The Taurus Super Full Moon Increases Earthly Pleasure And Grounding

2by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
November 14th we are facing the second of three Super Full Moons that are ruling our world till the end of this year. This time the power of the Super Moon is in the earth sign Taurus which shoots directly into our roots. This is bringing lots of grounding for the big collective divine blueprint of the Golden Age of Aquarius, and lots of earthly pleasures to enjoy for the individual. When ever the Taurus energy is at work, we experience a deep connection with our physical body and with all the wonderful blessings of being human. That makes it a good time to connect with the Ascended Master Confucius, the leading master of humaneness, who’s spoke to us in his teachings, of the power to overcome our lower vibrations, and the Taurus energies can also make us heavy with gravity and lazy to the bones.
With his loving wisdom the master Confucius can lead us to appropriate human action, which is deeply needed in this world right now. “If there is righteousness in the heart, there will be beauty in the character. If there is beauty in the character, there will be harmony in the home. If there is harmony in the home, there will be order in the nations. When there is order in the nations, there will be peace in the world.” – is an old saying of his, perfectly fitting to describe what the state of humanity needs right now.

As the Taurus sign is ruled by the star Venus – the stellar power of love – there is also a chance for romance in the air this Super Full Moon. Stay open to what is presented to you, and make your choices wisely, as Taurus manifested situations have a tendency to stick around for a while. The November Full Moon is also known as the Beaver Moon, referring to the spirit animals powers of uniting the team, bringing family members together and working together in a bigger group. Which are further blessings we can gain from the Taurus Super Full Moon days. Here are some prayers for you, to make or increase the loving connection with our temporary home station – planet earth.

Ancient Mother I hear you calling
Ancient Mother I hear your song
Ancient Mother I hear your laughter
Ancient Mother I taste your tears

from The Cry of the Earth
Lord, grant us Wisdom to Care for the Earth
Lord, grant us the wisdom to care for the earth and till it.
Help us to act now for the good of future generations
and all your creatures.
Help us to become instruments of a new creation,
founded on the covenant of your love.
Amen.3North American Prayer
Blessed art Thou
O Lord our God
King of the world
who makes the fruit
of the tree.

Blessed art Thou
O Lord our God
King of the world
whose word makes all
things on earth.

Blessed art Thou
O Lord our God
King of the world
who brings food
out of the earth.

Blessed art Thou
O Lord our God
King of the world
who gives clothes
to cover our bodies.

Blessed art Thou
O Lord our God
King of the world
who makes sweet smelling
wood and plants.

Blessed art Thou
O Lord our God
King of the world
who has kept us alive
until now so we may
find joy in what has
just come to us.

Blessed art Thou
O Lord our God
King of the world
who has created
the wonderful things of
earth and heaven.
1Dear Ones, in case the grounding powers of the Taurus Super Fool Moon are challenging for you, I truly hope this prayers and connections will help you find your way back to the higher vibrations. For the ones in loving harmony with the earth, this can be a moment of deep pleasure and physical bliss in our lives. Embrace the wonderful magic that lies in being a vivid spirit in a human body, one with all the other players!!
Blessings and Super Moon Love!

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Spreading Unconditional Love For A Collective Golden Age Of Aquarius

loby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
the other day I shared an article called
Cosmic Alchemy – Uniting The Hermetic Laws & The Native American Ethic Code, with inside about some divine behavior guidelines that we collectively need to follow for the manifestation of the Golden Age of Aquarius. And while it is as easy as to begin a new connection with a single smile, when we are talking about our longstanding relationships, we can always do with a little divine direction. One thing I did not mention about the hermetic laws before is, that they correspond with our chakras in an order that is in harmony with their teachings – from above to below. Knowing that we can locate, that the divine principle of polarity is resonating with the heart chakra.

When we look at the divine law of polarity in relationship to the emotional body of humanity, it is demanding eternal peace between all tribes and beings. And the only place where true lasting world peace can sprout from, is the human heart. The fact that all truths are but half-truths, should help us try to understand each other better and be aware, that we are ever changing beings.  That all paradoxes may be reconciled means, every obstacle in human relationships can be overcome.
Below you find some wonderful quotes, from smart people who know a thing or two about authentic love in life.

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“Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love”.
Mother Teresa

“Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don’t know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings.”
Anaïs Nin

“Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it.”
Nicholas Sparks

“You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection”.

“We accept the love we think we deserve.”
Stephen Chboskyviolet flame“Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses”.
Ann Landers

It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

We may give without loving, but we cannot love without giving.
Bernard Meltzer

“People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that’s what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention, so you can change your life.
A soul mates purpose is to shake you up, tear apart your ego a little bit, show you your obstacles and addictions, break your heart open so new light can get in, make you so desperate and out of control that you have to transform your life, then introduce you to your spiritual master…”
Elizabeth Gilbert

Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

“So, I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.”
Paulo Coelho

“I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close.”
Pablo Neruda

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.
Lao TzumDear Ones, I hope you are ready to widely open your heart to yourself, and that you will allow yourself to feel loved to the fullest. To embrace love not only from a lover, but also every flower, stone, child, animal, star and river we meet, is how we experience divine abundance and flow of unconditional exchange. Share your beauty and unconditional compassion with all you meet, that is how we create every day a bit more of a Golden Age of Aquarius for all beings!!
Love and Blessings!


