Integrating The Intense September Shifts

4by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
the intense energies of the last Pisces Full Moon and the Lunar Eclipse are still working their influence on us, as we need some time to integrate all the shifts we have experienced. Some days ago I shared that the Pisces energy field makes us collectively deeper connected with our intuitive side and our psychic abilities, practicing conscious breathing helps improve our well-being on a physical, emotional and mental level.
Becoming aware of the way how we breathe can reconnect us to our inner place of peace, even in the most challenging situations of everyday life. It is the most practical build in tool for a conscious step in our personal evolution! So to study our breath and body awareness, helps the personal ascension process!!

For a healthy transition into higher vibrations, it is always good to watch the way we eat. If our nutrition is based on junk food and precooked foods with tons of chemicals and we don’t care to eat GMO food, we simply don’t give the body what it takes to bring forward the true spiritual being that you are. Better to nurture your body simple, organic and fresh!!! It has to be organic not just natural, there is a labeling trick build in to the term natural!! By now we have studies that proof the physical change in the age of the puberty and more, thru the consume of GMO foods!!! Same for clean and fresh water. Exchange as often as possible a soft-drink for fresh water!!

During intense frequency shifts like we experienced with high regularity this month, it is especially important to keep the balance between action and resting time. This is true for body-mind and soul. All of them need time to integrate when the energies are streaming in strongly. But especially the body needs rest. Listen regularly to calming music, watch a relaxing movie or simply watch people passing by at your window; but make sure you spend some time without electronics, studies, active doing or conscious understanding. Willingly Resting is an important step in grounding our balance between the divine masculine and the divine feminine energies!!
Give yourself a head massage. This is not so much about comfort and relaxation, as it is about working out the spots that hurt. When our brain is changing in vibration, it creates a lot of neuro-transmitter movement in order to make the new connections happen (the same principle shifts our DNA into higher vibration), this movements lead to pressure in the head and to punctual pain. When we massage the hurting spots, while making a deep breathing connection – maybe even naturally allow sounds to come, we support the shift to be experienced as easier.
One of the themes triggered in many people, is the topic of partnership and the way how we relay to another. For many, the deep rooted past of the family tree has been cleared of old pattern and gave space to authentic expression and purity. People who know me, are aware of my love for music to bring vibration forward into manifestation, so allow me to share with you this magical piece of sound material.


“Fade Into You”
(performed by Sam Palladio & Clare Bowen)

If you were the ocean and I was the sun
If the day made me heavy and gravity won
If I was the red and you were the blue
I could just fade into you

If you were a window and I was the rain
I’d pour myself out and wash off the pain
I’d fall like a tear so your light could shine through
Then I’d just fade into you

In your heart, in your head,
in your arms, in your bed,
under your skin
Til there’s no way to know
where you end and where I begin

If I was a shadow and you were a street
The cobblestone midnight is where
we first meet
Til the lights flickered out,
we dance with the moon
Then I’d just fade into you

In your heart, in your head,
in your arms, in your bed,
under your skin
Til there’s no way to know
where you end and where I begin

I wanna melt in
I wanna soak through
I only wanna move when you move
I wanna breathe out
when you breathe in then
I wanna fade into you

If I was just ashes
and you were the ground
And under your willow
they laid me down
There’ll be no trace
that one was once two
After I fade into you

And I just fade into you
And I just fade into you
And I just fade into you
And I just fade into you
Dear ones, I hope you are all doing well these days. Hope the magical energies have brought lots of completions and new beginnings for your personal life. May you all succeed in your dreaming the new golden version of humanity into realization!Love and Blessings!

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Capricorn New Moon – Hope, Change & Balance Increase

new-capby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
here we have arrived at the first big energetic event of the year. The heavens are blessing us with a Capricorn New Moon within the first Mercury retrograde phase of 2016. It is a powerful constellation to start of the cycle of a brand new year. In my post “Welcome 2016”, I mentioned that the numerology of this year is bringing the vibrations of higher wisdom and authentic expressions into the collective mix of our lives. This magnificent New Moon supports us in the awakening of this qualities, by providing us with the inner strength and hope to overcome any kind of obstacles we may encounter on our personal and collective paths.
Pretty much the whole energy field during December 2015 was an invitation to fill ourselves up with light impulses, profound understanding and frequencies of the divine Christ Light, the I AM awareness that manifests our Light Body Process. The events of the 12/12/15 Frequency Gateway, the Full Moon, the Solstice, the Christmas Days and the Solar Storms on New Years Eve, have all been preparation for to be ready for a jump into this amazing wave right now.
This beautiful New Moon is in Capricorn comes with a Venus/Saturn alignment. That means we are collectively confronted with challenges, opportunities and life situations that may profoundly change our personal few on how we live our love relationships, approach our finances, run our businesses and how we are grounding our personal energy field into this world. Over all can expect this moon energies to feel quite balanced, as there are equally strong benevolent and maleficent impacts meeting.1pBut at the same time there is a powerful Uranus/Pluto square coming with this first New Moon of the year, and that can trigger changes which make us question completely our authentic role in this precious lifetime. That means for the ones who are ready to live in an internal state of balance and harmony, this union will strongly increase, for the once who have not found a place of balancing the forces inside – it might be quite a challenging weekend!!! The creative powers of the cosmos are giving us the energetic support to break through, overcome and transform, what ever is in our way to a collective awakening into the Golden Age of Aquarius. As Mercury went retrograde on January 6, there is always a chance for technical problems and computer trouble to show up, as electronics often get irritated when Mercury is retrograde.
The star sign of Capricorn stores another collectively important theme. The fears and past life impacts we are still vibrating with, according to our governments, police forces, the military and big corporations. With this New Moon we now have the chance to let go of all this energies of abuse, and the power they have to control the masses. The amazing cleansing of the first chacra that we also experienced last month, has enabled us to do so. And that will present the human race with a clearer picture for the path of our evolution, and show us the way of where we are going next. We know, every New Moon is also a good time for a New Beginning. A time to set our intentions, dream our most inspired dreams, and think big when we make important decisions for our personal and collective future. I hope this amazing New Moon will aDear Ones, I hope you have a wonderful time with this powerful Capricorn New Moon energies. I hope you have been breathing in the intense light of the I AM presence last month, and are ready to harvest the fist ripe fruits this wonderful weekend!! Keep breathing deeply, keep shining your light and having fun on bringing your true self into the world. Make your choices and New Beginnings from a place of inner peace and authenticity, and you can expect incredibly beautiful blessings to come your way soon!!
Love and Moon Shine! Edith

