The Collective Spiritual Influence The Year 2018 Is Promising Us


by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
I am sending you all my sincere blessings for the upcoming year 2018! It will be a year of big master teachings and profound new manifestations that are naturally guided by the divine blueprint for the Golden Age of Aquarius!! May you all be blessed with perfect personal guidance during this brand new year full of promises for new beginnings!! There is much to learn and integrate this coming year, so lets take a deeper look at the energies we can collectively expect to influence our lives. From the perspective of numerology we will be facing a year of the Master Number 11 (2+0+1+8), which provides in us a strong drive to act from a place of authenticity in this world. So we better be aware about what we are truly standing for.
At the beginning of last year I shared an article called “Welcome 2017
Year Of New Creations and New Beginnings“, in which I followed the chain of the bigger picture we could see over the past years, by comparing the numerological meaning of a year, with the events we have witnessed happening. So take a look at that post if you wish to understand the context over a longer period of years!

As for 2018 – we are highly supported by the universe to create the most magnificent manifestations this year, as long as we align them with the divine blueprint and act in harmony with the bigger picture for humanity. This year will profoundly challenge us to increase our ability for self-leadership; widen our capacity to create from the soul core of our personal inner world; and to gain even more clarity and strength in our authentic self-expression.

He who creates a poison, also has the cure.
He who creates a virus, also has the antidote.
He who creates chaos, also has the ability to create peace.
He who sparks hate, also has the ability to transform it to love.
He who creates misery, also has the ability to destroy it with kindness.
He who creates sadness, also has the ability to covert it to happiness.
He who creates darkness, can also be awakened to produce illumination.
He who spreads fear, can also be shaken to spread comfort.
Any problems created by the left hand of man, can also be solved with the right.
For he who manifests anything, also has the ability to destroy it.
Suzy Kassem

One of the impacts we will be allowed to collectively witness during the upcoming year is that an increasing amount of human beings will get in touch for the first time with their natural psychic abilities. Those who have already done some cleansing on their pineal gland will experience an intense growth of their strength in connection and clarity.

Psychic power is the ability to download information directly from the Universe.
Lada Ray

One of the most useful and important ways to be able to use your psychic gifts is to learn how to read what’s happening in your very own body.
Catherine Carrigan

A sixth sense cannot make up for a total lack of common sense.
Natsuki Takaya

The vibration of a numerology year 11 has the potential to push all limitations of our human experience and helps each of us individually, as well as collectively, to reach the highest spiritual perceptions for the awakening process into the Golden Age of Aquarius. Its a time to get even deeper in touch with out personal inner guidance, in order to sense the true path to our soul mission and feel safe following it faithfully.

We believe that part of our mission in life is to find our bliss and follow it. Life is a precious and delicate gift. How much of that gift do we squander out of fear?
Dianne Sylvan

I was taught to think about mission and people. Mission. What are you trying to accomplish? Don’t do anything until you know what the mission is. Drilled into our hearts and into our heads.
Colin Powell

Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it.
Gautama Buddha

All manifestations that are powered by the essence of our soul and take into consideration the collective human dream of world peace, a shared experience of oneness and a daily attitude of compassionate humaneness on planet earth; will be supported with the full force of the universe.

Last but not least I would like to mention, for all who found the past years rather airy, that on May 15th the planet Uranus is moving into the star sign of Taurus, which means that all our experiences will finally be feeling more grounded and deeper rooted.

Dear Ones, I hope this collection of insides and quotes is providing you with useful support during this upcoming 2018!! We will see quite a year of high intensity and more beautiful manifestations for the creation of the Golden Age of Aquarius, so keep your eyes open and make sure to notice them! It might just motivate you to step into your own authentic leadership and creative expression!!
Tons of Love and Blessings!

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