are working to rethink that though concepts such as un-schooling, hack-schooling, homeschooling. Maybe you’ve never thought of that and even may be in shock. But it’s happening. Silently, people are being woken up and are realizing how crazy it is to live in this society. Look at all these new actions and try to think everything is normal we were taught so far is normal. I don’t think it is. There is something extraordinary happening.educational-system-in-one-image

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Frequency Impact 09/28 – Peace and Wisdom settles in

28by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
we did it! We moved thru the most intense energy fields of the year. Today is a day to relax and let the blueprint we received as vibrations, slowly make its way into our conscious awareness.
Today Saturn makes a Trine to the Blood Moon and a sextile to the Sun. Saturn – the planet of discipline hard work and determination, rules how we build the structures of our human society. What degree of authenticity and integrity we expect from our governments, military, police and politicians. Saturn is everything that is solid concrete and long lasting, just as we want the Golden Age of Aquarius to be.
The numerology of the day 09/28/2015 creates the energy of 27/9, the vibrations of co-operation, balance, openness, trust, wisdom and authenticity.
When we are influenced by the number 2 in relation to the vibration 9, we are invited to use the wisdom of our heart to create inner balance. To calibrate the masculine and feminine forces, with the divine and human qualities inside of us. This – and a commitment to use all the information and knowledge we gained over the last week, for authentic exchange with others.

09/28/2015 = 27/9
When you look at today’s number “9”, you see it is build in three steps the number 2, the 7 and as result the number 9. The sum or end number shows the energy we feel driven to express. The numbers before the slash are the details, we need to take in consideration to get there. So today’s path are the numbers 2 and 7. Today’s most pressuring energy is the vibration of the number 9.

The number two represents the energies of: CO-OPERATION & BALANCE
When we are under the vibration of 2 in relationship to 9, we experience a collective call for service and duty to the bigger picture of human awakening. A call to consciously choose to overcome our fear of the unknown, and step into a new paradigm of co-operative creation with all Beings. Its about serving the collective awakening and STEPPING UP to our divine life purpose, our soul’s personal mission. We are invited to find creative solutions for injustice, imbalance and conflict in the world.
We are encouraged to show deep devotion to our mediation practice, to enable us for divine action and further alignments. Seek balance and harmony in your partnerships and relationships! Put attention on your attitude! Be friendly,  gentle and kind. The peacemaker, where ever you go!!!!indexThe number two represents the energies of: OPENNESS & TRUST
Number seven is the number of the Spiritual Warrior, the natural born leader and healer. Therefore the energies of the day support us to use our self-healing powers and to trust, that we truly can let behind us – let go of and move on from, what ever is still hurt in us. A true spiritual warrior is a person who consciously chooses to walk a path of honesty and integrity that demands from them, to find inner peace where ever they encounter conflict. To be an active force of divine peace in this world. And today, everybody is asked to hear the call for being such a person.
When we are living 7 in relationship to nine, than we should ask ourselves how we can use our incredible personal spiritual gifts, to support the collective growth process. To bring the spiritual awakening of the collective masses and the manifestation of the Golden Age of Humanity on its way. On a day seven we feel stronger connected with our spiritual channels and can more easily receive messages from our divine guidance.  The collective consciousness is stronger charged with excess to intuition, inner-knowing and inner-wisdom. So take your chance and get connected! The energies will whisper to you about the Divine Plan for a collective life in peace!

The number nine represents the energies of: WISDOM & AUTHENTICITY
Number 9 is the number of Universal love, eternity, faith, spiritual enlightenment, collective evolution, collective transformation and collective karma. A higher perspective of life is achievable, when we study the Universal Spiritual Laws and show the wisdom and authenticity to put them into actions. As impact on the collective evolution of humanity, the number 9 also represents the call for a Brotherhood of Men!! To create a society where every single human being feels seen, appreciated, valued and loved. In relationship to today’s numbers 2 and 7, it means to life a life of clarity in personal core values – that allows us to openly express our true self in authentic, free communication – for the good of all Beings on planet earth!! Below you find a prayer, that helps us charge the energy field for a smooth collective change.

open mindsBy the power of my divine I AM presence,
I invoke the energies of Balance and Healing for a New World.

May all Beings know peace within themselves.
May that peace radiate everywhere on earth.
May we follow our Divine Guidance on every step of the way.
May a new authentic leadership arise on the earth.
For the greater good of ALL BEINGS!

