My Collection Of Awakening Experiences Continues No III

2-2by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
nearly one year ago, on February 08th 2016, I shared with you this post called “A Collection of True Awakening Experiences II”, which was a Free E-Book project inspired by the wonderful Barbara Franken – to bring together the stories of many female voices, and their unique experiences on the path to authenticity and truthfulness. I did so, because I love projects that are born from collaborations, I saw a big chance to inspire lots of other women and men, and because I was giving myself a blessing for my birthday – which is the 8th of February.
This year I will make another leap into the unknown, and record an interview that I was invited to by the lovely team of  the awakening platform “The Spiritual Voice”. I will let you know for sure, when the talk goes online!! But in the meantime I did not want us to miss out on a review of the past year, and the steps I was able to make.

In what I posted for 2016, I spoke about the last ten year of my personal path of growth and enlightenment, and the dreams I have for the year that back than was lying ahead of me. Looking now at all the leaps and turns that I have taken in the meantime, I first of all feel like expressing my gratitude to my wonderful spirit guides, my loving dog family, my magnificent friends and all the other wonderful creatures, from the physical as from the non physical realm, for making my life such a magical ride of light and fun.
The Tarot Deck that I was talking about before, is developing beautifully. It is demanding a lot of attention and seams to have a very clear picture of how it want’s to be brought to light. I try to be the best immaculate mother to it, that I possibly can be, just follow all the corners the flow is taking and watch the tables turn. With my personal work load, I am about 1/3 in – my partner is very inspired in her painting process, and so we hope to be ready for publishing by the end of the year.

But not only that this baby is developing just fine, in the meantime I was inspired by international world events, with the idea for a book about creativity in 2017; as this is one of the major energy fields this year is powered with. My partner and I, also started talking about the value of a book about the creative process itself, as it is quite fascinating how deeply we are called to listen to the constant changes the deck is demanding from us. We have to be awake, present and willing to serve, when ever we sit down and concentrate on sharing what we receive.
eI also still adore my income work. Every time I AM spending hour with another being in a one on one training, I feel like another wonderful seed has been brought into blossoming. To have the chance and watch people go from the insecure thought of “am I crazy to think of feel a certain way”, to self-acceptance, self-love and forgiveness – which than leads for them to strength, stability and clarity in their guidance; is always a rise in my own inner degree of divine bliss.

And than, as the end or the ultimate test for every awakening seeker – there is of course the lovely family. I went back home to visit my core family during the summertime of 2016. Oh what a ride it was!! I started of with meeting good friends of mine, who had invited me to come by at their house and do some magnificent energy work with them, which I happily did. I spend several days with this closer circle of very like minded people, than I went to meet my mother. Now you need to know that karmically my mother is the only significant person o my system. She turned 85 last year and is in general in good shape, but what I noticed was a change in mindset.
When I was a child, my mother was a woman who would work and push thru every physical pain you can possibly imagine. She did so to such an extend, that I actually all my life considered her very cruel (a mix of her personal history and as well one of the B-Sides of her numerological vibration of 18/9). Maybe also because one day I had watched her slip with the ax – cut deeply into her meaty knee – take a deep inbreathe, than simply remove the ax – slip a bandage on and continue. As a little child, that was a shocker to me!
And now this same woman is talking about how normal it is to feel physical pain all the time, when you are of her age; how normal it is to not want to engage with life and seriously talk anymore, when you are of her age; and a lot about her loving connection to my beloved brother Martin, who died on Valentines Day 2011. I occasionally talk with my brother too, but I do not share any of her mindsets about aging or the physical body, and even that I did not mention that – my mother was triggered by vibration.

During this Vienna visit, I took many more trips to my mothers house, in order to spend at least 2-3hours the day with her; an amount of time I thought she would be able to handle without exploding on me in one way or the other. I have to confess that I overestimated her much more than I could even ever had imagined in my darkest childhood hatred ;-). The pattern of freak outs ended up with a frequency of 3-4 days, in which i watched her build up her frustration about “not being able to understand my world”, and than unloading this frustration in my presence.
I was fine with that, as I had sensed in my first week of traveling, that I possibly would not come back for a very long time – which also included a big chance that I would not meet her alive again – so I saw it as my last chance for a personal service to our relationship. Now let’s be honest, with today’s technology even long-term physical distance would not make any difference to a family that is close, but in our family the principle of war against everything that is bigger than the single ones imagination was “the word”.nOn my last day of meeting with family members, I came to my mothers house in a state of deep sadness about my brothers absolutely ignorant behavior, and even more the abuse he showed for the brotherhood laws for the Golden Age of Aquarius (a collective human theme, that always sets off my inner alarm system when I see people breaking the hermetic laws). That is something, I can not explain to my mom – and she is not good in holding space for other peoples pain. I tried to avoid a last clash and asked her for some time and space on her balcony, to deal with my own feelings and left for a little conscious breathing session.

But than – like I said – she is not good in handling that other people insist on having feelings ;-). She exploded over the fact that I would allow myself to come to her house, in a state of need for myself – and not perfectly poised and ready to chit-chat with her. In a moment of totally loosing it, she screamed at me “in your presence I cut all my feelings off”; to later tell me in confidence, that she also thinks of me as “the Angel of Death” – because both, my brother and my father died, when I had visited my family. It took me about five month to understand and integrate the details, of how this moment of my life was an incredible blessing.
Time to realize, that the tapestry of this ultimate rejection, that had grown from the moment on I started building my little fetus body in her womb, would unveil the last karmic strings to me that had connected us. By now, a “freedom to naturally BE ME” is the domineering feeling in my life.
Last week I had the pleasure to receive a reading of my personal Maya Calender interpretation from a dear new friend of mine, the amazing artist Gerhild Resch. She has the amazing ability to channel in a shamanic journey, how the different qualities of ones inner powers are feeling and if they are in need of any adaptations. I will happily report about the incredible details she unveiled to me in another post, but lets just say a little right now. Her explanations opened with telling me, that she had ever only shared a world like mine for one time before during her long experience, and that was in a reading she did for a child. The world she discovered in my sacred heart, was in her words that of “Alice in Wonderland” ;-), and that is just how I feel my life to be.