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Having A Good Life Without Working – Is That Even Possible

aby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
Do you like working without truly living, or would you prefer life without work?
How could that look like, a life without working? Surprisingly very few people ever wonder if that is even possible. But our industrious ancestors have given us more than just obedience, discipline and punctuality on the way. We also have the capacity to dream our desires into creation, and simply act when needed ;-). So far the mindset of “working hard” for everything has not really proofed to make human beings happy. So when we now collectively awaken into the Golden Age of Aquarius, is there a new approach possible? Can you imagine how that could look like?

No man has to do anything! No one in the world owes something to others, but himself.
Gotthold Ephraim Lessing (1729-81)

Many significant thinkers and scientists have come to great achievements by resting and leading a balanced life. Hard-working people that we usually rather find active in a mine or even in the office, think that’s how it has to be. And the idea that hard work is good, stubbornly persists in the western world. Not only is there the story “from the rags cleaner to the millionaire” that assumes, virtuously working for a dream automatically leads to a life of wealth, also our western mind appreciates especially the boundless responsibility of working for a living. We therefore show respect for hard work and use this respect even as advantage in our direct environment.
Yesterday I have been in the office till 11pm, I can’t take care of the children!”

Some produce weapons, others are ruining our environment
But is all of our work really good? Not only the time phenomenon “Burnout syndrome” speaks against that theory. How many of us have really a work that improves life in society? Thousands of us only produce useless goods, sell unhealthy food like products or create tasteless, mind numbing entertainment. Some produce weapons, others are ruining our environment. They all love to be credited for their hard work. And perversely enough, they really get respect in our society. But me, I never asked for these kind of services. And to be quite clear here – I also don’t want them. And I might not be the only one who feels that way. So if we are honest, in this moment of time in our world there is also a lot of work better not done!!bWhat happened to our lives since the total industrialization? That age which has estranged us so far from Mother Nature and manual labor? Meanwhile, people from the industry referred to human beings as “human resources” and dehumanize us that way, while the manufacture of machinery has also initiated the systematic destruction of our environment! Industrialization brought us a life of comfort, saves us a lot of manual work, and should provide us with more time to simply live. But is that really the case??

As it looks like the original plan of the engineers and their consumers did not work out so well. Instead of having more time to live, humanity has to struggle against the efficiency of the machines for survival wages. Endless hours in poorly ventilated and overcrowded offices, night shifts that not only rob people of their sleep – but also of the ability to sense their personal life rhythm, and now the constant over-stimulation that is flooding us through devices for instantaneous communication.

Not working does not automatically mean to be passive
As collective society, we need to break out of this cycle and learn how not to work. A part of that is to lower our consumerism. Less consumption means there is more room for the non material things of life. When we consume less, we have more internal space to explore other dimensions of human life. Simplifying life is widely known as a good tool to increase authentic happiness in life. Also less consumerism leads to less destruction of our environment, and less head aches about all the trash we are simultaneously producing. It is also very praiseworthy that for example Bolivia gave the Earth equal rights to human beings, but it is only a drop in the water of the worlds detraction. At the end, everything depends on ourselves.
On each and every one of us and our personal decisions. We all have to do our part, raise awareness and enrich society with divinely aligned actions. So what is the solution when work does not equal happiness, harmony and inspiration in life.From a spiritual and psychological point of few, human beings need to be active. So we will not get away without aligned actions, but they don’t necessarily have to feel like WORK. Entrepreneurs find their happiness in following their own dreams with passion and perseverance. But also for the ones who do not desire to be their own boss, there is a general guideline of what we truly need as humans. And that is actually quite simple. We need an activity that allows us to keep learning, an environment that allows us to be open and feel free to exchange with our colleges, desire that our actions have meaning for ourselves and is in positive service to the society, and that what we do fills us with hope and passion in every day!!! When we follow this simple steps, our doing will bring us naturally a sense of fulfillment, authentic happiness and completion, and never feel like WORK. work-happy-300x300Dear Ones, I hope you feel inspired now to find the work of your heart and truly go for it!! We have to be brave in this world and use all the beautiful gifts our natural talents are barring, to bring something unique and special into life. May you be blessed with strong and clear guidance and may your efforts fall on fertile grounds!!
Love and Blessed Work!

