Clearing The Influences Of Our Sexual Past & The Twin Flame Reunion

jby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
some of you might remember that over the last few month there where a lot of energy waves, triggering us collectively to allow a transformation in our human sexuality. For month now we have been aware, that within the collective human awakening process the sexual paradigm has to change. Over time it will show, what a role ancient teachings like tantra and the tantric principles will play in this transformation, and how the Native American Code of Ethics fits into the picture of our newly developing sexuality. In December last year
the collective cleansing of the first chakra has changed human kind, and now every individual has the chance to catch up for their personal process too.
At the end of February, the Mars retrograde phase has pushed us to face a collective healing of the divine masculine energy within, which was followed by the Twin Flame energy field of God and Goddess Meru and the threefold flame in our hearts. For many of us the time has come to step us and become goddamn warriors for authentic love. And many who feel called to bring this kind of love relationship into the world, can sense that there might be something missing. Many feel that they are ready by heart, but also seam to be held back by some invisible cords. And that might just be what truly happens. But this feeling is not there in order to hold us back forever, it is there to make us aware. Where we feel trapped, there can be old and maybe long outdated sexual connections active; are maybe past entanglements at work; or our ultimate survival pattern can be on.

A personal message to all my facebook friends!! FB is limiting the distribution of my posts daily more. If you resonate with my articles and are used to find my work  shared in a group, rather sign up on my newsletter here to make sure you get the information!!! Just type in your e-mail address in the prepared field!! Over time I might not be able to put in the FB time, if it does not lead to what it is about – SPREADING THE WORD ;-)!jkguOur physical body grows, changes and ages in 7 years cycles, that we can watch having a big impact in every human life. When our physical bodies, emotional bodies and energy bodies merge within a sexual encounter, a bound is created so strong, that it takes the body again 7 years to naturally cleans itself from the impact of this sexual interaction. And this is not only true for connections that we experience as beautiful and magical, but for every single sexual contact we had over our life. So the bill is easy to make, according to our sexual lifestyle of the last 7 years, we need to look at the cords still existing between us and our partner/s.
And some relationships, that far extend in connection beyond the material level, can have an influence on our sexual reality in the hear and now, much longer that the 7 year phase of the physical body. So if we desire to be free and cleansed from the past, and maybe even wanna call our Twin Flame connection home, than it is recommended to do so in some conscious acts of transformation and separation.

Here are some steps that help the alchemy of your heart, to transform your past:
1.) Inform yourself in this article about the alchemy of conscious breathing, how the elements within us are working for our shifts like a kubic’s cube.
2.) Make yourself familiar with the power of the violet flame. This flame is part of the crown chakra, which is the physically opposite point to the root chakra and the perfect place to start our experience (above as below). Memorize the simple prayer!!
3.) If you first up want to steer your passion for the process or increase the strength of you inner fire, repeatedly listen to this sacred song to the fire element, before you continue.
4.) Put yourself some healing music on first. Lay down on your back, seek a deep inner connection and regular breathing rhythm and bring yourself to a meditative state. Allow the parts of your physical body, that still hold memories or entanglements to teach you about the leaks in your energy field. Where ever you feel a loss of strength, energy or clarity, direct the passionate fire of your will to leave free from the past to it, and keep repeating the mantra until you can feel the energy shifting. From there on move on to the next and next spot, until your body feels light, liberated and yours.
TIP: Don’t bother wanting to know which encounter had which impact, or even what person of your life left that fingerprint in you!! Simply know that if you need the information in order to heal, it will come to you.. if not, not!
This process can get quite intense in times, so take good care of yourself by preparing well…. have a placket and some water with you.. and reserve time so the flow is not limited by the clock!!
5.) When you feel that your vessel is empty for that moment, cuddle up and keep resting for as long as it feels right for you. Resist the need to understand what happened and rather allow the energy to work a bit for you.
Dear Ones, I hope this insides and steps will help you on your way to freedom from your sexual past!! I hope you can let go with ease and grace, from the dynamics and pain that still might have a hold on you. I wish you all a wonderful time with the integration of this intense process, and may there be endless blessings for you to come!! And if you desire to meet your soul partner, don’t forget it is your inner clarity that attracts!
Blessings an Love ;-)!

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