Dear Ones, I recently ended a piece with the following words: “I hope you are filled with a spark of inspiration right now, that you are motivated to remember the wonderfully relaxed ways in which you have been playfully creating as a child, and that you will allow them to guide you to a new mindset. No matter if you are planing to become the most important innovator of the Golden Age of Aquarius, or if you are just looking for new ideas to create your personal life, a playful approach is always helpful”. And believe me when I am saying with all my heart “I acknowledge what an incredibly blessed being I AM, to look at what I just shared with you and realize – I myself have very well followed my sparkling advice ;-)”!

Love and Blessings!

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You will not be punished for your anger – you will be punished by your anger

1by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
have you ever heard that saying before? Have you ever experienced the meaning for yourself? Have you ever had a freak out over a spilled tea, a unconscious insult or a sassy child for example? and if so, have you ever had the feeling, that the freak out actually made the situation even worse? Just three days ago, we have collectively experienced the very strong influence of the first of three Super Full Moons, that we still are provided with this year. It was a Full Moon under the fire sign Aries, which has triggered for many people a confrontation with their own and other peoples anger. Now lets make clear first, that anger is not a wrong, bad or unwanted feeling – it is simply a feeling that most people experience as uncomfortable because of its low vibrating nature (take a good look at the emotional guidance scale below – anger is on number 17 – far below a balanced state).
In human interactions our anger has the important function to inform us about moments in time, that are not aligned with the state of consciousness that our own spirit needs. When we are picking up on this information, it is on us to use the impact in the most positive way. So when we feel
our heartbeat racing, our hands sweating, and our blood pressure increase with rage, this would be the right moment to step back and take a look at the situation. If we can change the essence of what we experience right now, that is what our spirit is trying to let us know – time to take charge and initiate change the way we need it. If we can not change it, this might be the right moment to practice patience, surrender and faith.
But not only is anger a feeling that can lead us to improved actions, for many people it is the destructive and unsettling experience of an emotional roller coaster. And that comes from covering other feelings with the reaction of anger. When you take a look at the spirals below you will see, that there are 9 other feeling levels we pass – till we actually are at the impact of anger, but how often do we feel them? It is a collectively very common pattern and for many people in our society a “normal experience”, to skip the feelings we really have and jump directly to anger.
Allow me to share an example from my own life. The other day my beloved dog, while scratching himself, came crushing down from a high spot in my house that he loves hanging out on, painfully landing on the stairs with a loud bang. Now you need to know that i tell him nearly daily to not go to far out and be careful up there. I watched it happen and saw him getting hurt, and anyway my very first reaction was to scream angrily that he should take better care. Thanks god I am trained enough to not let it go any further and already my second step was back, deep breathing and feeling what truly is going on, and of course I rushed to his side to be with him and make sure he is not to badly hurt by the fall. The feelings that than ran thru me while i was stroking his head and calming his racing heart, where irritation, fearful hope that he is ok, worry that he is not, the question if my repeated warning can have caused the fall and many more – but non of them truly where anger. emotional-spiralAlways an excellent partner for the transformation of feelings within the vessel of our inner alchemy is the Ascended Master Saint Germain and his violet flame of ascension. Under the influence of his burning fire for higher consciousness, there is no chance for lower vibrations to keep bugging us. Its just a matter of devotion, patience and perseverance, how long the process of transformation takes. Practice with passion!!

I AM a being of violet fire
I AM the purity God desires

If you find yourself confronted with a rather profound situation, where you failed your own better judgment and / or others in honesty, truthful sharing, authenticity, loyalty or other important qualities, you can also use the forgiveness prayer below. Same for everyone who wronged you.



I OFFER MYSELF ABSOLUTE FORGIVENESS NOW!!2Dear Friends, I hope you feel encouraged and inspired to be brave and that you will take a deeper look at your true feelings, when the waves of anger want to take control of your actions the next time. The energies of the universe are one more time ready to turn our world upside down, take all the chances you get!!! You deserve to walk this life in the ease and blessings of your I AM presence, and that only works with cleaned first chakra energies!! Keep breathing deeply, praying and repeating the mantras over and over again, and divine blessings will find you soon!!
Love and Happy
Blessings ;-)!

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Flames Of Courage From A Powerful Aries Super Full Moon

ariesby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
on the upcoming weekend (15th/16th) we will experience a highly powered Super Full Moon in the star sign of Aries. As always when we are talking about Aries influences, we are dealing with a lot of fiery energy that will be transmitted to us during the peek of this Moon event. This Aries Moon, that traditionally is known as the Harvest Moon, is starting of a wave of three Super Moons. The first following up as a Taurus Full Moon on November 14th, the second on December 14th in Gemini. So we can already be sure, that we will not get bored with the stellar events till the end of this year!
During the last Libra New Moon, we learned about the harmonic balances and the imbalances that we carry in our inside world, as well as the injustices we wish to stand up and speak out for in the collective picture. This reality check was a brilliant chance to stir our passion for causes that matter for us. Now we are called to translate this awareness into all our relationships, and to burn in the inner fire of transformation what no longer serves us. The obstacles we experience these days, are the tin we have triggered to be turned into gold in our inner alchemy. The violet flame of forgiveness, which we can excess through the simple prayer below, may be a helpful and often needed tool these days.

