Angelic Number Sequences – Guidance To Integrate The Capricorn Energies

aby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
there is so much awakening energy dancing thru the air right now, it is pure magic what we can catch with the wind these days. The recent Capricorn Full Moon has created a force of full power for us, to connect strong, healthy and deep reaching roots; with the high aspirations of the eagles spiritual few. And as always when we are already blessed with such strong frequencies, the support of the Angelic Realms is just around the corner.
Something interesting to be aware of, is that this time the repeating number sequences are mirroring one on one the themes we have been served with during the Capricorn Moon. Everything is pointing towards integration and grounding of our new born inner powers. I hope you find guidance and directions in them!

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Angel Number 228:
This Angel Number is bringing gentle whispers to our ears, that we are ready to make another leap of faith into the unknown. We have gained the wisdom it takes to pass another gateway of initiation, into higher levels of awareness and frequency. Keep your eyes on the goal and trust the Angelic Realm to be at your side at any moment of challenge, leading us toward brand new opportunities. A new direction for our spiritual path and the fulfillment of our life purpose, is now on the way. Accept and enjoy all the blessings life is bringing now!! A message to not prepare to receive the blessings of the divine, but BE READY to accept all the amazing gifts of success, abundance and prosperity. Know you are worthy to receive it all!!

Angel Number 1011:
The number is an invitation to pay even closer attention to the messages of our intuition, to the information of our sensory self and the vibrations we experience from others. An encouragement to allow life to come along and sweep us off our feet, into the manifestation of our wildest dreams and hopes for the Golden Age. They are a promise that new beginnings, inspired creations, flowing creativity, quick personal development, spiritual awakening and maybe even enlightenment can be achieved now! Seeing this number on a regular base reminds us of the eternity and infinity of our soul, the oneness of the web of life and wholeness of every single being in brotherhood of beings on planet earth!indexMaybe some of you also remember that this frequency is resonating with Archangel Haniel, “the joy of God” or “the grace of God” and one of the few angels mainly appearing in feminine form. She is responsible for the fulfillment of our desire for the Inner God. She supports the human race to develop and maintain a harmonious new relationship paradigm. She brings creative inspiration for artistic projects, rules our inner world of intuition, imagination, inner guidance and emotions, and teaches us how joy has the power to bring light into any aspect of our being. And she is the guarding angel of our collective desire for peace and harmony on planet earth.

Angel Number 1144:
Angel Number 1144 tells us to keep our thoughts positive and optimistic as we step up into an important new role or adventure in our life. The Number carries the vibration and energy of the trinity “The Body – The Mind – The Soul”, as well as our relationship with the Spirit Guides and Angelic Realms. It is a message from the angels that they are sending us the most positive energies and signals, in which direction to go with our work and how to set intentions that will manifest the needed outcome. We also can receive now guidance and clarity, how to align our business behavior and income creation with our spiritual path.

Angel Number 1199:
This is a particularly powerful combination as it unites the Master Number 11, responsible for the most magnificent manifestations in harmony with the bigger picture; our ability for self-leadership; our capacity to create our personal world; the inner drive for new beginnings and our authentic self-expression, with the scream for wisdom and authentic living in this world. It is the number of completing cycles in our life, that are according to the Hermetic Law of Cause and Effect now finishing. It is an engine for the adventurous desires of the spiritual warrior in us, to break into new dimensions and keep rising the vibration in the world.

Angel Number 4848:
The numbers 4 and 8 are talking about a combination of stability, flow, personal empowerment and emotional as material abundance. The combination of double numbers always expresses that the energies are intensively strong, as they are double strong in their influence. It is an indicator for a phase of life that is about to end, or comes into completion. And a reminder, that when we keep our eyes on love, inner power and transformation, we can enlighten every fear or negativity within us.

4Dear Ones, I hope you are feeling the self-empowering wave, that is coming from this wonderful angelic vibrations! The Angelic Realms and the rest of the other-world are working over-hours for us, to provide us with even more self-love and self-care energies. Time for us to take the offer and ground all this magic into our life.
Love and Angelic Blessings!

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