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The Divine Color Rays Most Active In Our Collective Awakening

oby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
over the last few month you heard me repeatedly talking about the increased support that is in the air, transmitted from the Realms of the  Ascended Masters, and reachable for so many for the first time right now. I shared a post explaining how the Masters send out information, energetic waves and their higher frequencies, thru the highways of sound and light, and how that has an impact on human life on earth. We looked into the power of transformation that the inner fire of alchemy is holding for us, and how our breathing is the key to master this alchemical process. As we change layer by layer, and transform our momentary state of being – into a higher vibrating version of our TRUE SELF, we manifest more and more light into our physical body and become the shining lights we always have been. The Ascended Master Apollonius of Tyanan showed us the way, how to raise our vibration of the physical bodies DNA strands!
Than the last few days there have been so many Angelic Messages, Number Sequences, Synchronicity and repetitions of numbers that appeared, since the intense energies of the Virgo Full Moon, that today it is time to collect information on the divine highways of light; the divine color rays of manifestation; that are the most active for us these days.
For the ones who are not familiar with this term jet, we are talking about the seven colors of the inner wheels of divine creation, the inner rainbow light of the chakra system in the physical body. Each of the seven rays represents the acceptance, perfection and completion of a particular aspect in our personal Christ Consciousness – the I AM awareness. On our individual path of self-mastery, the frequencies transmitted from this rays, combined with the awareness of their meaning, can propeller our growth quickly into exhilaration. We are all great spiritual beings, powerful and deserving of our own awakening and ascension. Use your power to create exactly the life you want on planet earth!!

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Masters of the First Divine Ray: The Blue Ray
Is the Chohan (the Leader) of the first divine ray. He is also chief of the Darjeeling Council and of the Great White Brotherhood. El Morya represents courage, focus, certainty, power, forthrightness, self-reliance, dependability, self-responsibility, faith and divine action. All attributes a human being emotionally identifies with the Father principle, the energy of an authentic leader, a judge or a king – human archetypes, human reality and internal qualities of a true spiritual warrior.

Immaculata is holding the divine blueprint of life, from which constantly the pattern of perfection and creation for the Golden Age of Aquarius on our planet and for all her attendants flows. It is her service to watch over the human race and guard individuals as well as groups of people, to follow the DIVINE HIGHER WILL.kuthumimMasters of the Second Divine Ray: The Golden Ray
is our current World Peace Teacher, a member of the Great White Brotherhood of Masters and representative of the Golden Age of Aquarius, the Earth plane of unconditional love, peace and a brotherhood of men.

is a master of the power of precipitation—the alchemical process of drawing forth cosmic light and substance from the universal substance and bringing it into physical form. The power tool of Master Lanto is the “mighty transcendent golden flame of illumination”, located in the Himalaya mountains.

is known as The Enlightened Being or The Buddha, and was the founder of Buddhism in India. The Buddha can help us to energetically translate, transform and clarify inner energies to higher vibrations. His light has an impact on all levels of our spiral dance of creation (what we call past – present and future).

is  a member of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Shamballa, closely connected with the Mayan Civilization. Kenich Ahan is the patron protector for all Mayan People and students of the spiritual path. He is Mayan sun god, patron of the creations of music and poetry and is the son of “Hunab Ku” –  the “Great Central Spiritual Sun “.

is a loving source of assistants for each of us, who calls him into his awareness. His message: it is easier to learn how to shield our awareness, than to clear our energetic field from disharmonious thoughts and feelings of the world, once they entered our conciseness.mmMasters of the Seventh Divine Ray: The Violet Ray
is the master alchemist of the sacred inner fire, who carries the flame of the violet fire for us. This inner fire provides us with the ability to transform, transmute, elevate and shift every emotional pattern inside of us, into higher vibration and devotion to express divine purity.

is known as the Goddess of Justice and Opportunity, but even more important she is the Ascended Master of Initiation to the next level of higher vibration. She represents the quality of divine justice – the execution of the Divine / Hermetic Laws on planet earth. She is the twin flame of Saint Germain on the Seventh Ray of Transformation, Freedom and Transmutation.

is known as the Goddess of Mercy. Her divine qualities are compassion, kindness, fertility, health and magic. She is patron of the children and of the helpless here on earth. In China she is also known as the great mercy, great pity, salvation from misery, salvation from woe, and the Goddess of thousand arms and thousand eyes.jjDear Ones, I hope you feel encouraged and inspired to make your contact with the divine light within you!! That you are brave this year, when the energies of the universe again decide to turn our world many times upside down!!! I hope you find strength and support with the Masters energy field and always remember “you deserve to walk this life in the ease and blessings of your I AM presence”!! Keep breathing deeply, and taking in all the divine blessings that come now as harvest of our work into manifestation!
Blessings an Courage ;-)! Edith