After all this strong waves of collective transformation, now we go into a phase of relaxation and integration!! Read tomorrow how the Ascended Master realm and the Golden Ray of Divine Wisdom and Enlightened support us in the integration of past weeks energies!!
So as always, keep breathing deeply!
Blessings Edith

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Number Sequences (11:11,333,444,..) Numerology & Angel Interpretations

aashyby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
about 3 years ago, I started noticing synchronicity in numbers appearing all over the place in my life. The appearances got stronger and stronger over the first year and than, they started translating themselves to me on an energetic level.
The divine/hermetic law of “everything is vibration and everything is in resonance” unveiled itself.
I developed a more refined feeling for the frequency vibrations the universe is expressing through the numbers. It is indeed fascinating how much we can learn about ourselves and the bigger picture, by spending time with this vibrations.
In the last few month now, as the acceleration rate for the human awakening is constantly increasing, more and more people from all over the world have reported seeing the numbers and wondering what they mean.
Especially High Sensitive persons, Lightworker, energy-worker, intuitive and spiritual minded people are at the moment strongly effected by this phenomena. 11:11 may even be a vibration encoded in their DNA (or physical consciousness / memory). If we allow ourselves to be guided by them, they can lead us to our soul purpose.

Here are interpretations coming from numerology:

11: When you notice the synchronicity with the number 11, it me that your awareness is growing. You are deeper “tuned in” now. Once you start with 11, more number synchronicity will follow. Try to notice the first thing that comes to your mind, when you see the number the next time. Make sure your thoughts match the true desires of your soul!

111: An energetic gateway has opened for you. The energetic level of light you are able to hold in your physical body is increasing. Your power to bring dreams and soul desire into manifestation is growing now.

A great moment to pause and increase your awareness of what is happening in front of your eyes. It comes when one of these energies manifests in your life or, one of them truly starts flowing for you – your sexuality, the flow of your inner water, your money themes, the Kundalini energy. Especially 11:11 is also often understood as a call for Lightworker, Intuitives and Channeler to follow the voice of their inner abilities – and do whatever it is everyone can do for our Golden Age of Humanity.ang

222 or 2222: Trust and keep going! You are in the middle of the resurrection of your physical body! The process of ascension to a full integration of your light-body takes patients and faith.

333 or 3333: You are called to make clear decision on topics already since a while on your mind. Your decision will determine if the energies of 666 = the material world or of 999 = the spiritual world, increasingly appear in your life.

444 or 4444: The Number of stability between the forces (11:11) is also the number of inner strength and resurrection. All your bodies need to be equally cleaned and aligned to step out of the wheel of Karma. When the numbers are repeating, it is a time to incorporate the mastery of yourself.

555 or 5555: The number of awakening into the Christ Consciousness, the golden I AM awareness. The Christ Consciousness is the individual divine awareness within every human being.

666 or 6666: The number of the materially manifested world, everything physical. The point of few you have chosen in your momentary reality.

777 or 7777: Congratulations!!! You have managed the integration of a new piece of your higher-self. You have flooded parts of the four lower bodies with higher spiritual frequencies and enlightened them.

888 or 8888: The symbol of infinity. The unified spiral of the physical plane merging with the spiritual plane, the masculine with the feminine. The balance within the paradox of the forces. A time to step into your self-empowerment.

999 or 9999: Symbolizes our ability to master our energies of the divine – the compassionate human heart – the lower vibrations of nature (3), on 3 different levels (3×3=9). In relationship to our individual personality, in relation with the divine and in relation to the rest of humanity. The number of completion of the human ascension.

anHere some words from Doreen Virtue, how angels use the numbers:
111:  Monitor your thoughts carefully, and be sure to only think about what you want, not what you don’t want. This sequence is a sign that there is a gate of opportunity opening up, and your thoughts are manifesting into form at record speeds. The 111 is like the bright light of a flash bulb.
It means the universe has just taken a snapshot of your thoughts and is manifesting them into form. Are you pleased with what thoughts the universe has captured? If not, correct your thoughts.

222: Our newly planted ideas are beginning to grow into reality. Keep watering and nurturing them, and soon they will push through the soil so you can see evidence of your manifestation. In other words, don’t quit five minutes before the miracle. Your manifestation is soon going to be evident to you, so keep up the good work!
Keep holding positive thoughts, keep affirming, and continue visualizing!!!

