Master Lemuel – Our Guidance Into Oneness With The Elements

mas + femby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
some month ago I shared in my post “The Alchemy of Conscious Breathing” how our physical body is build of spirit and the earths elements, the platonic solids. In “Awakening The Inner Alchemist in the Violet Fire of Ascension“, we talked about using the inner fire to transcend lower body emotions into higher vibrations. Over the last few days the energy fields of the Twin Flame Couple God and Goddess Meru and Mother Mary have introduced us to the magic of Lemuria‘s harmony with the elemental realms. And now the upcoming Pisces New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse invites us to understand the elements in our physical bodies, and our oneness with planet earth. While the tides and the tectonic plates are changing and turning to a new earth tune, our dance of life is changing with them.

In the realms of the Ascended Masters, it is the loving power of Lemuel that allows us to feel this inner world of the elements the deepest. As he is the guardian of Lemuria’s energy field, the wisdom of the divine blueprint of balance and harmony for our manifestation of the Golden Age of Aquarius on planet earth. If we now can forgive ourselves for all the pain we have inflicted on the planet, we can merge our physical body with our Higher Self, and reach completion. While this deeply spiritual Pisces New Moon is bringing more guidance for our collective awakening process, it is the perfect moment to train our awareness of the elements within us. Below you find material that helps you make a connection.

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I recognize myself today as the power of heaven
I recognize myself today as the light of the sun
I recognize myself today in the white snow
I recognize myself today as the force of fire
I recognize myself today in the light of the lightning
I find myself today in the speed of the wind
I feel myself today in the depths of the sea
I awaken today in the safety of the earth

One of Master Lanto’s guiding messages to contemplate is:
“Out of reason only, never something truly sensible arose. From knowing alone, understanding has never arisen. Not either – or, but as well as, connect us with the true self. Reverence, devotion and love for life unite us with the forces of nature. In this connection we find all inner powers, and the answer to all our questions”.

Beloved beings in heaven, holy messengers of the divine realms,
send me the rays of truth and the divine protection on my way.
My beloved beings of the earth, you loving guardians of the world,
preserver of the sacred areas and the unspeakable treasures,
send me the refinement of my energies on the way.

Beloved beings of the waters, you powers of all water bodies,
bring me the chalice of flowing love and deep inner calm.

You mighty beings of the air, you riders of the four winds,
send me the sword of clear discrimination.
You loving beings of the fire, you powers of the sacred life energies,
send me the courage and the power,
to manifest the light of eternal life in this world.

You mighty forces of nature, you builder of all matter,
sacred geometries of the elements,
please work with

Dear Ones, I hope this insides about Master Lemuel’s connection with the elemental forces inside of us, has brought some clarity and reinforcement into your work with your inner fire and the other elements. May your passion burn into this world, the blueprint of what you desire to manifest for the Golden Age of Aquarius on planet earth!! May your love shine bright and be a beam of light for all of us, in this collective awakening process.
Love and Powerful New Roots!!

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