The Scorpio Full Moon Arrives Highly Powered With Angelic Support

AngelEarthby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
it is clearly visible these days, that the collective leap in openness, awakening and achievement of higher consciousness, that we recently experienced is starting to show in our society. More and more people are sensitive now to receive the guidance from the Angelic Kingdom and the Realms of the  Ascended Masters, while they can keep their feet on the ground and their heart open. As you can read in this article about the energies of tomorrows Scorpio Full Moon, we are one more time invited to dig deep into our souls deepest desires. And where we show so much passion for life, there the Angels are immediately stronger present again. And this time it is especially fascinating to watch, that the numbers appearing the most, are again and again confirming the messages of this Full Moons energy field!!!

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The numbers that are currently appearing just about everywhere are:
Angel Number 414:
is caring the important message of knowing our borders, our core values and measure. It is important for all of us to make our concerns heard, speak out and share with others capable of caring responsibility. This number also speaks of clear cuts that have to be made and cycles that have to end (in numerology number 9 represents wisdom and authenticity, ending and beginning of new cycles..), when our clear voice and honest concerns are not respected or heard. Clarity, courage and purity in feeling what vibrates with us, is key during these days of confusion! Take actions that will lead you to becoming the person you desire to see in society, and walk the talk, everything else will fall into place by the Angels guidance.

Angel Number 505:
in this wonderful number is the message of major life-changes, of increased personal freedom, wonderful new opportunities, the disclosure of personal truth, and spontaneous choices and decisions. As number five carries the vibration of multi-dimensional possibilities and brilliant new chances, this is a very blessed message! Because not only is the five appearing double in this combination, but also are the forces multiplied by the power if the number 0. The vibration of a brand new seed for life, ready to be planted into a fertile garden of multiple possibilities. Might just be we can create our personal Garden of Eden right now!! In any way it is an encouragement to keep stepping up into bravely creating what we desire, and that the Angelic Realms are fully supporting us!abAngel Number 717:
allows us the joyful realization, that we have made the right decisions, taken the correct directions from our higher self and now are brought thru the angels guidance, on a brand new path full of possibilities and never known chances. This newly emerging opportunities will finally align us with the higher purpose and profound mission of our life on planet earth. The Angels and Archangels applaud the work we have done in the past, and bless us with the power of new beginnings right now! Keep listening closely to the guidance of the angelic realms and your spirit guides! Do so and all your further steps will simply unfold in front of your eyes, at the right time – in the right place! Ground yourself and stay centered in your being, there is nothing to do!

Angel Number 808:
This number is talking to us about the wealth and abundance of our souls depths. About the multiple colors of divine light that our inner world is made of. In this number combination the angels also confirm to us, what the Scorpio Full Moon is announcing, be aware of your finances!! Clear your core values around money and sharing, set your boundaries and stick to them!! And at the same time we are invited to understand prosperity more profoundly. To understand that richness is found in our own inner-wisdom, potential, and in gaining personal power. And it is a number of Karma, of the Hermetic Law of Cause and Effect. What we have done in the past and not jet payed our price for might appear now, so we can take responsibility and move on the healthy new creations!!

Angel Number 1122:
This is a particularly powerful combination as it unites the Master Number 11, responsible for magnificent manifestations in harmony with the bigger picture; our ability for self-leadership; our capacity to create our personal world; the initiative for new beginnings and our authentic self-expression, with the number 22 – the vibrational domain of the Archangel Raphael. Raphaels name means “God who heals”, “God Heals” or “God, Please Heal”, which is indication for us that this is a very healing time in our lives. Also incredibly important for this moment of shifting our old paradigms is, that Archangel Raphael is an angel mentioned in Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Mormonism, which means he reaches people from all kinds of believe systems. Raphael is also known as the divine matchmaker. We are invited to stay focused on the things we truly desire, and be ready to act as soon as the time is right.aaAngel Number 3355:
The vibration of the number 3 represents an entrance to the realms of the Ascended Masters and their loving support system. It is also the number of the divine feminine, a playful, joyful, spontaneous and humorous energy field, doubled in impact and intensity. And this in combination with the multi-dimensional possibilities and chances of the number five (also doubled in impact). That means as long as we listen to the signs and directions we receive from the other world, the now rapidly occurring changes in our lives, will lead us to truly fulfill our life’s purposes. Stay centered in self-love, inner peace and mental clarity, and all your coming manifestations will open even more divine doors for you.

Please notice, if after reading this article you start frequently seeing new number combinations, you can look up their meaning by combining the understanding of all single number digits.
This post includes a list of the single number meanings.

Dear Ones, I wish you loving Angels and guiding hands, to be with you during your path, for every step of the way. I hope you feel inspired to put a bit more attention to the number sequences that are so abundantly coming to earth for us now. Remember to ground yourself well and spend as much time in nature as possible, the intense waves are not over jet! To be able to navigate this amazing shifts for some more weeks, we need to stay in balance and keep our eyes on the goal! Listen to the guidance that comes from within and you can’t go wrong, where ever the path might lead you!!!
Angelic Love and Blessings!

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