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The Violet Flame, Forgiveness & Family Constellation

kjbjby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
some of you might remember the read about the
Planetary Transitions that his magical year 2016 will bring. The star constellations and moon events are inviting and support all of us, to master our Multi-Dimensional Self and become masters of time and space – of spirit and matter. In order to do so, we need to put a little attention to the themes of the first chakra, that are now showing themselves to us. A while ago I shared with you the connection with the Ascended Master Saint Germain and the transforming powers the divine ray of the violet flame is providing. Today I would like to add to the mix, how we can use this tools in combination with internal Family Constellation, in order to move with the flow of the collective awakening process on planet earth.
Family Constellation is a highly effective way of healing on a profound energetic and emotional levels, which can provide long-term life changing results. It is designed for individuals, couples, families and work systems, interested in resolving their issues and looking to build a solid foundation for a new direction. Hidden Orders of Love that operate in the depths of family organisms and the human soul are influencing us in our daily life. With a Family Constellation violations and ignorance of these natural laws will be unveiled. Hidden entanglements of this kind are found behind most personal and even professional issues.
Restoring balance and harmony to the system is equally important for addressing physical illness – from lower back pain to cancer – as it is for healing emotional and mental suffering. Family constellations are mostly done with groups of volunteers. The work begins usually with a short exchange about the truth seekers issue or problem. No individual story or drama descriptions will be shared but some simple factual information about the constellation members.  Then the seeker chooses from among the other group members a representative for each family member – alive or dead, including themselves – and places them in relationship to each other, according to the existing inner picture. This act automatically opens the morphogenetic field which stores an energetic imprint of all human lifetimes experienced on earth. bjkbFrom there on a collective energy field in which the participants involved begin to receive relevant information thru physical sensations as heat or cold flashes, sudden pain, strong emotions, unusual thoughts, etc. This sensations unveil the energetic truth of the family member whom they are representing. Every change in position within the constellation, affects the information received. As a result, previously subconscious connections are openly seen and the true source of the human dynamic expressed is unveiled. With the information provided and the help of  simple healing sentences, exchanged between the members in the system, the families original constellation can than be restructured according to the “Orders of Love” – into a balanced system where love and happiness between the members is once more free to flow in a natural, healthy way.
Knowing all of that, you can now go and take part in a Family Constellation Group, or you can tune into the wide open channels of the universal guidance and internally go thru the same process. I recommend you lay down on your back, connect well with your conscious breathing, activate the alchemy of the inner flame in your heart, and invite the inner pictures to come. When ever your inner movie shows yourself or others confronted with a challenging or limiting situation, repeat the violet flame prayer in your mind, until you feel emotional release settling into your system.

I AM a being of violet fire
I AM the purity God desires.

If you find yourself confronted with one or the other situation, where you failed your own better judgement and / or others in honesty, truthful sharing, authenticity, loyalty or other important qualities, use the forgiveness phrase below.





Dear Friends, I hope you feel encouraged and inspired to be brave this year, when the energies of the universe one more time decide to turn our world many times upside down!!! You deserve to walk this life in the ease and blessings of your I AM presence, and that only works with clean family roots!! Keep breathing deeply, praying and repeating the words over and over again, and divine blessings will find you soon!!
Blessings an Courage ;-)! Edith

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Invitation to an Amazing New Opportunity at New Beginnings

                         ONE-on-ONE TRAINING

My Dear Ones, you who I had the pleasure of meeting and working with know, I love spending time with people who are committed to follow their inner truth and authentic self, who enjoy shrinking and changing into the beings they always have been!! Over the last three years of intense plant medicine ceremonies, I had the chance to train myself in fine tuning my senses, in order to be able to guide others in the development of their most beautiful inner abilities. So I feel happy and proud to present my new service to you. For the year 2016, the collective year of wisdom and authenticity, I will focus on this beautiful training, and hope you feel just as inspired and excited about is, as I do!!!

The training is designed to support the personal healing, spiritual growth, energetic fine tuning and development of special abilities; suitable for Energy Worker, Reiki Master, Body-, Mind or Soul,-Therapists, Personal Trainer, Spiritual Healer, Teacher, Artists, Musicians, and others, who desire to develop their extraordinary personal gifts. It is available for one week, weeks and per month, with a 5 day week/ for 20, 25 hours or 30hours weekly.

The first day is usually spend with studying your momentary mental life approach, the abilities you are consciously bringing into the mix and how far your emotional body is in harmony with your opinions. We decide together what track we want to take for your program and look for the most fitting tools, for you to step into your personal power, your individual strength and authentic expression. From there on intuitive guidance takes the lead and shows us step by step, the direction of our time together and what needs to be addressed.kj

The Techniques involved in the training process are:

  • Channeling of Inner Guidance
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Shamanic Energy Work
  • Tantric Energy Work Divine Masculine / Divine Feminine
  • Varieties of Breath Work
  • Shamanic Shadow Work
  • Psychological Human Studies
  • Tantric Body Work
  • Ascended Master Alignment
  • Family Constellation
  • Meditation Techniques
  • Akasha Chronic Reading
  • Alignment with the Angelic Realms
  • Past Life Channeling
  • Creation of individual Rituals
  • Conscious Grounding Techniques

Dear Friends, if you sense butterflies flying in your stomach now and feel inspired to dig deep into your soul and unveil your highest potential, make your appointment!!
Blessings, Love and Happy Growing!!!


