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Dear Friends,
in my birthday post for this year – my collection of awakening experiences continues No III –  I shared with you for the first time, that I will make another leap into the unknown, and record an interview that I was invited to by the lovely team of  the awakening platform “The Spiritual Voice”. There are two especially interesting things that have happened since that day; one is that the divine blueprint for the changes our collective path into the Golden Age of Aquarius is demanding from us now, unveiled itself pretty clearly – the other was a horrible act of crime against the brotherhood of all beings on planet earth, committed by the Mayor of my wonderful hometown San Marcos La Laguna. He sign for the cruel killing of dozens of dogs mascots as street dogs – happy, healthy, beloved animals that made our town so very beautiful, and consciously broke the law of Guatemala against acts of animal cruelty.

Why this would be interesting for you, my dear ones, and why this events have a connected collective meaning, I will explain right now. When Pol and I first talked to another, and the team of The Spiritual Voice invited me to this talk, it was September 2016 and we agreed on the general talk topic of Indigo and Crystal children. We scheduled one date for sessions after the other, and non of them worked out, for technical reasons, for to high noise impact in the background, for schedule misunderstandings. You know, just one of this random lines of events that the universe is organizing, when they want something different to happen. So it took until the first week of February for us to schedule a finale date, as my very personal present to me for my Birthday, it was the 8th of February.

Nearly nobody in this world can have missed the fact that between this dates the President of the United States of America has changed, and the impact this new leader chose to make within the first week of being in office. This arrival was celebrated by him with some quite shocking power abuses, which brought the masses into movement and created what now is known as “the women’s march”. An energy that not only transported 3 million people within the USA into action, but also another 3 million people all over the planet.
Now in our town, we are also talking about absolute power abuse, absolute ignorance, the endangerment also of the people of his town (the workers were specifically instructed to throw poisoned chicken meat not only to dogs on the street – to be clear, which is no less a crime – but also into peoples gardens, over fences… into places where also a child on its way to the garden located toilet could have picked it up!!!), and the environment – as pieces not eaten will first go into the ground water and so be washed into Lake Atitlan – a crucial water body for the whole of Guatemala. Plus, we have since long time a support program (Ayuda Para los Perros y Gatos) at the lake, that brings vets into town for sterilizations, education, health care and much more.
With them, the government of our town has sign an agreement already last year, that this will never happen again (it did happen many times before) and the doctors will provide humane euthanasia assistance – when it truly has to happen. Means there was not only an agreement, but also on human level a solution already existing, and they anyway chose the cruelty. To their own people they are selling this action now as a sacrifice they have to make for a clean town!! The beauty of it all is, that people do not have it anymore!! Our incredibly humble, introverted and never rebelling local Mayan Indigenous neighbors are ready to stand up for what they want. We “gringos” with our technical understanding and western abilities were asked to support them in their cause.aAnd here we are back to – it is all the same movement!!! It is all one and the same energy wave, that has been kicked off and now has to take its turn. Maybe some of you can remember also my post to welcome the beginning of the year 2017, and the details about the numerological power this year has. A power to bring in new beginnings, new ways of dealing with things, new manifestations, new systems,….. NOW IS THE TIME FOR ANOTHER STEP!
Time to see the picture completely detached from anything personal and realize – this is not about the dogs, not about the immigrants, not the gays, not the women, but about all of us!!
In essence it is about stopping the era of fake leader on this planet.  About standing up for what is our higher truth. For taking care of what we love, not allowing any “so called” power figure in our life to demand us acts of cruelty and than hide behind them. About accepting that if we can take our own higher self as the only truly responsible leader in this world, and align all our own actions with this guidance that we hear from inside, than all this spiting images of “so called leader” will naturally disappear.

Please be aware my friends, that on Sunday this week we will be under the influence peek of an intensively powerful Pisces New Moon and Solar Eclipse (the energy report post to it follows tomorrow!!!), which is filled with sensitivity, explosive force, triggers of victim-hood mentality and the chance to rise to higher vibrations of self-leadership. We clearly need it – as our politicians SIMPLY SUCK!

This is the introduction of my lovely host Pol Cousineau to our interview:
Reflect on the Current Energetic Movement through this conversation on morality, peace, fear and social events with.
We start by touching on the Age of Aquarius, the women’s March and the numerology implication of the current time. The achievement of peace requires developing emotional intelligence rather than an approach of opposition and fighting.
The show uses an example of your host driving into Chicago and his resulting experience of fear, insecurity and anxiety. Through this example, you’ll learn methods for you to respond to situations that trigger your survival instincts.

Listen to The Spiritual Voice Podcast Ep.0123 to learn more about the practice of the violet flame of transformation, how to tap into your inner alchemist, be empowered through your co-creative abilities and respond to the current energetic movement favorably.
Unfortunately I am still a technical zero and today could not manage to make the link appear directly – so sorry friends 😉 –  please click below to hear what we came up with in the interview.

And because this is an as well as world, we pray for our dogs, for being forgiving to the actions of our own community members and will hold the mayor responsible for it!! For the death of all the wonderful dog companions who gave their life, in order to bring the energies of the Guatemalan people finally into movement, we have started two petitions to the government officials demanding the persecution of our mayor for his power abuse, his cruel way of killing and his conscious act against the law of Guatemala. Here are links to sing the petition and read what the press has picked up so far.

doDear ones, if you are a member of the community of San Marcos La Laguna, an animal lover, equality supporter, an awakening soul who has to feel this all and therefor understands the spiritual dimensions of what we can correct right now in our little power vortex town full of Mayan magic; sign the petition and spread the word to create the pressure we need for our shift! Than the death of our loved mascot’s will truly be a divinely sacrificial one and lead us one step closer to a united Golden Age of Aquarius. Also if anybody at all, feels called to translate this article in another language – please do so freely and pass it on (in best case also to me please ;-)..).
Love and Healing Vibrations!

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