But not only is the Aries Moon energy the right supporter for fine-tuning our relationships, it can also shake them up to a point of very high intensity. Expect the unexpected! Massive surprises with the potential to profoundly shift our point of few are on the way! The Aries Full Moon makes us very daring in time, which is also pushed by Mercury squaring Mars this Moon, so make sure not to rush anything! Mercury also sextiles Saturn, which should help us making smart and well informed decisions. The most important thing to watch out for, is not to get into any power struggle as Mercury is squaring Pluto these days. Better use the spare time and spend some hours in nature. Hiking or biking, walking or climbing, make sure you sweat! That always is helpful for grounding and provides a chance to work of any overload on fire we might experience within.

Violet Flame Prayer
I AM a being of violet fire
I AM the purity God desires.

Last but not least, allow me to share this beautiful piece of music with you. An homage to the Harvest Moon ;-).

Harvest Moon – Neil Young
Come a little bit closer
Hear what I have to say
Just like children sleeping
We could dream this night away

But there’s a full moon rising
Let’s go dancing in the light
We know where the music’s playing
Let’s go out and feel the night

Because I’m still in love with you
I want to see you dance again
Because I’m still in love with you
On this harvest moon

When we were strangers
I watched you from afar
When we were lovers
I loved you with all my heart

But now it’s getting late
And the moon is climbing high
I want to celebrate
See it shining in your eye

Because I’m still in love with you
I want to see you dance again
Because I’m still in love with you
On this harvest moonarDear ones, I hope the fires of self-love will burn high within your sacred heart, during this intense Aries Super Full Moon power influence. May they burn out all the “can’t” and “won’t” still buried in your soul, and turn them all into one courageous “I do”. Activism is a burning part of the Aries Character, use this drive to take yourself to higher levels of understanding and passion. I hope you feel inspired to burn again for the golden world humanity wants to live in.Love and Fiery Full Moon Blessings!

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Water – The Emotional Body Of The World & The Pisces Full Moon

3by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
on the 16th of September the energy field of the Pisces Full Moon will be peeking, bringing to us messages of the water world, the changing emotional body of all beings on planet earth! Pisces is the most sensitive of all water signs and an excellent dreamer of new realities, so the vibrations support us fully in our desires for transformation. With the challenges of last weeks activities around the Dakota Access pipeline, and the incredibly impressive Native American mobilization that came from it, now is the perfect moment to dive deeply into our needs for tribal living in the Golden Age of Aquarius, and shift what ever is holding us back.
More details how we can use this beautiful Harvest Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse energies to our spiritual advantage, and the influence of the Pisces characteristics for our personal growth, will follow in my next post on September 16th. For now let us look into the wisdom that many smart people before us have gained, about the role that water is playing in our life. That the physical body of a grown human being is made of 70% water is commune knowledge, but there is so much more to the refreshing and refining powers of this feminine force of life!

“Understanding the fact that we are essentially water is the key to uncovering the mysteries of the universe.”
― Dr. Masaru Emoto

“Have you also learned that secret from the river; that there is no such thing as time?” That the river is everywhere at the same time, at the source and at the mouth, at the waterfall, at the ferry, at the current, in the ocean and in the mountains, everywhere and that the present only exists for it, not the shadow of the past nor the shadow of the future.”
― Hermann Hesse

“I keep looking for one more teacher, only to find that fish learn from the water and birds learn from the sky.”
― Mark Nepo

“Anger is like flowing water; there’s nothing wrong with it as long as you let it flow. Hate is like stagnant water; anger that you denied yourself the freedom to feel, the freedom to flow; water that you gathered in one place and left to forget. Stagnant water becomes dirty, stinky, disease-ridden, poisonous, deadly; that is your hate. On flowing water travels little paper boats; paper boats of forgiveness. Allow yourself to feel anger, allow your waters to flow, along with all the paper boats of forgiveness. Be human.”
― C. JoyBell C.

“Cry. Forgive. Learn. Move on. Let your tears water the seeds of your future happiness.”
― Steve Maraboli

“Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.”
When you’re weary, feeling small
When tears are in your eyes, I’ll dry them all
I’m on your side, oh, when times get rough
And friends just can’t be found
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down

Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down

When you’re down and out
When you’re on the street
When evening falls so hard
I will comfort you
I’ll take your part, oh, when darkness comes
And pain is all around
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down

Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down

Sail on silver girl
Sail on by
Your time has come to shine
All your dreams are on their way
See how they shine
Oh, if you need a friend
I’m sailing right behind
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will ease your mind

Like a bridge over troubled water
I will ease your mind
Paul Simon4Dear ones, I hope you are in flow with the rhythms and cycles of life right now. That you find your anchor deep inside your own heart and can navigate the wildest storms with grace and ease. The energies are those of a river, a stream that can take us a long way down the road of brotherhood of man and a profoundly healed emotional body for all beings, to bring into manifestation a united Golden Age of Humanity.
Sisterly love and blessings!

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Higher Frequencies – Clearer Vision – Watch Out For The Side Effects

uby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
these days it looks like we are truly in a race for the next and the next step of consciousness in our collective awakening process to the Golden Ago of Aquarius. The earth is moving and shaking with us, and the universe with its stars are constantly topping up the frequency level, with their loving influence and guiding directions. In less than a week the themes will shift again, so it is the right moment to take a look at what such high vibrating levels collectively have on us.

Dear Ones, a personal message, New Beginnings will be closed from June 1st till September 4th! In this time I will be posting my articles rather sporadically, expecting to pick up the daily service after that period! If you resonate with my articles and are used to find my work  shared in a Facebook group, rather sign up on my newsletter here to make sure you get the information!!!