Capricorn New Moon – Hope, Change & Balance Increase

new-capby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
here we have arrived at the first big energetic event of the year. The heavens are blessing us with a Capricorn New Moon within the first Mercury retrograde phase of 2016. It is a powerful constellation to start of the cycle of a brand new year. In my post “Welcome 2016”, I mentioned that the numerology of this year is bringing the vibrations of higher wisdom and authentic expressions into the collective mix of our lives. This magnificent New Moon supports us in the awakening of this qualities, by providing us with the inner strength and hope to overcome any kind of obstacles we may encounter on our personal and collective paths.
Pretty much the whole energy field during December 2015 was an invitation to fill ourselves up with light impulses, profound understanding and frequencies of the divine Christ Light, the I AM awareness that manifests our Light Body Process. The events of the 12/12/15 Frequency Gateway, the Full Moon, the Solstice, the Christmas Days and the Solar Storms on New Years Eve, have all been preparation for to be ready for a jump into this amazing wave right now.
This beautiful New Moon is in Capricorn comes with a Venus/Saturn alignment. That means we are collectively confronted with challenges, opportunities and life situations that may profoundly change our personal few on how we live our love relationships, approach our finances, run our businesses and how we are grounding our personal energy field into this world. Over all can expect this moon energies to feel quite balanced, as there are equally strong benevolent and maleficent impacts meeting.1pBut at the same time there is a powerful Uranus/Pluto square coming with this first New Moon of the year, and that can trigger changes which make us question completely our authentic role in this precious lifetime. That means for the ones who are ready to live in an internal state of balance and harmony, this union will strongly increase, for the once who have not found a place of balancing the forces inside – it might be quite a challenging weekend!!! The creative powers of the cosmos are giving us the energetic support to break through, overcome and transform, what ever is in our way to a collective awakening into the Golden Age of Aquarius. As Mercury went retrograde on January 6, there is always a chance for technical problems and computer trouble to show up, as electronics often get irritated when Mercury is retrograde.
The star sign of Capricorn stores another collectively important theme. The fears and past life impacts we are still vibrating with, according to our governments, police forces, the military and big corporations. With this New Moon we now have the chance to let go of all this energies of abuse, and the power they have to control the masses. The amazing cleansing of the first chacra that we also experienced last month, has enabled us to do so. And that will present the human race with a clearer picture for the path of our evolution, and show us the way of where we are going next. We know, every New Moon is also a good time for a New Beginning. A time to set our intentions, dream our most inspired dreams, and think big when we make important decisions for our personal and collective future. I hope this amazing New Moon will aDear Ones, I hope you have a wonderful time with this powerful Capricorn New Moon energies. I hope you have been breathing in the intense light of the I AM presence last month, and are ready to harvest the fist ripe fruits this wonderful weekend!! Keep breathing deeply, keep shining your light and having fun on bringing your true self into the world. Make your choices and New Beginnings from a place of inner peace and authenticity, and you can expect incredibly beautiful blessings to come your way soon!!
Love and Moon Shine! Edith

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5 Ways How Creating Art Improves Our Leadership Skills

Edhat eDP_artby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
a little while ago I shared a post with the question, if Indigo Children, Crystal Children and Empathic People are the natural leader for our Golden Age of Aquarius. Over the month that followed many people reported, that they start developing their own inner understanding of what that means in their life, and how to bring themselves into the bigger picture of our human collective evolution. Now it might not come as a surprise, that many of this personality types have a deep love for the Arts. So far, just about everybody I met with this traits, has a big heart for expressing themselves in one if the many universal languages that Art is providing. This desire is implanted in their soul, because in general human
leadership is most needed, when facing a complex problem or a new experience that can’t be easily quantified, and the same thing is Creating Art teaching us. When we spend time with our inner voice and wait until it has something to say to the outside world, we automatically  train our eyes to see the divine blueprint within us.
For the healthy development of our oneness world, we need people who have the trained skills and natural abilities to work in harmony with others, a balance that Indigo and Crystals naturally seek. And for all of us it is time to realize who we really are and to step forward, in order to lead with new ideas and initiatives that can bring a Brotherhood of Men into reality on Planet Earth. Creating are and letting our ideas, hopes and dreams take form that way, allows us to connect with our deep emotions, our unanswerable questions, and the general mysteries of life. So here are five ways how creating art can helps us to develop the skills, to become great leader for our community, family our friends and most of all for our own life:a1. Increased Creativity
Creativity just like intuition functions just like our muscles. The more we use it, the better we are in flow and the more easily our ability to express grows. Within a human being, creativity is a mix of the creator abilities we all have (sitting in the first chakra) and the playful, colorful impulses of the divine feminine in the second chakra. So one of the things we do when we create art, is getting in touch with the unsolved past in this areas, which can than lead to the release of this old negativity. Also important to keep in mind, is that creativity is not just about expressing ourselves and creating aesthetics, but also about solving problems. An artist seeks to find solutions beyond our consensual understanding of problems, pushes against the borders of society and develops brand new solutions, from thing that by others are seen as trash. They are pioneers of inventing and testing out new ideas and sensibilities for our collective human evolution. All qualities that are important for effective leadership.

