Today The Powerful Lions Gate 8/8/9 Is Peeking

32by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
in my last post I shared with you a little mix of insides, angelic guidance and prayer, to prepare our personal energy field for the peek of the Lions Gate. Like every year, the Lion’s Gate Portal has opened up on July 26th and stays that way till August 12th. And today is the day that this massive star portal of high powered light is peaking. The radiant light of the lions magnificent fire, is available for all that connect with the offerings provided.
We will feel the vibration of the Golden I AM Light streaming thru our physical bodies and energy bodies, stronger than ever before. Another big chance
to hear and follow our personal guidance, and learn how to collectively bring humanity into the Golden Age of Aquarius. More higher vibrations in the mix of our big transformation process, that will allow even more people to actively awaken their light body awareness.

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In the best manner of the proud lion, it is a wonderful energy to deeply sense into our understanding of leadership in this world and our personal lives. We can free ourselves from fears that we still carry about violence from authority persons impact on our personal development; as well as drama we experienced or witnessed, that was created by the influence of police, military or politics. And coming with the territory, we are also challenged to evaluate our own devotion to our souls collective service for this world. A moment to ask ourselves if we are already expressing our authentic truth, or if we are in need to top up our communication skills.
But most of all, this is the moment to soil our souls with all the beautiful pleasures this magical planet earth is providing. All in moderation and balance is the key! We are here to deeply enjoy the fruits this Garden Eden is abundantly giving, and to express the divine with all the incredible personal skills we have as human beings. This is a wonderful time, full of opportunities to go with the flow and let life take us to another shore, while we make our profoundest transitions. Take your chance and make a change!!! Below you find two prayers to connect with your I AM light within.

The Ascended Master Lord Maitreya is known by many names. Some call him the Coming Buddha, others the Cosmic Christ, for some he is representing the Planetary Buddha and for some he is simply the expected Master Teacher for the Golden Age of Aquarius and the Twin Flame Fire.

From the source of Light, the Mind of Divinity,
let light stream down into the minds of humanity,
let it be light on Earth.

From the source of Love, the Heart of Divinity,
let love stream down into the hearts of humanity,
may the Christ Light return to Earth.

From the source of all, the Will of Divinity,
let purpose guide the small minded wills of humanity,
to the same purpose, that the Masters knowingly serve.

From the source, which we call human kind,
let the plan of unconditional love and inner light unfold,
and may it seal the doors to where evil dwells.

May Light, Unconditional Love and the Divine Powers,
restore the Divine Plan on Planet Earth!!!

The Ascended Master “Lord Lanto” is the chohan (leader) of the 2nd divine ray, the golden ray of the victorious “I AM light. The power tool of Master Lanto is the “mighty transcendent golden flame of illumination”, located in the Himalaya mountains.

Love the golden hope of your divinity more than your current reality,
then there is hope!!
Eventually this hope is not true anymore, because it became your truth.

The golden light of God comes to establish peace and wisdom!
Through the temple of revelation and divine peace,
the light of God manifest once again on the earth plane.

Open Up, turn into a barer of divine faith and truth!
Allow the stream of light to flow through you!
Aligned with the great plan of The Eternal One!
Your reward is immense inner wealth
and your awakening into divinity!

11Dear Ones, I hope you are filled with positive expectations for the golden outcome of your higher vibrating steps these days. Get in touch with this divine sources of the powerful I AM light within you, and let your inner lion roar your authentic truth into the world. Don’t forget to use the passionate lion fire, to manifest pieces of your divine blueprint, the personal pattern of  your souls perfection and creation desires. Keep breathing deeply and consciously, that is how your light gets stronger!!
Radiant Light and Blessings!


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