Over the last few month we frequently heard about the electromagnetic changes in the earth field. Changes that allow our physical body to adapt to the divine energies that are constantly transmitted to us, and create space from within for their integration. An impact that also repeated more often now than ever before, are the high amount of  third eye openings or pineal gland awakenings, as they are also called. The Scorpio Full Moon in April has unveiled all our deepest soul desire to us, made us feel again what we believe deep in our soul, and showed us how we so far have avoided actually reaching our divine goals.
We have also learned about new perspectives for a Golden Age fit future of leadership, personal creative divine expression, how we share our unconditional love and how we take care of the planet we live on. All of this changes and directions are now available to us in inner pictures during our sleep, in our meditations and even day dreaming states. The more pineal glands open up to the bigger picture worldwide, the more people will be able to truly imagine the details of manifesting the Golden Age. Don’t forget, “What we can imagine – we can achieve”!!
dFurther side effects we might experience during the impact of High Frequencies are:
*) An important physical part of our collective thrive for awakening is, that our DNA is transforming to 12Strands, as the elements in our physical bodies are downloading new vibrations of the divine blueprint for humanity on to planet earth. That takes a bit of time and can create one or the other confusion on the way. Physical trouble as: Headaches, backaches, neck pains, kidney pains, having a cold, flu symptoms, digestive problems, muscular spasms or cramps, chest pains and an sometimes also increased tendency to accidents.

*) Also waves of intense emotions might come up. Before we human beings are capable of releasing the pain and hurt we are holding on to over our lifetime, we often have to feel them one more time. So if in your past you have been very aggressive, deeply jealous, massively fearful or spiteful, than you might have to feel all of this again now. A spiritual journey involves to constantly transform karmic energies. That is what we got the violet flame for. Sudden waves of nearly overwhelming feelings, outbursts of anger or intense sadness, increased sensitivity on emotional, mental and physical level, all can come up so it can be changed and evolved in vibration – by the violet fire. Find guidance steps and simple tools here!!

*) Just as the divine Law of Correspondence (Above as Below) states, when we reach a higher realm of spirituality and self-love, we also start loving the Earth more. We might feel drown to spend more time than usually in nature. Our ability to feel a communication with plants and trees can increase, our sense of communion with nature can be stronger and we might even meet one or the other elf or gnome on our walks ;-)!

*) Really important now is to allow our senses to extend and ourselves to enjoy, the magical beauty of the physical pleasures that our body provides. So if we want to love humanity and live as one, its time for us to start with loving our own physical appearance. This vessel of our own making, that allows spirit to flow and express itself in this world. Listen to the changes in diet your body might request now and keep doing that until it feels like a new balanced has settled in again.
TIP: Before you eat, bless your food and take a moment for earth awareness. Tell your body that you are going to use the food, to fill and nourish your whole being – body mind and soul. That way the food will also fulfill your emotional hunger, and old abuse pattern can fall away!!!

*) Vivid dreams can turn into a strong connection with our spirit guides. Our dreams can now be more mystical and bringing symbols or signs from indigenous lifetimes, the animal kingdom can make itself more present to us and sacred geometric shapes can appear. If you watch a change there, start a dream journal to get all the details of your messages!!!b7Dear Ones, I hope being aware of this impacts will help you feel more at ease in case you are caught up in overwhelming emotions, have physical trouble or meet people who show extreme behavior. Keep your mind focused on the many blessing the uncomfortable side effects will follow and surrender to the process!! Help yourself by working with the energetic support system of the Ascended Masters and the Angelic Realms!
Blessings an High Vibrations!

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Angelic Poetry & Blessings To Make The Best Of The Current Energies

66by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
just yesterday I talked to you about the great effect it can have on our collective awakening process, if more of us are
Accepting Angelic Guidance For Our Self Mastery and align themselves with the flow of their own divine plan that way. I mentioned, that their guidelines are transmitted to us on a much regular base right now, and that they are bringing us details of the divine blueprint for life in the Golden Age of Aquarius.
Now the message came thru, that in this week there will be literately a storm of Angelic supporters working on guiding and aligning the human race with our next collective steps. The energies will increase over the next days, building up to the Sagittarius Full Moon at the end of the week, so we might be in need of their helping hands!! Here are some blessings you can play with, to make a good contact with the Angelic Realms, and to get the best out of the current energy waves.

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Blessing for a new week
“A brand new week, a bright new day,
may your Angels guide you every step of the way,
bring you love and happiness, keep your life calm,
and most of all protect you from harm.”

Friendship Blessing
“Here is my wish-list for my friends,
to bring them contentment before the day ends.

A pinch of faith and a cupful of hope,
a handful of courage to help them cope,
an abundance of health and a heart full of love,
all brought down to them from their Angels above”5Angels and Faith
If you’re feeling low or lonely – just call your Angels near,
and ask them for their guidance, to free you from your fear.
They’ll always give you comfort, and send someone from above,
to help you find contentment, in their all embracing love.

It may well be that what they send – is not what you expect,
but over time you’ll understand, its always for your best!

Angelic Wings of Gold
“May your Angels come on wings of gold,
a wondrous beauty to behold,
to keep you safe and free from harm,
securely wrapped in loving arms”

Soulmate Blessing
“May your love life blossom and your dreams come true,
by your Angels bringing your Soulmate to you.”

Happiness Blessing
May the moon renew your energy while you’re sleeping,
and the sun give you radiance through the day.
May the rain wash away all your troubles,
sending you a rainbow to show you the way.

May all your worries be small ones,
and your shadows be lightened by stars,
and your heart feel as light as a snowflake,
holding happiness wherever you are.

Forgiveness Blessing
“May your days be bathed in sunshine,
your nights be lit with stars.
May the Angel of forgiveness shine on you,
right there wherever you are.”beDear Ones, I hope you enjoy the love, inspiration and oneness that radiates from this beautiful prayers and blessings! May you have lots of fun connecting with the Angelic Realms even deeper! Personally, “I wishing you health, love, fun and laughter, and your Angels beside you forever after” ;-)!! Have a blessed week and may their guidance be with you where ever you go!!
Love and Angel Blessings

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The Magic Of Shamanic Instruments To Connect Us With The Elements

beating-a-drumby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
the other day I shared an article called 6 spirit guides from the animal kingdom that enjoy mating for life, with inside about shamanic animals that many people share as their personal guiding spirits. Another thing that is gaining more and more on popularity in the human collective, is the use of shamanic instruments in rituals, for meditation, in healing circles and just for fun. All this instruments are loving helper and will support everybody who desires so, and when we know a bit more about the traditional use, the effect f our work might increase as well! So here some insides how shamans use their instruments!

