Solutions From The Dalai Lama For The 10 Biggest Daily Energy Thieves

Alex_Grey-Dalai_Lamaby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
over the last few weeks you heard me talk again and again about the influence of the hermetic laws on our life’s and how they resonate as guidelines for the human collective, with the Native American Code of Ethics. In the article Staying Grounded And Blissful While Integrating Intense Energy Waves, I shared how we can stabilize our inner state of bliss, with the assistance of the energy field from the Ascended Master Lord Ling. The information you find in this posts provides us with many details helpful to understand the bigger picture. Today let me share with you what in our everyday life the Dalai Lama calls “The 10 Thieves Of Your Energy”!

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Energy Solution Number 1:
Let go of people who only get into your life to share complaints, problems, stories of disaster or fear, and who judge others. If someone is looking for a rubbish bin to throw their garbage, make sure it is not into your mind.

Energy Solution Number 2:
Pay your bills on time. The same way, you must collect from those who owe you or let them go from your life in case it is impossible to collect. Debts don’t expire with time, even when the law protects you; be responsible, it is better to collect payments cent by cent, than to lose your precious energy and your word.

Energy Solution Number 3:
Keep your promises. If you have not kept it, ask yourself why you resist. You are always in your right to change your opinion, to apologize, to compensate, to renegotiate and to find another alternative towards a promise you have not kept; but that must not become a habit. The best way to avoid doing something you don’t want to do, is saying NO from the beginning.

Energy Solution Number 4:
When possible, do away with or delegate those tasks you prefer not to do and dedicate your time to doing what you like best. Even though you must not run away from your responsibilities and that is not possible all the time, sometimes due to control and because we don’t give ourselves the chance, we go on losing our time on trivialities and we abandon that which is really meaningful in our life.720x405-147640819Energy Solution Number 5:
Give yourself the chance to rest if you find yourself in a time when you need it, and give yourself permission to act when you find a moment of opportunity. Nature has rhythms and so does your life. Not acting at the appropriate moment takes away your energy, and not stopping when you need it, does the same thing.

Energy Solution Number 6:
Rooms on, throw away, gather and organize, nothing takes away more energy than an untidy place, full of things from the past that you don’t need anymore. One by one, take each paper, each souvenir and even each dream and choose.

Energy Solution Number 7:
Give priority to your health, without the machine which is your body working to its maximum, you can’t do much. Sunbathe in the afternoon, meditate, breath, take a bath in the sea, do some exercise outdoors, listen to your body and eliminate toxins. Eat fresh and organic foods; work on prevention in order to avoid the crisis of a disease.

Energy Solution Number 8:
Face toxic situations that you are now tolerating, from rescuing a friend or a relative, to tolerating negative actions from your mate, and take the necessary action. Resigning to a situation and feeling you don’t have the control, will only drain you.

Energy Solution Number 9:
Accept, It is not resignation, but nothing makes you lose more energy than resisting and fighting against a situation that you cannot change. Deliver to the Universe, you can always choose your way and flow without attachments until you get to your riverside safely.

Energy Solution Number 10:
Forgive, let go of a situation that is causing pain, you can always choose to leave pain in your memory.

~ The Dalai Lama – The Ten Thieves of Your EnergydaDear Ones, I hope this little reminder of the things that cause us the biggest daily loses of energy will help you make one or the other good decision for yourself! Check in with your own anchors and package and make your cut where ever you need to! Let go of all the ballast of the past, embrace all the beautiful new beginnings to come, and in between be present to water your garden and honor what you got!
Love and Blessings!!

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