Walking In The Shoes Of “My Divine Mission Possible”

by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Welcome dear reader!
rst things first, I want to thank Linda from the website Litebeing.com for activating us all to this November blogging challenge. More of the stories that a variety of writer are contributing to this “Divine Mission Possible” challenge, you can find in this link and also the schedule to choose a date if you want to write about your own Divine Mission Possible! I very much hope that Eliza Ayres from the Blue Dragon Journal accepts my nomination to write about her beautiful mission possible in this life!
Allow me to next share some of the basics the world generally knows about
me, for those of you who have not read any of my articles before. My name is Edith Boyer-Telmer, I am born in Vienna, Austria, in the year 1968 and I am the founder of New Beginnings, Support for self-healing at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. I am a certified Kinesiology – Touch for Health therapist, a breath work teacher, shamanic practitioner and intuitive channel with a wildly burning passion for artistic expression.

Since the invitation to take part in this writing competition came to my door, I have thought long and hard about what it is that I want to share about my personal mission on planet earth, and I came to the conclusion that in the meantime, for me – its all about passion for life itself.

I was born an Indigo Child with a very strong connection to the collective energy field and inside for the path humanity has to take, so that our collective healing and a shift into the Golden Age of Aquarius is one day possible for all beings on the planet. I show the traits of a highly sensitive person and an those of an Empath, am an Introvert and a natural shamanic traveler.
The first conscious memory I have of floating out of my body and watching myself from above happend when I was about 5years old, and the first angelic or spirit guide contact I am aware of was in the age of about 8years. You can probably imagine, that I had a hard time growing up in a time and environment where all of this terms where alien to other family members, my friends, teacher and trainer, and such individuality was seen as a threat to the collective. So for many years of my life, I did not know how to live my energy authentically.

My conscious awakening path began about 25years ago, when I suddenly realized that my whole life as it was back than had pretty much nothing to do with me. That my world was mainly created by the ideas and concepts of the society I was born into, my family and from me directly surrounding people. That was what started my passion for unveiling my soul and the systems that the human race has build on planet earth. A path that included breathwork, voice training, shamanic educations, bodywork, tantra and much more over the years.
It was in 2005 that I finally voiced the question of my calling. The answer was “it’s not to be found in Austria – but in Guatemala”. First I thought I am maybe tricking myself, but than within a short period of time, three different people – totally independent from another and without any knowledge of my vision – started talking to me about their experiences in Guatemala. Then I knew for sure that it was true! Arriving there some month later, I could soon feel that my first divine mission in the lovely little mountain town at the lake shore of Lake Atitlan that I deducted as my place to be, would have to be energetic cleaning woman.
I was always sensitive to spirits and felt a lot of restless energetic presences, stuck in the middle world already in old buildings in Austria, but in this environment I was mainly greeted by angry and sad beings, that had died in the brutal social war the country had suffered till 1996. I started increasing my work with a prayer called the VAJRASATTVA, which is a prayer from the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. Also mentioned in the Tibetan Book of Death, used to clear and cleans human beings from any attachment. Isis, the Egyptian Goddess of life/death and completion, is a constant partner in my work because of my strong inner connection with that prayer.

In 2012, after years of meeting a new soul family, creating social contacts, learning about the culture, developing my language skills and building a home as well as workspace for myself, I finally started New Beginnings and shared all I had discovered so far in treatments, workshops and retreats with lots of different people. Living in a broadly traveled holiday destination, I was always blessed with clients and partner from an incredible abundance of countries, cultures, religions, ages, mindsets and more. Personally I do consider that as a big part of my inner richness. I since have served the awakening process on collective level by empowering every being who crosses my path in visible or invisible ways.
For about 4-5 years those people have mainly been also beings who have the traits of highly sensitive people, who are indigo or Christal children of all ages, beings with shamanic powers they are not aware of yet, and other my own similar abilities. Being who I am, I saw it in that period of my life as my divine mission possible, to bring as many people on their path and as many beings in alignment with the bigger picture, as possible.

In the last two years that picture again has changed. After centuries of approaching the theme of healing mainly from a spiritual, emotional, philosophical and energetic level, there was again a shift in my own being that made me interested in also the physical approach. I extended my knowledge of anatomy, participated in an education in Touch for Health Kinesiology and included more physical treatments into my services.
Right now one of my passions is to unite all I found along my path in my work and to share the solutions I discovered in my articles to help others find theirs. To empower everybody in the unveiling of their personal abilities. Support others to take a deep look inside and find an internal home in their individual personal path. A lifestyle that brings their light out into the world and their soul’s desires into manifestation.
So right now my divine mission is to keep working with the energies of this world, to share what ever I have to give, to enjoy life, teach what I found by example and not to worry what my divine mission possible will be tomorrow.

