Does it really matter if God is Male or Female… Or can the truth “BE BOTH”

Dear Friends,

you might have heard the story of the Catholic priest from Massachussetts, who was officially dead for more than 48 minutes before medics were able to miraculously re-start his heart, and who brought back from his experience the new born knowledge ” that God is female”. Well you can imagine that this idea did not sit very well with the Catholic Church Leader and a lot of religious believe systems. So the news made quite some wind on social media. By now it is not so sure anymore if it was simple a hoax to attract links, but that does not even matter. You know the good thing of such a stone once thrown into the calm waters, is that it creates a ripple effect in the collective body of the human conscious awakening process. A Ripple effect that ones set in motion can not be taken back again!!
So what is the actual topic at hand? Is this new idea and the discussions it brought up truly about God being one or the other – male or female, or is it maybe about the changes that are happening right now in our lifestyle paradigms and the role the church’s leader, the different religions and religions believe systems have had in our world so far?? That in particular the Catholic Church had a massive influence on the depression of the divine feminine is not to deny, but also in the other religions, the idea of ascending to higher levels of consciousness, while having manifested as a woman in the world, is not very embraced by the officials.
So simply to keep the ball rolling and because I am truly curious what you guys have to say to this topic, I share here the clerks story and some pieces from a book I recently read, which describe perfectly the struggle many women experience around their religious identity and what is supposed to be “a woman’s role in life”. Let me know how it makes you feel!!

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sotThis is the story that kicked of the ripple effect:
The 71-year-old cleric Father John Micheal O’neal claims he went to heaven and met God, which he describes as a warm and comforting motherly figure. Father John Micheal O’neal was rushed to the hospital on January 29 after a major heart attack, but was declared clinically dead soon after his arrival. The doctors were afraid he would have suffered some brain damage from the incident, but he woke up less than 48 minutes later and seems to have perfectly recovered. The elderly man claims that he has clear and vivid memories of what happened to him while he was dead.
He describes a strange out-of-body experience, experiencing an intense feeling of unconditional love and acceptance, as well as being surrounded by an overwhelming light. He claims that at that point in his experience, he went to heaven and encountered God, which he describes as a feminine, mother-like “Being of Light”.
“Her presence was both overwhelming and comforting” states the Catholic priest. “She had a soft and soothing voice and her presence was as reassuring as a mother’s embrace. The fact that God is a Holy Mother instead of a Holy Father doesn’t disturb me, she is everything I hoped she would be and even more! The declarations of the cleric caused quite a stir in the catholic clergy of the archdiocese over the last few days, causing the Archbishop to summon a press conference to try and calm the rumors. Despite the disapproval of his superiors, Father O’neal says that he will continue dedicating his life to God and spread the word of the “Holy Mother”. “I wish to continue preaching” says the elderly cleric. “I would like to share my new knowledge of the Mother, the Son and the Holy Ghost with all catholics and even all Christians. God is great and almighty despite being a woman…”. The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston has not confirmed however, if they will allow Father O’neal to resume his preaching in his former parish in South Boston.ll
between Davie and Roberta,
I asked my mother why she persisted,
keep on having baby after baby.

She looked

at me, at a spot somewhere between my eyes,
blinked like I had suddenly fallen crazy.
She pause before answering

as if

to confide would legitimize my fears.
She drew a deep breath, leaned against the chair,
I touched her hand and I thought

she might cry.

Instead she put baby Davie in my arms.
Patty, she said, it is a woman’s role.
I decided if it was my role,
I would rather

I felt angry, frustrated.
I felt I did not belong, not in my church,
not in my home, not in my skin.

Amidst the chaos, I felt alone,
in need of a friend, someone detached from my world.
The “woman’s role” theory disgust me…

I would soon be a woman and I knew,
I could never perform as expected.
I was tiered of my mom’s submission
to her religion, her husband’s sick quest for a heir,
to his abuses.

I refused to believe it.
Not only that, but I started to resent the whole idea.

I had watched women crushed

beneath the weight of dreams, smashed
I had seen them bow down before their husbands;
and that not only figuratively.

I had witnessed bone-chilling abuse,
no question, no help, no escape…

All in the hopes that when they die,
and reach up from the grave,
their husbands would grab hold, tug hard,
and allow them to enter heaven.

Dear Ones, don’t get me wrong I am not against the church in particular, any kind of organized believe system or group activities that support the communion with spirit, I am simply a sucker for equality! I would also not call myself a feminist, just a self-empowered woman – aware of her equal worth to the masculine manifested beings. We will not be able to create the harmony and balance needed to unite the divine masculine and the divine feminine powers in our hearts, if we do not address the abuses that are so deeply implanted into societies behavior pattern right now. And changing the concepts and believes behind organized religion, is one important station on the way!
Love and Blessings!!!

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