Overweight – Can I anyway go to a Yoga class??

yoga_instructorby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
in the magical little town I live in, we are a collective of Healer, Personal Trainer, Ascension Facilitator and many, many Yoga Teacher. You can at least find five different Yoga classes the day, offerings of any type and style you can possible imagine.
Last night I was talking to a close friend, a wonderful, beautiful, strong, fire and slightly overweight woman. I was truly shocked when I heard her asking me the question “Can I even take a Yoga class, with my weight”. Apart from the fact that my beautiful friend is literally only 10 pounds over her so called “ideal weight”, it shocked me most – that she would even in the least consider limiting herself because of her weight. Especially as I know her as  a courageous woman, usually unafraid to take whatever she truly desires. It made me think of the million of women out there, who are not jet ready to stand up for their true desires in everyday life. So this is to all of you!!!

The first – and most important news flash is – there is no typical yoga body. Everybody who puts enough effort and perseverance into it, can be successful in experiencing the true effects of Yoga. Best example is the American Plus-Size Yoga Teacher Jessamine Stanley. All the beautiful pictures used in this article are from her Instagram presentation.
aAnd that leads us to news flash number two: the essence of Yoga is not about the physical body, not about looking good, not about loosing weight, not even about bringing more strength to the body. All of this are basically side-effects, that can be used in many different therapeutic ways. But the essence begins where everything else begins, in the mind. It is about finding liberation for limiting believe systems (without actively having to go thru the minds understanding), this liberation than leads to an inner extension – which we notice as sinking in deeper into a Yoga pose, that we where not able to hold just yesterday. That people who practice Yoga since a long time often have a slim and sometimes wiry physical appearance, has rather to do with the mental discipline that comes from regular training in general.
And please don’t get me wrong, a woman born with heavy bone structure, a woman broad in the beam or highly overweight – will never turn into a Prima Ballerina, just because of practicing Yoga.Smash-yoga6Which turns into the news flash number three: For the creation of a brotherhood of men for this world, we have to stop judging each others body and realize – their beauty lies in being the vessel for our divine soul. We need to get out of societies claws of cruelty, comparison and completion with each other. A study from England shows, that over 70% of women feel so afraid of being judged for their physical bodies appearance, they never even start attending the gym or go to exercise classes. How did we manage to get so afraid of each other that 70% of a countries population rather decides to stay at home, than one more time suffer the profound pain other peoples judgement can trigger??
At the same time, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, less than half of the American population actually get enough physical exercise. A lack of physical activity makes us more vulnerable for diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer. Is that really worth it?
So be a role-model!!! Get out there and do what you want to do!!! Put your thickest skin on top of your thinnest leggings and book a class, if that is what you truly desire doing. If you want to dance – find a dance class! And if you want to sing – let a teacher train you!

I hope you feel inspired to rush out and take your first class!! And the next time when I take a break at for a Yoga teaching – I expect to meet at least three overweight sisters in my class!!! We want you to become visible sisters of the world!! Go, let your Light shine bright!!
Blessings & Love Edith

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(Photo credit:  Jessamine Stanley on Instagram)



Ascension is Now – Step Up and Connect!!

wowby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
in this amazing moment of our collective evolution, there is an incredible amount of energy for growth available. The opportunity to take a quantum leap into higher consciousness, is now here for all of us. Many of you reported already to have an increasing awareness of the first changes in your lives. You may experience a quickening of inner growth, and a  deeper desire to know the truth. This is the result of the increased energy that is occurring. It is time for us to realize our origins to some extent. To appreciate ourselves for who we are beyond our minds and personalities, beyond our limited concepts of ourselves.
Most people in the human collective at this moment of time experience their life, limited to the five senses of their physical body. Ascension is a matter of going beyond this limited spectrum of experience. It opens you to the extended abilities of the sensory self’s body. The wisdom of your physical body.
Many prophesies have spoken about this collective awakening of humanity. The Keys of Enoch predicts it by speaking of the sudden appearance of 144,000 Ascended Masters on Planet Earth. The masters coming appearance, is also reported in the Native American prophecies.
We are in the middle of the unveiling of our higher Selves. The increased awareness of who we really are. True ascension is not about any society concept, nor do people have to be religious!! It is rather about living faithfully, feeling trusting, loving and fearless in our pure divine expression.imagespUltimately ascension is the goal of all self-transforming process that human beings undertake, during this physical life on Planet Earth. And it is now available to anyone who acknowledges and respects the divine / hermetic laws. It is a great leap of experience on every level of your being. You could say that the ascended state, is a state of increased frequency of vibration. This vibration allows your physical body to turn lighter and lighter, while your soul has more and more presence in your everyday life’s expression.
Imagine yourself as a prism – you shine white light through the prism, breaking it into many various colors, and wavelengths of light. This is the capacity of your true self!!

