A Woman’s Role – Transforming An Old Paradigm In Society & Religion

wrrt8cby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
in yesterdays article called
A Woman’s Role? How Much Influence Do “The Movies” Have On Our Society I shared a bit of a research on Walt Disney movies, by the linguists Carmen Fought and Karen Eisenhauer, that recently was discussed in the Washington Post. Their work has unveiled, that movies produced 50 years ago, gave more opportunity for women to have their voices heard, than modern creations do. Not only is that a daily struggle for female performer, we also need to ask ourselves what this imbalances are teaching us about the gender roles in modern society. Are the movies influencing our social paradigm, or is it our current paradigm that is reflected in their productions?

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When we look at the “role of a woman” in modern life, we can not do that without talking about religion. How can all this holiness feel completed ever, as long as the feminine is not honored? And that in particular the Churches had a massive influence on the depression of the divine feminine is not to deny. No matter which of the leading religions you look into, the idea of ascending to higher levels of consciousness and divine completion, while having manifested as a woman in the world – is not very embraced by the traditional teachings.
That lead collectively to the outcome, that women are feeling less worthy than their masculine brothers and powerless to their social dominance. Below is a book expect, which describes perfectly the struggle women have experienced around their religious identity, and how it feels to be stuck in what is supposed to be “a woman’s role in life”.acce

between Davie and Roberta,
I asked my mother why she persisted,
keep on having baby after baby.

She looked at me,
at a spot somewhere between my eyes,
blinked like I had suddenly fallen crazy.

She paused before answering,
as if to confide would legitimize my fears.

She drew a deep breath,
leaned against the chair,
I touched her hand and I thought
she might actually cry.

Instead she put baby Davie in my arms.
Patty, she said,
it is a woman’s role.

I decided if it was my role,
I would rather disappear!

I felt angry, frustrated.
I felt I did not belong, not in my church,
not in my home, not in my skin.

Amidst the chaos, I felt alone,
in need of a friend,
someone detached from my world.

The “woman’s role” theory disgust me…
I would soon be a woman and I knew,
I could never perform as expected.

I was tiered of my mom’s submission
to her religion, her husband’s sick quest for a heir,
to all his abuses.EmSILLY ME
I refused to believe it.
Not only that, but I started to resent the whole idea.

I had watched women crushed
beneath the weight of dreams, smashed
I had seen them bow down before their husbands;
and that not only figuratively.

I had witnessed bone-chilling abuse,
no question, no help, no escape…

All in the hopes that when they die,
and reach up from the grave,
their husbands would grab hold, tug hard,
and allow them to enter heaven.

Carmen Fought says about her insides into the movies, “There are no women leading the townspeople to go against the Beast, no women bonding together singing songs, women giving each other directions, or women inventing things. We don’t believe that little girls naturally play a certain way or speak a certain way,” she adds “They’re not born liking a pink dress. At some point we teach them.”
When I watched the video below for the first time (just ignore the title and give it a try), I was deeply touched by the honest frustration and natural outrage the girls express, about the unequal treatment they receive.

The changes that are happening right now in our lifestyle paradigm and the roles we play, allows us to reconnect with the ancient powers of the divine feminine expressions within us. So maybe over time we can exchange religion for authentic spiritual connection and remember who we truly are. As a human collective in a huge awakening process, need to bring back conscious initiations that allow us again, to be the invoker of spirit, the natural healer, herbalists, oracles, ecstatic dancer and priestesses, that we by nature are.

And what we all can do for ourselves as women, is to support another to feel self-empowered, to show respect for other women’s path, and over all acknowledge our equal right to demand space, speaking time and the respect to be heard with our needs. In Hollywood movies as much as in social interactions in daily life.
And for all of you who are working with the Ascended Master Realms, I can highly recommend to work with the energetic support of Mother Mary. Her power of blessings and renewal can help us letting go of our past and completely refresh our female energy.

Dear Ones, please don’t get me wrong I am not against any church, any kind of organized believe system or group activities that support the communion with spirit, I am simply a sucker for equality! I would also not call myself a feminist, just a self-empowered woman – aware of her equal worth to the masculine manifested beings. We will not be able to create the harmony and balance needed to unite the divine masculine and the divine feminine powers in our hearts, if we do not address the old paradigms that are so deeply implanted into societies behavior pattern right now.
Love and Blessings!!!

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