And this is where my story goes full circle right here – back to the beginning – my conclusion is, that in this moment of my life – its all about passion for life itself.
Dear ones, I hope you enjoyed what I had to share about my personal “mission possible” for all beings on planet earth. I also hope that you feel inspired as well as motivated by the stories and that you will be brave enough to over and over again ask yourself the question “what is my mission possible on planet earth these days”!!
Love and Blessings

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A Selection Of True Awakening Experiences No III

by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
today I had for the second time the chance to participate with my story
of “A Selection of True Awakening Experiences” in an e-book by the webpage me my magnificent self, and I did not wanted to miss sharing the article as well with you!
Allow me first to introduce myself to those of you who have not read any of my articles in one of the wonderful FREE E-BOOK’S Barbara Franken has inspired over the past years. My name is Edith Boyer-Telmer, I am the founder
of New Beginnings Guatemala at Lake Atitlan, a certified Kinesiology – Touch for Health therapist, breath work teacher, shamanic practitioner and intuitive channel, with a passion for artistic expression.
In 2016 I received for the first time an invitation to contribute my story to the FREE E-BOOK “A Selection of True Awakening Experiences Part II“, and since than have also shared the articles “My Authentically Reflection Of What Compassion Means To Me” and “Graving Holistic Nutrition While Artificial Intelligence Enters The Food Industry” in further publications. Today its again time to look back on my personal awakening path of the past 2 years, and to let you know where I find myself in life these days.  

I think I gonna start with mentioning that I turned fifty this year. Now in many minds, trained in thinking pattern of the western society, this is a number that for women is attached to a whole collection of stigmas and concepts full of limitations. Luckily I fell deeply in love with my physical body some years ago and it is responding to this treatment with harvesting a strong health and well functioning immune system from that mindset, so I can enjoy a very active lifestyle. But even more important, I have so many new plans and strong new directions to go in my life, there is much more to do for me before I can call myself old :-). So allow me to say it with the words of James Broughton: “I’m happy to report that my inner child is still ageless.”

The last time I shared with you that in the year 2005, when I was asking for my calling in life, I received the answer that it could not ever be found in Austria (my original birth country) but in Guatemala, and that I courageously left home within ten month after hearing the information, in order to give myself a new chance.
After spending time with studies of the local community, and the development of a deeper understanding how to apply my abilities in this world, I went on to build a house. Rental properties were very rare around here at that time and I needed a safe space to get strong roots in the ground. After starting my healing work with clients and establishing a new circle of friends, I thought that was the end of moving from space to space and establishing new grounds for myself, but as so often – life had a different plan.
Instead of finding a forever home, I looked up after twelve years of life in my little town, and realized that it is no longer the right place to give me a healthy ground for my holistic lifestyle. It was a long and in times very painful process to let go of the amazing beauty I had created all around me over the years, the stability I had achieved and wonderful friends that lived close by, but how ever uncomfortable it was, in order to be true to myself I had to move. My beautiful house at Lake Atitlan is now for sale – in case you are looking for a new home or holiday domicile in Guatemala, send me a message please :-)!
In the meantime it has payed off very well for me that I stood up for myself and stuck to the clarity that another physical location is more fitting for my life right now. I feel very well in my new home and this rental space does not only give my four dogs the freedom to play every day in a big coffee field, but also me the chance to set up a beautiful work space again – perfectly suiting for what I am sharing with my clients.

In the summer of 2017 I mad another visite to Austria, in order to spend some personal quality time with close friends and family members. That trip also included a very complicated situation with my mother, who throughout my life always was the more conflicting parent for me. The details of this story I shared in the article “My Authentically Reflection Of What Compassion Means To Me“, please read it to understand more of the following.
After coming back to Guatemala that year I very closely monitored my emotions about the trip, and based on that decided that I probably will not go back for another decade. The main reason was that I had the feeling there was not much more that can be done to have a better relationship with my mother, and that it was time for me to let go of that ideal. Funny enough, within only on year that feeling has so profoundly changed that I now plan to go and see her again as soon as I can manage to make a quick trip. Inner shifts and transformations in my mindset, that my experiences of the past 14 month have allowed me, are reason enough to go to Vienna without any expectation or need for a particular outcome. Also lets be honest and not forget what amazing cakes there are waiting for me in the K&K bakeries of my original home town :-).
I will for sure let you know over time, what type of brand new experience this emotionally entirely changed woman that I am today will be able to create! Allow me to close the circle for today with this wonderful quote:
“There is no statute of limitations on starting over. Re-invent yourself every day. Be the girl who walks barefoot and listens to the blues. Tomorrow, wear a trench coat and speak fierce truths. Be a phoenix. Be ashes. Burn down. Resurrect. Let go of the idea that you must always be who you have always been.”
Dear ones, I hope you have enjoyed my little reflection of the period between my last contribution and my status quo of these days. Much has happened, much has changed and I am so incredibly grateful for this beautiful opportunity to reflect on the most important impacts, to bring my details together in a bigger picture and share them all with you! I wish you all much faith and a strong inner light for your personal journey of creating your own collection of awakening experiences :-)!
Love and Blessings