It is on you to align yourselves and to open to this transformation, especially if you wish to be among the first to take that leap of consciousness. So why would you be different from others, you might ask. Why are there so few who are ready to hear about this at this time? Why are your minds a little bit more open to this possibility? It is because you are born as an Indigo or Crystal Child, have been increasing your awareness as Light-Workers, Energy-Worker, or Star-seeds.
You are, believe it or not, very evolved beings. You are very beautiful and courageous beings. And now your internal alarm clock goes off. This is because you are programmed to awaken. You are wired for this time.You knew that no matter what happens in your life, you would not miss to elevate you consciousness now.
Collectively we will begin to feel a constant expansion of our self-understanding. And a great deal more of our true presence, our higher Self. Every atom and molecule of the Earth, the solar system and every being on Planet Earth, are transforming towards a higher frequency together.
10703698_10152609922508300_7720062948053592955_nAnd this time, we will not leave our bodies in order to go to this higher state. Instead our bodies are transforming as well. The molecules and atoms, our DNA, our sub-atomic particles are changing. Our minds are growing beyond the illusion of birth and death, our consciousness will no longer be interrupted by the sleep we call death. This transformation is not something that is intended to be selective for a very few individuals. It is something which is now occurring on a planetary scale.
So STEP UP to your A-game… Connect… Breath Deeply and Keep Walking the Path.
I see you all in the boat!!
Big hug and Blessings Edith

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Are Indigo Children and Empath our Natural Leader for a New World?

38by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
our world is changing and we are still about to grab the bigger picture of what it means to go thru a number 8 Numerology year. One of the themes we are triggered to understand on a deeper level, is our idea of what it means to be a true leader.
When we look into the society we collectively created so far most people would probably say a leader is a person of strength, of big knowledge, a charismatic, headstrong, probably courageous being – with maybe even an intimidating personality. But than, when we look into the society we have right now, we also have to admit – that did not quite work out so well for us!
I was born in the 70s in Vienna-Austria, as an Indigo Child, Introvert and Empath. When I was little, we lived in a residential area next to diplomats, local politicians and the economical elite of Vienna. People of great power and influence in the world. I always felt like an outsider, somehow alone, different than others, more like standing on the sidelines of life watching the figures in my world make their moves – than emotionally present with them. Something many High Sensitive People experience as a challenge in their life. During the years of my parents divorce, I had to switched schools quite often, which did not make it more easier for me to feel connected.
But, every single time I meet people who where in class with me, they tell me how much they loved my “loud voice against injustice“, the frequency of change that came with me into the classroom, and “that I lead them” into more authentic and courageous expression – when talking to the teachers. Some call it revolution ;-)…
Do you see where I am going with that?

Indigo Child & Empath use all their being when listening to others:

Empath just like Indigo Children and High Sensitive, experience the world through a different perspective than the average person. Most people with these traits are used to live their life in the extended energetic state of the 6th sense. That allows them to read other peoples energies and emotions, while talking to them.
Something else that differentiates the behavior of most Empath, Indigo Children and High Sensitive from the collective is, that they are used to listen to people with the intention to hear THEIR TRUTH and to understand the motivation behind the spoken word. That creates a field of security – a warm embrace for the talker, which naturally leads to more freedom in expression.

