About Me

Edith Boyer-Telmer

edith favorit cu Born in Vienna, Austria on February 8th 1968.

          • Star Sign: Aquarius
          • Mayan Sign: Ee
          • Native American Sign: Otter
          • Chinese Sign: Monkey
          • Human Design: A Researching Martyr
          • Numerology: 34/7

Languages: German, English, Spanish.

I was born, as an Indigo Child, a Highly Sensitive Empath, a Visionary, an Introvert and a romantic Dream-creator, in 1968 in Vienna, Austria. I was the youngest child in a family of eight, with 2 sisters and 3 brothers. Nothing special or extraordinary on the outside, but on the inside I had a hard time growing up. Living in an environment where all of this terms where alien to other family members, my friends, teacher and trainer, I did not know how to live my energy authentically.
Nobody had any awareness that there where children born with such different approach to life, than known to the collective around them. No one had studied their life, their special needs or abilities jet. And even if the world would have known, my parents would not :-)! With six children, my father was out living his life at work and my mother spend about thirty years of her time, passing endless hours with cleaning, cooking, groceries, doing laundry and supervising homework,… you get the picture.
Born into the 2nd world war, my parents approach to human life and care taking of others – was all about the physical body.

So, what to do – if you are an Indigo Child, highly sensitive, highly empathic? When you feel every emotion, irritation, dishonesty, judgment and self-doubt people have and your universal job is to hold the energy of a world jet to come.
A world with a healthy emotional field – for the Ascended Human race of the Golden Age of Humanity.

After getting deeply hurt by feeling different and alone, my solution was to educate myself as much as possible about human nature, psychology, cultural diversity, artistic expression, emotional consistencies and personal differences in the human race.
And I started to trust my inner voice, the guidance from my own higher self – more than anybody’s opinion from outside. My natural connection to the other-world grew (I could feel when ever spirits passed by since I was a little child) and when clarity and direction joined the team, it was time for me to share my gift with the world.

6Now my passion and natural refill of happiness, is to share the solutions I found with others. To inspire people by walking example. To empower everybody in the discovery of their personal abilities. Support others to take a deep look inside and find an internal home on their personal path. A path that brings their light out into the world and their soul’s desire into manifestation.
I enjoy seeing people succeed over their personal obstacles and master their individual self.
That is why I am training Healer in fine-tuning, clearing and increasing their strength – in personally designed One-on-One training’s (also for people who have special abilities but don’t know jet how to use or canalize them), design individual Rituals for clients, offer initiations, integration training and transforming treatments.
I am an Artist, a Singer, Writer and Blogger.
Please read more about my offers at my Service page: https://edithboyertelmer.wordpress.com/services/

My education of mindfulness – of awareness and spiritual guidance includes:
Breathing Techniques and voice training, variations of Meditation, Mental training by K. Tepperwein, intense training in Hawaiian Huna shamanism, intense training in Native American shamanism, training in Tantric life approach including sensitivity training for rituals of the physical body, Family Constellation work by B. Hellinger, the Creation of Healing Space, Holding Space for Ceremonial work, the Ascended Masters Teachings and the Ayahuasca spirit.
I am a highly intuitive channel for divine guidance and path, with a trained healing voice.

These is a collection of questions, most frequently asked by my clients:

How did you start consciously walking “your path”?

That’s a long story. Back than I was in commercial business. It was a job well paid and seen as fancy and fascinating by society, but I felt myself more and more dying on the inside. After sitting on this feeling for some years I could not stand it anymore. I realized “my life has nothing to do with me” and that led to the questions “how did that happen” and “who am I, if all of this is just a role I am playing”. So I took a week off, locked myself in my room together with twenty books about psychology and started to underline everything reminding me of my own life.
When I was done with the books, I felt even deeper confused. All this information, all this things that seemed to live and act in me without my knowledge or control, it scared me. I set down again and asked myself “who am I in all this game”, and there it was – music.
I remembered how much I loved singing. How much happiness and strength I used to gain from using my voice and body to express myself. I searched for a vocal teacher, she sent me to learn meditation. I immediately found myself in a deep trance state and from there on it all fell into place – one step after the other.

lake-atitlanWhen, how and why did you come to Guatemala?

