Mars Retrograde – Healing the Divine Masculine & The Twin Flame Fire

aDear Friends,
over the last week I had the chance to work with a beloved client in a one on one personal training. Starting our shared time of inner changes, we have not had an idea or concept jet what we want to focus on, just the openness and willingness to listen to the lead of our spirit guides. While the first day passed it became clear that we would be concentrating a lot on healing the inner child, and ways to gain its power back. On the second day the theme showed itself as particularly cycling around masculine role models and abuses that came from masculine authority figures. And working on that theme, we where not alone these days, it was the theme that moved the most energy in the collective awakening process this week.

And when we look back over the last few weeks, than we can detect that it is a trigger that has build up for a while now. Maybe some of you can remember an article I shared, discussing the impact of organized religion and religious traditions, on the picture of “a woman’s role” within human society in history and today? Or the pieces about how much confusion, misuse and manipulation is deeply rooted in the behavior of human beings in modern societies? All bits and pieces of the bigger picture that was building up to this very moment in time. So when we finished class today and I had time for some read, I had to lough hard when I found that every single step we took during the one week class, was written in the stars all along ;-)… as it was announced in one of the pieces I looked into.

Here is an expect from the article by TwinFlames 1111.

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We’re now officially in the shadow zone of Mars Retrograde – and the planet representing the Masculine is now receiving strong input from the higher realms to prepare for the big push. Pluto is heavily involved with the Masculine right now, as Mars is visiting the home sign Scorpio and stirred by Pluto itself.
This is signalling that the clearing and purging of the negatives from the collective masculine karmic fields has already begun. We are set to be receiving support from the “higher realms” with new high vibrational templates incoming, while low vibrational subconscious negativity is being funneled up and out.

Before the low and heavy energies and old negativity can be released for good from the earth plane and each individual – it has to be brought up to the surface. This is Pluto’s “job” – detoxing the Masculine. This is never pleasant, as with any detoxing – it means that a lot of old weird stuff is coming up, and a lot of the time it’s like trying to decipher a foreign language. The human psyche is incredibly complex and some of this stuff might seem completely incomprehensible. We’re given the message from spirit to have patience, stay rooted in our positive identity as souls (that we are limitless and light), and to use whatever tools we have to purge these negatives so we don’t have to let them stay around and influence us any longer than strictly necessary.

Releasing Masculine Blocks to Twin Flame Union
This can be a challenging time for many, and the way this expresses itself varies from individual to individual – do not be surprised if repressed emotions well up in the form of aggression or tears, it can go either way. The purpose of this energy transit is to release the energy of harm and abuse of power, but also to heal the self inflicted wounds of the Masculine – when someone inflicts harm on another, this creates a mirror wound energetically in the aggressor too.
A clear message here is that the Divine Masculine is undergoing a specific purge this year in order to release blocks which have been getting in the way of complete Twin Flame Union.aaThe Root Cause of Twin Flame Running
In order to stop the Running from “himself”, the masculine must clear those most deep-seated wounds that he is still holding himself in shame and guilt and pain for. Only then can he fully open up and rise into Unconditional Love and Twin Flame Union.
It is shown to me that this is the root cause of Twin Flame Running. Twins do not Run from their counterpart, but from their own mirror reflection. If your Twin Flame is Running, he or she is ultimately Running from him or herself, not from you. Remember that Unconditional Love is an unparalleled power – send your Twin Flame love at this time, and know that you are helping them more deeply than they or you might understand right now.
Energy clearings are a fast, painless way to heal wounds, even remotely – because the Twins have signed up for this journey together and both souls are working for Union regardless of any problems going on at a surface level, one Twin can help the other by clearing negativity for them. This can truly work wonders in seemingly hopeless cases of running and ongoing separation.

A Message for star sign Aries born
Have compassion on yourself too right now, no matter where you’re at on your journey. There’s a lot of congestion “up in the air” right now that can create illusions of conflict. It’s easy to be triggered with all of this going on. It’s worth noting that Aries natives and those with strong Aries placements in their personal chart are set to be affected by this retrograde period, as Mars is the ruling planet of Aries.
In energy terms this means that Aries carries a lot of Mars energies in their physical being and this planet’s energies might therefore trigger them more strongly than others. Again, try to take this as a gift – as we’re getting to “clean house” to move forward with increased lightness of being after Mars has finished his retrograde period by late June.bbDear Ones, I hope reading this lines has motivated you to keep digging deep into your own personal and family related masculine roots. To allow yourself all the self-love and healing you can possibly grasp in this very magical moment of our collective awakening process. And if you desire so, that you find yourself ready to share the Golden Age of Aquarius with a very special soul close to you!!!
Blessed Relationships and Authentic Soul Connections to you!!!

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