When We Flourish…

by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
last month was a very big time of personal transformation in my life. One of the unexpected side effects of the many inner and outer movements that involved, was the loss of my computers hard drive. While that in the first moment does not sound like good news, it included the blessing that I found a copy of poems which I wrote more than 20years ago. I started reading them and remembering how deeply blessed I always have been, to be guided by music and other art during all my life.
One of the ways how this directions have been transmitted to me, is thru writing down poems or song lyrics. Mostly I brought my creations to light by automatic writing, a natural ability I am blessed to posses, which allowed the compositions to come back to me as fragments of my own understanding of the world in that moment in time. Allow me to share here, one of the poems in English and the original language German. If you enjoy the read, you can find more of my past creations on the new page “Poems by Edith Boyer-Telmer.

When we flourish,
Under painful cracking, the seeds husk breaks apart,
And the delicate stem of the wonderful blossom we once will be,
Makes its way into life.

Fragile, a little weak still, and easy to bend,
But fully confident, hopeful and thirsty for life.
Ready to grow, learn and do all that is needed to unfold to our true size,
To develop our personal beauty and full maturity.May the earth nourish me
The sun steer my inner fire
The water smooth my feelings
The wind blow all my obstacles away

And may spirit give me the faith,
That I will succeed again,
Because the lotus already blooms within me.
Edith Boyer-Telmer September 2003


wenn wir erblühen
bricht die schale des samenkorns unter schmerzvollem krachen entzwei
und der zarte stamm der wunderbaren blüte die wir einst sein werden
bannt sich seinen weg ins leben

zerbrechlich, schwach noch und leicht zu knicken
aber voll zuversicht, hoffnung und lebenslust
bereit zu wachsen, zu lernen und alles zu tun das von nöten ist unsere wahre größe,
unsere schönheit und reife zu entfalten

möge die erde mich nähren
die sonne mein feuer entfachen
das wasser meine gefühle umspühlen
der wind alle hindernisse davon wehen

und der grosse geist mir das vertrauen schenken,
daß es auch diesmal gelingen wird,
weil ich die blüte bereits in mir trage.
E.B.T. September 2003

Dear Ones, I hope you enjoyed my little poem about this beautifully vulnerable moment of my inner awakening; long back in earthly measured time, but with timeless meaning and truth. I hope you feel the blossoming of you own inner self unfold beautifully a little bit more every day of your life, and that you may bless the world with your authentic light.
Love and Blessings!

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