It was 2005. I was in training with an Austrian energy healer, a wonderful woman. In an energy session we asked for my calling. The answer was “it’s not in Austria”. I had no idea what that means but at least it opened up my mind for the possibility. About a week later I was in a leaded meditation, in a silent phase the guidance came to ask yourself “where do I come from, where do I go”. And there it was crystal clear “Guatemala”.First I thought I am tricking myself, but than three different people – totally independent from another and without any knowledge of my vision – started talking to me about their experiences in Guatemala. Then I knew it was true!

How did you come up with the name New Beginnings?

Actually I did not, I never thought of a name for my work because I don’t experience it as separated from my life. It simple happened. I was typing on my computer, it was December 2012 just before the shift, and it appeared loud and clear – first in my head, than on the paper. I really liked the sound of it and I still do.
Everyday is a New Beginning. Every moment we feel as difficult, challenging, unsettling – we have the chance to leave our past behind, make a conscious decision for a different reaction and create a New World for the very moment. I love that about live :-).

How do you enjoy working?

In this moment of my life, I love to train Healer in fine-tuning, clearing and increasing their strength – in personally designed One-on-One training’s. I also do that with people who have special abilities but don’t know jet how to use or canalize them. I am a highly intuitive channel for divine guidance, divine path and I don’t have a script when I am working. I listen to the stories told. I am present with the feelings the client is bringing into the room and the energetic information I feel coming from the clients higher self. That allows me to choose individually the tools and training’s direction we take and completes the work as a holistic experience.

I especially love breath and movement as natural tools. I love sage for cleansing and clearing space and human energy fields. I like to design personal Rituals for my clients, offer transforming treatments and retreats.
But most important, I love working with people who are committed. People who are burning for their transformation, their change. Burning to share their own path and abilities with the world. Who want to go out there and change the world, by starting with themselves.

What can you tell us about the shamanic work you do?

I simple have very deep old roots inside of me. Shamanic roots from indigenous life times I sense and partly remember.
My personal shamanic life style is to turn everything I do into a ritual. A little celebration of life. To see my physical body as the manifestation of sacred space, the room where all the beautiful alchemy is happening. 11800490_1145663685450078_7897588385907876968_n
To work with the other world, the spirit world, is important to me. That includes in my case, being aware of the link between life and death – the space of nothingness inside of us, where the old can fade away and new beginnings are born. My deep love relation with the Ascended Masters and the Angel World.
Assisting to transform, heal or release energies from the different body layers, ceremonial work with the Ayahuasca spirit and reintegration of lost soul parts into the system.
One of the creative expressions my inner shaman is seeking – is music. To express my love, passion and devotion through singing, to be exact.

What is your relationship with death?

My human design shows that I am born with an actively driving fear of death in my unconscious body. Over the early years of my life, that fear manifested by loosing lots of beloved people and I created intense personal suffering over their death. At the same time I was always sensitive to spirits and felt a lot of energetic presences, stuck in the middle world in old Austrian buildings. Back than, this special connection seemed to be more of a curse than a blessing and for many years it rather added to my confusion.
By now my inner relation has changed to one of love and appreciation. My physical body is still not happy about the idea of death, but as I learned to see death rather as a tool of transformation for the mind and the emotional body, the fears disappeared.

Every mental death, is a chance to shed layers of old skin, painful memories and triggering emotions. I feel free now! Free to allow life’s flow and changes (each a little death) necessary for my evolution, without fighting the process it takes to get there.
With the promise of the Golden Age of Aquarius in our back, we can be brave and aware, that for every little mental death we allow – every little step out of the comfort zone, out of the safe space – we will receive beautiful, powerful new seeds for our golden future.
Changes in the pattern of the past.

What does the relationship with the Ayahuasca mean to you?