2. Accepting Rejection
Creating art means to take a piece of something that is vivid inside of your own soul, and turn it into a materialized manifestation on planet earth. It means to put yourself out there and happily live with what ever comes back. Sharing our art without attachment to any outcome, trains us to be brave, even courageous in accepting rejection. It is a totally normal thing that not everybody likes the same song, and there is no problem or harm in that. But, there is the big chance, to grow strong inside in order to be a clear channel for the innovations and new information, that can only flow thru you into this world. To be a great leader for a world to come, we will have to go against the mainstream in terms of thinking, and taking on challenges that others can’t understand. So we need to be willing and capable of being ridiculed or criticized for our ideas and actions.descarga3. Training to Be and Share
Or world is now rapidly changing and more and more people are waking up to deeper levels of their own inner truth. Daily more Indigo Children, Crystal Children and Empath are coming into their power and understand their traits as blessings. That also means that there are more people on the planet with the capacity to control every move human beings do, with their physical bodies sensory self (well known as 6th sense). At the same time the picture of what leadership actually means is changing and people realize, that leading has more to do with honesty, authenticity and a unconditional love for the higher good of all, than with money, a position that allows to overpower others or tons of possessions. When we nurture our personal expression through the arts, we turn inward, seek to know ourselves, face inner demons, and ultimately discover our own potential. Doing that makes us real, fearless and even capable of sharing what we found to be true for us.

4. Understanding Universal Symbolism
While we design art, if we are aware of it or not, we are playing with the shapes, the sacred geometries, the archetypes, the numerology, the mythologies and the symbolism of the whole universe. In every piece of art appearing on the planet, there is a spark of the essence that makes us all exist. People who see themselves as artists, poets, musicians, divinely inspired creator have a strong sense of what moves and shapes the universe we live in, and to be a leaders for our collective golden future, we need to have a deep sense and emotional intelligence for how myths and symbols, geometries and music shapes our collective understanding. Just look at big pieces that move the world like the Taj Mahal (that was build as an expression of a the never ending love story), the Bhagavad Gita (written out of love for humanity) or songs like Silent Night that move the masses, all over the world.images

5.) Letting others Shine
While our need to create art often starts in early age as a very personal and individual form of expression, it often grows into a more collective experience. After all, what would be a great lead-singer without a band and backup singers. And a good leader has to be able to co-operate and create with others.  Doing so allows us to develop the ability to let others shine, without feeling threatened or attacked by their abilities. A natural leader knows when to step in and give the collective a direction, and when to step back and let others do their part.

I hope this information has inspired you to pick up your brush, learn a new song, sculpture your momentary feeling, or what ever else your very personal, authentic expression of Art might be. I hope you discover the fun again to do things, just for the sake of doing them, free of desired for a particular outcome and maybe even steered your curiosity of what your soul might be interested expressing. Love and Happy Coloring your life :-)!!!

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14 Ways To Help Yourself Shift To Higher Frequencies


by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
this picture found me today and immediately I felt motivated to go into it and work out the steps listed in details ;-). Usually a strong sign that my spirit guides are telling me what to do and desire a particular piece of work from me. So here we are with the complexity of the bigger picture and all the lovely little details that make life in the Golden Age of Aquarius possible!

1.) Fluoride is one of the number one enemies of the awakening process in this moment of time. Why, because it blocks the Pineal Gland! The Pineal Gland also known as the ‘Seat of the Soul’ is the focal point of our spiritual guiding system, which makes us go beyond the five senses of rationality and become multi-sensory awareness. Governments all over the world thought it smart, to mix our drinking water with this poison and that way prevent the collective from awakening. Read here what the newest Harvard Study has to say about fluoride causing cognitive disorders, and the US Government admitting to overdosing their people since years!! Make sure you are drinking clear waters to actively support your Light Body Process!!

2.) Our body is the vessel for our soul to come thru and express our source into the world. If our nutrition is based on junk food and precooked foods with tons of chemicals and we don’t care to eat GMO food, we simple don’t give the body what it takes to bring forward the true spiritual being that you are. So go simple, go organic, go fresh!!! And – give your children healthy food!! It has to be organic not just natural, there is a labeling trick build in to the term natural!! By now we have studies that proof the physical change in the age of the puberty and more, thru the consume of GMO foods!!!

3.) During increasing energy waves or intense frequency shifts like we experienced on the 11th of November, it is especially important to keep the balance between action and resting time. This is true for body-mind and soul. All of them need time to integrate, when the energies are streaming in strongly. But especially the body needs rest. Listen to calming music, watch a relaxing movie or simple watch people passing by at your window; but make sure you spend some time without studies, active doing or conscious understanding. Active Resting is an important step in grounding the balance between the divine masculine and the divine feminine energies!!hqdefault4.) One of the most amazing traits of this time of collective human transformation is that we increasingly have the magnificent opportunity, to touch other creatures with our sensory self. We can be in communication, sharing and teaching with The Ascended Master, the Angelic Realms, the Animal Kingdom, Plant Healer and Healing Crystals, just as easily as talking to a stranger in a coffee shop. The only thing that separates this beings from us, is our own claim to be worthy enough for such a relationship. So go out there, make friends with a tree and let them teach you about the universes unconditional love.