Stephen R. Covey once sad, images That’s a problem as it does not create human relationships but distance.

When I am honest, most of the impressive men in leading positions that I met during my childhood, scared the living hell out of me. They where simple unapproachable!!  No warm feelings or no openness, there was nothing that mad me feel safe – in the energy field they where radiating.
For me that is a clear sign, that sensitive personality types are rather the more effective “natural born leader” in our world. They have the capacity to do a better job, as its natural for them to put their egos aside and truly care for others. Their communication skills include the awareness, that transparency and honesty are required to create an authentic relationship with others. That are traits of leader for me, traits I desire seeing in Politicians, Teacher, Doctors and Police officer!do

Sensitive people feel the need to balance their environment:

Why would that make them good truthful leader? When High Sensitive people interact with others, they are naturally looking for a win – win situation for all beings involved. If that is not the case they feel very uncomfortable and could even make themselves sick. Most of the political leader we have at the moment, are puppets to the system they are working in. Indigo Children are literally born with the soul purpose to lead the human collective, into the manifestation of the Golden Age of  Aquarius and change that!

Sensitive people mainly seek to make their decisions, based on the needs and for the best of the collective. They experience it as rather natural to consider the feelings and opinions of others, in their evaluation of a situation.
To me – that sounds like a healthy natural leader. If in a political position, a developing project, a cooperate job or the little family clan, that is what the world needs!!

Self-study makes them more accepting of human nature:

Many Empath, Indigo Children and High Sensitive are often also rather introverted people. It kind of comes with the shared traits this personality types usually have. Because many of them feel weird and as outsider in their society,  they spending more time trying to understand themselves than most people do. They study their own behavior and human nature, with the intention to feel the beauty of oneness.
In a conversation with others they than apply the gained understanding, in order to connect on an even deeper level. It makes their ability to accept the inner dynamics that are at work in peoples emotions, much profounder than most people are able to find inside themselves.

introversion introvertWhen self-empowered, the highest good of all is naturally their goal:

Once Empath, Indigo Children or High Sensitive people understand the incredible gifts they carry inside, nothing can stop them from using them for the higher good! The sensitivity and vulnerability that is part of their nature, makes them strong and highly co-operative creative partner. Their natural mindset and positive attitude about leadership in co-operation, allows them to be fearless in finding new solutions for our collectively evolving humanity.
They carry the ability and courage to create strong impacts of positive change for our world!! Change born from compassion for self and others and the need to create balance and harmony for everybody!!

So if you identify yourself as an Empath, Indigo Children or High Sensitive person.. STEP UP… develop your personal beauty, strengths and divine abilities, and go out there to do the job you came for!!! Don’t be shy in taking chances!! Don’t forget, that you have everything you need already inside of you!! You can study alone, take a teacher to help you develop your truthful expression or a group to share your steps with. Do what ever it takes to be the person you wanted to be, when you decided to live on this beautiful planet!!
I wish you clarity and strength on your path into your future leading roles on this planet!!! Blessed be your beautiful, crystal clear souls!!
Love and Blessings

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Listening With the Heart to Those Who Cannot Speak

Dear Freinds,
this article makes hope and made me cry at the same time! As I am also an empath  and an emotional intuitive, I was in many situations where I could feel the pain of animals. Wherer the energetic field talked to me about their horror and suffering. And some of them shared their happiness, their deep passion for life and for a connection with human beings. It is time we take better care of our fellow animal friends! A wonderful story that fits beautifully to the time we are in – the time to call back the animals into co-creation of a new – harmonious world for all beings!! AHO! Love and best connections!!!
How a chance encounter with a Horse demonstrates the power of listening with the heart.