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Celebrating The Roots Of The Wild Child Within Us

by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
over the last few years of my personal awakening journey I have met a lot of different  people from all kinds of countries, cultures, traditions, religions and mindsets. I had the wonderful chance to communicate in many languages with the most diverse human beings, all of them consciously aware of our collective process of awakening into the Golden Age of Aquarius.
While so many rules in the religions and traditions that some of us where raised in would naturally forbid us to connect, our authentic passion for digging deep to the origin of our inner wild child was always a reason to get in touch anyway. Maybe its time for all human beings to allow again that the wilderness of this inner child is enlightening the path for us.

There is nothing wrong with technology. It’s a gift! I don’t think we should keep our kids away from the modern conveniences of our time, but I do believe it’s time to regain some balance. Children can benefit from technology, but they need nature. Let them have their video games and Internet, but make sure they are getting equal amounts of mud, dirt, sticks, puddles, free play and imagination.
Brooke Hampton

We need the tonic of wildness…
At the same time that we are earnest to explore and learn all things, we require that all things be mysterious and unexplorable, that land and sea be indefinitely wild, unsurveyed and unfathomed by us because unfathomable. We can never have enough of nature.
Henry David Thoreau

They caught the wild children and put them in zoos,
They made them do sums and wear sensible shoes.
They put them to bed at the wrong time of day,
And made them sit still when they wanted to play.

They scrubbed them with soap and they made them eat peas.
They made them behave and say pardon and please.
They took all their wisdom and wildness away.
That’s why there are none in the forests today.
Jeanne WillisI am not a Sunday morning inside four walls
with clean blood
and organized drawers.

I am the hurricane setting fire to the forests
at night when no one else is alive
or awake
however you choose to see it

and I live in my own flames
sometimes burning too bright and too wild
to make things last

or handle
myself or anyone else
and so I run.

run run run
far and wide
until my bones ache and lungs split

and it feels good.
Hear that people? It feels good
because I am the slave and ruler of my own body
and I wish to do with it exactly as I please
Charlotte Eriksson

Wild woman are an unexplainable spark of life. They ooze freedom and seek awareness, they belong to nobody but themselves yet give a piece of who they are to everyone they meet. If you have met one, hold on to her, she’ll allow you into her chaos but she’ll also show you her magic.
Nikki RoweDear Ones, I hope you are all doing amazing right now and enjoy the current collective energy field. I hope you feel inspired by this quotes, to take a deeper look at your authentic wild side again, and unleash what wants to be set free. 
Love and Wilderness!!

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Beyond Vegetarian: One Man’s Journey in Search of the Moral Meal

daniel-768x509Photo by Kristine Leuze

Dear Friends,
so many of us, who are on their personal path of awakening to inner truth, have a moment in time when we are struggling with our nutrition. So many concepts, dogmas and illusions are spread around the topic of feeding our body – in an at the same time mind and soul feeding way. Over the last few weeks I had many conversations about what authentic self-nurturing might be our choices of the future. So I found it very interesting to run into this article about the activist Daniel Zetah, and read what path he went.
If you have not heard about him before, after he quit a US government job, Daniel Zetah spent years living in Tasmania as freegan, he was a full-time environmental activist, then a permaculture student, then a natural builder, sailed the seas on an anti-whaling ship that uses direct-action tactics to confront illegal whaling ships (called The Sea Shephed), and played a very active role in Occupy Wallstreet. On his personal journey of awakening including ten years of living vegetarianism, he now is a farmer, a full time … and a big-time carnivore. How it came that
he found his authentic truth in farming and eating his own animals, he shared in an amazing article! I hope you enjoy this extract of the very long piece just as much as I do!
Love, Oneness and Bon Appetit!!

