When Nature Heals – Trees That Transform Us In Exchange For A Hug


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the last few days we talked a lot about the loving heart of nature, and the importance it has for the future of all human beings, that we again develop a healthy and balanced relationship with all forces of the nature kingdom. Just yesterday I mentioned, that the hermetic laws, the principles the universe is build on, demand from every tree that wants to reach heavens, to have deep and healthy roots first. And in this case we are not different from our nature brothers. The higher we seek to rise in our frequencies, the more it is important that we Stay Grounded And Blissful in everyday life.
As we are brothers and sisters in essence, trees can be incredibly helpful in this process and even ease our pains. When I ran into this article from the page soy espiritual on how different trees heal us in exchange for a hug, I could not resist translate it for you! I hope this insides and information about our friends the trees will inspire you to seek a loving relationship with them. They have so much to give and are incredibly generous in their sharing, so give it a try and have a lovely chat and a long hug, the next time you are in the park or woods!!
Love and Earth Blessings!!

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The original article is in Spanish available at: soy espiritual
In Taoism and in many cultures worldwide, trees are regarded as the vertical axes of all life on earth. When we sensitize with that energy, seek to awaken our body and consciousness toward it, than that creates a learning and healing practice which leads us to meet our original energy, and to connect us with a sense of internal cleansing.
Many of the physical problems human beings have, especially the ones who are living in cities, would actually disappear with a simple walk in nature. Formerly it was believed that each tree had its own spirit with a special energy that can be passed on to us, and people are seeking this energy to achieve balance.4The benefits of hugging a tree are countless, mysterious, but easy to verify if we pay attention. If we observe them and communicate with them, while watching them silently. Trees help us to easily establish contact with the powers of nature in a beautiful way, while we relax and fill ourselves with pure life energy.
Tao books like the Mantak Chia and the Chia Maneewan talk about, how throughout history humans have used all parts of the trees as a remedy to cure. And they came to some interesting conclusions about the different trees and their abilities to heal humans. In general, large trees are those that contain the most energy. Among this healing family, some of the most powerful trees are growing next to running waters. Some are warmer and some are colder in energy than others. You have to practice, to distinguish the different properties of the several trees.

This is a list of 14 tree species that help us heal the physical body, when we allow ourselves to get lost in their embrace:
1.) Pines are the best trees to consult for healing. Pines radiate life energy “Chi”, they nourish the blood stream, strengthen the nervous system and help overall to prolong human life. They also feed the soul and spirit. Pines are known as the “Immortal Trees”. The ancient Chinese poetry and paintings are full of admiration for the magic of the pine trees.

2.) The cypresses and the cedar trees reduce heat from the body and nourish our yin energy (the divine feminine).

3.) Willows help eliminate unhealthy winds, support to relieve body moisture, reduce high blood pressure and strengthen the urinary tract as well as the bladder.

4.) The elms soothe the mind and strengthen the stomach.

5.) Maple trees release unhealthy winds from the digestion system and help ease their pain.

6.) The white acacias help eliminate internal heat and balances the temperature of the heart.

7.) The banyan trees cleanse the heart and help remove moisture from the body.ghffjn8.) The cinnamon trees eliminate cold on the heart and the abdomen.

9.) The firs help eliminate cardinals, reduce swellings and heal broken bones faster.

10.) Thorn trees aid indigestion, strengthen the intestines and reduce blood pressure.

11.) Birches help remove heat and moisture from the body and help us detoxify.

12.) Plum trees nourish the spleen, the stomach, the pancreas and have a smoothing influence on the human mind.

13.) Fig trees remove excessive body heat, increased saliva, they nourish the spleen and help stop diarrhea.

14.) The ginkgo trees help us in strengthening the bladder and bring relive for female urinary problems.

Tip: To establish a relationship with a tree and to be in communion with it, simply look at it in silence and take in the healing energy that flows from the tree to you. Trust yourself and intuitively you will know what to do. You may put your hands on your cortex, hug the tree deeply or lean your back against it, with all the energy centers of your spine, than the trunk will fill you with energy. It’s really healing to experience, to live with intensity, this beautiful union with trees …. Stay clear – Clean your energy system from all bad vibes.

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