The Positive And The Negative Side Of Silence – Part III

by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
as it looks like, we are collectively not quite done yet with our exploration of the depths, the beauty and dark spots of the term and feeling of SILENCE. After the last two weeks have passed, and the articles “The Positive And The Negative Side Of Silence – Part I” and “The Positive And The Negative Side Of Silence – Part II” have been such strong experiences of transmission, also for me while I was writing them; I was not really surprised when another inspiration stroke, to close the circle of divine trinity. An appearance that we can monitor on regular base these days, that channeled information comes in steps of the divine feminine number three.
We know by now that silence can be this amazingly beautiful place of inner harmony, inner quiet, the void where everything existing rests, the emptiness everything sprouts from; and that it can be the dark place of denial of abuse, of silencing each others authentic voices, of overrunning other beings and countries with overbearing military forces. All of that, part of the completion we need to achieve internally, when we desire to truly understand the complexity of silence. Energetic equivalents to each and every detail, can be found in all beings of this earth, and that is also where we always have the power to start our work.

The spiritual and emotional state of our collective inner world, is what makes horror and pain appear on this planet. So if you wanna change the world and use the positive powers of silence, start with inner alchemy! In my article “awaken the inner alchemist in the violet fire of ascension” you will find deeper insides as for how that works. Start training yourself to be the best alchemist for elevating lower vibrations inside of yourself, than start extending your circle. You can do that with the power of the violet flame or any other strong cleansing tool you know!

Violet Flame Prayer
I AM a being of violet fire
I AM the purity God desires

Many of you are aware that I am born in the Zodiac star sign of the Aquarius. An air sign, that collectively is known as to carry the characteristics of humanitarians, we are very keen on exploring personal freedom, often are visionaries for the human collective and the most revolutionary people on earth. Maybe because of this characteristic of mine, maybe because the Aries New Moon has created such a strong energy field, maybe because I am passionate about life itself and maybe for all this reasons together; there is an intense fire for change burning in my inner world right now, and it makes me want to roar my truth into the world. And it is important for all of us to stand up and speak out loud – what we really believe in. Important for us as one human tribe to be witnesses for each others desires and authentic expressions. In my article “the meaning and importance of protest and revolution in modern society”, I shared my spiritual understanding of that.

But than there is a time for everything and sometimes it would be dangerous to our own lives when we immediately speak out, and in such situations we need even more good tools for us to stay connected with our productivity. So be quiet where you must – and use the power of the Ascended Master Lanto for strength and clarity; where ever you can – stand in clearity and speak out!The Ascended Master “Lord Lanto” is the chohan – the spiritual leader – of the 2nd divine ray, the golden ray of the victorious “I AM light. The power tool of Master Lanto is the “mighty transcendent golden flame of illumination”, and it is energetically located in the Himalaya mountains.
This golden flame is also the sacred center of the threefold flame of God and Goddess Meru, which represents the energetic union of the twin flame energy. The united oneness of the divine masculine and the divine feminine powers in action, and an important part for the manifestation of world peace. Train yourself to take responsibility for your part, with this invocation.

On behalf of my I AM presence
I call the 2nd golden ray into action,
to ensure the fulfillment of the divine plan.

I live, breath and navigate my entire existence,
nestled in a gigantic shining, fiery burning golden flame,
from the heart of the temple of wisdom
and of enlightened peace
in the Himalaya mountains.

Thousands of suns…
there, for all who have ears to hear and eyes to see.
Cleansing, healing, protective, electrostatic, guiding, uplifting and enlightening
in service to all the people on the light path.

I AM part of the golden ray of the victorious flame of divine wisdom.
The teachings and writings of all Masters ,
everything under this rays radiation,

works in me, through me and around me
for every group, every thing and every situation
where I AM,

I completely opening myself to the 2nd golden ray
of wisdom and enlightened peace,
surrendering with all my BEing.Dear Ones, I hope you are motivated to widen your range of attention and to keep working patiently for the Golden Age of Aquarius on planet earth!! I hope this little set of articles can be of assistance to find the right balance between creating a place of inner silence in the heart; and authentically speaking up, where ever a situation unveils the need for your voice to act!! Lets be wise and turn the ship around NOW, so we may gently awaken together in prosperity.
Love and Golden Blessings!

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