The key to understanding a shaman’s world is to acknowledge, that a shamanic being is always aware of the universe as the source of all, and made of vibrating energy. That every being is a part of this universe, coming from the same constantly transforming existence, that it is simply singled out as ever flowing, rhythmically changing being. By now also quantum physics has proved, that everything in the universe, from the smallest subatomic particle to the largest star, has an inherent vibrational pattern. The own personal soul song, as many African tribes would call it. And because this entire universe is created through vibration, it also can be influenced, transformed, changed and healed through the vibrations of intentional music. So when we seek to align our physical bodies and energetic bodies with the momentary frequency downloads available, than it can help to tap into the healing pattern of shamanic sounds.

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“There is nothing in the world that does not
speak to us. Everything and everybody
reveals their own nature, character, and
secrets continuously. The more we open up
our inner sense, the more we can
understand the voice of everything.”

Hazrat Inayat Khan

Probably the most important instrument of the shaman is the drum. The drum symbolizes the beating of the heart, the life force of man and the earth, as the earth also is a living organism. The beating of the drum brings forward the rhythm of the galloping horse, that is carrying the shaman to the underworld or the world of the spirit realms. That is the reason why in many traditions, the drum is also known as ‘the shamans horse’.
The drums are in the healing of the collective often used for initiations; initiations into a new knowledge, initiations to enable the participant to do engage in an act of courage, and initiations to come into contact with one’s own personal highest potential. For students of shamanism, the initiation can also be of the different dimensions, one of entering a parallel universe, or to evoke the seeing of the personal soul Mandala. In essence shamanic drumming is the conscious creation of a sound pattern, for the purpose of inducing a state of higher frequency, so we can connect with the spiritual dimensions of our shared reality. The drum with her deep, profound vibrations, creates for us mainly the connection to the element earth and the healing of the physical body.

The use of singing bowls dates back in shamanic traditions of Tibet approximately 3000 years ago. They were used for rituals, meditation and initiations, as well as for healing. They are amazing helper, because they create multiple harmonic tones at the same time, due to the many metals that are used in their production. They are made from seven different metals.
They contain gold for the sun, silver for the Moon, mercury for Mercury, copper for Venus, iron for Mars, tin for Jupiter, and lead for Saturn. Each of this metals has seven sound pattern or vibrations. Therefore each singing bowl contains 49 different sounds. The sound of a singing bowls is designed to clear and open the mind to the emotional body, allowing us to be open to shifts and changes in frequency and feelings. Tibetans used their singing bowls also to bridge the material and the non-material world. The bowls becomes a transmitter for the translations of spirit into matter and matter back into spirit. The element they represent is the water.shThe bells are in many shamanic traditions used since the iron age. They represent the air element and our connection to the realm of the spirits. Some Shamans use little bells on their clothing, as with the sound of bells spirits are called, or scared away. They also represent the aspects of the female solar divine qualities, our deeper wisdom, the ability to show compassion for all beings and develop unconditional love.
Another version to evoke the air, is the use of a flute. Mostly involved in shamanic work are three kinds of flutes, which represent three different states of mind. The shepherd’s flute, which affects the first and second chakra, the pan flute used to make the connection between the earth and heavens above, and the crystal or jade flute. This flutes are used to invite the angelic realms and the highest spheres of the spirit world. That is why people often when they get in touch with the highest spheres of vibration, hear angels singing and the sounds of divine trumpets.

The in shamanic traditions most spread instrument representing the element of fire, is the gourd rattle, which is known as the sound of creation. Different creation stories tell us of the first ton, a shimmering sound, which went out in all dimensions, that is the sound of the rattle in shamanic sound work. The seeds of the gourd rattle embody the voice of the big spirit, the guidance of the divine plan for the physical body.
Also still in use to evoke the element fire is the simple and ancient sound of the Ratchet. The sound base for the inner fire of alchemy, burning in every being on the planet. The rattles most important job in a healing or initiation ritual, is to sustain the order of existence. Which means, that the inner fire of alchemy is burning for the translation of the divine blueprint for life on planet earth.fwDear Ones, I hope this tips and insides have raised your interest in shamanic sound work and vibration as the essence of creation in general. In case you have a shamanic instrument make sure you are aware of the impacts it brings, in case you are using it on others, so you can help them to the best of your awareness. Hope you have lots of fun letting the magic of your shamanic soul, reflected in your instrument unfold, and allow it to teach you about the ancient knowledge of the universal highways of sound and light. Sing, dance and vibrate yourself into the Golden Age of Aquarius!!
Healing Sounds and Blessing Vibrations!


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A Visit To The Spirit World – Isabel Allende’s Shamanic Death Experience

isabel-allendeby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
I was just about to share another article with you caring more details and insides, that there might be a western shaman in more of us than are aware, when I remembered the autobiographical book “The sum of the days” by Isabel Allende. The reason that it popped into my mind is Allende’s beautiful report about her experience with Ayahuasca (an ancestral shamanic medicine used by native people in the Amazon rain forest), and the conclusions she came up with. Now don’t get me wrong please, I am not a fan of the whole world drinking Ayahuasca, I feel it should be part of your calling if you meet this plant master. Also it would not work for everyone like it did for her (you will read that her husband had a very different impression), why it was that intense for her on the first shot – is because she already had the traits of a shaman in her!!!

One thing that I particularly remembered is how she describes so beautifully how it is the work of the inner alchemist, that transforms the energetic world of the medicine into daily experience in life. Grounding, integrating and self-mastering are the keys when we are working with the realms of the otherworld. And this is where the cycle closes and today’s Taurus Super New Moon influence completes the picture, as this are all qualities this moon event is providing! Use your shamanic abilities and connect with the wave of this collective movement and the moon will do the rest for you!!

