Boost Your Inner Peace For 2016 – This Simple Affirmations Help!

aby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
what an amazing entrance this year has made. With the Solar Storms that have been sending millions of little light impulses on planet earth and into the human nervous system, in order to shift our DNA even profounder into the Light Body Process that we are collectively living right now. In this ongoing twelve month, we will be called to develop even more of our true authentic expressions, to act from a place of wisdom and form a place of inner peace and quiet, when we are exchanging our energies with the outer world. In my posts about the Native American Code of Ethics and the collective awakening into Christ Consciousness, I mentioned how our awakening I AM awareness and desire for oneness are guiding us on this way.
And, as always it is on us to prepare the internal field of our inner world first, when we want to attract new blessings into our life. So here is a set of very simple affirmations to train our minds to be fit for a peaceful new beginning for our world!!! My recommendation is to read all of them and than pick 3-5 that you like the most. Write them into your notebook and carry them with you!! That way you can over and over again remind yourself to repeat them in your mind!!!

  1. I AM taking charge of my thoughts and my emotions.
  2. I AM taking responsibility for my thoughts and my emotions.
  3. In any moment, I AM aware of the guidance of my higher-self.
  4. I AM safe and welcome in this world.
  5. I AM grateful for all the beauty and love in my life.
  6. I accept, appreciate and love myself unconditionally.
  7. I feel an abundance of positive energy all around me.
  8. I am a channel of peace and well-being.
  9. I am peaceful and internally calm in any situation.
  10. I choose peace!
  11. People feel peaceful and comfortable around me.
  12. I AM filled with positive energy and that is what I attract.
  13. I AM choosing to express myself from a place of unconditional love.
  14. I AM creating peace in all my interactions with others.
  15. I give and receive peace and love.
  16. I Am breathing in and out, peace and love.ab
  17. My inner peace is abundantly met.
  18. I AM at peace within myself and all that I AM.
  19. I AM centered in the peace of my heart.
  20. I recognize and encourage the peaceful nature of others.
  21. I SEEK peaceful resolutions wherever conflict exists.
  22. I SEE humans natural way of being is peace and love.
  23. I AM aware that an opportunity for peace is always present.
  24. Everything in the world begins with a thought. My thoughts are those of peace.
  25. I Am the peace in moments of chaos.
  26. I AM an island of calm stability within the chaos of life.
  27. I AM inhale peace with a calming breath.
  28. I AM ok, right here, right now.
  29. I embrace simplicity, peace and love.
  30. I create inner peace within every experience.
  31. I allow peace to comes into every detail of my life.aa
  32. MY world is a peaceful, loving and enjoyable place.
  33. I AM at peace with all my choices.
  34. I inhale my peaceful and calm spirit.
  35. I release the past and live in peace.
  36. My personal environment is my sanctuary of peace.
  37. I Am aware of the beauty around me.
  38. I embrace my oneness with nature and all beings on this planet.
  39. I let go of fear and embrace love.
  40. I connect with the comforting silence of my soul.
  41. I live and enjoy fully the present moment.
  42. I radiate peace and love out to others.
  43. All my relationships are loving and harmonious.

I hope this steps by step inner peace and authenticity manifestation guide, helps you increase the calm, inner quietness and peace you feel in your life!! Lets all together take a big step into approaching the world with just the same vibration, as we desire it to respond to us!! I hope you will find others to create lots blessings for your version of a peacefully Golden Age of Humanity. And that your peace may spread into your family, friendship circle and community. Keep breathing and have a little faith in the human collective!!!
Blessings an Love!


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Self-Compassion in 3 Steps – Tips from The Buddha

by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
by now we nearly passed the first week of the increasing wave of frequency shifts, that will go on until the 11th of November. Like I mentioned the energy impacts can get as intense as in September, which is why The Enlightened Being the Buddha Gautama is supporting us in our process. One thing the Buddha is promoting to us as important ascension tool, is the practice of SELF-COMPASSION.  

This is what he shared:
Just as wisdom covers the intellectual or comprehending side of our nature. Like wisdom, compassion is uniquely human quality. Compassion is made up of two words. ‘co’ meaning together and ‘passion’ meaning a strong feeling. And this is what compassion is. When we see someone is in distress and we feel their pain as if it were our own, and strive to eliminate or lessen their pain, then this is compassion. So all the best in human beings, all the Buddha-like qualities like sharing, readiness to give comfort, sympathy, concern and caring “all are manifestations of compassion”.
You will notice also that in the compassionate person, care and love towards others has its origins in care and love for oneself. We can really understand others when we really understand ourselves. We will know what’s best for others when we know what’s best for ourselves. We can feel for others when we feel for ourselves. So in Buddhism, ones own spiritual development blossoms quite naturally into concern for the welfare of others. The Buddha’s life illustrates this very well. He spent six years struggling for his own welfare, after which, he was able to be of benefit to the whole of mankind. – end of quoteaaOur compassion is what is called our “Buddha seed” or “Buddha nature”, our potential to become a Buddha our self’s. Essentially it is because all living beings carry this Buddha seed inside, that we have the capacity to become Enlightened. It is recommended to develop extend and deepen our compassion, through a regular meditation practice. When we do so – the repetitions transform us over time, into an expression of the universal mind of great compassion. But before we are truly ready to reach that state, we have to be in a place of SELF-COMPASSION.
So let’s take a look at the three most important steps toward authentic and effective self-compassion.

Don’t replay mistakes in your head over and over again!! Don’t call yourself stupid or worthless!! Don’t use negative language against yourself at all!! Harsh self-criticism might be pretty common, but beating yourself up for your mistakes and punishing yourself for your failures does not actually help anybody. It just makes you mentally weaker and less capable of making the right decision for your next step. Try instead to be the observer of your negative emotions, without overly focusing on them or suppressing them. The same for mistakes and hurtful actions you saw on yourself. Which leads us to self-kindness.

Now as you are acting more like an observer than a judge of your situation, you can start exchanging harsh and demanding thoughts or words – for a more supportive and self-loving language. Worldwide studies show that treating yourself with kindness, is the best way to create a more authentic results for the next time. Self-compassion is in essence, the line that follows up from self-recognition to self-acceptance and following acts of self-improvement. So the next time you go a bit of the trail, embrace the confused and insecure person you might turn into!! Hold yourself tight and let yourself know, you got your back!! Promise yourself that you will do better already when the next chance comes along, and than make sure you keep your promise!!

When ever we are in a profoundly difficult situation, it helps us to acknowledge that our suffering and failure might not be as individual as it seams in the moment. Maybe it is rather an universal experience, that other human beings went trough before. By doing so we on one hand remind ourselves, that we are not alone in our pain – and on the other side – that others have overcome similar difficult situations before, so we can also develop the strength to do the same. Remember Jesus Christ sad that we could all do what he has done, and even more… well, lets go and proof him right on that on ;-)…
comI hope with this steps you feel inspired to add even more kindness and self-love to your everyday life behavior, and that you have lots of fun practicing self-compassion!! Don’t forget to think uplifting thoughts about yourself, when things are already ruff!! Keep breathing, smiling and hugging yourself!! Sending b
lessings and wish you much success increasing your self-compassion ;-)!
Love Edith

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