The Doors Are Open To Consciously Help Ourselves To A Pineal Gland Awakening

3RDby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
I don’t know how you felt the last few days, but for me the Sagittarius Full Moon energies have brought two days of intense pressure in the head and a lot of different sound pattern in my ears, while the field was shifting and changing my mind ones more. I am quite used to the different side effects that my body produces during significant shifts, so it was not such a big deal to handle this discomforts, but it brought to my mind that all the steps I am taking to support my shift when I am in the middle of one, are also helpful tools if somebody desires to evoke a conscious pineal gland opening.
So no matter if you are aware that your gland is blocked and want to open it, or if your third eye is in general open, but not always available or not regularly well functioning, here are some things that help us again and again widen the few of our wisdom eye.

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Make yourself familiar with the energy of the Ascended Master Lord Ling. Master Ling is a strong and loving source of divine light, available to all truth seeker who need assistance in keeping their energy field anchored in divine bliss. His green and golden light combines the I AM Presence of the second divine Golden Ray, with the fifth divine ray of Healing. Master Ling especially developed his soul’s wisdom during his incarnation as Moses and his lifetime as Ananda (disciple and favorite student of Gautama Buddha, the Enlightenment Buddha). When we are working with the frequency field of Lord Ling, he helps us to connect with the nurturing love and inner peace, that deep devotion to serving our divine plan can bring.
His message is, that it is easier to learn how to shield our awareness from negativity, than to clear our energetic field from disharmonious thoughts and feelings of the world, once they entered our conciseness. Here his invocation so you can get in touch with his energy field within yourself!

the powerful radiant electronic energy frequency
that my physical body, my emotional body, my mental body
and my light body, unites
I stand firmly in the Golden Light
Divine Bliss radiates inside me, through me
and around me to everyone in this world


What helps physically and energetically:
1.) Our body is the vessel for our soul to come thru and express our divine source into the world. If our nutrition is based on junk food and precooked foods with tons of chemicals and we don’t care to eat GMO food, we simple don’t give the body what it takes to bring forward the true spiritual being that you are. So go simple, go organic, go fresh!!! And – give your children healthy food!! It has to be organic not just natural, there is a labeling trick build in to the term natural!! By now we have studies that proof the physical change in the age of the puberty and more, thru the consume of GMO foods!!! Same for clean and fresh water. Exchange as often as possible a soft-drink for fresh water!!

2.) During increasing energy waves or intense frequency shifts like we experience with high regularity now, it is especially important to keep the balance between action and resting time. This is true for body-mind and soul. All of them need time to integrate, when the energies are streaming in strongly. But especially the body needs rest. Listen regularly to calming music, watch a relaxing movie or simple watch people passing by at your window; but make sure you spend some time without studies, active doing or conscious understanding. Active Resting is an important step in grounding the balance between the divine masculine and the divine feminine energies!!

3.) Practicing conscious breathing helps improves our well being on a physical, emotional and mental level. Becoming aware of the way we breathe can reconnect us to our inner place of peace, even in the most challenging situations of everyday life!! It is the most practical build in tool for a next conscious step in your personal evolution! So study your breath and body awareness, it will carry you far in your personal ascension process!!

4.) Give yourself a head massage. This is not so much about comfort and relaxation, as it is about working out the spots that hurt. When our brain is changing in vibration, it creates a lot of neuro-transmitter movement in order to make the new connections happen (the same principle to shift our DNA into higher vibration), this movements lead to pressure in the head and punctual pain. When we massage this spots, while making a deep breathing connection – maybe even allow sounds to come, we support the shift to come quicker.

5.) One of the most amazing traits of this time of collective human transformation is that we increasingly have the magnificent opportunity, to touch other creatures with our sensory self. We can be in communication, sharing and teaching with The Ascended Master, the Angelic Realms, the Animal Kingdom, Plant Healer and Healing Crystals, just as easily as talking to a stranger in a coffee shop. The only thing that separates this beings from us, is our own claim to be worthy enough for such a relationship. So go out there, make friends with a tree and let them teach you about the universes unconditional love. When you make your contact and ask for support, their guidance will never let you down!

3rd-eye-womanDear Ones, I hope this is helpful for you the next time you are dealing with the intense energy field of a stellar constellation. I hope many of you will use the tools to make a conscious step and seek the challenge that it might be, to pass the portal of consciousness to higher frequencies that open the pineal gland. If you have trouble staying centered and balanced, think of grounding your energies!!! Touch the earth, put your feet on the ground, make sure you feel that you are one with the planet that gives us space to be!!
Blessings and Love!


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