Would you describe yourself as a long-time farmer and environmental activist?
Not at all. I used to be a redneck. I used to race cars and motorcycles and snowmobiles… I was a motorhead. I don’t want people to think I was always like this, because then they’re like “oh, they were just brought up that way by parents that…” it’s like no, no: I was raised by wolves. Until I was in my early 20s I ate nothing but crap. Like, garbage, American supermarket food. When I would go shopping, I was literally after the cheapest calories I could possibly find at the supermarket.hobart-300x225When did that start to change?
Well, I met a girl that I ended up getting married to and she was vegetarian, and so I started eating a vegetarian diet. Which is still completely disconnected and completely clueless as to what your eating and where it’s from, it’s just you’re not eating meat. I ate tons of grain, lots of dairy and cheese, even eggs, but just no meat… And that’s where I was at for probably a good eight years, until my early 30s.
But then I met a guy in Tasmania that basically just said “Dude, what are you doing?” and kind of told me in a very blunt manner that my actions did not match my rhetoric in a lot of areas of my life, including my dietary choices. His words were as sensitive as a sledge hammer but I couldn’t refute what he was saying. It was tough… but, like…
A lot of people, when you tell them a truth that goes against their reality, they get pissed off, because their egos can’t handle it, and so they want to dismiss what the person said… but I couldn’t do that in this situation. I was just clueless and when this guy gave me a clue, I couldn’t return to being clueless. So at that point, I started looking at labels of everything that I was eating. It’s like, ‘whoa okay, so now I’ve got to worry about this and this and this… ‘ and it was a rabbit hole. The more I learned about what was actually destructive to the environment or my body, the more I had to look for on labels, and after a time I couldn’t actually shop at the supermarket anymore because there was nothing I could eat there in good conscience, and then I started shopping at the food co-ops, and then I ended up as a two-year freegan – freeganism.

What were you doing at the time?
I had quit my job working for the state government as an auditor/prosecutor for chemical spraying operations in Tasmania and had become a full-time environmental activist, because when I started going down this rabbit hole and learning more about peak oil and climate change I was like, ‘oh God!’ Here I was, just a couple of years ago being completely clueless, and then this guy told me this stuff, and now I have the responsibility of the world on my shoulders, to tell everybody what I know, and I just thought at the time that it was literally a lack of awareness by people, and that if people like me would just get out and talk enough that it would all be okay, but I had no idea that it wasn’t a lack of information, it was just a lack of willingness to change.
The original article continues here with the next tree steps of Daniel Zetah’s journey: read here the full article!imageslAnd that set you down the path towards raising livestock?
Well I guess that path led to learning more and more and more, and realizing, that while there is no hard rule for what a human being should eat, or what the perfect diet is, in terms of minimizing suffering of other beings, there is an ideal diet for each region and each situation, and where I chose to farm, which is south-central Minnesota, well that bioregion was a tall-grass prairie/ oak savanna biome, and that oak savanna biome evolved over hundreds of thousands of years with grazing animals as an integral part in it. And so I realized that I wanted to gain as many of my calories from that perennial ecosystem as possible, and in this biome, I can do that with some vegetables that we grow in a diverse garden; wild edibles like wild greens, berries, nuts, fruit; and with meat!
Again the original article is much longer here!And what I want to see is systems that are going to mimic natural systems and be good for everything, not just the humans or the domesticated animals, but the wild species as well. I want to see food that is grown in those systems in harmony with an intact ecosystem. I’ve traveled enough and seen enough things grown around the world to know that even organic food, most of it, 99% of it, is grown in monocultures. Go out to California and see the organic almond orchards that go for miles and miles with not one other species in the mix. It’s just those trees, there’s no biodiversity at all, all of the native animals are gone, because all of their habitat is gone. That’s not sustainable, that is not ethical, it’s just bad. But because technically they’re not spraying toxins…

Original by @Dustin_Michels. This interview was conducted August 1, 2015. Daniel and Stephanie are now kicking off their new life in Lorinna, Tasmania. You can learn more and connect with them online at newstoryfarm.com. And you can check out their new project at facebook.com/ResiliencySchool/.

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A Selection of True Awakening Experiences Part II

shamaniby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends and Fans of the Selection of True Awakening Experiences!!
my name is Edith Boyer Telmer, I am founder and director of New Beginnings Guatemala, and today February 8th 2016 is my 48th Birthday!! It is also the first day of the Chinese Astrological Calendar, which means from now on we are dancing to the beating drums of the fire monkeys demand. This are extra blessings for the birthday girl, as I am a Monkey in Chinese Astrology myself ;-)! And it is the day I am celebrating my personal awakening path, with this contribution to the FREE E-BOOK  inspired by Barbara Franken, by sharing where I  find myself now… on my unique awakening journey!

