Feeling Guided And Grounded During The Taurus New Moon Influence

aby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
the last two days I shared with you the Taurus New Moon report, that told us about an upcoming love that lasts, and an article how this intense Super Moon will influence us collectively on spiritual level. Since than a lot of people talked to me about their new born love for the Angelic Realms and the study of their support system. At the same time I had quite some immediate downloads of angelic number codes that showed up in such quickly repeating cycles, that there was no doubt they belong to a bigger picture than mine alone. So allow me to share which numbers are guiding us right now and please remember, there is a key to self-mastery in documentation of angelic guidance codes.

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Reminder: if after reading this number combinations you start frequently seeing new ones, you can get a feeling for their meaning by combining the understanding of all single number digits.
This post includes a list of the single number meanings.

Angel Number 404:
Is a loving message from the other world that we are truly blessed beings. When we see this combination regularly, than the Angels and Ascended Masters praise us with the acknowledgement of our good work, that we have done over many lifetimes. It is a confirmation that the stability and clarity we have build on our personal path is paying of now, and we can let go of fears over material things. It’s time to embrace the magic that flows thru us and keep walking our path filled with passion, devotion and blissfulness.

Angel Number 707:
Congratulations!! You are on the right track. There is no reason for looking back anymore. The time has come to accept the fruits of the mental, the spiritual and the physical work we have been doing during our life so far. Now is a moment that will make us even more effective and our current positive life choices and actions will later help ourselves and others, to bring into manifestation what humanity collectively desires. The number 707 tells us that our spiritual awakening has developed to a point, that the angelic realms acknowledge our ability to shine our divine light brightly over all beings on the planet, and congratulate us happily.jlAngel Number 919:
This is a beautiful combination that brings us the ending and completion of cycles, while already having the new beginnings and blessings of our emerging manifestations in it. Seeing the numbers often means that our inner-wisdom about the spiritual laws of the universe as well as about ourselves has peeked, and a new level of higher vibration is achieved within. We are ready to lead ourselves and others, true authentic grounded spirituality, and positive example into the Golden Age of Aquarius. Blessings are coming our way and new opportunities for our spiritual path are appearing every day now.

Angel Number 1011:
The number is an invitation to pay even closer attention to the messages of our intuition, to the information of our sensory self and the vibrations we experience from others. An encouragement to allow life to come along and sweep us off our feet, into the manifestation of our wildest dreams and hopes for the Golden Age. They are a promise that new beginnings, inspired creations, flowing creativity, quick personal development, spiritual awakening and maybe even enlightenment can be achieved now! Seeing this number on a regular base reminds us of the eternity and infinity of our soul, the oneness of the web of life and wholeness of every single being in brotherhood of beings on planet earth!

Angel Number 1111:
This number is basically an alarm clock we have collectively set before we descended into the denser realms of mater. An alarm clock that is supposed to remind us of our role and responsibilities in the collective human awakening process. A collective “Wake-Up” call to put more attention into the moment and higher awareness into our life in general. For those of us who are on a spiritual awakening path and actively involved in raising the collective human consciousness, into the 5th dimensional frequency of oneness, unconditional love and compassionate co-creation, it also marks a moment of increased power for manifestation. So when you see this number sequence coming up a lot for you, it is your chance to put your mind towards world peace, true love, authentic sharing, and all the other wonderful things you desire for our Golden Age of Humanity.gljAngel Number 1616:
This number combination shows us how deeply in harmony the angelic guidance is with this approaching Taurus New Moon. On one hand it tells us about new relationships that now can naturally emerge on all levels of our life, on the other hand its a blessing for all financial aspects of our life. The mix is one of unconditional love, desires around family and heart tribes, our ability for self-leadership, our service to our own spirit and to others and the individuals need to bring the universal plan on the ground. For all who are ready to freely and unattached give and receive love, the blessings of the time to come will be many.

Dear Ones, especially during the influence of this Taurus Super Moon, remember to ground yourself well! When ever you can walk without shoes, touch the earth and spend as much time in nature as possible. I hope the bulls deeply physical qualities will give you the drive and the perseverance, to plant and create from the profound soul desires you discovered within you during the last Scorpio Full Moon!!
ove and Blessings!


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5 comments on “Feeling Guided And Grounded During The Taurus New Moon Influence

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  4. Love you blog! I was brought to it by seeing 707 pm this evening so I had to look it up..numbers are the universe king in communicating messages to us through the spiritual plane…what better day to have my greeting message given by my spiritual guides as I am on the brink of completing my crazy spiritual ride of being a master healer and helper….unlocking my psychic power…nice to meet up with your wonderfull work and hope to communicate with you in the near future…peace and love Mark

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