Accepting Angelic Guidance For Our Self Mastery

2by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
if you are following my blog on a regular base, than you heard me talking many times already about the incoming Angel messages that are transmitted to us on a regular base, by the appearance of number frequencies in our awareness. Over the last three month, this numbers have started to change with more rapid speed. In alliance with the exhilaration rate of our collective awakening process, they are bringing us details of the divine blueprint for life in the Golden Age of Aquarius.
So allow me to share again which numbers are again guiding us right now.

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Angel Number 505:
in this wonderful number is the message of major life-changes, of increased personal freedom, wonderful new opportunities, the disclosure of personal truth, and spontaneous choices and decisions. As number five carries the vibration of multi-dimensional possibilities and brilliant new chances, this is a very blessed message! Because not only is the five appearing double in this combination, but also are the forces multiplied by the power if the number 0. The vibration of a brand new seed for life, ready to be planted into a fertile garden of multiple possibilities. Might just be we can create our personal Garden of Eden right now!! In any way it is an encouragement to keep stepping up into bravely creating what we desire, and that the Angelic Realms are fully supporting us!angeAngel Number 1011:
The number is an invitation to pay even closer attention to the messages of our intuition, to the information of our sensory self and the vibrations we experience from others. An encouragement to allow life to come along and sweep us off our feet, into the manifestation of our wildest dreams and hopes for the Golden Age. They are a promise that new beginnings, inspired creations, flowing creativity, quick personal development, spiritual awakening and maybe even enlightenment can be achieved now! Seeing this number on a regular base reminds us of the eternity and infinity of our soul, the oneness of the web of life and wholeness of every single being in brotherhood of beings on planet earth!

Angel Number 1414:
This number is bringing the message of angelic help, the info that special support from the angelic realm is present for us. It brings stability and a relaxed flow for manifestations into our daily life. Everything we have prepared a strong foundation for can now flower from a place of ease, as we are ready for the realization of our dreams and goals. As long as we stay focused on our personal calling and life path, thing will unfold beautifully in life. With a positive and optimistic attitude we can make sure, that our creations are aligns with our soul’s desire and represent the divine plan. The angels are always there for us and try to help us understand our deepest dreams and hidden passions.

Angel Number 7799:
With this number sequence the angelic realms are celebrating our consistent choices to live our life from a place of authenticity, honesty, integrity to our personality and devotion to our individual divine soul plan. They are happy to see us finally live a deeply aligned life, and are glad for us to accept all the beautiful blessings our spirit guides are providing right now. The wisdom we have developed by listening to the guidance of our higher self is now strong and clear enough, to let our light shine not only for ourselves, but also to be an example for others on the way. The angels congratulate us for all the good work, and are now sending even more divine blessings our way.

Reminder: if after reading this number combinations you start frequently seeing new ones, you can get a feeling for their meaning by combining the understanding of all single number digits. This post includes a list of the single number meanings.1Dear Ones, I hope you will have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday!! If you can, embrace yourself  with some alone hours, and make a lovely little party with the Angelic Realms! Let yourself be held by their loving arms, and allow them to feed your heart and soul with divine love!
ove and Blessings!


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