Twin Flames & The Threefold Flame – The Oneness Of God & Goddess Meru

a1by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
the last few days we talked a lot about the impact of the resent Mars retrograde phase on healing our divine masculine side and start uniting our inner twin flame fire. At the same time of the retrograde phase, the impact of the divine color rays on our collective evolution has intensified, and the synchronicity in which Number Sequences from the Angelic Realms appear has increased. And over the last few days, the energy field of the Ascended Masters God and Goddess Meru came into the mix of our awakening game.

God and Goddess Meru are a twin flame couple of Ascended Masters and members of the spiritual hierarchy, which guards the light of radiation for the Golden Age of Aquarius and a new humanity. The are both ancient master from the planes of Lemuria. A moment of collectively very high spiritual awareness, balance in all levels of creation and harmony between all forces. This is the divine blueprint for the manifestation of the Golden Age of Aquarius on planet earth.

Together they represent the unity of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine forces, within every being on planet earth. Their message is that of patients and trust in the divine plan. Their etheric home is found at Lake Titicaca, on the border between Peru and Bolivia. Traits and symbols of their enlightening teachings are found in all of the major spiritual traditions and mystical teachings. Archetypal art of their united God-flame is worldwide present in architecture, on national flags, and in the United States even – in the insignia of the Boy Scouts.titiA personal message to all my facebook friends!! FB is limiting the distribution of my articles. In case this restrictions keep going, only a very small amount of people on FB will be able to see my posts!! If you enjoy my work and are used to find my articles shared in a group, please sign up on my newsletter here. Just type in your e-mail address in the prepared field!!Β  Over time I will not be able to invest the FB time, if it does not lead to what it is about – SPREADING THE WORD ;-)!!

The divine threefold flame, the symbol of God and Goddess Meru, is uniting the three energies of the inner divine masculine, the inner divine feminine and the I AM awareness, also known as Buddha awareness or Christ Consciousness. The blue flame carries the higher qualities of divine guidance, faith and the divine will. The golden flame represents the divine powers of inner wisdom, enlightenment and illumination. The pink fire provides the forces of unconditional love, divine mercy and creative flow. When the three flames unite in the chambers of our sacred hearts, it turns by refinement into the manifestation of the crystalline light of the Divine Mother within us. By now many truth seeker on planet earth, have had the experience of feeling this flame physically present in their higher heart.

The message of God and Goddess Meru to humanity is:
Trust the flow of life!! Don’t be impatient!! Everything needs it’s time! In the right moment your eyes will be opened. You’ll get aware of all the beauty of life, and will understand what is not understandable for you right now.

For all who desire to manifest the united flame inside themselves, here are two Prayers for evocation:

God & Goddess Meru Prayer I:
Divine Light into your hands I commend my spirit.
Mighty I AM Presence my Holy Christ Self,
power of the blue-lightening angels,
lead me to the Temple of Illumination of God and Goddess Meru.

Escort me, instruct me, guide and protect me.
I pray to the inner fire of illumination,
to inflame my devotion for service to the divine plan,
and for all life on earth.mGod & Goddess Meru Prayer II:
Violet Flame blaze, blaze oh blaze,
in, through and around, each of my bodies electrons.
Transform me back into pure light,
to serve the divine plan in mankind’s darkest night.

Father, mother, fire, flame and pure divine light,
Gold for the divine wisdom,
Pink for the unconditional love and
Blue for the divine will and divine protection.

Anchor yourself deep inside of me,
Flame of divine Trinity.
Burn inside me, in humble service.. sweet,
forever for this world in thoughts, words and deeds.

Dear Ones, I hope this message of such powerful energetic support is flaming the inner fires of passion for life inside you, and help you manifest your true soul desires for the Golden Age of Aquarius on planet earth!! May you shine bright and be a beam of light for all of us, in this collective awakening process.
Love and Blessings!!!

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45 comments on “Twin Flames & The Threefold Flame – The Oneness Of God & Goddess Meru

  1. This is a powerful and beautiful message for Twin Flames AND recognition of the Threefold Flame within our hearts. Sending Love and Gratitude for sharing.

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