Cultivating An Inner Connection With The Element Water


by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
in November last year, I shared in my post “The Alchemy of Conscious Breathing – The Golden Path of Ascension“, how our body is build from the platonic solids – the sacred geometric forms of the Elements. And now we just passed a powerful Pisces New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse, that collectively opened our physical channels to develop a deep inner connection with the elemental forces of nature. Over the next days I will provide you with a short information to each element, and a sacred song that creates inner connection thru vibration!! I hope you enjoy!!
The Element water represents the world of human feelings. It is the representative of the divine mother, and brings purity and renewal of emotions into the human life experience. It is seen as the very source of life and brings the flow of creation to blossom, sets the flow of life into motion and allows the flow of emotions to merge with other people.

Dear Friends, I hope this little reminder how important the elements are in our conscious breathing process and the ear candy, will help you make a strong, stable and profound connection with the element water inside of you!! Tomorrow follows according to the human manifestation process, the power of the element air!!
Alchemist Blessings an Love ;-)!

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13 comments on “Cultivating An Inner Connection With The Element Water

  1. I just want to Thank you. For your posts. I always feel lighter and more hopeful when I read them! Peace and love, Jeanette

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