The Awakenig – With The Eyes Of A Time Traveler


Dear Friends,
over the past few years I have repeatedly shared insides about the context of Native American ancestral understanding of life, and the practical side of creating the Golden Age on planet earth. In Cosmic Alchemy – Uniting The Hermetic Laws & The Native American Ethic Code I talked about the steps we collectively need to take to succeed. Now I run into this master piece from the Native American artist  Lyla June, and I am excited to share her magic with you.

I hope you enjoy this powerful medicine song just as deeply as I am. I am sending out my blessings to the artists and hope it will reach millions of people, and resonate in the hearts of millions more. The Golden Age of Aquarius is a graduate process of remembering the values that made human life thrive in the first place. This piece of art is definitely a magnificent representation of the vibration to come.
Love and Blessings

When asked to write a song on the significance of time and how to be a good ancestor, Lyla June used much of the wisdom of elders from her tribe, the Diné. They taught her that one can learn things by sitting in prayer in nature alone for days on end. They taught her that one can change the world by dancing in prayer. And the value of songs in transporting the ancestors stories.

This are the lyrics to her beautiful medicine song:
Time traveler running faster.
Warrior is born.
Battle to be won.

Past trauma, future hurt.
I’m a child of the dirt and
I’m ready to give birth.

Planting a dream.
Panting, I breathe.
Running towards the future
with a handful of seeds.

Stronger than greed.
I am stronger than hate.
I stand under the shade
of trees planted so long ago.

A product of ancestral love,
I’m here because my elders
danced in the sun.

They would give it all up for us
and from day one it was
practiced like religion
to prepare for the ones
to come.

We are here
to give all our love
to the ones unborn.

But this is insane.
Living for fame.
Living for the next quarter,
profits and gains.

You forgot love.
You forgot truth.
You forgot how to live for a time
beyond you.

It’s not about you.
It’s not about you.
It’s about the song that is
traveling through.

It travels through time.
Singers will die
but the song lives on
through matrilineal lines.

We are here
to give all our love
to the ones unborn.

Open your eyes.
Open your heart.
Draining aquifers before
they can recharge.

We’re not in charge.
Nature’s in charge.
Look to the stars
remember who you are.

Stay humble or fall.
We don’t know it all.
And we are not exempt from
natural law.

Live selfishly
and the structure will fall.
But if we live for those unborn
then the song will go on.

So before you take a book off the shelf,
take a look inside yourself.
Answers come to you at light speed.
I’m searching for knowledge
I can’t find on a newsfeed.
Knowledge found through intuition.
Knowledge found through fasting and dancing.
This ain’t superstition.
It’s ancestral tradition.

Throw me the spear of wisdom—
sharpened and sunlit.
I’m giving my life to the oneness.
I’m a warrior. I’m sun-kissed.
I’m armed but I’m harmless.
Protecting cycles of rain and cycles of snow.
Fighting for children whose names I will never know.

I look up and read the messages written all across the sky.
Messages telling us that it’s time to evolve or die.
It’s time to live this life right.
So that when our children look back,
they look back with pride.

Music Produced by Judah Kerr, Lyrics by Lyla June, Featuring Singer Desirae Harp
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