It means a lot to me. It changed my life. And it changed my life at a point where I was convinced I had created a pretty nice version for myself already. But no, not at all. What came after drinking the brew blew my mind and transformed everything into a true flow, a never ending river of bliss, amazement, ease and peace. So for sure you will understand that I am burning for the Ayahuasca and the impact she can make in this world.
I will continue to spread the word of responsible use and how to integrate the experience well. People all over the world feel embraced held and transformed by this amazing plant healer, but often there is a lack of preparation, of understanding the process, integrating the experience and turning it into divine action. I want to help with that step through the Preparation & Integration Training I offer.
By the way, the same passion for co-operation I feel about the Ascended Masters and their supportive energies.

And what is your relationship with the Ascended Masters?

About 1995, the Masters started coming into my awareness. Already all my lifetime, I had a clear feeling for the difference in the energy field of a person incarnated, or from the spirit world. And all my life I could fell the “other world” walking right next to me. So I guess it was kind of easy to get in contact with me. I was not quite aware jet about my inner energy flow, but I could sensed that the beings surrounding me where angelic, positively charged and uplifting. I could allow them to work on me and let happen what had to happen, but did not feel able to work with them jet.
Over the years I developed the ability to call them in one by one. To ask for them to appear in many situations and more and more Masters came. I gained a deeper understanding of how to work with them and a clear feeling, emotional connection and mental openness to who is coming through me. To what kind of energetic vibration they provide and what the qualities are we can embody with their loving help.

Most of the Ascended Masters have been on the planet before. They know what it means to be a human being, indeed they long to work with us and support the ascension into the Golden Age of Humanity.
And the veil has lifted so much in the last twenty years, so many illusions have been discovered and transformed already. It is much easier today to get in touch with them, than it was back than. So make your call! Make your connection! They are waiting for you!!

You are an intuitive channel – what does that mean?

edith-pinkIt means that I trained to keep on open connection with spirit at any time. To receive guidance from others higher self, which I am responsible to pass on to the people I work with. It happens often enough, that I talk about things without knowing why I would mention them – when I than ask the client for relevance of the information – it always fits exactly to the life situation people find themselves in.
Another thing (where the Channel and the inner Shaman meet) is that I feel the energetic impact an emotion, situation or thinking pattern has on my client – usually as pain or pressure – in my physical body. That allows me to let their energy field run through my body and be cleared by the prayers and thoughts I concentrate on in that moment. Than I pass on the transformed energy to the client.
All just different types of holding space for an internal transformation process.

What is the “Golden Age of Humanity” and when will it happen?

Lucky for us, the “Golden Age of Humanity” is happening right now. We are at the beginning of a cycle that allows us a fifth dimensional living. It is an absolute New Beginning for all humanity. With the end of the Mayan calendar in December 2012, we have completed a time of looking at the world from a third dimensional perspective. Now we have the possibility to lift the veil of our confusion, heal the pain and suffering created through our belief system of separation and free ourselves.
Every human being brave enough to face their fears, change their beliefs and give up on things as well as people they are no longer in harmony with, has the chance to come back to the center of their own existence. To look at the world from the center of the heart, act on the hearts authentic needs, hopes and dreams.
That creates personal internal peace, the material our world peace will be build on. We will be able to stand in the world as personally empowered individuals, deeply connected with all existence and bring our hearts and souls true desire into manifestation.

To create – Heaven on Earth – for all living beings.

What does it mean to be a Lightworker?

People who are Lightworker are mostly very sensitive to the process the human collective is experiencing. They feel the need to support the transformation and the collective energy field by rising the collective vibration. Many Lightworker spend daily time assisting the collective change.
For example, when ever there is a big shift happening for everybody – a special star constellation or an eclipse – I feel the themes related to that event some days ahead. I work on the issues connected to that theme. I look at old pattern and make sure to shift my belief systems to a fifth dimensional world view. I face the pain necessary to release, in order to also balance my emotional body and than I am ready to hold the space.
Within some days, when the topic is the most vibrant and irritating for the collective, I spend my time at home – praying and sending out uplifting vibrations of success and happiness.

That help the human collective and especially people who know me, to clear their energy field and release the old pattern.