The Earth And Us Are One – Earthquakes, Volcano Eruptions & Human Passion

aaby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
there was a lot of movement in the world over the last few weeks. Not only that a row of high frequency impacts from intense stellar events have triggered us collectively to make big leaps in our awakening process and open our pineal glands to the world as it is right now, also Pacha Mama is rattling and rumbling, changing and shifting. While the last Scorpio Full Moon has unveiled our deepest desires on personal and collective level, the earth showed the power of her passion, thru the release of Earthquakes and Volcano Eruptions all over the planet.
While I confess that that might sound weird to you, from a shamanic point of few one thing is crystal clear, human beings are creating the weather. Before we collectively lost the ability to feel our profound contact with the forces of nature, people have been aware in daily life of the weather pattern (a representation of the hermetic law of correspondence), and their influence on us. But there also have been people aware how our collective feeling body has an influence on the weather and other expressions of planet earth.

In my post “A Right To Live – Humanity in Harmony with Mother Earth & the Nature Forces” I pointed out, that since month now, we have been invited by the collective awakening energies to build a stronger bond with the forces of the nature kingdom. And this bond we can use now to hold our faith and stay in our deepest connection with the inner guidance of our own souls, so we can ground our energies into body awareness and feel safe.

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If you have not taken care of yourself jet, you can find here 4 songs and a prayer, evoking each of the elemental vibrations within you here: to the water element; the air element; the earth element; the fire element and the element ether (spirit). The task at hand stays, to focus our passion on planing and creating a world capable of hosting the Golden Age of Aquarius.
But not only can it help us to be well grounded right now, it is also a way for us to help mother earth in her transition to higher vibration. Being aware of the intense emotions we are dealing with, that are coming from within us; and putting our efforts towards transforming what ever is not in balance within us in the flames of the violet fire of ascension, is something every human being can do to help!! Do this with intention, and pacha mama will understand your sacrifice and except it gratefully!

These days there is also more planetary movement ruling our world! Mars, the planet of action, energy and assertiveness; Jupiter, the planet of expansion, abundance and good fortune; Mercury the planet of information and communication, Saturn the planet of karma and discipline; and Jupiter, the planet of spiritual growth, tolerance and wisdom, are all going retrograde. A big chance for us to go inside and in retrospective of the offered themes, so we can move on from the past and have a different perspective when live offers us a chance the next time!

And don’t forget, in yesterdays post I introduced you to the Ascended Master Immaculata, the Planetary Silent Watcher. This cosmic helper from the other world, that knows so well about divine world service in silence and perseverance. She is holding the divine blueprint of life from which constantly the pattern of perfection and creation for the Golden Age and all attendants flows. Watch out for the guidance that comes thru in all the increased situations of synchronicity that is appearing in our lives right now, and read the signs wisely… with a wide open third eye ;-)!!corDear Ones, I hope you feel motivated and ready to go into a trusting relationship with heaven and earth, just as they are! To do your part by clearing your own energies and emotions on daily base! And I hope you feel deeply encouraged to make your contact with the inner light of the divine blueprint for you, and the full power of the nature forces within you! Call on the divine blueprint thru Master Immaculata as often as you need a peek for your next step! Keep up your connections and have fun while you are breathing and grounding this powerful energies of both sides of existence!
Love and Blessings!

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