Having A Good Life Without Working – Is That Even Possible

aby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
Do you like working without truly living, or would you prefer life without work?
How could that look like, a life without working? Surprisingly very few people ever wonder if that is even possible. But our industrious ancestors have given us more than just obedience, discipline and punctuality on the way. We also have the capacity to dream our desires into creation, and simply act when needed ;-). So far the mindset of “working hard” for everything has not really proofed to make human beings happy. So when we now collectively awaken into the Golden Age of Aquarius, is there a new approach possible? Can you imagine how that could look like?

No man has to do anything! No one in the world owes something to others, but himself.
Gotthold Ephraim Lessing (1729-81)

Many significant thinkers and scientists have come to great achievements by resting and leading a balanced life. Hard-working people that we usually rather find active in a mine or even in the office, think that’s how it has to be. And the idea that hard work is good, stubbornly persists in the western world. Not only is there the story “from the rags cleaner to the millionaire” that assumes, virtuously working for a dream automatically leads to a life of wealth, also our western mind appreciates especially the boundless responsibility of working for a living. We therefore show respect for hard work and use this respect even as advantage in our direct environment.
Yesterday I have been in the office till 11pm, I can’t take care of the children!”

Some produce weapons, others are ruining our environment
But is all of our work really good? Not only the time phenomenon “Burnout syndrome” speaks against that theory. How many of us have really a work that improves life in society? Thousands of us only produce useless goods, sell unhealthy food like products or create tasteless, mind numbing entertainment. Some produce weapons, others are ruining our environment. They all love to be credited for their hard work. And perversely enough, they really get respect in our society. But me, I never asked for these kind of services. And to be quite clear here – I also don’t want them. And I might not be the only one who feels that way. So if we are honest, in this moment of time in our world there is also a lot of work better not done!!bWhat happened to our lives since the total industrialization? That age which has estranged us so far from Mother Nature and manual labor? Meanwhile, people from the industry referred to human beings as “human resources” and dehumanize us that way, while the manufacture of machinery has also initiated the systematic destruction of our environment! Industrialization brought us a life of comfort, saves us a lot of manual work, and should provide us with more time to simply live. But is that really the case??

As it looks like the original plan of the engineers and their consumers did not work out so well. Instead of having more time to live, humanity has to struggle against the efficiency of the machines for survival wages. Endless hours in poorly ventilated and overcrowded offices, night shifts that not only rob people of their sleep – but also of the ability to sense their personal life rhythm, and now the constant over-stimulation that is flooding us through devices for instantaneous communication.

Not working does not automatically mean to be passive
As collective society, we need to break out of this cycle and learn how not to work. A part of that is to lower our consumerism. Less consumption means there is more room for the non material things of life. When we consume less, we have more internal space to explore other dimensions of human life. Simplifying life is widely known as a good tool to increase authentic happiness in life. Also less consumerism leads to less destruction of our environment, and less head aches about all the trash we are simultaneously producing. It is also very praiseworthy that for example Bolivia gave the Earth equal rights to human beings, but it is only a drop in the water of the worlds detraction. At the end, everything depends on ourselves.
On each and every one of us and our personal decisions. We all have to do our part, raise awareness and enrich society with divinely aligned actions. So what is the solution when work does not equal happiness, harmony and inspiration in life.From a spiritual and psychological point of few, human beings need to be active. So we will not get away without aligned actions, but they don’t necessarily have to feel like WORK. Entrepreneurs find their happiness in following their own dreams with passion and perseverance. But also for the ones who do not desire to be their own boss, there is a general guideline of what we truly need as humans. And that is actually quite simple. We need an activity that allows us to keep learning, an environment that allows us to be open and feel free to exchange with our colleges, desire that our actions have meaning for ourselves and is in positive service to the society, and that what we do fills us with hope and passion in every day!!! When we follow this simple steps, our doing will bring us naturally a sense of fulfillment, authentic happiness and completion, and never feel like WORK. work-happy-300x300Dear Ones, I hope you feel inspired now to find the work of your heart and truly go for it!! We have to be brave in this world and use all the beautiful gifts our natural talents are barring, to bring something unique and special into life. May you be blessed with strong and clear guidance and may your efforts fall on fertile grounds!!
Love and Blessed Work!

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