Developing Patience And Faith To Reach Spiritual Success

4by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
over the last few weeks I have received a lot of messages, expressing the impatience and anger that humanity feels in the collective awakening right now. For many people, the current events in the world are frightening and rather irritating, and for many it is difficult to see a bright future for the human raise right now. But especially in times of crises and chaos on the planet, we have collectively the job to keep the golden eye of divinity, that Master Lord Lanto is guarding in the Himalaya mountains, as a divine virtue for us.
When we learn to make that divine eye our daily vision, it is impossible for us to miss the golden goal we have planted for ourselves. The forces of the universe are behind us, blowing the winds of change into our wings, wishing us all the biggest spiritual success we can possible have.

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“Patience is a virtue” is a phrase that you for sure have heard before. So what is patience and why would it be a virtue??  It is a virtue because the higher understanding  and definition of patience is “waiting for results without complaint or creating inner pressure over it”! So patience actually describes our capacity to master our self-control, humility, devotion and surrender to the situation we are in. Our capability to sit in circumstances of emotional-, energetic, physical or spiritual discomfort, without complaining to the universe about it.
And when you bring patience together with a golden eye for divine success, than that is what it means to have FAITH. It describes an inner state where we truly take the hard times as much as a blessing, as the good ones. Also cultivating patience is one of our keys to master an inner understanding, for the pattern and designs of the Creation of Life. To be aware of this blueprints, can give us the power to direct energy within these pattern and to shift our inner process much quicker, than when we show resistance to the divine timing.PatieAnother important part to understand is, that in order to achieve a state of completion in listening to our higher selves guidance, we have to surrender the free will of our 3rd chakra to the voice of our heart. Only when we can bow our heads and accept what ever timing the bigger plan has for the fulfillment of our dreams and deepest desires, we can truly hear our inner guidance from head to toe.
My recommendation my friends, is to practice with the following prayers to the energy field of God and Goddess Meru. They are the Ascended Master couple of the threefold flame, and are the divine representatives of mastering the virtue of patience.

Here are two Prayers for evocation:
God & Goddess Meru Prayer I:

Divine Light into your hands I commend my spirit.
Mighty I AM Presence my Holy Christ Self,
power of the blue-lightening angels,
lead me to the Temple of Illumination of God and Goddess Meru.

Escort me, instruct me, guide and protect me.
I pray to the inner fire of illumination,
to inflame my devotion for service to the divine plan,
and for all life on earth.

God & Goddess Meru Prayer II:
Violet Flame blaze, blaze oh blaze,
in, through and around, each of my bodies electrons.
Transform me back into pure light,
to serve the divine plan in mankind’s darkest night.

Father, mother, fire, flame and pure divine light,
Gold for the divine wisdom,
Pink for the unconditional love and
Blue for the divine will and divine protection.
Anchor yourself deep inside of me,
Flame of divine Trinity.
Burn inside me, in humble service.. sweet,
forever for this world in thoughts, words and deeds.a12Dear Ones, I hope you feel inspired to give this helpful hand a try and reach out to the energy field of God and Goddess Meru, if you are about to loose your patience the next time! Hope you find comfort and relaxation in the embrace of the masters power, and that you may create endless spiritual success for yourself and others!!
Blessings and Love


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