The Spiritual Impact Of The Capricorn Full Moon

Moon-In-Capricornby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
tomorrow the Capricorn Full Moon energies are peeking and with this impact, we are going strait into the next big collective awakening chance. While all humanity keeps weaving the web of life, silently guided by our individual soul’s personal divine blueprint, we can see in the bigger manifestations on earth right now, the changes that collectively have to come, if we all want to arrive in the Golden Age of Aquarius together.
Last months cycle took us from the Sagittarius Full Moon energies, which allowed us a big expansion of consciousness and for many brought a chance for a pineal gland awakening; to the Cancer New Moon with its loud call for us to develop a profound understanding for deeper level of self care and self love. And beloved ones remember, when we are talking about changing our paradigms and ways of living, we need to take in account that this world is not ours alone, it belongs to the future generations and all our actions should be aligned to serve the next seven generations on their spiritual quest on planet earth.

Capricorn is a highly spiritual sign within the zodiac, able to unite the realms of the earth and the air, our deepest and most profoundly rooted powers to manifest matter into this world, with the highest aspirations to serve spirit and the bigger picture for humanity on a daily basis. No wonder that this magical moon energy can open the doors for us, to a healthy expansion in alignment with the second hermetic law of correspondence – widely known as “above as below”.
The trick under the influence of Capricorn, is to keep the head and the heart in alignment, and to follow our gut feeling for authentic expressions. That can be a challenging task right now, as the lower vibrations of the Capricorns ego might make a move to mess with our higher goals.

Dear Ones, a personal message, New Beginnings will be closed from June 1st till September 4th! In this time I will be posting my articles rather sporadically, expecting to pick up the daily service after that period! If you resonate with my articles and are used to find my work  shared in a Facebook group, rather sign up on my newsletter here to make sure you get the information!!!cAt the same time there is a big chance for spiritual realization and success where there is Capricorns energy at work, as it is the place in the zodiac where the Christ consciousness is born. With the amazing physical abilities the Capricorn is mirroring for humanity, to overcome every obstacle on the way up the golden mountain of awakening, this energy field is also another invitation to conquer our socially imprinted fears about the human body, and truly commit our spirit to a life in physical form. Time to embrace even deeper the individual beauty and strength, blessing and magic every physical appearance in this world truly is! Means we have another chance for a big leap in crystallization in our light body process!!
From an esoteric point of few it is sad, that all Sun Gods are born under the sign of Capricorn and also creatures of horrible cruelty and greed, which means it is a good moment for humanity, to check our chosen leadership on all levels as well as on personal layers of cruelty and greed, which brings us to the shift in our financial paradigms.

When we look at the way we earn our money and what kind of feelings we have about ourselves in our job, than we also need to take in account what kind of impact that has on others. In the 50s for example, a father who went of in the morning to go to work and comes home late, long after the actual family time of meeting after school / work / private activities, exchanging about the day, sharing a meal and discussing plans – was a respected figure and had all the support of the family. Partly that was the case because all our life started to be concentrated on earning money, instead of actually living a good and maybe even simple life.
Now this idea is changing, more and more people get the hang of it and see that life is actually about relationships, and how we are standing in relationship to the whole wide world. Money is loosing its power and attraction as a focus for human productivity and more and more souls break free into entrepreneurship and alternative life forms, in order to use their passion and creative powers for positive changes on this magical planet. This are signs of the unification of the divine feminine and the divine masculine within us, which will lead us back to a life in harmony with all forces. Under the energy field of the Capricorn moon, our pattern, fears and concepts might emerge another time, so they can be brought to healing, transformation and completion. cDear Ones, the doors for spiritual success are wide open! Don’t be shy! Know that you are worthy and claim what is yours! Trust that we are collectively highly supported from the spirit realms to make our steps out into the great unknown and, to bring well balanced divine manifestations into the world, under  the energy field of the deeply grounded forces of this wonderful Capricorn Full Moon.
Love and Full Moon Blessings ;-)!


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