How The Year 2017 Triggered Humanity To Creative Expression

by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
at the beginning of last year I shared a post about the collective energies of the year 2017 from the perspective of numerology, called Welcome 2017 – Year Of New Creations and New Beginnings. In this read I pointed out that the year 2017 was caring the vibration 10, and that a year with the power of this number is bringing us endless strength and courage to raise our voices in authentic expression in this world. Another massive influence was that our creativity became collectively a more driving force during this year and that was visible everywhere.
A human being who was constantly in the spotlight last year, not only for his important position but also for his questionable character, is the president of the United States – Donald Trump. Because his character as well as his abilities have been closely monitored from the beginning on, he was a very valuable figure to trigger the most creativity in the collective of humanity. Thousands could not resist the pressuring need to get up and speak out. This has found many many different expressions and in todays post I will start with sharing some of them.

Already since the first day of his presidency, people have questioned his ability to ever appropriately fulfill the role:



Some had the impression that his presidency is jeopardizing their constitutional rights:

Many people felt threatened by his choices of political friendships:

And some even went as far as comparing him to another  from the past:
Dear Ones, I hope you enjoy this little collection of creative expressions triggered by the personality and decisions of president Trump! Watch out for my next post for more authentic creative work from 2017!
Love and Blessings!

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