A Woman’s Role? How Much Influence Do “The Movies” Have On Our Society

80by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
in the article Cosmic Alchemy uniting the Hermetic Laws and the Native American Code of Ethics, I shared that humanity collectively needs to develop a higher level of emotional intelligence, so we can evolve as society into the Golden Age of Aquarius. One theme relate to the integration of this teachings, that we all need to take a closer look at, is the “role of a woman” in our world right now. An ongoing research on Walt Disney movies, by the linguists Carmen Fought and Karen Eisenhauer, that recently was discussed in the Washington Post, is warning us about how much influence the Hollywood movies might have on our ideas and concepts in modern society.

Their research has unveiled, that for example princesses in modern Disney movies don’t talk as much as one might think. A shocking discovery was that the activities allowed for female figures in this productions; got even less over the years. While Snow White from 1937, Cinderella from 1950 and Sleeping Beauty in 1959, still where focused on their female leading figures – in their remakes from 1989-1999 men speak no less than 72 percent of the lines!!!!
And lets think about that, these are films that where created over 50 years ago, but they give more opportunity for women to have their voices heard. Because collectively so many of us are watching these movies, it is important to be aware of what the films are teaching us about gender roles. And that is, that the films offer few examples of women being powerful, respected, useful or comedic.

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Carmen Fought says. “There are no women leading the townspeople to go against the Beast, no women bonding together singing songs, women giving each other directions, or women inventing things. Everybody who’s doing anything else, other than finding a husband in the movies, pretty much is a male. We don’t believe that little girls naturally play a certain way or speak a certain way,” she adds “They’re not born liking a pink dress. At some point we teach them. So a big question is where girls get their ideas about being girls.”10

And that is also what the famous “Bechel Test” is looking out for. Providing another important measure for gender relate representation in the movie world today.

The three requirements of the Bechdel Test are:
1.) It has at least two women in it
2.) Who talk to each other, about
3.) Something besides a man

This does not sound like to much to ask for, don’t you think? Well, anyway the reality is that most famous Hollywood movies don’t pass the test. The most surprising is that even in romantic comedies, movies that worldwide by definition are created mainly for a feminine audience, the male dialogue is on average of 58%.

But than Hollywood movies are really only one way of measuring the world. And to the opposite of the Disney dream world, shamanic traditions, and historical descriptions show women as invoker of spirit, as natural healer, herbalists, oracles and ecstatic dancer, as shapeshifter, shamanic journeyer, and priestesses of the sacred ancestors. Women dance to the music of the drums and the flutes until they reached a state of trance; receive spirit into their bodies and evoke healing in others. And what that all has to do with the Hermetic Laws and the Native American Code of Ethics?
I would say “everything”!

When you remember the first divine principle states that; the universe is mental and everything material emerges from a first though. Not from a first “male thought”, because it translates into the  equality of all beings and a Brotherhood of Men. Now in daily life on planet earth, that does not necessarily mean we have the same chances or the same blessed start in life, but it does mean we all have an equal right to live!!! An equal right to demand space, speaking time and the respect to be heard with our needs. In Hollywood movies as much as in social interactions in daily life.nDear Ones, I hope this insides provoke one or the other of you to think about the so called “role of a woman” in our society. I hope it can be motivation enough to go out into the world, and find out what your inner truth on the topic is!! Don’t forget, what we do for ourselves – we do for everybody! The deeper we dive into setting our divine feminine powers freely in motion, the higher we can reach in expressing our authentic divine truth!!!
Love and Divine Feminine Light!

Source: Disney Research Washington Post

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