Shifting From Spiritual Bypassing Into Authentic Transcendence

by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
over the past few years I have increasingly heard the term spiritual bypassing, coming up in articles about the collective awakening into the Golden Age of Aquarius, on social media as well as in rather random conversations.  In the town that I have called my home for twelve years of my life, I witnessed how in some of the current youth movements on planet earth, the seemingly easy path of bypassing problems with fun and a high energy level is a common one. A fact that triggered feelings of concern in me, when I got aware of how far the method has spread by now.
Now  don’t get me wrong, based on all that I am aware off about my inner sabotage mechanisms, I was not living in the illusion that I have no blind spots myself, but what I discovered just the other day has definitely topped everything I thought I could still have hidden from myself. Triggered by my landlords announcement that he will in future need my current living space for himself, I had a profound inside about my hidden fear body and how it has influenced my life so far.

For many of you it might be a wonderful thing to change location for fun, education or to take up a wonderful job offer, but that is not how I generally feel about moving house. Early in my life I learned that I will need an anchor that is centered in the inside world, rather than a physical space. When I was ten years old, my father lost his company and in the restless attempt to safe the company, than lost our house and only home that our eight people family ever shared together.
When I looked back over the years, I was mainly occupied with taking in the many details of the intense social change of environment that it was for me, my mother and my only other brother; who kept living together after the big bang, which also had lead to the divorce of my parents and the split of my family.

When I was guided by the spirit world to continue my life in Guatemala in the age of 37, I had no idea about the life conditions in the country and the path I was about to take. Many years followed that I had to go from property to property, until I finally moved into a home build by myself and thought of as “forever home”. About a year ago, I had the impression that the environmental changes in town have come to a point, that my life can no longer flourish there. So I packed up my four dogs and a minimum of belongings and moved.
“Why was this time so important” you might ask, it’s because I saw the bigger context in my emotional reactions to this events, and could evaluate the impact they have on my life. For the first time I remembered that there has been a time within the home transition phase in my youth, where we have been homeless. I never had thought about that again and never wondered what it did to my sense of security.
Well now I do, in all details, and I am working on a long list of forgiveness for myself and an elevation of my natural sense of security on planet earth.

When we cultivate mystical awareness or transcendent identity – which is a natural outgrowth of meditation and other practices – what happens is that we begin to take a witness position on our own lives, and that includes our minds.
James Redfield

I trust that when people meet, we meet for a transcendent reason, and that the challenges we face in life are always lessons that serve our soul’s growth.
Marianne Williamson

I need an inspiration that is grounded in reality while thoroughly transcendent.
John Ortberg

Although sometimes the morbid is also the transcendent, the transcendent cannot be reduced to the morbid.
Siri Hustvedt

Allow me to share this little clip with you, which is one of the most hilarious examples of spiritual bypassing that I ever saw, and randomly came up on a tv show while I was thinking about this article :-)….

Nothing is Ever Anyone’s Fault – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Before I knew you I did bad things and didn’t know why
But now, I know youAnd I’ve learned to look inside
I understand what makes me
Frightened and sad
So, yes, I still do bad things
But are they actually bad?
No!Because nothing is ever anyone’s fault
We’re all just products of childhood trauma
Nothing is ever anyone’s fault
Pain causes anger and fear causes drama

We can’t control
The things we do
Just like I can’t control
That I’m in love with youI was raised to believe
That every person’s in charge of their fate
But now, I clearly see
That my father’s a d*ck and he filled me with hate
You were the first person who told me that

Maybe you have a point

I was brought up by a fat-shaming mom
Who made me take laxatives
The week before prom (Yep!)
Now, I overeat ever since that abuse

Psychology is a great excuse

Nothing is ever anyone’s fault
Nothing is ever anyone’s fault
John Wayne Gacy was hit by his dad
It wasn’t technically Hitler’s fault
Wasn’t technically Hitler’s fault
Hitler’s brother died
And that made him super sad

It’s hard to paint people with evil or glory
When you know that everyone’s
Got a tragic backstory

Free will’s an illusion
Morality is, too
So, it’s not my fault that
My parents messed me up’
Cause their parents messed them up
And Adam and Eve were messed up by God
Who was messed up originally by the Big Bang

Everything is the Big Bang’s fault!
Good point!
Energy in space was the ultimate bad father
Nothing is nobody’s fault

Nothing is nobody’s
Is that a double negative?
Eh, it sounds good, why bother?
But I’m glad for the trauma
I’m glad for it, too
Cause my past is what led me
To fall in love with you
Lyrics by Aline Brosh McKenna, Jack Dolgen, Adam Schlesinger, Rachel Bloom; Lyrics Source:

Dear ones, I hope if you have just watched the video – that you are feeling highly entertained right now. Laughter is the best medicine, they say; it is for sure the most healthy respond to the discovery, that we are not quite as perfect as we hope to be. The good news is, that the Golden Age of Aquarius is build on personal authenticity and clarity, not so much on perfectionism :-). Keep rising my friends!
Love and Blessings

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6 comments on “Shifting From Spiritual Bypassing Into Authentic Transcendence

  1. Thank you, Edith. Hope there’s an even better home ahead for you.
    Let’s keep rising indeed!
    Love, hugs and blessings ❤

    • Oh thank you so very much for your blessings! The new home will be heaven on earth, that much is for sure already… was blessed with so many insides by now, the shift is integrated and I am ready for the most amazing!
      Love of love and blessings back!

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