A Golden Age Of Aquarius During The Economic Crisis? The Prove It’s Possible

2by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
over the last few month you repeatedly heard me talking about the fact that for humanity to collectively enter the Golden Age of Aquarius, our ideas and concepts of leadership and community have to change. By now daily more people realize that the current paradigm of relaying to another and being with each other, does not really work for human beings, and needs to be adapted to the time and energy field we are living in. And while we where talking about how it works and what needs to change, a small Spanish town did the first steps!

Marinaleda is a small Spanish town in the province of Seville, Andalusia. The town is a self-identified social-democratic and cooperative municipality of 2,700 people on an area of 25 km2. The town is located at an altitude of 205 meters and lies 108 kilometers east of the provincial capital, Seville. The first indications of human settlement in the territory now covered by the Marinaleda municipality go back to the late Neolithic and Chalcolithic periods, about 5,000 years ago. Stone tools and traces of seeds and dwelling places have been found, that proved so.

In 1997 the Marinaleda S.C.A. Cooperative was founded to cultivate the farm collectively. Three years later, a food processing plant was set up, supplied by the raw materials of the cooperative: piquillo pepper, beans, artichokes and olives. An oil press was also built. Production continued to increase, and employment along with it. In 2008 the economic crisis that began to affect the European Union by 2010, particularly in the southern countries. While 30% of the active population in Andalusia was without work, Marinaleda had full employment.

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And while we were struggling for land, for industry, for employment, we realized that there were other basic rights that had to be won. And the first necessity we identified was the lack of places to live, but we also realized that there was no place for our elders after so many years of hardship and troubles, nor was there a medical clinic, nor a day nursery, nor sports facilities, and the streets were unpaved and almost unlit.

By Social Democracy we mean unlimited access to all forms of well-being for the whole population of our village. We have always thought that liberty without equality is nothing, and that democracy without real well-being for real people is an empty word and a way to deceive people into believing they are part of a project when in fact they are not needed at all. It seemed to us that in this principle there should be no limits; that the people should have a dream of collective welfare and that it should be realized by struggle, because no popular aspirations, no matter how unreachable they may seem, can be rejected either in thought or in action by a genuinely revolutionary Left. In this way we were able to win each and all of the things that we were clearly lacking. – End of Quote

So this small community of just over 2,500 inhabitants seems a paradise: it is a village where unemployment does not exist and where to build a house is possible with 15 €, thanks to a cooperation based on economic system. Surrounded by kilometers of olive groves, green hills and golden wheat fields, which extend to the horizon, Marinaleda is a nice, quiet town; at first glance no different from all the other towns and villages that are located in the south of Spain.marinaleda2Where is the secret? Since the outbreak of the financial crisis of 2008 Marinaleda began to gain fame; and the mayor, Juan Manuel Sánchez Gordillo, who is also known as “Robin Hood of Spain” says the motto of his community is: not competition but cooperation.

Gordillo was elected mayor in 1979 and founded the economic policy of the city to work in the fields and on the processing industry: 70% of the population is employed in these activities, while the rest of the residents has taken jobs necessary in small businesses and the public institutions such as schools and offices. The result? While in Spain, unemployment is 30%, youth unemployment is at 55%, in Marinaleda they have 0%. The land belongs to the community and produces, stores and carries vegetables like peppers, artichokes and olive oil, there is also a mill and a factory of canned food. All employees receive the same salary as € 47 a day, regardless of the work, paid for the six working days, for a total of 1128 euros per month.
And there is even more: for all citizens a house of 90 square meters to build, in a really simple and with little paperwork.

Every citizen has to give a lead of just 15 euros (for the papers), while land and the project will be made available from the town hall, and the money interest by the Andalusian government borrowed interest-free, and the citizens themselves decide the monthly rate that is paid for the purchase, which only requires their labor.
Marinaleda also offers school canteens for 12 euros per month and a public swimming pool for only 3 Euro for the whole summer. The public areas are passionately and beautifully maintained by the citizens who commit themselves freely to this public service. “We need to rethink our values, the consumer society, the value that we gave to money, selfishness and individualism,” says Mayor Gordillo. “Marinaleda is a small example, and we want that this experience can be extended to the whole world”.imagesDear Ones, I hope hearing all this details about what others have managed to manifest into reality for their own little town already, will be inspiring for you to dream really big for yourself and yours,when you are creating your own Golden Age of Aquarius Community. I hope it is encouraging and motivating for you to know there are people on the planet, who truly work together as a team – for the well-being of each and everyone of their whole town’s population.
Love and Blessings!

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