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This is the excerpt of her book, describing the experience:
I needed to become again the girl I once was, that silent girl tortured by her own imagination, wandering like a shadow in my grandfather’s house. I knew I should demolish my rational defenses and open the mind and heart. And for this I decided to have the shamanic experience of Ayahuasca, a brew that the Amazon Indians are using to produce visions.aa
We drank a dark tea that tasted disgusting, just 1/3 cup, but so bitter and fetid it was almost impossible to swallow. At 15 minutes after it was taken, I failed having physical balance and settled on the floor, where I could not move anymore. I panicked and called Willie, who managed to crawl to me, and I held his hand like a lifeline in the worst possible storm. He could not speak or open his eyes. I got lost in a whirlwind of geometric shapes and shining bright colors  that were fascinating at first and then heavy. I felt that I gave up on my body, my heart broke, and I plunged into a terrible anguish. Then I went back to being the girl trapped between the demons of the mirrors and the bores of the curtains.

Soon the colors appeared again, faded away and the black stone that lay almost forgotten in my chest, threatening as some mountains of Bolivia – came up. I knew I had to get it out of my way or die. I tried to climb it but it was slippery, I wanted to turn around and it was huge, I began to tear apart while the task seamed endless and remembered that growing up I was certain that the rock contained all the evil in the world, and was full of demons. I do not know how long I was in that state, the time has nothing to do with time clocks.
Suddenly I felt an electric jolt of energy, that gave me a formidable kick from the floor and I rose above the rock. I went back for a moment to my physical body; bent in disgust, groped the bucket I had at my left hand and threw up bile. Nausea, thirst, sand in my mouth, paralysis. I perceived, or understood, what my grandmother always said: space is full of presences and everything happens simultaneously. There were superimposed and transparent images, like those printed in sheets of acetate in science books.

I wandered through gardens where plants grew with threatening fleshy leaves, large mushrooms sweated poison, evil flowers. I saw a girl about 4 years old, shrunken, terrified; I reached over to lift her up and it was me. Different times and people of my life moved from one sheet to another. I met with me, at different times and in other lives. I met an old woman gray-haired, tiny, but upright and shining eyes; It could have also been me in a few years, but I’m not sure, because the old woman was in the midst of a confused crowd.
Another recurring picture was the history, the memory of the soul that integrates its multiplicity, its river of blood, its “spirit house” that lies buried in the unconscious. That divine memory of the earth and the stars that led Plato to say that “all learning is only memory”. And in Ayahuasca it is part of the process of peace, forgiveness and liberation that human beings must achieve to leave this peaceful home and take the spiritual flight. The journey of Ayahuasca, as a mysterious figure in medicine, as a microcosm of creation, repeats the soul’s journey into the world of the generations, separation from divinity, forgetfulness, but then also the awakening, the rise to the luminous spheres to the infinite, merging with our divinity, which is achieved through the death of the material plane, even if only for one ceremony.pSoon that universe populated, vanished and went into a white and silent space. Hanging in the air, it was an eagle with its large wings spread, supported by the breeze, seeing the world from above, and free. There was this big bird for a long time and then I went to another place, even more glorious, where all form disappeared and there was nothing but spirit. I dissolved into inner silence. If I had the slightest awareness or desire, I would have sad, Paula.

Much later I saw a small circle, like a silver coin, and from there I headed off like an arrow. I crossed the gap and entered effortlessly into an absolute vacuum, a gray translucent and deep. There was no feeling, single spirit, or lower individual consciousness; however what I felt was a divine and absolute presence. A thousand years later I returned, exhausted as a pilgrim, the reality known by the same way he had come to leave, but in reverse: I crossed the small silver moon, I floated in the eagles space, I went down to the white sky, I sank into psychedelic images and finally entered my poor body.

In his experience with the Ayahuasca, Willie did not ascend to glory or death, he stayed in a bureaucratic purgatory, moving papers, until he passed the effect of the medicine a few hours later. Meanwhile I was lying on the floor, where he settled after me with pillows and blankets, shivering, mumbling incoherently and increasingly often throwing up a white foam. At first I was agitated, but then was relaxed and motionless, I did not seem to suffer, sad Willie.
Finally the process of assimilation, reintegration, of being able to wear this jewelry from the depth of the earth, to fulfill the arc of vision, of making the individuals path of divine will occur. The possibility of transformation that becomes clear from observing eternity, which is immutable, to comprehend the supreme reality of spirit and trust the unity that embraces all beings. The third day, already aware, I spent lying on my bed reliving every moment of this extraordinary journey. I knew I could already write a trilogy.

The adventure with the drug seized me something that I can only define as love and a sense of unity: I dissolved into the divine, I felt that there was no separation between me and the rest of what exists, everything was light and silence. I was with the certainty that we are spirits, and that the material is illusory, something that can not be proven rationally, but that I sometimes also have experienced briefly in moments of exaltation before nature, intimacy with someone loved or meditation.
I finally accepted that in this human life my totem animal is the eagle, the bird which in my visions floated watching everything from a great distance. That distance is what allows me to tell stories, because I can see the angles and horizons. It seems I was born to tell and tell. My body ached, but I’ve never been more lucid.145123Of all the adventures of my hectic existence, the only one that can be compared to this visit to the dimension of the shamans was your death, my daughter Paula. On both occasions happened something inexplicable and deep, that transformed me. I never again been the same after your last night and this powerful potion to drink: I lost my fear of death and eternity, and of the spirit truly experienced.

Dear Ones, allow me to repeat again, that I am not a fan of “the whole world drinking Ayahuasca”!! My experience rather showed me that it is a medicine for people who hear an inner call from her spirit and follow this call, not for everybody at all! But what I hope that you can take with you from Allende’s beautiful sharing of her experience is, that we must be willing to allow a death experience – in order to come to the higher vibrating levels of inner light and divine bliss. That is a natural part of the shamanic path of ascension! And maybe you can even go as far as giving permission to today’s Taurus New Moon, to ground all of your spirit into your physical body. So you may become today, a BEING of the Golden Age of Aquarius.
Shamanic Greetings an New Moon Blessings!