5.) Chakras are the energy centers in our body in which energy flows through our subtle bodies. The word Chakra is a Sanskrit word, that literally means “wheel”, referring to their spiraling movement. Each Chakra is associated with a certain part of the body and a certain organ which it provides with the energy it needs to function. Additionally, just as every organ in the human body has its equivalent on the mental and spiritual level, so too every Chakra corresponds to a specific aspect of human behavior and development. To keep our inner energies clean is the base for a deep sensory connection with the outer world.

6.) As mentioned above, nature allows us easy excess to relaxation, fresh air and a feeling for the oneness in our human existence. People who spend time outdoors, or even just have access to windows looking out at trees, have been shown to have better health than those who do not. Trees are considered sacred in virtually every place where humans have settled. The concept of a Tree of Life, often symbolizing the connections between all life forms, is found in many religions and philosophies, dating back as early as ancient Egypt.

7.) Well-documented research shows there is a relationship between low vitamin D levels and poor health, such as frail bones, multiple sclerosis and prostate cancer. Our physical body needs vitamin D! And it is the sun that provides this Vitamin in the most natural form. Also, light that is hitting your skin and your eyes, helps reverse seasonal effective disorders – so think about finding a way to enjoy sunlight, especially now when the days are getting shorter and colder. Let the sunshine in, so you can shine your light back at it!!sandalwood-collage8.) Sandalwood is since prehistory a part of the religious and spiritual traditions of many countries of the world and has been effectively used in traditional medicine for thousands of years. It is part of medical systems such as Chinese medicine and the Indian healing science known as Ayurveda. It is considered beneficial for meditation as well as for calming and focusing the mind during a bath or relaxing time. The oil of Sandalwood is used to anoint deities, that is a reason why the fragrance also helps to remind human beings of the spiritual realms.

9.) Hematite – brings grounding and high energy connections simultaneously. This stone assists in grounding high level spiritual energy into the reality of our every day life.
Black Tourmaline – is one of the best crystals to be used for metaphysical purposes. It is powerful for healing, for psychic protection and spiritual purposes, and it will strengthen your immune system.
Rose Quartz – has the metaphysical properties to bring loving energy of the heart chakra & thymus into your complete system. It encourages forgiveness, helps you to let go of anger, resentment and jealousy.
Amethyst – is a crystal of selflessness, spiritual consciousness, balance, inner peace, transfiguration and transformation. Amethyst provided a connection to your Divine Higher Self and to guidance from the spiritual world.

10.) Practicing conscious breathing helps improve our well being on a physical, emotional and mental level. Becoming aware of the way we breathe can reconnect us to our inner place of peace, even in the most challenging situations of everyday life!! It is the most practical build in tool for your next conscious step in your personal evolution! So study your breath and body awareness, it will carry you far in your personal ascension process!!

11.) We all need to do so on emotional, mental and physical level; as well as through all layers of our individual spiral dance of creation. To shift our former reactions we need to be present in the moment, raise above lower old pattern of vibration and release ourselves from any karmic depths and energetic entanglements we still carry inside. The violet flame is your best partner for this task!!medi12.) It is as easy as shifting your awareness to a conscious state of meditation. Read here how 7 simple everyday life activities can turn into meditation!!

13.) We need to be silent inside to hear the gentle voices of our spirit guides. We need to know their language and understand who they are. Read here 7 signs that your spirit guides are present, general information about the Ascended Masters work with humanity and the angelic ways of playing with synchronicity and different several number frequencies.

14.) Friends, sharing is caring!!! It does not matter if your version is talking to your friends and family members – to let them know about your ups and downs with the energetic frequency shifts, if you feel called to write articles, or if you abundantly share information like mine with the world… important is that you bring yourself into the world and share your authentic status quo with others!!!!

Dear Friends, I hope my words serve you as motivation and encouragement on your path to enlightenment!! I wish you nurturing and healing experiences when getting in touch with your higher sensory abilities and your awareness for the ever shifting frequencies!!! May you create the most beautiful relationships with your guides and feel forever that you are taken care of! Please Note: The strongest connection can be achieved with the joyful, relaxed and lighthearted approach of a playful child!!!
Blessings and Oneness-feelings!!