333: The Ascended Masters are near you, desiring you to know that you have their help, love, and companionship. Call upon the Ascended Masters often, especially when you see the number 3 pattern around you.

444: The angels are surrounding you now, reassuring you of their love and help. Don’t worry because the angels’ help is nearby.

555: Buckle your seat-belts. A major life change is upon you. This change should not be viewed as being “positive” or “negative,” since all change is but a natural part of life’s flow. Perhaps this change is an answer to your prayers, so continue seeing and feeling yourself being at peace.

666: Your thoughts are out of balance right now, focused too much on the material world. This number sequence asks you to balance your thoughts between heaven and earth. Like the famous “Sermon on the Mount,” the angels ask you to focus on spirit and service, and know your material and emotional needs will automatically be met as a result.

777: The angels applaud you…congratulations, you’re on a roll! Keep up the good work and know your wish is coming true. This is an extremely positive sign and means you should also expect more miracles to occur.

888: A phase of your life is about to end, and this is a sign to give you a forewarning to prepare. This number sequence may mean you are winding up an emotional career, or relationship phase. In addition, it means, “The crops are ripe. Don’t wait to pick and enjoy them.” In other words, don’t procrastinate making your move or enjoying fruits of your labor.

999: Completion. This is the end of a big phase in your personal or global life. Also, it is a message to lightworkers involved in Earth healing and means, “Get to work because Mother Earth needs you right now.”

In the hope that this little over-few has brought you a step closer to unveiling the many, beautiful languages and expressions of “THE ONE” within you and in the world surrounding you!
Blessings and Guiding Angels

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Why White People Freak Out When They’re Called Out About Race

Dear Reader!

In this moment of time, society defines me and my life situation as the following: white, middle aged woman; of European, middle class upbringing; living in a third world country of Latin and Indigenous population; in an particularly on human awakening, personal growth and oneness embracing mixed race community. My friends my clients and everybody else I ever loved, are of all age, race, gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, spiritual belief systems and cultural diversities possible – AND – within the first 2 paragraphs I watched myself doubting Robin DiAngelo out of emotional reaction!!!
A part of that is based on cultural differences between Europe and the USA and because I was blessed by the age of 5 with friends from Japan and Iran (different color, race, religion, language, social background). So I had the impression she does not look at a very big picture – but that changed quickly!

A similarity I found the author and me monitor in our work, is – the misunderstanding between the feelings of comfort and safety in us white people.

As a significant part of my work is, to challenge the human mind to a conscious, free willed, mental death – for the sake of an awakening into higher levels of consciousness and vibration, I often see a behavior pattern indicting a deeply rooted fear – that every loos of comfort is at the same time the loos of safety. Healing does not have to be comfortable – and healing it is that our racism needs!

This, is definitely the most amazing, mind blowing, moving & interesting article on racism I read in a long time!!
I hope you enjoy the discomfort it brings :-)!!! Please bless me with your productive comments and emotional reactions!!!


White-Fragility‘White fragility’ is a defensive response to real conversations about race.
Last year, a white male Princeton undergraduate was asked by a classmate to “check his privilege.” Offended by this suggestion, he shot off a 1,300-word essay to the Tory, a right-wing campus newspaper.In it, he wrote about his grandfather who fled the Nazis to Siberia, his grandmother who survived a concentration camp in Germany, about the humble wicker basket business they started in America. He railed against his classmates for “diminishing everything [he’d] accomplished, all the hard work [he’d] done.”
His missive was reprinted by Time. He was interviewed by the New York Times and appeared on Fox News. He became a darling of white conservatives across the country.
What he did not do, at any point, was consider whether being white and male might have given him—if not his ancestors—some advantage in achieving incredible success in America. He did not, in other words, check his privilege.

robin-diangelo-300x188To Robin DiAngelo, professor of multicutural education at Westfield State University and author of What Does it Mean to Be White? Developing White Racial Literacy, Tal Fortgang’s essay—indignant, defensive, beside-the-point, somehow both self-pitying and self-aggrandizing—followed a familiar script. As an anti-racist educator for more than two decades, DiAngelo has heard versions of it recited hundreds of times by white men and women in her workshops.
She’s heard it so many times, in fact, that she came up with a term for it: “white fragility,” which she defined in a 2011 journal article as “a state in which even a minimum amount of racial stress becomes intolerable, triggering a range of defensive moves. These moves include outward display of emotions such as anger, fear and guilt, and behaviors such as argumentation, silence and leaving the stress-inducing situation.”