I was born, as an Indigo Child, a Highly Sensitive, Empathic Person, have the traits of a Visionary, I am an Introvert and can manifest my desires thru conscious dream-creation. I feel very deep strong shamanic roots in me, which resulted in an early confrontation with death. The first time I nearly died in this lifetime, was when I was 11month old, from there on death never really left my side anymore. I was born as the youngest child in a family of eight, with 2 sisters and 3 brothers. Nothing special or extraordinary on the outside, but on the inside I had a hard time growing up.
To live in an environment where all of this terms (and explanations for character typical expressions) where alien to other family members, my friends, teacher and trainer, made it impossible for me to live my energy authentically. As there was much physical violence in my core family, I reacted to life with self-destructive pattern. Over the years I got depressed, I had suicidal thoughts that I ones tried to put in action (when I was 12 and my family fell apart), but manly manifested thru the tendency to attract dangerous people into my life. 0119In 1993 I got introduced to the techniques of meditation, shamanic journeying, deep hypnoses and tipped my toes into the first awakening teachings. But when I turned 30 the wheels really started turning, and directing me towards the first steps of the path that I am still walking. I quit my job in the “normal work world”, started putting more attention on the truthful information energetic vibrations bring, and gained back my sensitivity and ability to see behind the scenes. I grew stronger in trusting myself and made more and more healthy decisions for my life. Leading up to 2005, I was already well training in many healing methods back than and had lead the first workshops and day retreats, when I asked for divine guidance to my calling, the job I came here on earth to do. The answer could not have been bigger a surprise as it was I will find my purpose not in Austria (my original birth country), but in Guatemala. I went on a 5 week trip, discovered the little town of my soul contract, and courageously left Austria within the year.
Much has happened within this past 10 years. I healed, I walked every path I had to take in order to again become the same authentic, innocently loving, playfully childlike creating being, that I was when I came into this world – with some helpful upgrades on conscious navigation of life on planet earth. I have build a home and started understanding my new life as entrepreneurship. I started sharing my desire for a loving collective humanity, first only New Beginnings, over time also here on internet and on social media. My relationships are of loving and supportive character now, and I feel safe, happy, guided and blessed with every step I take.nHave you ever heard the quote from the picture above?? Well, I gave it a try last year. After 3years apart from my country of origin, I not only went back home to visit family and friends in Austria, I also chose to live with my mother. My 84year old, in her daily habits and routines frozen mother, who I love dearly, and who is just as ignorant for as she is defensive against, every other life approach, life rhythm or purpose, than hers. It was an interesting experience and I not gonna lie, it did not go entirely well, but the dynamics I still detected alive between us, I saw myself transforming with other people by now.
And about 2 month ago, I gave myself the present of claiming my immortal self into manifestation. What that means is that I channeled my spiritual right to choose time and circumstances of my own physical death. As I could feel that the roots of my family tree are finally cleared, and I feel finally entirely free!
To complete the picture I blessed myself with many little acts of cleaning out the ultimate clutter of false people from my life. And have been clearing, purging, detoxing, purifying, and releasing the leftovers of ones was pain, into the light of unconditional love.
The 2016 Fire Monkey year, promises to be an inspirational and successful year for artists, entrepreneurs and basically anyone with the courage to keep changing and flowing, self-transforming and consciously growing. I do all of that and so I am looking with hopeful and blissful eyes, expecting the best to come during the 12 month of this monkey year. The dream-creator in me has dreamed a long time and in this year some of the impressions of my life will flow into a Tarot Deck, that I am creating together with a long-term friend of mine who will contribute the illustrations. And because I love sharing the awakening experience with others, because I have a voice and I like to be heard, I am playing with the thought of a guest appearance on American Radio this year.
How do you feel about the possibility to discuss questions about the collective awakening process, direct with me on the radio??edith-pinkDear Ones, what can I say, as I am asked right now where I  find myself… on my unique awakening journey… I feel blessed, I feel loved, I feel happy every day, I feel grateful simply for being alive and I feel completely ready to dance this year of the monkey power, with the tribe of my heart and soul… into our version of manifestations for the Golden Age of Aquarius here on planet earth!
Big Hug to you all, love and I hope you too will have fun dancing your dreams alive 2016!!!

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