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Family Tribes in The Golden Age of Aquarius

tribWhen the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds, and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again. They will be known as the warriors of the Rainbow
Old Native American Prophecy

by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
the other day we talked about Soul Mates and Soul Families, about our collective shift to higher vibration and the healing of our Family Tree. For many of us the past few days of the New Moon energy influence, have been a call to let go of the ties to our family pattern, and set ourselves free for the creation of the family tribes of our soul. And again it will be the Indigo Children, Crystal Children and Highly Empathic People, who hear this call into the Golden Age of Humanity first, and lead us the way.
Since years I watch an increasing amount of young and incredible talented people in their habit of traveling the world as tribes. Most of them are Indigo and Crystal Children, expressing with this new type of “Hippy Movement” our collective desire to find the family of our soul and live with them according to our core values. All of us carry in our souls the knowledge, that a more beautiful world is possible. A memory of our true origin is encoded in our DNA, until one day it is awakened and our desire starts guiding the way. Just by existing as a multiracial, multinational family, this young people demonstrated their belief in the possibility of equality and peace on earth.
And many of this high vibrating beings truly have a contract with other souls to unite as one family of the heart, and play an active role in the transformation of humanity into The Golden Age of Humanity – the time we are in now. This agreements exist in the super-conscious of large soul-groups, the awareness of smaller collectives and between individuals. The people of this Soul Families will choose to come together despite their differences in service to humanity, in order to support the spiritual enlightenment and evolution of the collective human race. They will come together to consolidate the total knowledge of humanity as one, bring back together that which was split and live a life based on unity consciousness, indigenous wisdom from all parts of the planet and planetary sustainability. Knowledge will be shared freely, the divine feminine and the divine masculine will co-exist in equality and co-operation.
Another development for our near future is, that people will recognize a leader no longer as the one that talks the loudest, boasts of successes, or has the support of the elite. Leaders will be those whose actions speak the loudest, the ones that have shown wisdom, compassion, kindness and courage in challenging situations, and have proven that they work for the benefit of all beings. And this are qualities a lot of Indigo and Crystals naturally feel a need to develop, express and share with the world.33Many prophesies have spoken of this time and the children of all colors and regions of the world, that will help unite humanity in their ONENESS of HEART. The following I especially enjoy:

“When the Time of the White Buffalo approaches, the third generation of the White Eyes’ children will grow their hair and speak of love as the healer of the Children of the Earth. These children will seek new ways of understanding themselves and others. They will wear feathers and beads and paint their faces. They will seek the Elders of the Red Race and drink of their wisdom. These white-eyed children will be a sign that the Ancestors are returning in white bodies, but they are Red on the inside. They will learn to walk the Earth Mother in balance again and  reform the idea of the white chiefs.   — Navajo / Hopi Prophecy of the Whirling Rainbow

There will come a day when people of all races, colors, and creeds will put aside their differences. They will come together in love, joining hands in unification, to heal the Earth and all Her children. They will move over the Earth like a great Whirling Rainbow, bringing peace, understanding and healing everywhere they go. Many creatures thought to be extinct or mythical will resurface at this time; the great trees that perished will return almost overnight. All living things will flourish, drawing sustenance from the breast of our Mother, the Earth.
The great spiritual Teachers who walked the Earth and taught the basics of the truths of the Whirling Rainbow Prophecy will return and walk among us once more, sharing their power and understanding with all. We will learn how to see and hear in a sacred manner. Men and women will be equals in the way Creator intended them to be; all children will be safe anywhere they want to go. Elders will be respected and valued for their contributions to life. Their wisdom will be sought out. The whole Human race will be called ‘The People’ and there will be no more war, sickness or hunger forever.”  — Navajo / Hopi Prophecy
lmSo if you hear the call to be part of a family you might not even know jet, start listening to the little things your subconscious is whispering to you. Pay attention to your authentic core values and the ways how you need to be treated in order to feel safe and home with people. Don’t rush it, just hold the awareness in your heart, that there are others in this world with skills, attributes and soul desire – that match yours perfectly.

I hope this information helps you to be patient and hold your horses until the family of your heart and soul arrives in your life, to manifest the parts of the Golden Age of Aquarius – you are collectively dreaming of. Keep breathing deeply and keep walking in divine faith until the divine plan is beautifully unfolding in front of our eyes!
Blessings an Faithful Patients! Edith

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wooby the way, these two lovely people are the couple from the Woodstock album cover…
still together by today!!