When the Black Lives Matter movement marched in the streets, holding up traffic, disrupting commerce, and refusing to allow “normal life” to resume—insofar as normalcy means a system that permits police and vigilantes to murder black men and women with impunity—white people found themselves in tense conversations online, with friends and in the media about privilege, white supremacy and racism. You could say white fragility was at an all-time high.

I spoke with DiAngelo about how to deal with all the fragile white people, and why it’s worth doing so.

Sam Adler-Bell: How did you come to write about “white fragility”?
Robin DiAngelo: To be honest, I wanted to take it on because it’s a frustrating dynamic that I encounter a lot. I don’t have a lot of patience for it. And I wanted to put a mirror to it.
I do atypical work for a white person, which is that I lead primarily white audiences in discussions on race every day, in workshops all over the country. That has allowed me to observe very predictable patterns. And one of those patterns is this inability to tolerate any kind of challenge to our racial reality. We shut down or lash out or in whatever way possible block any reflection from taking place.

Of course, it functions as means of resistance, but I think it’s also useful to think about it as fragility, as inability to handle the stress of conversations about race and racism.
Sometimes it’s strategic, a very intentional push back and rebuttal. But a lot of the time, the person simply cannot function. They regress into an emotional state that prevents anybody from moving forward.

white racism-thumb-550x252SAB: Carla Murphy recently referenced “white fragility” in an article forColorlines, and I’ve seen it referenced on Twitter and Facebook a lot lately. It seems like it’s having a moment. Why do you think that is?
RD: I think we get tired of certain terms. What I do used to be called “diversity training,” then “cultural competency” and now, “anti-racism.” These terms are really useful for periods of time, but then they get coopted, and people build all this baggage around them, and you have to come up with new terms or else people won’t engage.

And I think “white privilege” has reached that point. It rocked my world when I first really got it, when I came across Peggy McIntosh. It’s a really powerful start for people. But unfortunately it’s been played so much now that it turns people off.
SAB: What causes white fragility to set in?
RD: For white people, their identities rest on the idea of racism as about good or bad people, about moral or immoral singular acts, and if we’re good, moral people we can’t be racist – we don’t engage in those acts. This is one of the most effective adaptations of racism over time—that we can think of racism as only something that individuals either are or are not “doing.”

In large part, white fragility—the defensiveness, the fear of conflict—is rooted in this good/bad binary. If you call someone out, they think to themselves, “What you just said was that I am a bad person, and that is intolerable to me.” It’s a deep challenge to the core of our identity as good, moral people.
The good/bad binary is also what leads to the very unhelpful phenomenon of un-friending on Facebook.
SAB: Right, because the instinct is to un-friend, to dissociate from those bad white people, so that I’m not implicated in their badness.
RD: When I’m doing a workshop with white people, I’ll often say, “If we don’t work with each other, if we give in to that pull to separate, who have we left to deal with the white person that we’ve given up on and won’t address?

imagesSAB: A person of color.
RD: Exactly. And white fragility also comes from a deep sense of entitlement. Think about it like this: from the time I opened my eyes, I have been told that as a white person, I am superior to people of color. There’s never been a space in which I have not been receiving that message. From what hospital I was allowed to be born in, to how my mother was treated by the staff, to who owned the hospital, to who cleaned the rooms and took out the garbage. We are born into a racial hierarchy, and every interaction with media and culture confirms it—our sense that, at a fundamental level, we are superior.

And, the thing is, it feels good. Even though it contradicts our most basic principles and values. So we know it, but we can never admit it. It creates this kind of dangerous internal stew that gets enacted externally in our interactions with people of color, and is crazy-making for people of color. We have set the world up to preserve that internal sense of superiority and also resist challenges to it. All while denying that anything is going on and insisting that race is meaningless to us.
SAB: Something that amazes me is the sophistication of some white people’s defensive maneuvers. I have a black friend who was accused of “online harassment” by a white friend after he called her out in a harsh way. What do you see going on there?
RD: First of all, whites often confuse comfort with safety. We say we don’t feel safe, when what we mean is that we don’t feel comfortable. Secondly, no white person looks at a person of color through objective eyes. There’s been a lot of research in this area. Cross-racially, we do not see with objective eyes. Now you add that he’s a black man. It’s not a fluke that she picked the word “harassed.” In doing that, she’s reinforcing a really classic, racist paradigm: White women and black men. White women’s frailty and black men’s aggressiveness and danger.

