Alchemy Happens When We Are Passionately Loving Life

by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
can you believe that we are already approaching the middle of this amazingly intense year of creation? We have collectively gone through so many profoundly challenging impacts by now, and new movements have formed all over the world, to express the passion for life that lies in all being on planet earth.
This year is particularly designed to increase our ability for self-leadership; widen our capacity to create from the core of our personal inner world; and to gain even more clarity and strength in our authentic self-expression. Means, its the best time to burn for life once again with all the power of our inner fire and higher heart

In many Native American traditions the most spread instrument which is representing the element of fire, is the gourd rattle, which is known as the sound of creation. Different creation stories tell us of the first ton, a shimmering sound, which went out in all dimensions, that is the sound of the rattle in shamanic sound work. The seeds of the gourd rattle embody the voice of the big spirit, the guidance of the divine plan for the physical body.
Also still in use to evoke the element fire is the simple and ancient sound of the Ratchet. The sound base for the inner fire of alchemy, burning in every being on the planet. The rattles most important job in a breathing session, is to sustain the order of existence. Which means, that the inner fire of alchemy is burning for the translation of the divine blueprint for life on planet earth. So get yourself some instruments my friends and start your practice on conscious breathing.

In my post Awaken “The Inner Alchemist” In The Violet Fire Of Ascension, I shared some of the benefits of working with the violet flame of transformation, which allows us to consciously shift into higher vibrations. In the post The Alchemy of Conscious Breathing – The Golden Path of Ascension, I spoke about the process of leading ourselves with conscious breathing from a place of pain to the liberation of our inner light. This are excellent tools to keep us passionately engaged with life and the essence of love.

Breath is the finest gift of nature. Be grateful for this wonderful gift.
Amit Ray

Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.
Thich Nhat Hanh

Turn the page, your heroine is still there, breathe, relax, life is beautiful: you’re in a book!
Gabrielle Dubois Another way how we can keep ourselves busy with loving life, is to use all our natural sources of creativity, so we can deeply feel our union with life in this communication.

It is I who must begin.
It is I who must begin.
Once I begin, once I try..
here and now, right where I am,

not excusing myself
by saying things would be easier elsewhere,
without grand speeches and ostentatious gestures,

but all the more persistently
…to live in harmony
with the “voice of Being,”
as I understand it within myself

…as soon as I begin that,
I suddenly discover to my surprise,

that I am neither the only one,
nor the first,
nor the most important one,
to have set out upon the road.

Whether all is really lost
or not depends entirely on whether or not
I am lost.”
Vaclav HavelDear ones, I hope you are feeling highly motivated to engage with an even deeper level of loving life in all its glory right now. Breath deeply when ever difficulties are coming up, stay passionately burning for the transformation of your past, and the creation of the Golden Age of Aquarius for all beings on earth.
Love and Blessings

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