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Scorpio New Moon Trust Your Instincts

scorpiNOWDear Friends,
I am sure you heard by now that we are again in a wave of rising frequencies, for the next layer of change in the human collective. The Scorpio New Moon on November 11 is an energetic gateway for even more intense divine blueprints, that will be downloaded on us that day. This is due to a complete alignment between the Sun and the Planet Sirius. Make sure you can spend some time alone this weekend!! Make space in your mind and emotional body, so the shifts can happen with ease. Scorpio is the ruler of death and rebirth, so use the spare time to take a look at what has to die in your life, and what it is that wants to be born now!!! I hope you find support and inspiration here, to make your life truthfully your!!
Love and Moon Shine! Edith

Shared with the kind permission of the wonderful Kelley Rosano:
The Scorpio New Moon on November 11 gives birth to the new you. New Moons are new beginnings. This is a good time to set your intention for what you want to create in the next thirty days. This is also the time to set your intention for what you want to create next year. You can consciously create your heart’s desire. It is time to shed the old skins. Release what is dying. Let go of what is not working for you. Move to higher ground. That is raise your vibration. This Moon will bring your deepest desires to the surface. You know what drives you. What compels you to the choices that you make? Scorpio is about death and rebirth. This is a cycle of completions and new beginnings. You want to get off to a good start.
• What are you completing?
• What doors are opening up for you?
• Where are you ready to go to the next level?
Scorpio rules emotional truth. Among many areas are joint finances and sexuality. Pluto is Scorpios ruling planet. He is in a helpful energy flow with both lights (the Sun and the Moon.) This is good news. Empowering you to regenerate your life and relationships. You can rebuild your body. You can rebuild your finances. You can create a new life. Scorpio is passion. Pluto is power. How you use power. How you get power. How you own our power. Or, how you give your power away. This Moon offers you both passion and power. You need both to get things done. Do what empowers you. Do what makes you strong. Follow your passion.
• What is your truth?
• What is your heart’s desire?
• What is your passion?
• Who or what is holding you back?
• What action steps can you take today to empower yourself?
amoon ScorpioPluto rules transformation. The Sun and Mercury are coupled in Scorpio. This means you are to transform your thinking. Mercury symbolizes how you use your mind. He is the messenger to the Gods. He is the only planet that can travel through Heaven, Earth and the underworld. Mercury shows how your mind moves between the super-conscious, conscious and unconscious positions. How is your mind working for you? Are you proactive or reactive? Are you holding positive expectations for you? What is your truth? How you talk to yourself is how you talk to others. Are you focused on the negative? Are you replaying the same old messages? On the other hand, are you feeding your mind with positive affirmations? Are you seeing the glass half full? New insights and understandings can come to you now. Use the power of your mind to achieve great things. Such as inner peace.
There is more good news. Jupiter is empowering you to make positive changes in your life. Like Pluto, he is in a sextile with the New Moon. You can use this energy to change your life for the better. Change can be exciting and fun. Go with the flow. Be open to new opportunities. Make friends with change. Change is your friend. This includes the painful changes. Shed the old. Embrace the new in your life. Let go of your need to control. Control is fear. Replace your need to make plans. Instead, be spontaneous. Be here now. All your power is in the now. The future will take of itself. Your power is inside of you. It is your Inner Being. Reach for your real power. The surface will not give you strength. Dive deep.
There are two points on the Moon that are very important. These are the North Node and the South Node. The North Node is the direction in life you are to move forward in. The South Node is where you are to travel no more. The transiting North Node moves into Virgo on November 11. This is about your service to the world. Learning, teaching what you know. Honing in on your skills. Your purpose in life. Being humble. Serving. The South Node in Pisces is where you are not to go. Idealizing people or situations. Escaping through drugs or alcohol. Playing the role of victim. The North Node will remain in Virgo until May 2017.
• What is your promise to the universe?
• What have you come to do?
• Who have you come to be?
chiron-planetChiron who acts like a planet in your astrology. Is an asteroid between Saturn and Uranus. Chiron is the bridge from the past to the future. He is in harmonious energy flow with the New Moon. This is about healing you. Healing your heart and mind. This Moon can heal your heavy heart. Let go. Surrender. Love you more than the need for something or someone in your life. You are a great spiritual being. You are a hero for being here at this turning of the ages. This is truth. Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio. Mars moves into Libra on Nov 12. This encourages you to form the win/win in your relationships. Using your energy and strength to create harmony. Seek out peaceful resolutions to conflict. Be a warrior for peace. Be the spiritual warrior. Be love in action. Love is the answer. Love. Pluto challenges Venus on Nov 18. Uranus challenges Venus on Nov 23. Pay attention to what you need. Peace at any cost may not be a viable solution.
What is your truth? What do you need? Do what empower you. Do what is right for you. And, it will be right for others. The Scorpio New Moon message is to trust your instincts. The mind can fool you. The eyes and ears can fail you. Your heart can lead you astray. Trust your intuition. This will never fail you. Use your inner power. Your life is your own. Are you in it to win it? The Law of Attraction runs the universe. No matter the astrology. Whether it is easy or difficult. You can succeed. You can make your dreams come true. Trust your instincts. Strengthen your intuition. It is like a muscle. Build it up. The more you use it. The stronger your intuition becomes. Use the Scorpio New Moon to clear out what no longer serves your soul evolution. Use the Personal Path Development Program to create more Joy and power in your life. Make the needed adjustments in your relationships. Choose Love not fear. Do what empowers you. In this way, you are creating the space for a better life. Never complain about anything. This holds you in a state of resistance. It will push away the things that you want. Be in appreciation for all the good in your life.
Say aloud, “Thank you universe for the new opportunities that are now in my life.” This is a good mantra.