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Taurus New Moon – Super Moon – This Love Lasts

0_0Dear Friends,
with the impact of last Scorpio Full Moon we have been feeling our deepest soul desires, on personal level as much as within our collective awakening process. Profound emotions have bee set in motion and are still shifting within our inner world. So we can be grateful that the upcoming
New Moon is caring the characteristics of the earth sign Taurus. Again we are facing a Super Moon, which is always a strong stellar event, so we have to expect high frequencies and intense energies. And this time it is also all about the body. How grounded we are, how well connected with the elements and how we nurture ourselves on physical and energetic level, make all the difference on this
Taurus New Moon.

For all who feel a bit disconnected and need a little vibrational help, you find 4 songs and a prayer, evoking each of the elemental vibrations within you here: to the water element; the air element; the earth element; the fire element and the element ether (spirit).
Love and New Moon Blessings!!


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Shared with permission of the wonderful Kelley Rosano:
The Taurus New Moon on May 6 is a SuperMoon. This is the third SuperMoon in a row. This Moon will tug on you. It may affect your consciousness. It could intensify your feelings. The New Moon may feel more like a Full Moon. Bringing to light your true feelings. What is your truth? Are you living from it? This will empower you. This Moon is shining the light on what you love and value. When you align your goals with your core values, this promotes your success.njkYour power is in the choices you make today. Your future is determined by it. Your freedom and joy is in your ability to live in alignment with your true values. What you love and value is unique to you. It makes you what you are. What you are in truth is far more important than what you do. The world defines you by what you do. This is too limiting. Who and what you are is much more interesting. This is finding the Gold in You.

The Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury are in Taurus. They are in a harmonious energy flow with Pluto in Capricorn. Jupiter is in Virgo making this a Grand Earth Trine. This is good news. Taurus is an earth sign. This earth energy is strong in May. Taurus reveals your attitude toward money. Love and Money are the same energy. Did you know that? Venus is the ruler of Taurus. She is the Goddess of love and abundance. It is your destiny to live an abundant life. You do not get what you want. You get what you believe.
*) Do believe that money is wicked?
*) Do you believe that having money blocks your spiritual growth?
*) What is the story that you tell about your money?
*) Is it time to tell a new positive story?
*) Do you feel that you are worthy of abundance?
*) Do you want financial freedom?
But you do not have it? When you focus on lack, you create resistance. You attract what you do not want. This blocks you from receiving what you do want. Everything is energy. Everything is a vibration. You are energy. The energy you send out, are the results you get back. Is money flowing to you? Are your feeling stuck? You can get your money machine going. If you are already in gear. You can get it revved up. Take your Love and Money to the Top. Take charge of your life. This program explores the blocks to your financial success.

Timing is everything. Know when your time is ripe to attract your greatest abundance. It is good to know when times may be lean and you have to make do with less. You can always improve your attraction power from where you are right now. In this red-hot moment. When you hit bottom, the only place to go is up. Be abundant doing what you love.

A world of abundance surrounds you, if you will only step up and claim it. Make life happen through you rather than letting it happen to you. It will make all the difference in the world.
— Ralph Marstontaurus1211

This Moon can empower your wealth and health. Your wealth is in your health. The longer I live the more this truth becomes self-evident. If you want a lot from your body, you have to give your body a lot. You can use the Extreme-Self Program to improve your health. Your body deserves the best food and vitamins. Exercise and rest are required to live your best life. Love your body. Give it what it needs and wants. The body is the messenger. What is your body telling you? You want to save the world. Save yourself first. This love lasts. You do not help anyone when you neglect your health. You do not live to eat. You eat to live.

Are you taking the time and intention to feed your body well? All, in your world, is better for it.
— Ivo/Lisa Dorr

Get your Needs met and you will be Needless. You are no longer chasing your needs. You can focus on what you love and value. This empowers you to live your best Life. Stop trying to fill the void from the outside. You can meet your own needs. In this way, you are with other people because they add value to your life. People who make your life better. And not just folks to hang out and kill time with.
The Taurus Moon is reminding you to take life slow. Be patient. Do not be in a hurry. Mars is the planet of action and energy. He is retrograde. Mars is coupled with Saturn in Sagittarius. Both are in backward motion as seen from Earth. Move slower. Yes, this is a fertile New Moon. You are planting seeds in the Taurus earth. These seeds will ripen in the weeks and months ahead. The Grand Earth Trine pumps up this prosperous New Moon for you. It is packed with potential for your success. You are a powerful master creator. What do you want to create in the next thirty-day cycle? What are you creating this year?

There is more good news. Jupiter moves direct on May 9. He is in Virgo. Reminding you to take good care of your health. Nothing else matters without it. I seem to be saying that a lot here today. Jupiter does continue to be in challenging aspect with Saturn and Neptune until July 20. Do your beliefs empower you? Or, are they holding you back? Is it time to shed religious and cultural programming? Are you getting what you want? Why not? What is in the way of your goals?
Mercury will cross over the Sun in a rare transit on May 9. This too is good news. The last time this occurred was in 2006. The next one will be in 2019. Pay attention to important insights that come to you now. Source is talking to you. You can gain wisdom now for your life. There are times to take action. There are times to wait and listen. Trust your intuition. Trust your instincts. This is not the time to push. Flow with the energy and see where it takes you.nThe Taurus New Moon means for you is love you and your gifts. This love lasts. Taurus reveals your talents and gifts. These abilities you want to leverage in this life. This is the gold within you. This is what will make you happy. Your gifts can create great abundance for you. They reveal your past life attainment that you have brought forth into this life. Nourish and nurture your gifts. Saturn says be a wise steward of your talent. Love you. You are precious. There is only one of you. Never forget that truth.
Pay attention to your health. Slow down. Do not be in a hurry. It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. Value what you have. Value you. Cherish your life. You are blessed. Be honest with yourself. What is true for you? Stand in your truth. Love your truth. It will set you free. Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best. Always strive to be your best. Let go of the rest. Your best will change daily. This depends on how you are feeling. You need your best health to be at your best. This is what the Taurus New Moon means for you. Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. Be Blessed. Be safe. Be well. You are loved. All Are One.

Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.” — Theodore Roosevelt

Love and Peace,
Kelley Rosano

Source: Kelley Rosano

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The Scorpio Full Moon Reveals Your Deepest Desires

cDear Friends,
after the last Aries New Moon, which was in its character as  Super Moon another massive stellar event in a row of high frequency impacts that triggered so many to make a leap in their personal awakening process, now the Scorpio Full Moon seeks to take us into the depths of our souls deepest desires. Still in need to integrate the massive wave of energetic downloads and newly born synchronicity that is appearing in our lives, we are more than ever  depending on an inner connection with the elemental forces to balance our energies.
You find 4 songs and a prayer, evoking each of the elemental vibrations within you here: to the water element; the air element; the earth element; the fire element and the element ether (spirit). Staying grounded and hands on in our approach to life, while we do not forget the glory of  “BEING ALIVE” helps us to stay in flow. The task at hand is still, to focus our passion on planing and creating a world capable of hosting the Golden Age of Aquarius. Hope you feel motivated and ready to go!!!

Love and Profound Full Moon Blessings!!

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Shared with permission of the wonderful Kelley Rosano:
There is a Scorpio Full Moon on April 21. This Moon will bring your deepest desires to the surface. You know what drives you. What compels you to the choices that you make? Scorpio rules emotional truth. Among many areas are joint finances and sexuality. What is your inner most longing? The Scorpio Moon is flushing out your fears. You know those inner demons that hold you back from reaching your goals. And where you need to own your power. Scorpio seeks to reveal your vulnerabilities and your unmet wishes. Scorpio shows you what you need to transform.
What is changing for you?
Where do you need to own your power?
What is complete for you?

The Sun in Taurus is the time to evaluate your true values. What you love and value. You can go here and use the True Values Program. When you align your goals with your true values, you promote your own success. I love to uplift and inspire others. That is my number one value. Learning. I love to learn. sou_nDo not allow society dictate to you what success is for you. This can hurt your self-esteem. It can leave you wanting. Create your own definition of success. Based on your true values. How are you using your talents and abilities? Are you leveraging your skills to increase your financial strength? Do you own your possessions? On the other hand, do they own you? Venus is the ruler of Taurus. She is coupled with Uranus at the Full Moon. Break the rules. Do not break the laws. Be true to your heart’s desire. Free yourself. Free your mind. This is true liberation. Declare that you are going to live an authentic life. A life driven from the inside out. Stop filling up from the outside. Meet your own needs. Only add things that make your life better. Love you more than the need for relationship. Go to Source for what you need.

Mercury turns retrograde April 28 – May 22. Mercury is in Taurus. It is time to slow down. Take your time. Focus on what makes you happy. Look at your resources to see where you can make improvements. Your resources are not just money. They are your time and energy. This include your gifts. Using your gifts with your values reveals your calling.
What is your purpose?
What gets you out of bed in the morning?
What gives you passion?
There is good news. There is an excellent Grand Earth Trine. Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto are empowering you to heal your life. You can heal your body. You can heal your heart. What need healing for you? You can increase your abundance. You can tap into your talents and create wealth. Less is more. Live a simpler life. This creates happiness. It makes you free. You are here to be happy.

There is a mutable T-square with Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius. Neptune is in Pisces. Jupiter is in Virgo. This is where the action is this year. It is strong in April and May. June too will be intense with this energy. Gemini is the empty leg of this T-square. This is your way out. You are to be curious. You are to keep an open mind. Truth can be revealed to you now. What is your truth? I mean what works for you. Not what works for others, but you? When you evolve, so do your beliefs. Speak your truth. Be willing to listen. Let go of the need to judge others because of your beliefs.
What needs to change for you?
What is holding you back?
What is working for you?
The Scorpio Full Moon means for you is to use your power to create the life you truly desire. Be the magician. Use your magic to create beauty. Come from Love not fear. Be fearless. The Full Moon will focus you on your self-worth and resources. Taurus reminds you of what you cherish. Taurus seeks comfort and acceptance for who you truly are. bThe goal is to live authentically. Live from your truth. Scorpio seeks to reveal your vulnerabilities and your unmet desires. Scorpio shows you what you need to transform. You are giving birth to a new paradigm. You are to create from your heart. Living from your heart. Do what you truly love and value. This will create Heaven on Earth. Be who you really are. Never take your eye off the ball. Reach for the stars. Fight for your dreams. Protect your talents and gifts. Be aware. Be awake.

There are those who would love to steal your gifts from you. There may be those that would try to block your dreams come true. Have the eye of the tiger. Own your power. Do what empowers you. Be your own best friend. Do not focus on how others treat you. Focus instead, on how you allow others to treat you. You want to teach people how to treat you. You are not always going to get it right. Your personal best will change from day to day depending how you feel that day. Hold Love in your heart. It is a live organ. Your heart needs your love to stay strong. Love is your power. This truth is so simple. Yet, for many people where is the love in your heart? Do you have love for humankind? Your power is in your Love. Love. It is your real power. How do you love you? Love you. Only then can you truly love others. This is what is required to Ascend. Be Blessed. Be safe. Be well. You are loved. All Are One.

There is a way of living life that is vibrantly a part of you. It is yours. It is inherent within you. Allow it. Take part fully. Shine.”
— Ivo/Lisa Dorr

Love and Peace,
Kelley Rosano

Source: Kelley Rosano