As an emotional intuitive, I often find myself called into unchartered territory to be of service to help individuals and animals. It is in these moments that I witness the greatest potential for miracles. Synchronicity does not shout; it whispers, to see if you are listening and courageous enough to be of service.
After a long hike on a Sunday afternoon, my husband and I were famished, but we had arrived at our favorite restaurant only to find that it wouldn’t be open for another hour. It seemed like an easy choice to simply find another place to eat.
But something in my gut said, “Wait!”
We decided to aimlessly tour the countryside for that hour and eventually crossed a street named after my hometown. We giggled and turned the corner. Strolling past the rolling hills of cattle, horses, and sheep; we felt at peace.

Further down the road, I had a strange feeling as we approached a horse isolated in a small pen 25 feet in diameter. He was separated from a group of horses across the road. Intuitively, I could feel the pain and anxiety the horse was experiencing. I told my husband that something was wrong and he asked if he should pull over.
Synchronicity had led me here to be of service so my darling husband happily obliged. Afraid to get out of the car for fear of overstepping personal boundaries, I could feel the inner struggle between being of service to this horse who couldn’t speak for himself and the fear of being yelled at or shot. But the horse’s suffering was too intense to disregard; I decided to act with courage.

horse-eyeI approached the horse in his pen slowly, allowing him to see the loving intention in my eyes and heart. I telepathically let him know that I was there to connect with him and that I cared about what he was feeling. I felt an immediate burst of joy come from inside his heart.

The horse allowed me to feel his deep grief and anxiety. He felt unacceptable and alone. He felt a strong sense of panic, anxiety, humiliation, abandonment, and bewilderment. He didn’t know who he could trust and was terribly unhappy in the tiny pen filled with his own feces that he was left in. This left him feeling humiliated and rejected.
The horse’s pen was one of those pens that had been used for breaking them. I saw a flash of the horse’s past where he was beaten into submission by previous owners, men who had whipped him repeatedly.
The experiences had left him emotionally scarred. Being left alone in that pen told him that he was unacceptable psychologically. I could feel that no matter how many times he had tried to trust, he had been consistently betrayed, mistreated, and left alone. He longed to be free, grazing with the other horses in the pasture. Most people do not understand that horses, like other conscious animals, form attachments and have real emotions like humans.
With all of this information, I knew I wanted to overcome my own fear of being misunderstood and potentially harmed in order to do what I could to help the horse relay this message to his current owner.
I left a detailed note and my phone number with the owner and let the horse know that his wishes had been communicated. He responded by trying to play with me, grabbing with his mouth at the ends of my clothing to pull me in to the pen with him. He really wanted to connect with someone who saw him for the beautiful and intelligent spirit that he is.


On our way home, I was surprised to receive a phone call from the horse’s owner and could therefore explain our chance encounter in more detail. “You are very in tune!” she said, to my surprise and delight.

She told me that the horse had bonded with her daughter but since she had just had knee surgery, she was not able to get out to see him. This explained why he felt so abandoned and alone. She went on to tell me that the horse had seven previous owners, many of whom had severely beat him and forced him to do very hard work. Most recently, he had been relocated from Oklahoma where someone in their family had passed away.
“Did you notice the broken gate on the pen?” she asked. “Yes,” I replied. “He broke free during a thunderstorm one night about two months ago” she said.
Could you imagine being trapped in a small pen alone in the dark during a violent thunder and lightning storm? Just like you, the horse was afraid as he had no where to hide and was terrified.
“But he lived in Oklahoma” she said. “They have great big storms there.”

She didn’t understand that horses are just like people. We all need shelter and a place to feel safe. Even horses get scared. I offered solutions to help the horse adjust to his new home and family in a more interconnected way by possibly contacting the owner of the adjacent property to see if the horse could socialize with the others. She was very grateful and happy to respond to make the situation better immediately. I was happy that I did not allow my fear to get in the way of trying to alleviate the suffering of another being. It was an honor to communicate empathically with a beautiful life force who could not speak for himself.
Many people do not understand the emotional intelligence of other species, but would be changed forever once they did. Words create division but we can connect universally through the empathic language of the heart. No matter what life form you find yourself engaging with, try practicing deep listening and speaking through the emotional compass of your heart. What you will discover is that the world is a much more interesting place.

Source: http://upliftconnect.com/listening-with-the-heart/