How Entrepreneurs Combine Their Love Life With Their Personal Awakening Path

kby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
are you on an awakening path for yourself in this moment of time? And have you identified yourself as an entrepreneur my friend? If so,
you might feel already all your life like many of society’s rules, are just not right for you. As if the structures given are not there to help and protect, but to suffocate your life. You probably could not accept peoples usual ways of working simply for money, building relationships without meaning, and boring creations of a monotonous life. Entrepreneurs are usually quite self-driven people, they are comfortable with taking risks, and quite hard-working people.

An entrepreneur does not have a job, we live our work and we get just as much emotional fulfillment out of our personal mission and projects, as we do from our relationships. That results in us rather being free spirits, very independent and strong people, who need a partner only if he/she actually brings an extra on bliss and excitement as well as a higher quality to our life’s. Now over the last few month we have collectively anchored so many high vibrations onto the planet and into our physical bodies, that many of us can not deny the desire for new love relationships anymore. And than there is this silent voice, this inner knowing, that has driven our human souls lifetime after lifetime, in search of the perfect relationship.
So what is it we truly need when we are on one hand on a conscious personal awakening path, and have on the other hand the lifestyle of an entrepreneur to balance with our love life.dA Partner With Drive
Like I sad before, entrepreneurs are self-driven people who always have something interesting to do. Usually we are well aware of what we need, know how to ask for it, and when we commit to something – we are in it for the long run. So if an entrepreneur chooses a partner for an intimate relationship, it is wise to choose somebody who is just as self-driven and hands on practically involved in their own life, as we are in ours.

Somebody With Stability And Flexibility
When our life turns out to be entrepreneurship (and I have not met a person so far who had actually planed on becoming an entrepreneur – it is usually a character trait), we need a person next to us who has developed the virtues of inner stability and outer flexibility. Which basically means we need a partner who can handle sudden changes in our plans, without freaking out every time. Somebody who anyway loves rolling with the punches. A being able to enjoy every moment together, without sitting in irritation about the days we/or they where occupied otherwise.

Passionate People Who Fearlessly Share Their Fire
No doubt that entrepreneurs are passionate people thru and thru. We love as hard as we work hard, we are idealists and love what we do. When we engage in a love relationship, than because we want to shake the borders of the existing paradigms, in order to change the world together. We desire to fully give ourselves away when we love and we need a partner who feels the same kind of passion. When we than combine this treasures with an innocent heart, the golden age can start in our own home.
aCo-Creative Partner
Truth is, most entrepreneurs start of as lonely wolves. Logically as we have to find our own way. But that does not mean we can not co-create with others. In a entrepreneur love relationship it is very helpful when both partners have balanced feminine/masculine within themselves, before they start creating together. That way the forces will flow freely; you will not need ONE leader on the team but allow this role to freely change from day to day between you. The rule is as ever, the more light you hold within your self, the more space you can hold for co-creative expression and harmony in your creations.

Dear Ones, I hope this words have either
unveiled to you that you are an entrepreneur with special needs in life and love, or if you knew that before, how to meet the right person for your 5th dimensional, awakened love relationship. I hope you are inspired to put all your knowledge and wisdom into action, when you meet the right person to truly bring the Golden Age of Aquarius on the ground of this wonderful world!
Love and Loving Relationships!!!

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