Its A Happy Resurrection Time For Humanity

by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
this week we are collectively experiencing a very intense energy field within the human collective, strongly influenced by the events in the stellar realms as much as from the world wide celebrations of the Easter Fest. The influence the recently past Pisces New Moon energy field had on us is still in the integration phase, the increased I AM light that the Easter celebrations are creating and the promise of an upcoming Libra Full Moon to bring more balance into the flow, are all together pushing us forward on our path into the Golden Age of Aquarius. 

For those of us who are willing to undergo another conscious transformation process right now, it is the perfect time to align ourselves with this colorful energy mix, and increase again our presents in the physical body. That will make us strong in our attempt to overcome the illusion of birth and death and move on to higher levels of authentic creations on planet earth. An effective tool I used again and again over the years is the support field of the Ascended Masters.

My favorite for this weeks change is the Ascended Master Buddha Gautama, also known as The Enlightened Being or The Buddha, who was the founder of Buddhism in India. The Buddha can help to energetically translate, transform and clarify these profound layers for us. His light has an impact on all levels of our spiral dance of creation (what we call past – present and future), cleansing us from the past and preparing us for the future.

I bow to the highest,
to the “I AM” awareness.
So all lower levels of existence may be blocked for me,
and I might be lead to the higher vibrations of existence.
And to set me free from all my manifestations
of birth, age, sickness and death.

It is easily possible that many of you will experience rather uncomfortable side effects within the emotional and energetic body, which can trigger trouble for the physical realm. Be aware and prepared so you can flow in ease with the expressions your physical body might experience in this birthing process.Here are some side effects many will experience during this energy wave right now:
*) Collectively our DNA is transforming to 12Strands, as the elements in our physical bodies are downloading new vibrations of the divine blueprint for humanity on to planet earth. That takes a bit of time and can create one or the other confusion on the way.
Physical trouble as: Headaches, backaches, neck pains, having a cold, flu symptoms, digestive problems, muscular spasms or cramps, chest pains and an increased tendency to accidents. *) Waves of intense emotions might come up. Before more human beings are capable of releasing the pain and hurt we are holding on to over lifetimes, as often we intensively have to feel them one more time. So if in your past you have been very aggressive, deeply jealous, massively fearful or spiteful, than you might have to feel all of this again these days.
A spiritual journey involves to constantly transform karmic energies. That is what we got the violet flame for. Sudden waves of emotions, outbursts of anger or intense sadness, increased sensitivity on emotional, mental and physical level, a tendency to physical violence, all can be changed and evolved in vibration – by the violet fire of transformation. Find guidance steps and simple tools here!!

*) Just as the divine Law of Correspondence (Above as Below) states, when we reach a higher realm of spirituality and self-love, we also start loving the earth more. You might feel drown to spend more time than usually in nature. Your ability to feel a communication with plants and trees can increase, your sense of communion with nature can be stronger and you might even meet one or the other elf on your way ;-)! While you get re-connected to the loving heart and giving nature of planet earth, be open to feel every pain – your own actions have cost to the planet so far.

*) And as the first personal union we build with Earth is our physical body,  you also there might feel the emotional effect of your self-abusive past behavior. So if you want to love humanity and live as one, start with loving your own physical appearance. This vessel of your own making, that allows spirit to flow and express itself in this world. Listen to the changes in diet your body might request now and keep doing that until it feels like a new balanced has settled in again.
TIP: Before you eat, bless your food and take a moment for awareness. Tell your body that you are going to use the food to fill and nourish your whole being – body mind and soul.

*) Vivid dreams can turn into a strong connection with your spirit guides. Your dreams may be more mystical and bringing symbols or signs from past lifetimes, the animal kingdom can make itself more accessible to you or sacred geometric shapes might appear. If you watch a change there, start a dream journal to catch all the details of your messages!!!Dear ones, I hope you will all experience a truly magical Easter weekend, no matter where ever you are in the world nor which belief system you enjoy belonging to!! Take the chances that this big wave of collective increase in awareness is creating for all of us, tune into the vibration and download your own personal set of directions for the Golden Age of Aquarius.
Love and Blessings

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