What We All Should Know About The Ascended Masters

xby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
over the last week I reported that the intense impact of the last Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse have triggered collectively more pineal gland awakenings. I also spoke about the effect it has on our ability to heal self and others, and how it collectively makes our psychic abilities increase. And while more and more divine energies are presenting themselves to us in stellar events, the opening is created for energetic/emotional contact with this beings from the other side of the veil. Give it a try, make your call and meet new friends!!

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Most of the Ascended Masters have been on the planet before. They know what it means to live as a human being, indeed that is the reason why they long to work with us and support the ascension into the Golden Age of Humanity. The Ascended Masters are always there to support us, love us, comfort us, strengthen us, heal us and carry us home to the very center of our own sacred heart. And in the last twenty years the veil has lifted so much, so many illusions have been uncovered and transformed already, it was never easier interact with them.

Now is the the moment for all of us to connect with the Ascended Masters. To start a co-creative relationship based on the feelings of equality, respect and joy. Time to cut all the old ties of negativity or limiting doctrines and to start feeling the presence of the other world in your everyday life as a supportive force. With some devotion and practice, this is possible for all of us. The Ascended Masters are basically humanity’s elder brothers and sisters, beings of light supporting the ascension process of the human collective as well as of the individual.
Most of them walked the planet for many lifetimes, refining their light body through the practice of constant energetic awareness. By being authentic to their soul’s deep wisdom, and a daily practice of devotion to the divine plan and divine guidance, they balanced their karma, fulfilled their spiritual mission, completed their ascension and for this moment of time choose not to live materialized on planet earth. Each and every one of them devoted their last incarnation to elevate the vibration of a particular energetic divine quality of their choice. 7303549_origThey spend all their lifetime to study the essence of their divine energies and it’s impact on human life. The Masters deepened their understanding of  how these energies are best used in order to serve the divine plan and how to feel protected from people and events displaying abuse or manipulation of the same energies, by staying closely connected to their own divinity. By studying the Ascended Masters life’s, their devotion and intense connection to the guidance of the divine plan, everybody can develop a feeling for their loving, helping presence and the endless ways how the Masters are assisting every human being, who is asking for their co-operation.
In the following articles you can find, more detailed information, prayers and invocations about the Masters Buddha Gautama, Lady Portia, Goddess Kuan Yin, Saint Germain, Ashtar Sheran & Lord Lanto.

I hope you feel motivated and encouraged by this infos, to open your ears for the vibrations of the Ascended Master realms!! That the prayers and invocations, included in all the links above, become your most beloved tools for connection, when you choose to practice them with devotion. And that you have lots of fun making this new friends!! May your relations be blessed!!
Light an Love ;-)!


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