Angelic Poetry & Blessings To Make The Best Of The Current Energies

66by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
just yesterday I talked to you about the great effect it can have on our collective awakening process, if more of us are
Accepting Angelic Guidance For Our Self Mastery and align themselves with the flow of their own divine plan that way. I mentioned, that their guidelines are transmitted to us on a much regular base right now, and that they are bringing us details of the divine blueprint for life in the Golden Age of Aquarius.
Now the message came thru, that in this week there will be literately a storm of Angelic supporters working on guiding and aligning the human race with our next collective steps. The energies will increase over the next days, building up to the Sagittarius Full Moon at the end of the week, so we might be in need of their helping hands!! Here are some blessings you can play with, to make a good contact with the Angelic Realms, and to get the best out of the current energy waves.

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Blessing for a new week
“A brand new week, a bright new day,
may your Angels guide you every step of the way,
bring you love and happiness, keep your life calm,
and most of all protect you from harm.”

Friendship Blessing
“Here is my wish-list for my friends,
to bring them contentment before the day ends.

A pinch of faith and a cupful of hope,
a handful of courage to help them cope,
an abundance of health and a heart full of love,
all brought down to them from their Angels above”5Angels and Faith
If you’re feeling low or lonely – just call your Angels near,
and ask them for their guidance, to free you from your fear.
They’ll always give you comfort, and send someone from above,
to help you find contentment, in their all embracing love.

It may well be that what they send – is not what you expect,
but over time you’ll understand, its always for your best!

Angelic Wings of Gold
“May your Angels come on wings of gold,
a wondrous beauty to behold,
to keep you safe and free from harm,
securely wrapped in loving arms”

Soulmate Blessing
“May your love life blossom and your dreams come true,
by your Angels bringing your Soulmate to you.”

Happiness Blessing
May the moon renew your energy while you’re sleeping,
and the sun give you radiance through the day.
May the rain wash away all your troubles,
sending you a rainbow to show you the way.

May all your worries be small ones,
and your shadows be lightened by stars,
and your heart feel as light as a snowflake,
holding happiness wherever you are.

Forgiveness Blessing
“May your days be bathed in sunshine,
your nights be lit with stars.
May the Angel of forgiveness shine on you,
right there wherever you are.”beDear Ones, I hope you enjoy the love, inspiration and oneness that radiates from this beautiful prayers and blessings! May you have lots of fun connecting with the Angelic Realms even deeper! Personally, “I wishing you health, love, fun and laughter, and your Angels beside you forever after” ;-)!! Have a blessed week and may their guidance be with you where ever you go!!
Love and Angel Blessings

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