But even if she is feeling that, which she very well may be, we should be suspicious of our feelings in these interactions. There’s no such thing as pure feeling. You have a feeling because you’ve filtered the experience through a particular lens. The feeling is the outcome. It probably feels natural, but of course it’s shaped by what you believe.

imagesSAB: There’s also the issue of “tone-policing” here, right?
RD: Yes. One of the things I try to work with white people on is letting go of our criteria about how people of color give us feedback. We have to build our stamina to just be humble and bear witness to the pain we’ve caused.
In my workshops, one of the things I like to ask white people is, “What are the rules for how people of color should give us feedback about our racism? What are the rules, where did you get them, and whom do they serve?” Usually those questions alone make the point.
It’s like if you’re standing on my head and I say, “Get off my head,” and you respond, “Well, you need to tell me nicely.” I’d be like, “No. Fuck you. Get off my fucking head.”

In the course of my work, I’ve had many people of color give me feedback in ways that might be perceived as intense or emotional or angry. And on one level, it’s personal—I did do that thing that triggered the response, but at the same time it isn’t onlypersonal. I represent a lifetime of people that have hurt them in the same way that I just did.
And, honestly, the fact that they are willing to show me demonstrates, on some level, that they trust me.

SAB: What do you mean?
RD: If people of color went around showing the pain they feel in every moment that they feel it, they could be killed. It is dangerous. They cannot always share their outrage about the injustice of racism. White people can’t tolerate it. And we punish it severely—from job loss, to violence, to murder.
For them to take that risk and show us, that is a moment of trust. I say, bring it on, thank you.

When I’m doing a workshop, I’ll often ask the people of color in the room, somewhat facetiously, “How often have you given white people feedback about our inevitable and often unconscious racist patterns and had that go well for you?” And they laugh.
Because it just doesn’t go well. And so one time I asked, “What would your daily life be like if you could just simply give us feedback, have us receive it graciously, reflect on it and work to change the behavior? What would your life be like?”
And this one man of color looked at me and said, “It would be revolutionary.”

mlkSAB: I notice as we’ve been talking that you almost always use the word “we” when describing white people’s tendencies. Can you tell me why you do that?
RD: Well, for one, I’m white (and you’re white). And even as committed as I am, I’m not outside of anything that I’m talking about here. If I went around saying white people this and white people that, it would be a distancing move. I don’t want to reinforce the idea that there are some whites who are done, and others that still need work. There’s no being finished.
Plus, in my work, I’m usually addressing white audiences, and the “we” diminishes defensiveness somewhat. It makes them more comfortable. They see that I’m not just pointing fingers outward.
SAB: Do you ever worry about re-centering whiteness?
RD: Well, yes. I continually struggle with that reality. By standing up there as an authority on whiteness, I’m necessarily reinforcing my authority as a white person. It goes with the territory. For example, you’re interviewing me now, on whiteness, and people of color have been saying these things for a very long time.

On the one hand, I know that in many ways, white people can hear me in a way that they can’t hear people of color. They listen. So by god, I’m going to use my voice to challenge racism. The only alternative I can see is to not speak up and challenge racism. And that is not acceptable to me.
It’s sort of a master’s tools dilemma.

dem321SAB: Yes, and racism is something that everyone thinks they’re an authority on.
RD: That drives me crazy. I’ll run into someone I haven’t seen in 20 years in the grocery store, and they’ll say, “Hi! What’ve you been doing?”
And I say, “I got my Ph.D.”
And they say, “Oh wow, what in?”
“Race relations and white racial identity.”And they’ll go “Oh, well you know. People just need to—”
As if they’re going to give me the one-sentence answer to arguably the most challenging social dynamic of our time. Like, hey, why did I knock myself out for 20 years studying, researching, and challenging this within myself and others? I should have just come to you! And the answer is so simple! I’ve never heard that one before!

Imagine if I was an astronomer. Everybody has a basic understanding of the sky, but they would not debate an astronomer on astronomy. The arrogance of white people faced with questions of race is unbelievable.

Source: http://www.alternet.org/culture/why-white-people-freak-out-when-theyre-called-out-about-race